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2023-11-11 Cattle Operation Started

2023-11-11T16:29:00Z New farming day has started, last night left bredal k165 fertilizing F29 half way done and had plans to plow that field as well, today is finally the big day to place my first cattle barn, still haven't decided if I'll plow F29 during cattle barn placement or should I do the cattle barn first or simply leave whole (useless) plowing out of todays tasks.

This savegame now has 229hrs 23min on it.

2023-11-11T16:33:00Z Bredal k165 is fertilizing F29 and now its my time to eat days first meal...

2023-11-11T16:43:00Z Finished fertilizing F29.

Decided to start that F29 plowing field work anyways, I think today is going to be a long day setting up cattle barn so this field work manages to finish just fine.

2023-11-11T16:45:00Z Started ploughing F29, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 27min.

2023-11-11T17:04:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming.

Purchased 2 big bags of solid fertilizer, refilled bredal k165, then sent it to F07. I want to finish planting season preparations for that field, it will be fallow so each time I see ESC mapview I want these fallow fields to be fully fertilized and prepared for next planting season.

Last night was meaning to write notes down after corn harvest finished but was so engaged watching fighting in israel-hamas war in gaza city live stream, so I'll do it now. My farm grain bin silos are full, 100% and 96%, now I have a huge surplus of grain for chickens, pigs and seed production building. I have no need to do more barley, canola, corn and sugar beet harvests for what I'd estimate probably two years. Or who knows maybe those 900 pigs I currently have breeds so fast and eat so much that I would actually run out of corn, sounds unbelievable but you never know. BTW my plan is to buy another Pig Barn of 2400 heads once the first one starts to get full.

Grain surplus is actually quite odd, I never imagined ending up in this situation, I actually have to halt or at least slow down my grain and root crop farming because I just have no more room in grain silos or even use for all that grain. Also good to point out that this animal game-mode #1 savegame is no contracts and no grain selling, so that is not an option either, I have million savegames for contracts and grain selling so wont be doing it here.

But guess that is a good thing, I've been so busy body in the farm that now everything is maxed out and animals got so much feed Smiley :)

2023-11-11T17:14:00Z Started fertilizing F07, courseplay, ETA 7min.

2023-11-11T17:20:00Z Finished fertilizing F07.

Took manitou telehandler and put some grass round bales for sheeps. Sent massey ferguson with anderson rbm2000 bale collector trailer to F06 N-NE, time to collect some bales for pig farm yard. Then sent manitou telehandler with bale fork to Pig Barn 1, used anderson rbm2000 to collect 24 hay bales from F06 and sent it to pig farm yard as well.

Manitou telehandler dropped off bale fork at pig farm yard, then went to pickup the bucket and brought it to pig farm yard as well, its needed for TMR mixing, to pickup silage from the silage bunker and dump into TMR mixer.

Massey Ferguson with anderson rbm2000 collected 24 straw bales from F13 and brought them to pig farm yard. Now all cattle / dairy cow feed ingredients are in pig farm yard.

Purchased 2 big bags of solid fertilizer, refilled bredal k165, once again.

2023-11-11T18:08:00Z Finished ploughing F29.

Now just have to fix headland corner missed spots.

2023-11-11T18:13:00Z Started fertilizing F29, courseplay, ETA 42min.

Its already in-game 1756hrs and getting dark, but I want to finish strong today so this fertilization field work task must be completed, then I can leave F07 and F29 to fallow for a long time.

Bredal k165 field work course left some headland missed spots, but its already pitch black dark I cant see squat so will not be trying to fix those.

2023-11-11T18:53:00Z Finished fertilizing F29.

Next up in general overview is barley harvest, hmm I have no grain bin silo capacity to store that grain, hmm not sure what to do with it. Hmm I could buy one of those farm yards "down in the center" of terrain which has several meridian flat bottom bins already pre-placed, it would be somewhat cheating because PMC Super Six 6km terrain farmland config does not count placeable value on the price, but hey don't blame me if terrain allows something like this Smiley ;)

Parked massey ferguson with bredal k165 to pig farm yard, now its savegame and time acceleration until tomorrow daylight. Seed production building will run out of liquid fertilizer before that so will need to shut that off then.

Nov in-game 0122hrs shut off seed production building, its now got 221.7k liters of seeds.

Nov in-game 0944hrs rise and shine, its a new day, overnight eggs market price reached trigger levels, got several notifications.

Eggs highest recorded market price is 4414 and currently its 4312 at Grain Wholesale COOP selling point. Guess that price is acceptable, my recent experience with the price timings has been that in daylight when you start to time accelerate in one hour increments the price almost always drops already, dunno if the best price is on very very early morning then.

Its now nov in-game 0950hrs and eggs market price is as said 4312 at Grain Wholesale COOP, going to try time accelerating one hour to see what happens to the price...

As I said... in-game 1105hrs and eggs price had dropped to 4303, ok time to sell. Budget now 1.415m.

With all that's been going on at the farm I've almost forgotten animal product sales, how much money they bring in Smiley :)

2023-11-11T19:10:00Z Sold eggs at Grain Wholesale COOP for 144.5k.

Oh my, I definitely had forgotten how lucrative these eggs are, ooh such a nice payday from just one strautmann 802 sek trailer load and I have plenty of more to come Smiley :)

2023-11-11T19:17:00Z Sold eggs at Grain Wholesale COOP for 144.5k.

2023-11-11T19:24:00Z Sold eggs at Grain Wholesale COOP for 144.5k.

2023-11-11T19:31:00Z Sold eggs at Grain Wholesale COOP for 144.4k.

Looks like egg market price is dropping, its now 4300 even.

2023-11-11T19:37:00Z Sold eggs at Grain Wholesale COOP for 144.4k.

2023-11-11T19:44:00Z Sold eggs at Grain Wholesale COOP for 144.4k.

That was the last full egg pallet load, now there are only few pallets at the chicken barns, I'll collect all of those and sell but dunno how many there are that are they worth the driving trip to the selling point.

But surprisingly got one full load, well technically pallet wise, its only 30.7k (91%) full vs 33k what the actual 100% full trailer load is, some of these pallets are not completely full of egg cartons.

2023-11-11T19:52:00Z Sold eggs at Grain Wholesale COOP for 132.3k.

Last load of eggs is 10.2k liters with also additional 1k liter of wool as autoloading trailer picked it up even though I tried to avoid it, no big deal, a little bonus there.

2023-11-11T19:59:00Z Sold eggs at Grain Wholesale COOP for 46.7k.

All eggs have been sold, budget now 2.461m. Oh my the amount of cash I have, hmm can buy some nice equipment with that money for sure Smiley :D

Dropped off strautmann 802 sek autoloading trailer to chicken and sheep farm yard, its home base, then drove The MF to pig farm yard and hooked it up with Siloking TrailedLine Premium2218 TMR mixer. Then it was time to save this game, got some good progress in so don't want to lose it.

Then used manitou telehandler with bale fork to load one 180cm round bale of straw and one hay into siloking trailedline 2218 TMR mixer, then switched to bucket and started to load silage from Silage Bunker 2, unfortunately I made a mistake with straw and hay, there is now too much of straw, siloking trailedline 2218 TMR mixing recipe shows red on straw (too much) and silage (too little). Hmm not sure what to do now, guess this is just dumbed down FS22 giants crap that its still legit TMR which you can dump into cow sheds, not sure.

Now was finally the time that I've been long waiting...

2023-11-11T20:17:00Z Purchased placeable animals beef shed 500 cattle (mod) 100k! Smiley :D

Named it Cattle Barn 1 Smiley :)

From siloking trailedline 2218 dumped 22k liters of forage (TMR) into Cattle Barn 1, then needed to make more TMR. This is the dreaded loop of grind to make cattle feed, the capacity of this placeable is 200k liters what I recall and having to do 22k liters per mix will take about five TMR loads, and this is just to get started, then I have to do straw for bedding the same deal.

First I put 5286 liters silage into traileking mixer, this was two buckets with manitou telehandler. Then took a hay bale which is 9k liters, only dipped "a little" from it, then took a straw bale which is 11k liters big monster, again dipped it just right to keep F1 menu TMR mixer values on green, straw went all full but still on green. Next had to shuffle bale fork off from telehander and grab bucket, then scooped one full bucket 2.6k liters of silage and dumped it to the mixer wagon. Everything was on green at this point, mixer wagon had 16.4k liters of TMR.

At this point siloking trailedline 2218 mixing values were all green but it was only 19k liters (86%) full so still plenty to go, but I decided to go empty it already into Cattle Barn 1.

Second attempt; bucked dumped 7.9k liters of silage into trailedline 2218, switched to bale fork and dumped 4.4k liters of hay bale there, as that was what I had left from the previous bale. I only managed to dump very little straw bale there before the narrow straw indicator came full, siloking trailedline 2218 was only 17.3k liters full as of now.

Then took another hay bale and dipped it into trailedline until the mixer was 22k liters full. Hmm. Dumped 22k liters of TMR into Cattle Barn 1.

Next telehandler dumped several straw bales into siloking trailedline 2218 TMR mixer, it chopped up the bales into loose straw, then I dumped loose straw into Cattle Barn 1, now this barn is ready to receive its first set of animals Smiley :)

Was considering should I buy adult cattle or not, decided to do it the hard way and bought calfs so it will take 18 months before they start to breed, but I think with this amount of animal food I can now do a lot of time accelerating and time will pass quickly.

2023-11-11T20:53:00Z Purchased 60 * 0 month angus cattle for 21k and 60 * 0 month limousine cattle for 21k, budget now 2.317m.

Then purchased manure heap (not extension) and placed it to the backside of Cattle Barn 1, it got connected to the barn and now has 4 million liter capacity for manure. Okay, cattle business has started! Smiley :D

And put more straw into cattle barn 1, now its 95% full of straw. At this point I remember my PMC Farm Lab Animal Studies savegame and in that I quickly transitioned from mixer wagon usage to placeable TMR production building where I can just dump loose straw, hay and silage, its the only sane way to make TMR in great quantity, this mixer wagon with telehandler is just pure crazyness once you start to have 1000+ heads of cattle / cows.

Did another TMR wagon mix and dumped it to Cattle Barn 1, its capacity now food 30%.

2023-11-11T21:35:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, I need to take a break.

2023-11-11T22:04:00Z Booting FS22 back up, wanted to take a longer break but well couldn't do it, so now continues Animal Game-mode #1 testing, next step is to start time accelerating to see how much food animals consume and how much work will it be to just get through one year (12 months).

Forgot to mention previously, Pig Barn 1 animals: 1080 / 2400, more piglets have been born again. Its current slurry capacity 111.5k liters.

Chicken food is 55%, so should be good for one more day time accelerating.

Purchased 5 liquid fertilizer tanks for 16k. Refilled lizard MKS8 and dumped it to seed production building. Then purchased two more herbicide tanks for 4.8k, then did the same. Seed production building is now full of liquids.

Dec in-game 0909hrs, new pigs have born again, pig barn 1 animals: 1440 / 2400 now. Dec in-game 1716hrs seed production building ran out of corn, shutting it down. Seeds now 290.1k liters, nice amount heh.

Jan in-game 0906hrs animal food starts to run out on chickens and pigs, cattle and sheeps still have some left. Okay need to feed some animals.

Took fendt 939 vario with penta db50 trailer to haul corn from farm grain bin silo 2 to pig barn 1. Used massey ferguson with brantner trailer to feed chickens. Dumped 55k liters of corn to pig barn 1 feed silo, now base food 32%. As I have barley field growing currently and not much space in grain bin silos, I dumped one brantner load of barley to seed production building and switched seed maker back on.

Dumped 55k liters of barley into pig barn 1 feed silo, grain now 37%. Pig Barn 1 food capacity now 174.1k / 200k liters, so next up is about 25k liters of canola. I hate that you cannot just go and dump whole trailer loads, very cumbersome.

Prepared TMR mix and dumped another 22k load of it to Cattle Barn 1. I must say... this TMR mixer use with telehandler is just way too much grind, its not how I want to play Farming Simulator games, no way dude.

Dumped canola to pig barn 1 feed silo, its food capacity is now 99% nicely done.

2023-11-11T22:59:00Z Okay animals are all fed and everything is good at the farm Smiley :)

And with that... as amazing and surprising as it sounds, I think this savegame has ran its course which was to figure out if animal game-mode can work in farmsim games, the answer is: Yes Smiley :)

So now this savegame is at the point that any time spent playing would be just for fun, the goal has been achieved and with all the other editing tasks and farmsim savegames I have, to put it blunt it would be extreme waste of time if I continued playing PMC Super Six 6km Animal Game-mode #1 savegame.

I am going to do one more savegame, exit FS22 and take a good backup of the savegame dir, write some local notes about it so I remember where it was, post into PMC Tactical Forum Animal Terrain Design topic also to announce this result and then... well do something else Smiley ;)

Will this story continue some day? Maybe I'm bit bored to this savegame and jaded perhaps, but I would say no... if I were to play it more it would be as said just for fun, I don't see a future for this savegame along with all the other savegames I'm already running, so this is most likely a farewell for this savegame for good.

This savegame now has 235hrs 25min on it.

2023-11-11T23:03:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, last time for this savegame? Time will tell... Smiley :D

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