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2023-11-01 Harvesting Barley And Baling

2023-11-01T20:51:00Z New farming day has started, whoah its been over a week of no farming, heh gotta fix that Smiley :)

This savegame now has 186hrs 30min on it.

So yeah Cities Skylines 2 got released oct 24th and it is horrendous GARBAGE, it is by far the worst game release I have ever seen in my gaming history dating back to Commodore 64 era back in the mid 1980s, sure there might have been some worst games but I don't remember those as they are not so much games in the first place. So yeah, I played CS2 on 24th and hour or so in 25th before I uninstalled that crap. It needs a lot of dev work before it becomes a playable game, now its beyond broken, not only performance but game-play functionality itself. Truly a shame how the state of gaming industry is in these days.

Anyways back to farming Smiley ;)

Felt so great to load back into PMC Super Six 6km Animal Game-mode #1 savegame Smiley :)

Quick check on things, pig barn 1 has 132.3k liters of slurry, food is okay-ish, base food is only 6% so might need to come refill soon. Chicken and sheep farm yard food is 34% chickens and 57-100% sheeps, so yeah today is feeding day. Chicken pallets are stacked 2 high so still has at least one day worth of room there.

May in-game 1632hrs, welcome back, lets continue farming! Smiley :D

Got into massey ferguson, hooked it up to penta db50 trailer and then headed to chicken and sheep farm yard. Then hooked massey ferguson with brantner grain trailer and fed the chickens. Had to refill brantner trailer with barley and move meridian tl 12-39 auger pipe too, a slight hustle but I got it done.

Then hooked up penta db50 trailer, loaded it with 16.4k liters of corn and autodrive sent The MF to pig farm yard while I got into manitou telehandler for some hay bale moving. Moved several hay bales for sheeps, they are now 100% food level.

At the pig farm yard dumped 16.4k liters of corn into pig feed silo, its now base food 14% which I hoped to get a bit higher, but guess it will have to do now, then back to chicken and sheep farm yard to pickup barley, which is grain, canola is protein and root crops obviously sugar beets which btw now are already 16% so I'm hoping I don't have to drive telehandler over there to bucket scoop any more of them yet, it should last few more days.

Picked up 20.5k liters of barley, hauled it to pig farm yard and dumped to pig feed silo, another load done. Pig barn 1 grain food is now 20% full. Then back to chicken and sheep farm yard to pickup canola. This required annoying meridian tl 12-39 move again from grain bin silo 1 to bin silo 2, I wish I had those drive through bin silos or dedicated auger pipes for each bin silo.

2023-11-01T21:28:00Z I missed some good farming, its amazing what a difference one week away from farming does to you, now I'm all enthusiastic and full of farming energy Smiley ;)

Loaded 20.6k liters of canola into penta db50 trailer and then off to pig farm yard again. Uuh one day I want pig food ingredients to be at the pig farm yard, or well get a really nice big pig food mixer building to make this feeding simpler Smiley :)

Dumped canola to pig barn 1 feed silo, protein is now 25%. Decided to go pickup one more load of corn for the base food as I assume it gets consumed the most, I don't want it to run out. Overall pig barn 1 food level is 73% now, hmm wonder how many more liters of corn can I dump there...

Looks like the whole food capacity is now 146.7k / 200k liters, so hmm about 54k liters can still be dumped there.

Picked up penta db50 load of 49.5k liters of corn, this left capacities of farm grain bin silo 1 66% and bin silo 2 55%. Plenty of room for next seasons harvest grain.

Dumped corn to pig barn 1 feed silo and base food is now 39% with overall food 98%, nicely done. Now all animals are fed Smiley :)

Okay next up is time accelerating to jun which is barley harvest season, so going to break out claas lexion 8900 combine and fendt 939 vario with kinze 1121 harvest commander in anticipation.

Drove claas lexion 8900 to chicken and sheep farm yard, unhooked corn header and header trailer, then diesel fuel refilled it before hooking midwest durus 18.2m header to it.

Then drove fendt 939 vario with kinze 1121 harvest commander by F13 NE and saved game, everything ready for time acceleration.

Jun in-game 0854hrs barley harvest season has begun and F13 is ready to harvest, aayeah, barley harvest, I love it Smiley :)

2023-11-01T21:56:00Z Started harvesting barley F13, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 48min.

Aayeah lets do it Smiley :)

2023-11-01T23:35:00Z Finished harvesting barley F13.

Then mopped up headland corner missed spots, got whopping 209 liters Smiley :)

Farm grain bin silo 2 has now 368.2k liters of barley and its 88% full. Hmm wonder if I run out of space this harvest season hmm Smiley :?

Drove fendt 939 vario with kinze 1121 harvest commander and claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus 18.2m header to pig farm yard, parked them there. Then picked up massey ferguson and bredal k165, refilled two leftover big bags of solid fertilizer, then sent The MF to F06 N-NE, its time to fertilize grass field, forgot that one, ouch.

2023-11-01T23:54:00Z Started fertilizing F06, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 0min.

Hmm I'll be cooking food food and eating while this field work course runs.

2023-11-02T00:05:00Z Started baling straw F13, courseplay, ETA 52min. This was from first inner row.

With these straw bales like the hay bales by F06 edges, I can now have the less important cattle food ingredients, only thing missing is the corn chaff forage to make silage.

Yeah I guess my bale selling life is over, now bales are just sheep and cattle feed and bedding. Cant wait to see how cattle and dairy cows changes this yearly seasonal cycle in the farm and how long will it take before I start to make some money from cattle and milk. Will be so cool to have all big animals running.

2023-11-02T00:25:00Z Cooking food and lunch break...

2023-11-02T00:51:00Z Finished fertilizing F06.

2023-11-02T01:21:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming.

Fertilizing finished when I had cooked the food but was waiting to begin eating, sent massey ferguson with bredal k165 to pig farm yard. Also straw baling inner rows finished so started the headland.

2023-11-02T01:27:00Z Finished baling straw F13.

Had to pickup manually some straw to get 100% full bale ejected, I didn't want to leave snippets of straw into the baler. Then autodrive sent fendt 939 vario to pig farm yard.

2023-11-02T01:32:00Z Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k * 2 and then refilled bredal k165 while wondering that could this big bag purchase be the last one now, do I start to get enough slurry from pigs and soon manure from cattle.

Was going to start fertilizing F13... but completely forgot that I have bunch of straw bales in the field now, oops! Smiley ;)

So grabbed both tractors, hooked up with anderson rbm2000 bale collectors and headed to F13 to collect some straw bales.

2023-11-02T01:37:00Z Started to collect straw bales F13, courseplay, 2x tools.

2023-11-02T01:49:00Z Courseplay-gui garbage says "no path found", sigh Smiley :(

2023-11-02T01:52:00Z Finished collecting straw bales F13.

Stacked these straw bales along side F13 edges, usual routine. Then drove anderson rbm2000's to pig farm yard. And then it was time for F13 fertilizing.

2023-11-02T01:58:00Z Started fertilizing F13, courseplay, ETA 38min.

Just realized that I have to keep an close eye on my corn fields so I catch them at 5/6 (forage) or what was that last growth stage before turning into ready to harvest stage, gotta get that corn forage silage operation going. I'm not sure if you can forage harvest field that is ready to harvest, or was it that the yield drops or something. But yeah will keep an eye on the corn forage field.

2023-11-02T02:34:00Z Finished fertilizing F13.

Had to fix those headland corner missed spots, one round.

Next up would be time accelerating and canola harvest in jul. However I don't feel like tired but my eyes are sore or strained whatever its called, heh eyes tired, I have to blink a lot and yeah well eyes just feel like they are tired even though my body and mind otherwise is full of energy, very weird. Perhaps its just some physical thing that some crap got into my eyes, maybe I touched something nasty and then rubbed my eyes and now they are messed up until I shower, dunno. I would like to farm but this is getting harder and harder with eyes so strained. It could be as simple as just watching too much computer screen, although why today... whats so different in todays monitor watching, I'm doing it 17hrs / day heh Smiley ;)

2023-11-02T02:42:00Z Parked massey ferguson with bredal k165 to pig farm yard and saved game.

2023-11-02T02:44:00Z Exited FS22, I need to take that shower and check todays news etc, so I want to shut down FS22 for that time, I hope I can continue today but who knows maybe this was calling it a night...

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