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2023-11-05 A Long Corn Forage Harvest

2023-11-05T14:33:00Z New farming day has started, just woke up, didn't do anything except launched FS22, I want to get silage operation going while I get my day started.

This savegame now has 202hrs 23min on it.

2023-11-05T14:35:00Z Silage operation continues, aayeah! Smiley :)

After days first chaff load was dumped at the silage bunker 1, there are now 661.1k liters of chaff. Leveling and compacting continues.

2023-11-05T14:41:00Z Second chaff load dumped to silage bunker, it now has 1.015m liters of chaff, whoah. Okay time for me to start days morning computer chores Smiley :)

2023-11-05T15:03:00Z While I was moving yesterdays farming story to its own web page, claas jaguar 980 ran out of silage additive, ugh. This silage additive refilling will be a nuisance on such a large corn forage harvest.

Purchased one pallet of silage additive for 2.9k, refilled jagual 980 forage harvester.

2023-11-05T15:09:00Z And had to untangle silage leveling and compacting tractor from the silage bunker 1 wall, good job courseplay-gui garbage, you truly live up to your name, awesome job! Smiley :(

Even though I fixed giants broken planET silage bunker with the heightmap editing, this time courseplay-gui garbage chaff leveling and compacting "course" feels much more buggy than it was back on PMC Farm Lab several weeks ago when I ran quite large silage operation in that savegame.

Why is it that its always "one step forward, two steps back", when do people learn? You tell me as I sure as hell don't know Smiley :(

2023-11-05T15:26:00Z Steiger 620 with holaras silage blade stuck at right side of silage bunker 1, sigh.

2023-11-05T15:31:00Z Okay time to grab days first meal, getting hungry here...

2023-11-05T15:57:00Z Feeding time is over, back to silage operation.

Had to untangle autodrive tractors twice during feeding, but this is my bad because fendt 939 vario has twin wheels, its just too wide for PMC Super Six 6km dirt / gravel roads, I need to buy some slim standard wheel tractor for this work task.

2023-11-05T15:58:00Z When both silage trailer tractors reached silage bunker 1 dump point... I was saddened to see courseplay-gui garbage messed up again, this time steiger 620 with silage blade was stuck IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SILAGE BUNKER, not sure how it managed to do that, guess courseplay-gui garbage code is just so crap for this v7.3.1.4 version when it comes to silage bunker leveling Smiley :(

2023-11-05T16:02:00Z Next up autodrive tractors collided by the silage bunker 1 dump target point, there is obviously no checks done to wait until previous trailer has done dumping, sigh.

I must say... today starts with autodrive and courseplay-gui garbage really pissing me off, if this continues like this constantly... I'd say today will be a very short farming day... Smiley :(

2023-11-05T16:06:00Z Courseplay-gui garbage... didn't get stuck, not exactly, but it started to work on just one spot in the silage bunker over and over again as it apparently didn't register the "reached end of the bunker" when pushing silage with the blade. Oh man, how can this so called automation tool suck this bad? Hmm maybe I need to find the version I used with PMC Farm Lab and restore that as it was working much better than this v7.3.1.4 crap Smiley :(

2023-11-05T16:32:00Z Courseplay-gui garbage steiger 620 with holaras silage blade stuck at middle of silage bunker 1, sigh.

2023-11-05T16:41:00Z Frigging courseplay-gui garbage just keeps spamming the same spots like 4 times in a row before it finally moves to another slot even though there is a huge pile of freshly dumped chaff right next to it, this is so infuriatingly stupid that you just want to scream, tair your hear out and slaughter children! Smiley :evil:

2023-11-05T16:48:00Z Courseplay-gui garbage steiger 620 with holaras silage blade stuck at right side of silage bunker 1, sigh.

Yeah looks like v7.3.1.4 is completely broken when it comes to silage bunker leveling Smiley :(

2023-11-05T16:53:00Z And claas jaguar 980 needs to be refilled with silage additive, argh.

2023-11-05T17:06:00Z Courseplay-gui garbage steiger 620 with holaras silage blade stuck at right side of silage bunker 1, sigh.

2023-11-05T17:30:00Z Silage Bunker 1 now has 2.040m liters of chaff.

I did some silage bunker leveling work myself driving manually, courseplay-gui garbage lives up to its name so bad that I had to step in Smiley :(

2023-11-05T18:13:00Z Silage Bunker 1 now has 2.386m liters of chaff, it becomes harder and harder to push chaff back up in the bunker pile because there is so little empty space at the front edge. But I think few more penta db50 loads will fit into this bunker. At the same time, roughly speaking, F31 corn chaff forage harvest is about 50% done, so looks like F31 provides two planET silage bunkers worth of chaff.

2023-11-05T18:28:00Z Claas jaguar 980 is out of silage additive, refill time.

2023-11-05T18:43:00Z Now silage bunker has 2.566m liters of chaff, its getting more and more difficult to push chaff back in there, the bunker is just so full now, not sure if more than one or two trailer loads fit in here.

2023-11-05T18:57:00Z Its now 2.671m liters and... I'll try to squeeze in one more penta db50 55k liter load but then that is it, its so difficult now to push that crap in that its time to close this bunker for fermenting.

Once next load was dumped silage bunker 1 capacity was 2.726m liters, now just a little compacting and then its a wrap.

2023-11-05T19:01:00Z Another load arrived (after "the next"), so I stopped the tractor that this is it, no more room in Silage Bunker 1. Now just have to compact it 100% so can cover it up for fermenting.

2023-11-05T19:07:00Z Compaction 100% with 2.725m liters of chaff fill level, bunker covered for fermenting Smiley :D

2023-11-05T19:09:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, I just wanted to take a quick break to do some web surfing etc and to plan ahead, will I buy second silage bunker or just get by with this initial silage 2.725m liters. I do plan on playing more, this is just a break.

After A Break

2023-11-05T21:52:00Z Launched FS22 back up, break is over, ate lunch, watched (still are) some israel-hamas war live stream, now back to farming. Decided to buy Silage Bunker 2 and finish this corn chaff forage harvest of F31.

Purchased planET silage bunker 140k, budget now 1.404m.

And silage operation for Silage Bunker 2 is underway, everyone is rolling again, this will take a while but once F31 has been harvested there will be so much chaff fermenting into silage that whoah dude Smiley :o

2023-11-05T23:00:00Z Claas jaguar 980 is out of silage additive, again. Okay refill time.

Aug in-game 1756hrs it started raining, yikes. Weather forecast shows rain ending before in-game 2000hrs. However rain doesn't seem to stop FS22 corn chaff forage harvesting, hmm.

2023-11-06T00:23:00Z Courseplay-gui garbage failed again, steiger 620 with silage blade got stuck in middle of the silage bunker for no reason.

2023-11-06T00:37:00Z Claas jaguar 980 was just about to run out of silage additive so went to refill, purchased one pallet for 2.9k.

While driving forgage harvester I noticed it was almost out of diesel fuel, so decided to go take care of that too at chicken and sheep farm yard where the diesel fuel tank is located.

2023-11-06T00:50:00Z Jaguar 980 back on field and chopping corn.

Aug in-game 1933hrs and now its dark, cant see anything except vehicle lights. Dark and raining, nice conditions to chop some corn Smiley :)

2023-11-06T01:36:00Z Aaand courseplay-gui garbage got stuck, sigh.

2023-11-06T01:45:00Z Aaand courseplay-gui garbage got stuck, sigh.

2023-11-06T01:55:00Z Aaand courseplay-gui garbage got stuck, sigh.

2023-11-06T01:59:00Z Finally its my lunch break...

2023-11-06T02:24:00Z Feeding time is over, back to darkness and rain.

2023-11-06T02:27:00Z Aaand courseplay-gui garbage got stuck, sigh.

2023-11-06T02:33:00Z Claas jaguar 980 is out of silage additive again, argh. Its quite difficult and almost spooky to drive around fields trying to get some specific spot in complete darkness and rain.

2023-11-06T02:43:00Z Aaand courseplay-gui garbage got stuck, sigh.

2023-11-06T02:48:00Z Aaand courseplay-gui garbage got stuck, sigh.

2023-11-06T02:51:00Z Courseplay-gui garbage drove, get this, BEHIND the silage bunker and attempted to push in the concrete wall, err what the heck is wrong with this bitch? Smiley :(

I'm just about done playing for today, this is so painful and frustrating Smiley :(

Aug in-game 2112hrs it stopped raining.

2023-11-06T03:23:00Z Aaand courseplay-gui garbage got stuck, sigh.

This time it messed up when I tried to untangle it, unhooked silage blade and it somehow "ejected chaff" over the concrete wall so now I have decent pile on the ground and I know from experience no way to scoop it up, frigging sucks, I am so ready to stop playing for today... Smiley :(

2023-11-06T03:28:00Z Aaand courseplay-gui garbage got stuck, sigh.

2023-11-06T03:46:00Z Going to grab a quick shower before day ends, I'll leave courseplay-gui garbage running that silage blade, I'm sure its stuck when I get back...

2023-11-06T04:00:00Z Back. This time autodrive had stacked both tractors by the silage bunker 2 dump target point.

Decided to call it a night here, I just don't enjoy playing right now, before I totally rage quit I'm going to go peacefully into the night. Its now monday morning, daybreak in middle east, just watching israel-hamas war live stream, new week has begun, I'll probably try to stay away from this dreaded silage harvest operation for at least few days, hopefully more but no way to know how I feel tomorrow or the next day. But for now...

2023-11-06T04:03:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, good night.

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