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2023-09-29 Last Kuhn 6m Seeder Job

2023-09-29T04:19:00Z New farming day has started, today plan is to sell eggs and other products, but the sep looming barley planting season is a dilemma, if I were to seed F13... I really need a bigger seeder, and that needs a lot of money (bigger tractor too), so yes, another difficult decision ahead.

This savegame now has 38hrs 17min on it.

Its now jun in-game 1548hrs and for starters I'll time accelerate to the next day to get a nice reset for things. Jul in-game 0913hrs okay new day has arrived, barley planting season is two days away, no product selling is in schedule before that so its just me and 602.6k budget here trying to decide what to do with that planting season, it would be 2hrs 50min seeding session using the kuhn 6m seeder and I really REALLY don't want to spend that time just seeding.

Amazone Citan 15001-C seeder requires 300hp and my massey ferguson just has 305hp, it could technically pull the seeder but it might struggle on uphills maybe. This seeder costs 206.5k and is direct drill capable, I mean this is the best FS22 in-game seeder, widest, fastest and biggest seed tank. Buying this would allow me to seed basically any near future purchased fields with decent speed. Hmm.

Was desperately reading through my local notes about seeders as I have faced this issue on many other savegames across the years, I have a long list of seeder mods but none of them have been tested so basically you could say that list doesn't even exist. I know bourgault air drills are great, but they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and require 500+ horsepower tractor to pull them, but the smaller bourgault would be quite awesome seeder for sure.

I mean its not rocket science, I could of course suffer through ONE MORE F13 seeding ~3hrs session with kuhn 6m seeder and then on next year after more eggs have been sold to get a bourgault mod in here and buy that seeder. Its not only the seeder but also harvester, it was almost three and a half hours to harvest F13 using 8.5m header new holland ch7.70 combine harvester.

Heh always the same, such a difficult decision to grow your farm when your money is limited Smiley :)

Aug in-game 0940hrs, now its time to empty chicken coops from eggs, they are stacked three high and no more room for another time acceleration night.

Sep in-game 0917hrs, OK barley planting season is here, first I'm going to feed my chickens. Got chickens fed after hustling convey-all auger pipe the other way around at the farm grain bin silo. After all I decided to do ONE MORE seeding with kuhn 6m implement, I have some real life chores coming up soon and days first meal, it will burn good chunk of that 2hrs 50min seeding time away so I think its going to be OK.

Diesel refueled massey ferguson tractor and seed refilled kuhn 6m seeder, OK its go time.

2023-09-29T04:50:00Z Started seeding barley F13, courseplay ETA 2hrs 50min.

Okay here I go, almost three hours from my life are now going to be spent with this field work course, let this be the last time... Smiley :)

And now, I'm off to do some real life chore stuff, eat days first meal, etc, I'm not going to write all these individual things down, I'll try to keep this short, cant remember if kuhn seeder required refill before this field is done but of course I'll write that down if it happens. But for now, its hands off to courseplay-gui garbage for a long long time...

2023-09-29T06:04:00Z Kuhn seeder is empty, ok refill time.

2023-09-29T06:46:00Z I'm starving, time to grab a days firs meal ...

2023-09-29T07:16:00Z Feeding time is over, back to seeding.

2023-09-29T07:27:00Z Finished seeding barley F13.

Aah that went by nicely, but only because I did a lot of real life chores, feeding and ALT-TABbing to research FS22 seeders etc. But I am glad its now done, next planting season for absolutely sure will be done with new larger equipment.

Kuhn Espro 6000 RC had 922 liters of seeds left, but I just unhooked it from my massey ferguson on the field and SOLD it Smiley :)

That got me 66.2k, there was no reimbursement for the 922 liters of seeds, unless it was automatically calculated in the sell price. Okay, now I don't have a seeder so next planting season will be done with brand new seeder which I must buy. But I will be having a lot of barley after this harvest and I already have too much grass, so animals are going to be set for months and months (sheeps probably years).

Saved game and now begins time accelerating until nov which is egg best market price day, cant wait to see how much this years egg "harvest" makes me Smiley :)

Nov in-game 0909hrs, now eggs market price is 4362 at Rock Specialty Crops CO. Going to time accelerate one hour at the time until price increase stalls and starts to drop, or night starts to fall, at least I need to go then record autodrive network waypoint route.

In fact that reminds me, I probably need to fire up PMC Gaming computer today / soon to grab all the autodrive MASTER and other FS22 mod batch files from there, I need to keep these in sync on PMC Linux computer for easy access. This is actually quite bizarre to me that I am playing FS22 on PMC DevSurf, I do have GAMING computer for a reason so why am I not using it... heh well yeah, if I fire that up then I burn electricity and don't have access to all these editing computer things which is basically all my daily bookmarks, software, etc etc. Using gaming computer for pure gaming is awesome, but playing "a bit of FS22 on the side" when I do other computer stuff is great. Anyways.

At 1007hrs its 4356, hmm already dropping, hmm hmm. At 1102hrs its 4350, yup it is dropping, okay nothing more to do than to start hauling eggs for sell.

Aww maan, Rock Specialty Crops CO selling point is on the OTHER side of the terrain! Hah. Okay, what can you do, get the tractor rolling, haul some long distance eggs.

2023-09-29T07:51:00Z Sold eggs at Rock Specialty Crops CO for 141.4k.

Recorded autodrive network waypoint route target point to this selling point. I felt so stupid to record these waypoints because I know these are already done in the MASTER autodrive savegame XML config files, I should just stop, save game, exit, fire up PMC Gaming computer and copy over the real gaming savegames including the autodrive MASTER dir for PMC Super Six 6km. But, I'll do this egg selling like this now, maybe I'll copy those files while autodrive is running because it will take a long time, this is probably 10min or more one way driving and I have at least two full loads of eggs waiting in my farm yard.

2023-09-29T08:03:00Z Okay second egg load is heading towards Rock Specialty Crops CO selling point driven by autodrive, ETA 8min, oh it was less than ten minutes, OK cool. But its still 16min complete trip for a one load of eggs.

Now I actually miss PMC Super Six 6km Start From Zero savegame, that regular good old soybeans grain farming operation Smiley :)

I could play all my fs22 savegames now on PMC DevSurf, but I just don't want to because this GPU needs video preset LOW which also includes lower view distance which is essential on large terrains, if you cant see the other side of the field... whats the point of playing.

2023-09-29T08:10:00Z Sold eggs at Rock Specialty Crops CO for 137.8k.

Even on PMC Gaming computer I don't use trackir5 or saitek heavy equipment precision whatever bundle steering wheel anymore, so in that sense if I only had powerful GPU in PMC DevSurf computer I could do ALL my regular Farming Simulator gaming on it. Who knows, maybe in the future I can upgrade this GTX 1060 3gb card to something that can run 4k triple screen with game running as well, would actually be quite nice, no need to start up one more computer to burn electricity when you play. But luckily or unfortunately which ever way you want to see it, I don't have money for such beast of a video card purchase right now and I don't see anytime in the future to have such money either.

2023-09-29T08:31:00Z Sold eggs at Rock Specialty Crops CO for 83.9k. I went to copy files from PMC Gaming while autodrive was running this egg load, when I came back just now it has blown past the selling point while selling what the trigger managed to accept from overshooting trailer, now I backed into it and sold rest which was this 83.9k profit.

Now at the farm yard there is still one partial egg load left. Eggs market price had dropped during this time to 4343 already. The last egg load was only 21.9k liters (78%) trailer full.

2023-09-29T08:46:00Z Sold eggs at Rock Specialty Crops CO for 95.1k.

Budget now 1.182m whoah that is a nice sum of money Smiley :o

2023-09-29T08:55:00Z Massey ferguson with strautmann 802 sek trailer returned to the farm yard, I have now copied all the savegame, autodrive XML config and bat files from PMC Gaming so I'm going to do some file syncing.

2023-09-29T08:55:00Z Saved game and exited FS22.

2023-09-29T09:28:00Z Okay finished copying latest autodrive XML config file to this savegame dir, now I'm good to go. Just need to remember to copy-sync any edits from this savegame into PMC Gaming computer once I'm done or continue playing Start From Zero again Smiley :)

I did lose a lot of autodrive waypoints from F13 area, but oh well what can you do as I was too lazy to sync this autodrive MASTER file at day one.

Aww maan, I completely forgot weeds, now there is tons of weeds growing in F13 so if I herbicide spray them, yeah weeds get killed but I also lose few percentages of yield because the herbicide damages barley plants Smiley :(

I completely forgot that before time accelerating to eggs best market price selling day, ugh. Well what can you do, time to go herbicide spray the weeds now.

Purchased herbicide liquid tank for 2.4k. Luckily F13 barley plants were still small enough so I could drive this wide wheels tractor over them.

2023-09-29T09:38:00Z Started herbicide spraying F13, courseplay ETA 56min.

A long field work course and I bet it requires one, maybe two refills, sigh. Well maybe next year I have so much money I can buy rubicon 9000 sprayer Smiley :)

This kubota sprayer is nice, for those small scale operations, but its width is 28m which is okay-ish, herbicide tank capacity only 2.8k liters and worst of all is the speed, a 12km/h snail crawling slow, uuh I cant stand this slow speed.

Okay this will be the last spraying using this kubota tractor mounted 12km/h sprayer implement.

2023-09-29T10:20:00Z Sprayer refill time. Purchased one 2k liter herbicide tank.

At this time I'm already wanting to switch over to real life chore part of the day, I wouldn't have to yet but somehow I don't have that obsession drive to farm right now, strange as things are just picking up here with large growth coming to the farm yard with that million I have in the budget. Most likely after this spraying is done I'll switch to real life chores and depending on how tired I am tonight, next farming session is at... late saturday, at best, maybe sunday, just not sure yet.

2023-09-29T10:31:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F13.

Unhooked kubota sprayer, did not sell it even though I'm 98% sure I wont be using it again, I need a bigger and faster sprayer. Then it was time to shut it down, I need to switch to real life chores mode I just don't want to farm anymore right now.

2023-09-29T10:34:00Z Saved game and shutdown FS22, cu on the next farming session.

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