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2023-10-01 Grass Bales To Animal Dealer In A Snow Storm

2023-10-01T07:43:00Z New farming day has started, just finished real life chores for the weekend, still have one more thing to wrap up but it takes a moment before I get to it, so decided to launch FS22 now. Hmm no idea whats my goal today, just make some progress I guess.

This savegame now has 43hrs 58min on it.

F13 NE side is only 50% fertilized, barley growth is on plant stage so I can still drive normal tractor wheels on it, so time to grab bredal k165 and do a quick fertilizing task.

2023-10-01T07:48:00Z Started fertilizing F13 NE tip, manually GPS.

This fertilizing field work probably wont make much of a difference in grand scheme of things, but its still good to have 100% fertilized field, on every corner.

Aahh its good to be back farming after yesterday I spent ALL DAY just editing, rendering and proof watching videos, that was quite boring task, I already wanted to get back to FS22 but had to get chores done. Farming feels so good now when all chores are done.

2023-10-01T07:56:00Z Finished fertilizing F13 NE tip. Now barley planting season is completely done Smiley :)

Alright its now nov in-game 1340hrs, next seasonal event is dec with grass best market price, so a lot of grass hauling to do. OK lets get to it then Smiley :)

Dec in-game 0930hrs overnight property maintenance fee is -999, going to break magical one thousand limit tomorrow, geez these expenses. Unfortunately didn't get grass sell price trigger notification yet, hopefully there will be decent price for grass this year.

Grass is now 145, hmm, okay usual routine, time accelerating one hour at the time checking out how grass price changes.

Hmph went and checked in-game crop calendar market price thing, it now says grass best market price is on FEB, hum. Wonder why these values change so much, it should not be the random price fluctuations as the selling DAY is still the same, right? Smiley :?

Oh well, more time acceleration then. Actually now that I'm reading my crop calendar notes a bit more thorough, it did have "?" question mark on jan grass price so it was some sort of assumption, oh well soon its confirmed.

Jan in-game 0919hrs overnight grass and straw sell price trigger notifications went off, they are now at highest price in animal dealer. Grass is 152 and straw is 146. OK time to break out anderson rbm2000 bale collector and start hauling some 180cm round bales to the animal dealer while its snowing Smiley :)

Recorded some new autodrive network waypoint routes as well to this new official autodrive MASTER XML config file Smiley :)

2023-10-01T08:21:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for 27.9k.

Not too bad for a one haul, although I did calculate this previously to be slightly higher, well that is todays price so I'm going to keep hauling.

2023-10-01T08:39:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for 27.9k. Sold in two batches, but 27.9k sounds about right, especially as grass market price is still the same 152.

Its kind of wicked to haul grass bales to animal dealer for sell in a blizzard snow storm, I cannot see fields or roads, only thing to guide me is (cheater) autodrive waypoints and the grass between road and fields Smiley :D

2023-10-01T08:54:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for 27.9k.

Send massey ferguson back to F13 E using autodrive and now I'm going to take a small break to wrap up that last real life chore I had pending, wont take long...

2023-10-01T09:38:00Z Back and now I have rest of the day dedicated just for animal game-mode farming Smiley :)

2023-10-01T09:51:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for 27.9k.

Bales just stacked / dumped by the side of the field seems to work surprisingly well, obviously you should not dump several hundreds of bales at once some field edges surrounding it which might cause FPS issues, maybe, but relaxed casual 180cm round bale piles around a grass field is just fine and works nicely, I don't know how realistic it is to store bales without a shelter or anykind of cover, but this is farmsim, so whatever works... just, works Smiley :)

Its six and a half, almost seven minutes one way from F13 to the animal dealer and I still have at least 5 round bale loads to haul. Hard work, but hey its the money, gotta get that money Smiley :)

2023-10-01T10:08:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for 27.9k.

2023-10-01T10:23:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for 27.9k.

2023-10-01T10:39:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for 27.9k.

2023-10-01T10:55:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for 27.9k.

On next trip collected all the remaining grass bales from F13 edges which did only get to 20 bales, then remaining 4 bales were picked up as straw bales.

2023-10-01T11:14:00Z Sold 20 grass and 4 straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount.

Then back to F13 to collect few more straw bales, I'm sort of considering if I should scoop up the few more straw bales from the farm yard, I mean cattle / cows or pigs is still a far off, I have no use for straw bales right now, might as well sell them.

2023-10-01T11:20:00Z But now I'm interrupted by my lunch break ...

2023-10-01T11:45:00Z Feeding time is over, back to hauling round bales.

During my feeding time snow on the ground disappeared but its still snowing. Then loaded last straw bales from F13 into the bale collector which was exactly 24 bales, a full bale load.

2023-10-01T11:55:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount.

My farm yard had 19 round straw bales, I picked those up just to get few more polygons off the farm yard, my GPU is getting that 40FPS performance again looking at all the stuff in there.

2023-10-01T12:06:00Z Sold 19 round straw bales at Animal Dealer for 30.1k.

Okay all the round bales to be sold have been sold, I don't dare to sell grass bales by the farm yard as those are sheep feed Smiley :)

2023-10-01T12:16:00Z Back at the farm yard hooked up with brantner grain trailer and fed chickens as they were getting fifteen percent low on feed, saved game and now I'm ready for some more time acceleration.

Feb in-game 0939hrs honey market price is increasing, tomorrow is the best selling day.

Mar in-game 0913hrs honey market price is 3440 at Six Food and Ingredients selling point.

2023-10-01T12:24:00Z Sold honey trailer load at Six Food And Ingredients at 32.3k.

I'm a moron, returned to my farm yard, hooked massey ferguson with brantner grain trailer and then realized there was still three full 400 liters honey pallets by the bee hives, well its like said barely a thousand liters I wont bother driving that trip just for that, so honey hauling is over now.

Hmm whats next, is it barley harvest season next, hmm... Nope, its wool best market price on may. OK more money incoming. Oh forgot to mention, budget now 1.523m Smiley :)

Hmm re-checked crop calendar market price page and now it shows wool best market price day is apr, on may its already dropping a bit. HRR why is it that these change like this, are there actually fluctuation on the months I thought they were hardcoded that only the time of day is random, hmph. Okay updating my own docs but leaving remark about the may there now.

Apr in-game 0920hrs wool market price is 3682 at Rock Specialty Crops CO selling point. That is actually very good price so need to start hauling wool pallets for sell. This selling point is on the other side of the terrain heh.

2023-10-01T12:53:00Z Sold wool at Rock Specialty Crops CO for 57.4k.

2023-10-01T13:12:00Z Sold wool at Rock Specialty Crops CO for 53.7k.

Last wool load was only 6k liters.

2023-10-01T13:27:00Z Sold 6k liters of wool at Rock Specialty Crops CO for 22.1k.

All the woold has now been sold, budget now 1.657m Smiley :D

With that money I can buy claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus header and some good grain cart, that handles all the barley harvests I need to get done for chicken feed. Not sure if its enough for some large seeder, but should be able to get a tractor and amazone citan 15001-c at least. Not that I even have bourgault air drill mods installed yet. Or midwest durus for that matter.

2023-10-01T13:37:00Z Returned to the farm yard, hooked brantner grain trailer and saved game, now time accelerating continues towards barley harvest season.

May in-game 0931hrs refilled chicken feed and then took last barley out of the farm grain bin silo, now brantner only has 90% or so full and then I'm out of barley, its funny how close that barley harvest got timing wise. Of course in emergencies I could temporarily buy chicken feed from the dealership, so no issue with that.

Jun in-game 0930hrs barley is ready to harvest. Sold new holland varifeed 28ft header for 26.9k and new holland ch7.70 harvester for 157.1k, budget now 1.838m. Saved game and exited FS22, need to install midwest durus header mod.

Biggest harvester pack:
- harvester 18k liters claas lexion 8900 configuration big and guidancesteering upgrade 511.3k
- header 18.2m midwest durus with pointed guides and color options 176.9k
- header trailer midwest durus 60ft 22.5k

2023-10-01T13:58:00Z Purchased the above list, budget now 1.126m.

Then purchased kinze 1121 harvest commander grain cart 74k, budget now 1.050m. Hopefully massey ferguson has enough horsepower to pull that grain cart heh.

Next adjusted convey-all auger pipe to load grain into meridian flat bottom bin 3608, hooked kinze 1121 harvest commander to massey ferguson, midwest durus 18.2m header to claas lexion 8900 combine harvester and then its all systems go for barley harvest season Smiley :)

2023-10-01T14:06:00Z Started harvesting barley F13, courseplay ETA 1hrs 53min.

Oh wow still two hours harvest even with midwest durus 18.2m header Smiley :o

Well dunno, its 18 almost 19ha field so what did you expect, ravenport little girlie men durations? Smiley ;)

2023-10-01T14:20:00Z First combine harvester unload and meridian flat bottom bin 3608 load is complete. I had completely forgot, that kinze 1121 harvest commander sucks, its auger pipe is throwing the material off whack, it goes unnaturally too far to the side, I recall seeing this already first time when I tested this mod but guess it didn't register further out. This grain cart does work, but it looks funky and its tricky to overload into auger pipe like convey-all for example where the loading spot is very small on the ground, can be done, but tricky. Yeah this sucks, but well what can you do.

I wrote note about this to myself to update our website.

Also I messed up F13 cultivator_density area by drawing custom field edge using courseplay-gui garbage. I did it on the ESC mapview so it was not as accurate as tractor driven field outline, then when seeder ran over the grass land which got accidentally added into the field area (field area too large), it somehow made the grass area into a field which courseplay-gui garbage now detects as, field. So field work courses do work still, but there are those odd nudges on the field edge now for no reason. I need to take a landscape tool once harvest is complete and repaint them into regular grass land just so next courseplay-gui garbage field work course generation is smoother.

Well this is unfortunate, claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus header gives me some performance issue when camera angle is just on the sweet spot with dust and straw particles coming out of the harvesters rear end. Its not too bad, but anytime you break rock solid 60FPS it feels invalid Smiley :(

I shiver when seeing the straw swath lexion 8900 is dropping, when you bale that straw up its going to be a boatload of bales again Smiley ;)

Now with large combine and medium size grain cart, this harvest feels like... "normal" Smiley ;)

2023-10-01T15:48:00Z Finished harvesting barley F13.

That was not too bad, but I'm sort of fiddling with some background web stuff here as well so it might have gone quicker when I was ALT-TABbing a lot, dunno.

2023-10-01T15:54:00Z Started baling straw F13, courseplay ETA 1hrs 2min. This was from the center / inner row nearest waypoint, to avoid bale collisions.

2023-10-01T16:30:00Z Now its my lunch break, I'm starvin'...

2023-10-01T16:57:00Z Feeding time is over, back to baling straw.

Courseplay-gui garbage finished inner rows, then I started it on the headland on first waypoint, it missed quite few spots on the corners but I wont be mopping those leftovers up because farms budget is already over one million so I don't think its worth the time to go mop up any leftovers at this stage, all you'd get is lost time.

2023-10-01T17:14:00Z Finished baling straw F13.

And then straight to collecting straw bales and stacking them up at F13 edges.

2023-10-01T17:41:00Z Bale collecting complete, uuh nice baling session.

Farm grain bin silo now has 342.7k liters of barley, should last a few months as chicken feed Smiley :)

Saved game and then continues time acceleration until next seasonal event. Hmm, unfortunately next event is sep barley planting, hmm even though I enjoy my time today farming again, getting that another barley season going on is kind of like "ugh I JUST finished the last one!?" heh. Also I will not seed F13 with that kuhn 6m seeder anymore so I would have to bite the bullet and buy new equipment. I have not decided yet how to grow the farm, do I buy farmland or equipment, I kind of lean towards the farmland buying and then next would be hmm pig barn maybe, when pigs grow and have offspring, selling off the oldest ones is a good money income. Even though I don't want to start yet another barley planting season, I do feel kind of lame if I skip one year of barley now hmm hmm.

Choices choices... Smiley :?

Jul in-game 0928hrs, another day. Hmm still undecided what to do but some kind of plan needs to be formulated, I'm not playing this savegame just to time accelerate and fiddle my thumbs heh. I cannot buy a big air drill and tractor if I buy farmland, its kind of tricky situation because you buy farmland so you can grow the farm but if you buy... then you have no more money for the equipment, well kinda. That farmland ID 31 cost that 300k something, so it would still leave me with 700k to buy equipment with. Hmm hmm.

Maybe if I buy the farmland, then four more chicken coops and sheep barns, crank up the heat with animal production, if I have to time accelerate one year, lets make profit quadruple or something Smiley ;)

Hmm hmm...

I'm looking at my current farmland and even this one still has plenty of space if you really stick placeables together. I fed the chickens as I was moving brantner grain trailer anyways.

2023-10-01T17:59:00Z Purchased two sheep barn (large) to my farm yard, there was still enough space next to the chicken coops, these are now Sheep Barn 3 and Sheep Barn 4.

Used strautmann 802 sek autoloading trailer to haul 8 grass bales to Sheep Barn 3 and Sheep Barn 4. Then saved game and exited FS22. Then edited savegame placeables.xml and moved some youngest sheeps around to barns 3 and 4. Then restarted FS22.

Hmm I decided against getting more chickens, it still somehow feels kind of cheat-y to me so didn't want to go that route at least not on this same farm yard. So now time accelerating and because I have a grain bin silo well not full of barley but a lot of barley anyways, I am going to skip that next planting season, maybe next year after selling animal product and straw I would have enough money for a farmland and perhaps even pig barn.

Err I mean I now have 853.5k so hmm I already have enough for farmland + pig barn, but err I mean... like plenty of money, with equipment purchases as well.

Aww man I messed up sheep barn placement, it now gets so close to chicken coop egg pallet spawn point that strautmann 802 sek will collect both sheep wool and chicken eggs at the same time, hrr, oh well just need to be super careful and maybe collect wool first, dump it somewhere on the farm yard and then collect chicken eggs. For every problem there is a solution.

Sep in-game 0938hrs overnight property maintenance fees are now -1331, ugh. Getting expensive to run animal farm.

Nov in-game 0910hrs its now eggs best market price day. Price is 4323 at Jackson Export INC selling point. That price though, its not even average yet, so going to do the usual time accelerating one hour at the time to see how price changes. But first, I'll pickup all wool and eggs separately and dump them into farm yard corner so eggs are ready to go when the best price hits. Time is money.

At in-game 1007hrs its 4318, so dropping hmm. At 1106hrs its 4311, ok I feel confident, better prices will come... At 1209hrs its 4302. At 1309hrs its 4280, whoah. At 1420hrs its 4268. At 1509hrs its 4256. At 1609hrs its 4235. At 1710hrs night started to fall and its 4205, ok now I'm starting to wonder... At 1807hrs its pitch black dark, raining and sell price trigger doesn't even register egg market price anymore (meaning its below my 4200 treshold) Smiley :(

At in-game 2342hrs egg sell price is 4172, so lesson learned, once best market price comes and sell price trigger notifies you, THAT is the best price, if its starts to drop, you must sell, Sell, SELL! Smiley ;)

Well yeah okay so now I missed egg selling day, next year I have boat load of eggs to sell. This was actually quite bad mistake, I skipped barley planting season just for the reason that I get to sell animal products and buy new stuff to the farm, now I fell flat to my face and broke all my eggs metaphorically speaking Smiley :(

As said, lesson learned, wont be making this mistake again.

Dec in-game 0956hrs its chilly and straw price is 145 at animal dealer. Okay, getting anderson rbm2000 and going to haul some 180cm round bales.

Diesel refueled massey ferguson, she was getting so low.

2023-10-01T18:36:00Z Just started loading bales to anderson rbm2000 when I bothered to check production inspector and to my shock chicken coops were all out of food, HOW did I miss that, what the hell is going on with me right now first I mess up the egg best market price day and now leave chickens without feed!? Smiley :(

On animal savegame you cannot ever time accelerate before double checking that animals are fed and production spawn points have enough room Smiley :(

2023-10-01T18:51:00Z Okay chickens and sheeps have been fed, now hooking up with anderson rbm2000 and starting to haul straw bales to animal dealer.

Man, I'm still shaking my head what two big mess ups I just did there Smiley :(

2023-10-01T18:57:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for ... unknown amount, anderson rbm2000 and that animal dealer trigger dumps / accepts them in batches, there was three different numbers now, 32 and 4 and ... one more, I cant be bothered to memorize and quickly type all those digits up. Budget now 884.8k.

I wrote a bug report about animal dealer trigger being so small, maybe it helps if I enlarge it so the whole trailer fits into the area, but maybe its a height thing, dunno.

Hmm plans for pigs. If I were to buy that large hogg barn, it requires only pig food which I could buy from the dealership, it also requires auger pipe, like Meridian TL 12-39 to load up the pig food into the silo. But that would be one awesome pig barn, just buy a batch of pigs and see them grow. On the long run food will be an issue, buying those pig food pallets is fairly easy, but then you have to refill / load them into a trailer and dump the trailer into meridian auger pipe to refill the hogg barn feed silo. I'm not sure I want to do that many times as in my previous PMC Farm Lab animal studies savegame I used 40k liter trailer and placeable buying station to buy pig food in such huge batches and still it felt like you have to refill the barn feed silo every few days.

Hmm but yeah of course savegame progression reguires pigs, cattle and dairy cows to be complete.

In this savegame I sort of wanted to try some pig food mixer production building that I'd have to plant and harvest all the required crops, which included potatoes, sugar beets and few regular grain crops. Not sure if that would become a nuisance over time, many people I've talked to in twitch live streams say they just buy the pig food from the dealership, they cant be bothered with mixing their own food after harvesting all those crops.

2023-10-01T19:14:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 924.4.

Checked the dealership and you can buy pig food in 1k liter big bags, but the thing is that those bags need to be refilled / loaded into a trailer of some sorts, its huge amount of refilling and one purchase batch only gets you a mere 8k liters, its a far cry from placeable buying station which you can load into any trailer that accepts pig food. I don't think I can stand that 8k liter batch dance for many times.

2023-10-01T19:29:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 964k.

2023-10-01T19:39:00Z Another straw bale load is heading towards animal dealer, but now I'm going to take a shower break...

2023-10-01T19:53:00Z Back, lets sell some straw bales!

2023-10-01T19:53:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.003m.

Its good to be a millionaire Smiley :cool:

2023-10-01T20:07:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.043m.

That was the last 180cm round bale straw haul, now F13 edges are empty again.

Hmm I cant forget the basics though, there are four (4) sheep barn (large) in my farm yard with some very hungry sheeps, there are plenty of 180cm grass bales around the farm yard as well but nothing lasts forever, I need to have a plan to feed my sheeps, so I need another field as I don't want to use F13 as emergency grass field, even though... guess it wouldn't be that bad to rotate it between grass and barley, maybe. But yeah I think its time to buy farmland ID 31 which has F06 in it, that would be massive grass field which would feed sheeps for years and I could probably even sell some of it.

Hmm but then again, seeding that field... oh boy, I am not going to seed it with that puny 6m kuhn that's for sure. So hmm wonder if I have enough money for the farmland AND small size bourgault, hmm hmm.

Smaller bourgault air drill and air cart is over half a million, then the drill needs 500hp tractor to pull it, hmm err. Here is a copy-paste of my equipment pack list:

Excellent seeder pack:
- weight agco 1.1k kg 1.1k
- tractor 517hp fendt 1050 vario with twin wheels engine upgrade and guidancesteering 393.5k
- seeder 33.4k liters bourgault 7950 air cart 272k
- seeder 500hp 23.2m 18km/h bourgault 3320-76 paralink hoe drill 273.5k

That is just about all the money I have, no point buying capable seeder if you have no fields to seed hehe. If I would tough it out one more time with kuhn 6m seeder, that F06 would be absolute nightmare terror to seed with at size implement, it would probably be like 4hrs field work.

I could buy amazone citan 15001-c which my massey ferguson would just barely pull on level ground, so I could tough it out using that for season or two.

One option of course which I really don't like, is to lease some big ass equipment pack, buy farmland ID 31, seed grass to F06 and return the leased air drill. But that would be quite heavy lease price to pay for just that convenience of rolling with big equipment for couple of hours.

Man, playing farmsim is easy and relaxing, making these farm progression decisions is HARD! Smiley :rolleyes:

- farmland ID 31, 33.41ha, 317.4k, grass-field
- seeder 300hp 15m 18km/h 7.8k liters amazone citan 15001-c 206.5k

2023-10-01T20:29:00Z Purchased the above list, budget now 514.6k. Still would have enough money for rubicon 9000 but hmm dunno man, it would eat all my money then, wouldn't even leave anything to buy product and pay nightly bills Smiley :)

Went to walk around my new land, field definition area is 27.69ha and the whole farmland area is 33.41ha, that is a decent size field. The amount of grass I'm going to bale out of this is going to be insane...

Okay animals have been fed, product spawn points have been emptied, now begins time acceleration until grass planting season at mar.

Feb in-game 0919hrs noticed seed production only has 11k liters of seeds left, so dumped about 10k liters of barley there, and while at it fed the chickens again. Then with 1000 speed time acceleration ran through the barley, seed production building now has 25.5k liters of seeds, should be enough for F06 grass seeding.

Mar in-game 0935hrs grass planting season has begun and honey best market price is today, Midwest Seed & Processing selling point pays 3434 which is pretty good price, OK time to start hauling.

2023-10-01T21:01:00Z Sold honey at Midwest Seed & Processing for 32.5k.

Next hauled last remaining three pallets, 2.4k liters which is almost not worth the drive to far away selling point, but gotta get everything sold, honey wont make any money sitting at the farm yard.

2023-10-01T21:11:00Z Sold honey at Midwest Seed & Processing for 8.2k, wow.

2023-10-01T21:20:00Z Started seeding barley F06, courseplay ETA 1hrs 44min.

Amazone Citan 15001-C has 7080 liters of seed tank, hmm its probably not enough to seed this 27ha field, hmm. Massey Ferguson MF 8S.305 pulls this seeder, but it does struggle a bit, on level ground it does get to 18km/h top speed just fine, but on turns it quickly slows down.

Would be nice to get this field seeded tonight, nice ending for a day but my bed time is fast approaching, dunno if I have time and energy to stay up, lets see...

After two headlands and three inner rows were done its clear to see that massey ferguson 8s.305 is not powerful enough for amazone citan 15001-c direct drill seeder, I need to buy a bigger tractor for this.

2023-10-01T22:39:00Z Amazone citan 15001-c seeder ran out of seeds, this is a perfect time to call it a night, its past my 17hrs been awake alarm, getting tired, good night...

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