Animal Game-mode PMC Super Six 6km PMC Farming Simulator 22 Stories

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Stories


This is a Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) game-play story where I play Animal Game-mode #1 savegame. See Farming Simulator 22 PMC Stories page for more background info and other stories. Goal of this savegame was to test out if you can make money, to grow your farm, with only tending to animals and selling animal products or animals themselves, no bank loan, no contracts, no grain selling to make money. This test was completed, to find out what happens check out the story below.

Animal Game-play savegame is associated with PMC Tactical Forum Animal Terrain Design topic even though the actual terrain used was PMC Super Six 6km.

Detailed FS22 Animals Playing Guide and Tutorial was created using this savegames knowledge. Join discussion in PMC Tactical Forum Animals Guide and Tutorial FS22 topic.

Animal Game-mode Story FS22

Page 1, 2023-09-24 Getting Started

Page 2, 2023-09-24 Second Day On The New Farm

Page 3, 2023-09-26 Mowing Grass

Page 4, 2023-09-27 Baling Grass

Page 5, 2023-09-28 Baling Work

Page 6, 2023-09-29 Last Kuhn 6m Seeder Job

Page 7, 2023-10-01 Grass Bales To Animal Dealer In A Snow Storm

Page 8, 2023-10-02 Welcome To Field Six

Page 9, 2023-10-03 Baling The Six

Page 10, 2023-10-04 Wrapping The Six

Page 11, 2023-10-05 Decisions Are Hard Bro

Page 12, 2023-10-06 Pig Farm Yard Creation

Page 13, 2023-10-07 Barley Harvest And Grass Mowing

Page 14, 2023-10-08 Busy Day At The Animal Farm

Page 15, 2023-10-10 Northern Corn Harvest

Page 16, 2023-10-11 Sugar Beets And Bales

Page 17, 2023-10-12 Big Problems With Pigs

Page 18, 2023-10-13 Busy Day

Page 19, 2023-10-14 Corn And Sugar Beet Harvest Season

Page 20, 2023-10-15 Selling Silage Bales

Page 21, 2023-10-19 Cattle Equipment And Planting Season

Page 22, 2023-10-20 Making Hay

Page 23, 2023-11-01 Harvesting Barley And Baling

Page 24, 2023-11-04 First Silage Operation

Page 25, 2023-11-05 A Long Corn Forage Harvest

Page 26, 2023-11-08 First Silage Operation Done

Page 27, 2023-11-11 Sugar Beet And Corn Harvests

Page 28, 2023-11-11 Cattle Operation Started

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