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2023-11-11 Sugar Beet And Corn Harvests

2023-11-11T01:14:00Z New farming day has started, today is sugar beet and corn harvest.

This savegame now has 222hrs 14min on it.

Oct in-game 0725hrs, animals are fed, everything is good to go for harvest season.

2023-11-11T01:26:00Z Started harvesting sugar beet F07, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 25min.

Again was a struggle to get this grimme sugar beet harvester equipment to work with courseplay-gui garbage so that trailer can unload it without driving into crop. Once I got it running I was reminded again how much this setup sucks, grimme is a nice tractor pulled cheap starter implement but once you get used to sugar beet harvesting... it becomes a real bummer everytime you have to run this crappy thing. I really need to upgrade into some legit self propelled sugar beet harvester with 30k liter sugar beet hopper so I can run beet harvests with courseplay-gui garbage and autodrive hands free.

Oh well, going to make this the last sugar beet harvest before upgrades Smiley :)

This sugar beet operation was same as before, courseplay-gui garbage runs the grimme harvester, autodrive runs fendt 939 vario which pulls one of the small trailers and takes it to Pig Barn 1 to dump into one big pile on the farm yard.

2023-11-11T01:51:00Z Got notification that bunker silo is done fermenting, this is now my Silage Bunker 2. Great.

Dumped 18.5k liters of sugar beets into Pig Barn 1 feed silo, its capacity is now 21% for root crops. Bon Apetit you filthy pigs.

2023-11-11T02:42:00Z Sugar beet harvester tractor is now doing lands, but the 3m width is just too narrow, I cannot drive unloading tractor with trailer in there without driving over crop, argh, oh well just gotta try to avoid it as much as possible but still get this harvest done, I have so much sugar beets now that me driving over a few rows because courseplay-gui garbage field work course got generated badly, is no big deal.

One workaround for this would be to configure trailer tractor with narrow tires, but yeah, next harvest must be done with a real big self propelled harvester so should not be an issue.

Oct in-game 0856hrs it started raining.

2023-11-11T04:12:00Z Finished harvesting sugar beet F07.

That was definitely the last time I'm using grimme sugar beet harvester in this savegame.

Sold grimme rootster 604 for 59.7k and grimme ft 300 for 14.9k, budget now 1.441m. Sent both tractors to chicken and sheep farm yard for diesel refuel.

2023-11-11T04:31:00Z Okay all vehicles driven to F29 W ready to harvest some corn, however its still raining so time accelerating until it clears up...

Oct in-game 1223hrs rain ended, time to harvest.

2023-11-11T04:35:00Z Started harvesting corn F29, courseplay, ETA 2hrs 56min.

Three hours of corn harvest, where are my second and third combines? Smiley :)

2023-11-11T05:55:00Z Farm Grain Bin Silo 1 is full, started to dump into seed production building.

2023-11-11T06:10:00Z Dumped corn to Pig Barn 1 feed silo, its now food 100%. Also previously I moved conveyall auger pipe to farm grain bin silo 2.

2023-11-11T06:47:00Z Claas lexion 8900 ran out of fuel hehe, guess I forgot to go refuel it on the mayhem of getting this field work started Smiley ;)

2023-11-11T07:05:00Z Diesel refueled harvester and shes back on the field harvesting.

2023-11-11T07:30:00Z Finished harvesting corn F29.

It was quite long corn harvest with troubles to get all the grain fitting into bin silos, great to have corn F29 harvested now. Seed production building has 93k liters of corn heh. I'm hoping the last remaining grain trailer load fits into farm grain bin silo 2.

2023-11-11T07:37:00Z Dumped last corn grain into farm grain bin silo 2, it did fit there, pfewf what a relief. Currently farm grain bin silo 1 contents: barley 326.8k, canola 128.7k and corn 524.4k liters, farm grain bin silo 2: barley 245.2k, canola 285.6k and corn 530.2k liters. Farm grain bin silo 2 is 96% full while 1 is 100% full. Whoah.

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k and refilled bredal k165, I want to get these harvested fields fertilized at least one layer. Pig Barn 1 had only very little slurry, so have to use bredal k165.

2023-11-11T07:46:00Z Started fertilizing F07, courseplay, ETA 7min.

2023-11-11T07:48:00Z Hmm my been awake 17hrs alarm went just off, its my bed time... Today has been a busy day watching israel-hamas war gaza city live stream and farming, so day went in no time, I'm not tired yet so I'll keep fertilizing as long as I can stay up. Also I'm going to plow F07 and maybe tomorrow I'll get F29 done as it takes so long time.

2023-11-11T07:52:00Z Finished fertilizing F07.

2023-11-11T07:53:00Z Started ploughing F07, courseplay, ETA 11min.

2023-11-11T07:55:00Z Started fertilizing F29, courseplay, ETA 42min.

2023-11-11T08:04:00Z Finished ploughing F07.

Decided to go sleep after F29 fertilizing is done, even though I'm not snoozing off yet I have to get some sleep so I wont completely mess up my sleeping schedule for monday "morning".

Now that sugar beets and F29 corn has been harvested I can get cattle barn placed on the next gaming session, there is plenty of time to do some TMR etc stuff while case ih steiger 620 is ripping F29 if I so decide (I recall it was a really long field work duration). So tomorrows gaming session should finally see the birth of a cattle operation, cows, heh its been long coming for sure Smiley :)

Decided to call it a night before F29 fertilizing is done, why am I waiting here watching gaza city live stream when I should be sleeping, heh yup, time to sleep.

2023-11-11T08:26:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, good night.

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