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2023-10-04 Wrapping The Six

2023-10-04T07:50:00Z New farming day has started, just woke up and did the mandatory computer morning chores, had option to switch directly to real life chores or play FS22 for few hours, chose the latter. Today's goal is to purchase a bale wrapper and start wrapping silage bales on F06 grass bales.

This savegame now has 67hrs 4min on it.

Ran across the farm yard and checked everything including production inspector, everything is good.

2023-10-04T07:54:00Z Purchased kverneland 7850 c bale wrapper for 22k, the cheapest one.

2023-10-04T07:57:00Z Started wrapping silage bales F06.

This kverneland bale wrapper is frigging annoying, you have to align the bale JUST RIGHT into the implement so it detects it, this just pisses you off as the bale is in the implement but just not picked up most of the time. Wonder if the kuhn bale wrapper would be working normally.

2023-10-04T08:05:00Z Started courseplay-gui garbage after setting target and field positions, lets see how good of a work it does wrapping these bales, at least if I don't have to drive myself I can eat days first meal and do some ALT-TAB work on side monitors while courseplay-gui garbage is wrapping the bales which probably takes a quite while.

Hoh it shows "bales left 319", oh wow Smiley :o

2023-10-04T08:07:00Z Okay getting hungry, time for days first meal ...

2023-10-04T08:34:00Z Feeding time is over, back to watching bales being wrapped.

Or not... courseplay-gui garbage is incapable of wrapping silage bales it just says path not found all the time after maybe bale or two gets wrapped, also the kverneland bale wrapper pisses me off as its so glunky with the bale detection spot. I didn't save game yet so I just exited, will restart FS22 and buy the kuhn bale wrapper in hopes that it works normally.

2023-10-04T08:37:00Z Purchased kuhn sw 4014 for 54k.

2023-10-04T08:41:00Z Started wrapping silage bales F06, courseplay.

Another attempt...

Right off the bat kuhn sw 4014 seems to work normally, not like that broken kverneland piece of crap.

Silage bales are 5.5k liters of grass while fermenting, it shows the percentage of fermenting going on. I assume liters remain the same once fermenting is complete.

I cant believe how piece of crap that kverneland 7850 c bale wrapper is, now with kuhn sw 4014 there are no issues with courseplay-gui garbage running the bale wrapping. How can giants release something so broken, I don't get it. Kverneland 7850 c is extremely difficult and frustrating to use as manual driver and all but impossible to use with courseplay-gui garbage, why we have something like that in-game I have no idea...

Hmm I wonder if you could use two or more bale wrappers on the same field at the same time, would courseplay-gui garbage mess things up or do the tractors have collision detection, hmm. F06 is quite large, wrapping 330 bales will take a quite while, could use some backup. Just wondering in general terms here I have no intention to buy second tractor or bale wrapper now.

2023-10-04T08:56:00Z After that utter fiasco that kverneland 7850 c attempt was, I am now extremely relieved how nicely kuhn sw 4014 is working with courseplay-gui garbage, during my feeding when it failed repeatedly I was already planning on rage quitting and going to do something else. Heh glad I tried that working bale wrapper instead Smiley :)

2023-10-04T09:44:00Z Okay this is going to take absolutely forever, its already been over an hour and there is still endless number of grass bales on the field. I am bored to death, cant seem to get any ALT-TAB activities started (that I would want to do), hmm most likely will have to just savegame at some point and come back to this next time.

But hey, at least kuhn sw 4014 and courseplay-gui garbage are working together very nicely, so far have had no issues, no collisions etc anything. Hopefully this "field work course" would finish without any babysitting.

Did some rough calculations of how much profit this silage bale "harvest" will bring me. One silage bale (I assume) is 5500 liters, so when we calculate price per bale it would be 5.5 * 586 where 586 dollars is the price per thousand liters. One silage bale pays about 3.2k in profit. This field had according to courseplay-gui garbage at one point 333 grass bales, so lets round that up to 330, so 330 * 3.2 == 1056 so umm err does that mean I'm going to be getting one million in profit from this silage bale harvest? Smiley :o

2023-10-04T10:36:00Z Now I caught courseplay-gui garbage which had wrapped tractor and bale wrapper around a telephone pole. Apparently collision detection doesn't apply beyond field edges then, dunno? Smiley :?

BTW only 70 bales to go now.

2023-10-04T10:42:00Z Decided to drive rest of the field myself, save some time.

2023-10-04T10:51:00Z Bizarre, I found one 7.5k liter (180cm?) bale, huh wha? Smiley :?

2023-10-04T11:04:00Z Finished wrapping silage bales F06.

Cant see any bales on the field and when engaged courseplay-gui garbage bale collecting / wrapping, it also said field work done. Aayeah! Smiley :)

Uuh that is some sickening amount of silage bales (well currently fermenting but should be done soon). I cant imagine how much profit do I make from this haul when bales are sold next year january. Well as I calculated, should be about a million.

Right now I'm getting near the end of my farming day, other schedule approaching, so I'm going to park my massey ferguson to the farm yard and call it a night here, most likely wont be returning to this savegame before tomorrow, tonight I would be really surprised if I have energy to farm any.

2023-10-04T11:08:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, cu next time.

Surprise MF

2023-10-04T20:52:00Z Surprise! I'm back! Its evening time, I just a mere moments ago cooked food so I'm kind of late in the regular clock schedule now, usually I should be preparing for bed at this time but now I still have hours to go. So decided to fire up FS22 and continue farming Smiley :)

Checked farm yard visually and from production inspector, all animals are fed and spawn points have plenty of space, OK I'm good to go for some field work. Grabbed anderson rbm2000 bale collector and headed to F06. Plan now is to collect all the silage bales (and one grass bale heh) from F06, stack them into the sides of the field and then fertilize F06 one layer before calling it a night for this baling operation.

2023-10-04T20:56:00Z Started collecting silage bales F06.

2023-10-04T20:59:00Z First 24 silage bales collected and stacked to the side of the field.

2023-10-04T21:44:00Z Finished collecting all the silage bales and the one 180cm grass bale, dumped them into nice stacks along the field edges, did not count how many trailer loads that was, it was, many.

Dropped off anderson rbm2000 at the farm yard, purchased 8 * 1k liter big bag of solid fertilizer for 14.5k, refilled bredal k165 with fertilizer and then headed back to F06.

2023-10-04T21:53:00Z Started fertilizing F06, courseplay ETA 1hrs.

Exactly one hour field work course, nice. Okay then I'm waiting, hmm I'll probably go take a shower while courseplay-gui garbage is running this tractor as I have nothing to do here.

2023-10-04T22:12:00Z Back from the shower, all nice and fresh, now back to fertilizing grass field.

2023-10-04T22:51:00Z Finished fertilizing F06.

Outer edge has small rim that is only fertilized one stage, odd, oh well it makes not much difference in grand scheme of things so I leave it be. Next up is time accelerating at least to the next day, then another animal welfare check and spawn point cleanup, then have to see when the next seasonal selling event is coming up.

2023-10-04T22:55:00Z Back at the farm yard, parked bredal k165 away, checked animals and pallets, all good for time acceleration.

Jun in-game 0945hrs well, nothing to report, more time accelerating. Jul in-game 0928hrs it was time to feed the chickens, they were 40% food left. Also bumped grass bales by Sheep Barn 1 to push one of them into the barn trigger for feed. Now F06 grass is ready to harvest, heh grass comes up fast.

2023-10-04T23:12:00Z Then I time accelerated and silage went to high demand, but I was not expecting it and just blasted through the night and in the morning of course the high demand was over, it was 602 crazy high price, so I immediately exited and now going to reload FS22 back up, hopefully high demand is not random and it comes up again.

FS22 booted back up and savegame spot is jul in-game 0934hrs, animals fed.

Aug in-game 1604hrs silage is on high demand at Animal Dealer for 616, wow, OK starting to haul! Smiley :D

2023-10-04T23:22:00Z First load picked up and on my way to the Animal Dealer. Budget now 697.3k.

2023-10-04T23:27:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 780.3k.

2023-10-04T23:38:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 859.3k.

2023-10-04T23:51:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 942k.

2023-10-05T00:02:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 1.023m.

2023-10-05T00:14:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 1.106m.

2023-10-05T00:25:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 1.189m.

2023-10-05T00:37:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 1.273m.

2023-10-05T00:50:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 1.357m.

2023-10-05T01:03:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 1.439m.

Alright it starts to get really late for me, 17hrs been awake alarm went of probably half an hour ago already, I need to get some sleep so can wake up somewhat decent time tomorrow, don't want to mess up my sleeping schedule too bad. Need to finish this silage bale hauling for sell tomorrow.

2023-10-05T01:09:00Z Saved game and shut down FS22, good night.

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