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2023-10-07 Barley Harvest And Grass Mowing

2023-10-07T20:21:00Z New farming day has started, just finished up my real life chores for the week and now its farming time, cant wait to get started with barley harvest.

This savegame now has 90hrs 47min on it.

2023-10-07T20:25:00Z Started harvesting barley F13, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 53min.

It is great to be back farming, harvesting barley, product for seed production building and food now for chickens and pigs, just awesome stuff. Love growing my farm, one day it will be massive animal empire Smiley :D

2023-10-07T21:31:00Z Of course courseplay-gui garbage messed up this field work course, combine harvester started to back-up across the fields many times. It must be the latest dev version that is broken like this, I need to restart game after this harvest (or if it keeps doing this in every other row) with some of the older better working version. For now though I just want to get this harvest done.

2023-10-07T22:26:00Z Finished harvesting barley F13.

Ahh that was a nice harvest (excluding courseplay-gui garbage being its own trashy self).

2023-10-07T22:37:00Z Started baling straw F13, inner rows, courseplay ETA 1hrs 2min.

And with that, its my lunch break!

2023-10-07T23:05:00Z Feeding time is over, back to baling straw.

It got a bit hectic at the finish of that barley harvest, this is what happened. I dumped from last kinze 1121 harvest commander grain cart load directly into chicken coops so those are now 100% food. Farm grain bin silo now has 464.1k liters of barley. Midwest durus 18.2m header is so large that claas lexion 8900 will not fit into chicken and sheep farm yard, so I had to use massey ferguson to bring header trailer out to F13 for the lexion, now I used lexion to put header into the trailer and parked the combine behind a nearby tree line, why keep it on the farm yard with all those additional polygons maxing out my limited GPU power, farm yard already gets really bad FPS performance so I'm trying to ease the polygon load there. Then quickly setup that 180cm round baling field work course and now massey ferguson with kuhn vb 3190 is baling the straw.

Plan is to stack the straw bales just around F13 for now, I was thinking of getting bale storage (that giants placeable), but honestly not sure where to put it, guess if it would be grass and straw warehouse then it could go to chicken and sheep farm yard, but so far pig farm yard uses no material from bales so it would be kind of off there.

Hmm I got 1.232m budget I could just buy another farm yard somewhere else and place it there, maybe like two buildings, 250 bales for grass and another 250 for straw, dunno. But for now, I'll just stack them along side F13.

2023-10-07T23:58:00Z Finished baling straw F13, inner rows + headland.

Then grabbed anderson rbm2000 bale collector and went to work on F13.

2023-10-08T00:19:00Z Finished collecting all straw bales from F13, uah nice.

Saved game and took a restroom break to contemplate how do I grow my farm next, I'm starting to feel that my trusty old massey ferguson as a lonely farm tractor is coming to its end of loneliness, I have to buy second tractor because soon there is sugar beet harvest which absolutely require two tractors to get it done, also second tractor would open world of possibilities, courseplay-gui garbage running massey ferguson and I would be driving another tractor for example mowing grass etc.

2023-10-08T00:46:00Z Purchased 2 * 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks and dumped them into seed production building.

Then dumped 34k liters of barley into seed production building and turned on the production, I need some seed! Smiley ;)

2023-10-08T00:50:00Z Purchased meridian TL 12-39 auger pipe for 14.5k.

Drove this 5km/h speed racer to meridian flat bottom bin 3608 and put it under the unloading pipe / point, now I don't need to switch the big convey-all auger pipe everytime there is a barley harvest. Then dumped another 34k + 32k liters of barley into seed production building.

Drove to pig farm yard and dumped 34k liters of barley into Pig Barn 1, now its 32% food which has 21% grain and others are low numbers from the big bag pig food. So one step tested, I can dump barley from normal grain trailer into pig barn feed silo, great. Not that I really doubted if its going to work, but still. I am kind of worried about sugar beets though, its so crazy if meridian TL 12-39 augers bulky sugar beets Smiley ;)

Pig Barn 1 buildings info box shows food 65.3k / 200k liters, it does not differentiate between food sources. Neither does ESC animals menu, it only shows total capacity, base food, grain, protein and root crops. In a way I can understand that because all of these foods include two different types, there is of course plenty of empty space on the animals pig menu, you could list all the food types individually there, but yeah well. I believe savegame placeables.xml does list all individual food filltypes, but of course nobody in their right mind would go to check the info from there Smiley :)

Pig Barn 1 slurry: 88.6k liters, hmm I am quite surprised it so little, 360 pigs should piss more than that, but well maybe I've lost sense of time, there has been not so many time acceleration day skips yet since I checked the last time. There is no worry, even these pigs alone will definitely produce enough slurry to fertilize many of my fields and once cattle / dairy cows come into play with manure, oh boy, it will be a manure show Smiley ;)

Okay its now jun in-game 1537hrs, two more days to skip for aug which is canola planting season. I would kind of like to go mow F06 grass, but honestly besides the crazy money... I don't really have to. I could use the money, one more F06 silage baling with good sell price and I could definitely get cattle started, or dairy cows dunno which would be cheaper.

Also if I purchased the second tractor now, I could speed up the mowing and baling process a great deal by manually driving after mower, hmm maybe.

Went to pickup bredal k165 from pig farm yard, decided to fertilize F13 before time accelerating or making decision wether to mow grass on F06 or not, I might fert F13 and then start mowing the F06 grass while I take a shower, good use for time, dunno.

2023-10-08T01:20:00Z Started fertilizing F13, courseplay, ETA 38min.

Ahh feels so good to fertilize spread freshly harvested and straw baled field. I know, I'm weird Smiley :p

Just realized canola and barley planting season is basically at the same time, start at different months but have same intersecting month when you can seed those fields, could do both fields with one seeder tractor hookup.

I'm kind of hoping when I empty this bredal k165 it would be the last time and then could use slurry from pig barn. Hmm not sure though if its enough, I have many hectares and even one round of fertilizing consumes a lot of slurry, I might need to get cattle operation going on to supplement fertilizing needs with manure, this would also allow the back-to-back fertilizing without waiting for field stages (or cultivating). But yeah I feel that bredal k165 is running on its last laps, I might only use this as emergency backup fertilize spreader.

2023-10-08T01:56:00Z Finished fertilizing F13.

Decided to start grass mowing on F06, it will be all night before going to bed operation and then continue tomorrow morning with all the baling and wrapping. Will be fun to spend rest of my evening, courseplay-gui garbage runs the tractor and I can ALT-TAB to do some background text based tasks, perhaps watch some youtube videos of couple of subjects I'm researching.

Its funny as I have existing copy-paste line for F06 mowing, it tells me it takes over two hours, gives me plenty of time.

2023-10-08T02:05:00Z Started mowing grass F06, courseplay ETA 2hrs 13min.

Okay nice long field work course, now I'm off to research stuff, take a shower and all sorts of things, two hours is a long time Smiley :)

2023-10-08T04:05:00Z Finished mowing grass F06.

2023-10-08T04:08:00Z Drove massey ferguson back to chicken and sheep farm yard, unhooked mower and shut the tractor down. Saved game and exited FS22, its time to call it a day, good night.

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