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2023-10-15 Selling Silage Bales

2023-10-15T18:27:00Z New farming day has started, its the big silage bale selling day coming up, cant wait to get started, unless something really odd happens today I get to invest into cattle / dairy cow operation equipment.

This savegame now has 163hrs 44min on it.

Silage price is 565 at animal dealer (where else?), okay lets get hauling. I actually ... well not cheated, but definitely was "shady", I loaded savegame up when it was DEC month, sell price trigger notified that silage is 565, I then time accelerated to JAN which is by crop calendar and my own documentation the highest market price day for silage, well price was just decreasing in jan... so I restarted FS22 and will just sell on dec with 565 price as it seems to be the highest now. I simply don't understand why am I getting better price month before the crop calendar announced best market price day in jan. Oh well it is what it is, FS22 ...

2023-10-15T18:35:00Z Started hauling silage bales to animal dealer for sell, budget now 2.242m.

2023-10-15T18:41:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 2.318m.

2023-10-15T18:44:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 2.394m.

2023-10-15T18:53:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 2.470m.

2023-10-15T18:56:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 2.547m.

2023-10-15T19:05:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 2.623m.

2023-10-15T19:09:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 2.700m.

2023-10-15T19:18:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 2.775m.

2023-10-15T19:23:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 2.851m.

2023-10-15T19:33:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 2.926m.

2023-10-15T19:37:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 3.002m.

2023-10-15T19:47:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 3.079m.

2023-10-15T19:51:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer.

2023-10-15T20:01:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 3.232m.

2023-10-15T20:05:00Z Sold silage bales at Animal Dealer, budget now 3.309m.

All silage bales sold, uuaah! Smiley :)

Diesel refueled fendt 939 vario. Guess I'm farming a lot as tractors need so many refuels even with game settings fuel usage: low.

2023-10-15T20:16:00Z Okay so the famous silage bale sell is now done, I got three million bucks in the budget and ... I feel like.. I feel like.. umm, nothing? Err I'm not tired, not bored, but ... still somehow lack of enthusiasm to attack my current goal which is to get cattle and dairy cow operation running, now I have the money that I've been bitching about for several days and here I am just yawning like yup, dunno what to do next. Heh weird shit, man Smiley :)

2023-10-15T20:21:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, just felt like thing to do right now.

2023-10-16T01:19:00Z Booting up FS22 after taking a nap, cooking food and eating. Not overly enthusiastic to farm but its one of those things that "what else would I do?" Smiley :)

When I logged into game sell price trigger alerted me with silage price of 574, umm err it was 565 when I hauled my silage bale to sell, how come its now almost ten more just by restarting FS22? Huh Smiley :(

Anyways silage has been sold, now I move on.

2023-10-16T01:41:00Z Been looking at farmlands for corn forage fields and farm yards, I would like to continue building on pig farm yard, add cattle and dairy cow barns and silage bunker(s) there, but closest fields are pretty huge, it might be overwhelming silage operation right from the start. Guess I could rotate fields a bit, only plant what I need not just every year same field same crop type like a factory line. Overall plan is now to purchase cattle equipment first, then make silage and TMR for one year and once I have first batch of TMR good to go, only then purchase first cattle and dairy cow barns. I learned my lesson with pig barn 1, there is no point buying animal buildings if you are not capable of feeding animals, buying animal feed from the dealership is a express elevator to HELL.

Problem I'm facing now is WHERE exactly to place silage bunker as it would be best to buy the animal buildings first to know where those are, you cannot exactly move silage bunker around on a whim if you need to, or animal barns for that matter either. They are pretty permanent fixtures in your farm yard once you plop them down, so requires a lot of thought.

For pig farm yard I was thinking of two cattle barns with 500 heads each, one dairy cow (giants) building with lame 80 heads which feels like a joke compared to the cattle building, but what can you do. Also in far future when getting more money I want second pig barn next to the first one. Sure I guess I could just now increase hogg operation, buy another pig barn for 2400 animals and feed that beast, then start to sell pigs off once they fatten, that would also give a alot of money. But such hogg operation would be measured in years instead of months, so that definitely is a long term stuff.

2023-10-16T02:06:00Z Hmm cant decide what to do, its not so much about the decision itself but lack of motivation, I just have no enthusiasm, no animal drive to farm like a mad man 17hrs / day, that feeling is not present. I'm just staring at pig farm yard with class lexion 8900 on the view and ... cant get anything started, hmph.

2023-10-16T02:29:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, I just cant get into farming mind-set right now, hoping that after doing something else for few hours I could return to this with renewed energy but in worst case, this might be it for today.

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