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2023-10-12 Big Problems With Pigs

2023-10-12T20:33:00Z New farming day has started, okay growing my animal farm continues, no specific goals for today but just generally trying to maximize my efforts to grow the farm, but then again, when am I not doing that, that is how I play heh.

This savegame now has 123hrs 34min on it.

Autodrive sent massey ferguson with anderson rbm2000 bale collecting trailer to chicken and sheep farm yard. Pig Barn 1 protein food is again at zero, uh that is annoying and still requires so many big bag refills before canola harvest is here. I cannot emphasize how important it is to prepare your farmland, fields, equipment and food storage before you purchase large amount of animals that consume a lot of food, there is no point getting the animals if you are not prepared to feed them, common sense prevails. I'm never going to get any animals in any savegame anymore before I have a full "tool pipeline" for animal food production and perhaps even storage already.

After canola harvest I believe things turn into better, they start to roll with their own momentum. I just need to keep re-planting existing canola, corn, barley, grass (fertilize) and sugar beet fields so I don't run out of raw materials.

Purchased 8 * big bag of 1k liters pig food for 7.2k * 4. I'm not going to say how disgusted I am with refilling 1k liter pig food big bags into penta db50 trailer, so I wont repeat myself again in this story...

2023-10-12T20:46:00Z Pig Barn 1 protein is now 4%, should last at least one full day again. Oh and wow, didn't even notice (again), more piglets have been born, animals: 900 / 2400, oh my oh my! Smiley :o

Man those pigs breed, no wonder the food keeps getting consumed in even increasing speed Smiley ;)

With this rate of animal growth, I need to start thinking about buying more farmland for larger fields to harvest more animal feed.

Hmm wonder if somewhere along this savegame I reach the tipping point that its just too much to handle, I mean imagine when I need to increase one day seasons to 2 maybe FS19 alike default 3 day seasons in order to have enough time to harvest all the food my animals need? Oh man that will be something. And further from there, when I have two hogg barns of 4800 animals... cattle maybe few thousand heads, a bit less dairy cows because giants placeable limitation... oh wow that will be some farming life for sure Smiley :)

Anyways enough dreaming / imagining nonsense, and back to work Smiley :)

Jan in-game 1106hrs, animals have been fed and spawn points have free space, pig barn 1 slurry is 142.9k liters which is nice but I need more. Next seasonal event is: MAR, grass and sugar beet planting, honey best market price. I don't need to plant grass, in fact I have ready to harvest grass waiting, but sugar beets need to be planted so round of fertilizing and then planting, along with selling honey pallets which is quite easy task, its mere two trips to highest paying selling point. Okay time to get started.

Feb in-game 0911hrs pig barn 1 protein: 0%, unbelievable.

Purchased 8 * big bag of 1k liters pig food for 7.2k * 4.

2023-10-12T21:01:00Z Pig Barn 1 protein: 4%, it runs out after tomorrows time acceleration and ... geez dude, I don't think I can keep doing this until canola harvest, I mean seriously considering SELLING ALL MY PIGS until I have a full food production tool pipeline running! Smiley :(

I mean yes its drastic, but come on, you do 32 big bags purchase, refill to trailer ONE-BY-ONE, and then dump to feed silo, for SEVERAL TIMES and lets see how eager you are to keep continuing doing it Smiley :(

Also, I have 900 pigs, most expensive "set of pigs" is only 1016 so well below the max price and there is no point selling them off before pigs are fattened enough for the full 1200 price tag. But hmm still not sure, need to think about it. Checked crop calendar and the long awaited canola harvest season begins in jul, that is 5 time accelerations which seems to make pigs eat that whole protein 4% food load, no man, I'm not going to do the pig food big bag shuffle for 5 more times, noway! Smiley :(

Okay I have to sell pigs off, there is no other option. Lessons learned, it was my mistake to buy pig barn all enthusiastically not realizing how much work it is to care for the animals (care being only feeding it luckily in FS22 mod hogg barn case, no need for straw like giants pig barn).

Budget now 1.406m and starting to sell pigs, I kind of feel bad but... man, you gotta do what you gotta do to get by...

Sold ALL MY PIGS! Smiley :o

Budget now 1.778m.

Hey, raw deal dude, but at least now I can restart my pig farming once feeding tool pipeline is properly set.

2023-10-12T21:11:00Z But for now, I need to grab a lunch, I'm starvin' here ...

2023-10-12T21:39:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming. Saved game and exited F22, will explain later ...

Switched my gameSettings.xml into Quarantine mod dir setup and tested mod, I already suspected its useless placeable building for chickens and indeed it was, read more details from PMC FS22 Mods page (once I publish it). I had high hopes for a big chicken coop building but unfortunately this it not it.

That concludes my testing, I am not going to start searching for larger chicken coop building while I'm playing, its not the right time for that.

I have to say I'm quite disappointed now, but hey at least I gained some knowledge, FSG Chicken Barn XL is useless. Moving on.

2023-10-12T22:29:00Z FS22 loaded back up, farming continues.

2023-10-12T22:32:00Z Purchased four more chicken coops, they are now called Chicken Barn 5 through 8 Smiley :D

Budget now 1.461m.

Then used good old brantner grain trailer to refill barley from meridian flat bottom bin 3608 and dump into all chicken coops, including the new ones. Now its time to save game, exit FS22, edit placeables.xml to shuffle chickens around and then restart FS22. Before saving game I diesel refueled massey ferguson 8S.305, she was running on fumes.

2023-10-12T22:48:00Z FS22 restarted, chicken coops 5 through 8 are working as intended. They have 180 animals except chicken coop 6 has only 120. Those will quickly fill up to max. I'm still shaking my head to that useless 5000 chicken barn, such a shame, but oh well what can you do, there must be some better chicken coops out there, just need to find and test them. But now, farming continues.

Loaded strautmann 802 sek trailer full of honey pallets and headed towars Six Western LLC selling point. Recorded few autodrive network waypoint routes and fixed one target point name on my way there.

2023-10-12T22:58:00Z Sold honey at Six Western LLC for 32.5k.

These bee's man, they are all but worthless, I mean 32k profit for one strautmann 802 sek load of pallets, is it even worth the time to drive back and forth into the selling point, I hardly think so ... Smiley :?

Anyways while I have time to write stuff as autodrive is driving tractor between farm yard and selling point... some explanation for the chicken coops expansion. Well what do you want me to say, between bees, chickens and sheeps it is clear that chickens are the winner when it comes to profit. The amount you get from eggs is crazy in comparison to honey and wool.

2023-10-12T23:03:00Z Picked up last honey pallets, ridiculous 1.6k liters, definitely not worth the drive to selling point and back but hey, I just want a clean slate, sell everything off.

When I'm thinking about bees more, hmm I might even go as far as selling them, there is no point doing these honey hauls as they don't pay any good, they just waste my valuable farming time. Dunno, I mean I highly doubt I'll get a cereal factory in this savegame and if I do, I can easily plug in bees back again at that point, but I have no plans for production chains in this savegame (well besides seeds, TMR and pig food).

Now I'm even thinking about purchasing another farm yard farmland and spam another 4 or maybe even 8 set of chicken coops there, that would be quite sick money then while selling eggs Smiley :)

As said, chickens are not a cheat, you have to feed them and collect pallets, that is not cheating like money making generators (wind turbines, solar panels, etc). But I'm not going to deny that it is very "gimme my moneyz now!!1" type of game-play if you spam like 10+ chicken coops just to sell eggs Smiley :)

Hmm actually if I were to go that route, then I would have to do another research round and find some bigger chicken placeable building, its just stupid to maintain and pay property maintenance fee for dozen+ buildings when you could only use one building with very large animal capacity.

2023-10-12T23:07:00Z Sold honey at Six Western LLC for 5.4k.

Okay so next on the crop calendar is sugar beet planting, that means I first have to fertilize F07. Uh oh and I actually have to collect the existing sugar beets on the ground at F07 SE corner first, almost forgot about that. So I need to buy telehandler (I cant do wheel loader with keyboard and mouse controls in-cab view, it gives me motion sickness).

Massey ferguson hooked up with bredal k165, just in case I run out of slurry. Then switched into fendt 939 vario and hooked it up with samson pg ii 35 slurry spreader, lets get this manure show on the road! Smiley :D

- telehandler 141hp 40km/h manitou mlt 840-145 ps+ 105k
- bucket universal telehandler 2.6k liters magsi 2.2k

2023-10-12T23:24:00Z Purchased the above list. Budget now 1.389m.

Then started to telehandler bucket load sugar beets from F07 SE corner into rudolph trailer.

2023-10-12T23:46:00Z Loaded penta db50 full of 55k liters of sugar beets, its now being pulled by massey ferguson towards pig farm yard. Now continuing loading to rudolph while penta db50 is away. All I want to do is to get all these "beets" away from F07 so I can fertilize and plant it, if I were to just plant it now all these sugar beets on the ground piles would magically disappear same as harvester discharged straw when you cultivate / air drill plant over them.

Another farming lesson learned: telehandler with magsi universal bucket of 2630 liter capacity is all but useless anything other than small misc farm yard work, do not try to move large amounts of material with it. Wheel loader would be much better, best of these skidsteer, telehandler and front loader things, but as I said I cannot use it due camera shaking on in-cab view due it being articulated tractor so every time you steer with A and D keys its violent movement which causes me motion sickness nausea thing. Sick.

Conveyor belts would be other option, but those area dreadfully slow, I mean its no joke they are just way too slow.

Back at pig farm yard I backed up penta db50 into pig feed silo auger, but then was thinking... what if I dump too much sugar beets here that it takes away room from the other more important foods, hmm hmm. So decided to dump only about 20k liters and dump rest just on the ground.

2023-10-13T00:17:00Z Alright enough sugar beets have been scooped out, now I can start slurry spreading.

2023-10-13T00:19:00Z Started spreading slurry F07, courseplay, ETA 5min.

This 36m width samson pg ii 35 slurry spreader is almost too large for F07. Also when spreading, there was no field ground texture color change, other than in the LOD viewdistance textures, wonder if that is some video preset LOW issue hmm.

2023-10-13T00:27:00Z Finished spreading slurry F07.

Autodrive sent fendt 939 vario with samson pg ii 35 slurry spreader back to pig farm yard while I continued to telehandler load sugar beets into rudolph trailer.

2023-10-13T01:06:00Z Finished bucket scooping all sugar beets into trailers, only problem is that I reached owned farmland edge and bucket pushed some, quite a lot actually, sugar beets beyond that edge and now I cannot scoop it up from there because "you have no access to this land". I would have to purhcase that farmland where the sugar beets got pushed into. In PMC Super Six 6km farmland for roads and forest patches is configured with normal money value, so all the roads farmland cost over 2 million, so now my sugar beets are stuck in that very expensive land. Oh well, its not like I'm running out of sugar beets anytime soon, now I just cannot dump them into headland anymore, need to figure out some way to haul them to my farm yard right away during harvest.

Mar in-game 0905hrs its sugar beet planting season, took fendt 939 vario and hooked kinze 3665 planter to it, then drove into chicken and sheep farm yard and refilled seeds, then drove to F07 S.

2023-10-13T01:19:00Z Started planting sugar beet F07, courseplay, ETA 14min.

Kinze 3665 planter did not change field ground texture pretty much at all, OK you could see the difference when looking closely, but this was almost blind field work course relying just on courseplay-gui garbage driving. Hmm I don't want to artificially role-play increase my work load, but I would really like to have a cultivator that does that traditional black field ground texture so I can enjoy a yearly "reset" to my fields. Yes if you just play the "FS22 game" you never have to cultivate because air drills do that for you, but then you end up in situations like now that you cant tell where you have already seeded. And by role-play I mean just the fact that you don't have to cultivate, it would be "useless" activity in-game for no reason other than your own enjoyment. So yeah dunno man... need to consider that a bit more, at least those larger fields would then need two tractors with cultivators as it takes so long time for one implement cultivate a large field, even F13 probably takes well over an hour with 15km/h and dunno how wide cultivator. And I absolutely want the black field ground texture, none of that subtle tillage bullcrap which every other "cultivator" in-game does now.

Anyways Smiley :)

2023-10-13T01:33:00Z Finished planting sugar beet F07.

Purchased 2k liters of herbicide * 2, refilled rubicon 9000.

2023-10-13T01:41:00Z Started herbicide spraying F07, courseplay, ETA 2min.

F07 is pretty much too small for rubicon 9000 massive 48.5m width Smiley :)

2023-10-13T01:45:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F07.

And as usual no field ground texture color change, not that I really needed it with but anyways. Edit: thinking about this issue later, it sounds to me that it was the FS22 video preset LOW graphics settings that disable close range field ground texture changes, not sure if this is a bug or by design or simply "who cares" on low settings world.

2023-10-13T01:54:00Z Started spreading slurry F07, courseplay, ETA 5min.

2023-10-13T02:01:00Z Finished spreading slurry F07.

Sugar beets have been planted, alright, one task for this year is done, nice. Hmm what next. I'm kind of horny for money, maybe I should mow grass on F06 and this time make sure I can do silage bales, that would propel me to the cattle / dairy cow operation money for sure considering that I now have 1.382m already. Hmm hmm. Grass silage operations is several hour field work, but then again... I have nothing else to do rest of the day / night so, whats the problem...

- mower 200hp 10.2m 22km/h kubota dmc63100t (rear mount) 55k
- mower 82hp 3.2m 22km/h kubota dmc7332t (front mount) 21k

2023-10-13T02:11:00Z Purchased the above list, budget now 1.283m.

Two tractor mowing field work course, this will be fun and fast Smiley :)

2023-10-13T02:18:00Z Started mowing grass F06, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 8min.

Oh wow one hour even with two mowers, hoh Smiley :o

2023-10-13T02:24:00Z And now its a good time to take a lunch break ...

2023-10-13T02:46:00Z Feeding time is over, back to mowing grass.

2023-10-13T03:23:00Z Finished mowing grass F06.

Purchased kuhn vb 3190 baler for 57.5k.

2023-10-13T03:33:00Z Started baling grass F07, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 3min.

After a first bale was done I stopped massey ferguson and inspected the bale, it was GRASS 7500 liters, hmm ok well this is the same size as previously which did not fit into kuhn sw 4014 bale wrapper, so I freaked out and took fendt 939 vario, drove to pickup bale wrapper, tried to wrap the bale and guess what... the bale did not fit. WHAT THE FRIG!? I double triple checked massey ferguson baler and F1 menu clearly shows "Change bale size (150cm)". So I MANUALLY drove and baled one bale, inspected it and okay now it is 5.5k liters which is the 150cm round bale. Okay so why the heck courseplay-gui garbage field work course ejaculates 180cm round bales? Smiley :(

Then restarted field work course and *NOW* frigging finally courseplay-gui garbage ejects 150cm round bales of 5.5k liters! Unbelievable! Smiley :(

2023-10-13T03:50:00Z Hooked fendt 939 vario to the new kuhn vb 3190 baler I bought, started from first inner row, after it ejected first bale I inspected the bale and it is 5.5k liters, okay FINALLY things are moving along. Now balers are doing their proper job and I can chill for an hour.

2023-10-13T04:26:00Z When coming back from another ALT-TAB, vehicles were in a turn facing each other, stupid courseplay-gui garbage stopped both vehicles indefinitely, so untangled that mess, set vehicle convoy spacing to 200m and now baling continues.

2023-10-13T04:59:00Z Inner rows baling finished, next switching to the two headlands where I expect to see some bale collisions, but it is what it is, no way around it.

2023-10-13T05:34:00Z Finished baling grass F07.

Will take a quick break here, FS22 stays running...

2023-10-13T05:57:00Z Started wrapping grass bales F06, 2x tools.

Purchased kuhn sw 4014 bale wrapper for 54k. Hooked fendt 939 vario with this brand new bale wrapper, then drove it to SW corner of F06 to start from the opposite side of the field so collisions could be avoided as long as possible.

Now I'm just waiting as courseplay-gui garbage is running two bale wrapper tractors Smiley :)

2023-10-13T06:07:00Z Well only got this much into the field work course (well its not really a course but real time "goto closest unwrapped bale" type of method), and fendt 939 vario had already veered off so far into center of the field that there was tons of unwrapped bales behind it on the starting point, but well yeah at least I cannot yet see massey ferguson on the horizon with video preset LOW settings.

2023-10-13T06:33:00Z Oh wow didn't even realize, silage is 529 at animal dealer right now while my tractors are wrapping silage bales like crazy Smiley :)

When I came back from one ALT-TAB both tractors were backing up with bale wrappers "jack knifed" in never ending loop, had to untangle them. Too bad this kind of operation is not 100% guaranteed hands free.

2023-10-13T07:28:00Z Decided to wrap few bales myself, speed things up as tractors in close proximity started to chase the same bale which lead into nasty collision results. I don't mind the driving myself, especially as I have nothing else to do right now.

Was looking at the crop calendar and silage best market price is on jan, hmm wonder if I should wait or just rush in and sell with current 528 which looks like its decreasing. Oh and yes of course, fermenting... I could not even sell them today, I have to wait for tomorrow before they are fermented. Okay, will wait, leave silage bale piles by F06 edges. Hell I don't even have a fully working pig farm setup, so why rush into cattle / dairy cows Smiley :)

2023-10-13T07:43:00Z Finished wrapping grass bales F06.

Its a wrap! Smiley :)

Autodrive sent both tractors to pig farm yard, going to park bale wrappers there, chicken and sheep farm yard has way too many polygons already, it dips down to 40FPS almost all the time now when looking at everything in view there.

Game stats says 337 bales produced in this session.

Purchased anderson rbm2000 bale collecting trailer for 50.5k.

2023-10-13T07:51:00Z Started collecting silage bales F06, courseplay, 2x tools.

Both tractors are running with courseplay-gui garbage with me babysitting and unloading them once full 24 bales, will stack bales at edges of F06 until jan next year when good market price hits.

Actually nevermind, I'll be driving fendt 939 vario myself, bale collecting just goes quicker that way. The sooner its over, the sooner I get to do the next seasonal task.

2023-10-13T07:56:00Z First 24 bale load is dumped by the edge of F06, aayeah.

2023-10-13T08:29:00Z Finished collecting silage bales F06.

That was a nice two tractor job again, really happy that the hard part of grass mowing & silage wrapping is done now, next is jan selling day when all this crap needs to be hauled into animal dealer.

Parked both tractors and anderson rbm2000 bale collectors to pig farm yard, then was thinking what to do next when I realized that my 17hrs been awake alarm went off over an hour ago and eyes start to feel quite tired, guess its time to call it a night here.

2023-10-13T08:37:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, good night.

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