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PMC Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) Stories

2023-11-08 First Silage Operation Done

2023-11-08T21:43:00Z New farming day has started, not sure how I feel about farming right now but will try to farm some.

This savegame now has 213hrs 7min on it.

Aug in-game 2213hrs its pitch black dark and I had enough of that in previous playing session so now will time accelerate to morning daylight.

Sep in-game 0620hrs okay daylight, silage operation continues.

And immediately this savegame is loaded with steiger 620 and holaras silage blade stuck in silage bunker, sigh. Not a good start Smiley :(

Had to switch manually driving steiger 620 silage blade tractor as courseplay-gui garbage just ain't capable of not getting stuck Smiley :(

2023-11-08T22:06:00Z I had to dev console repair vehicle damage on massey ferguson as autodrive refused to drive it anymore, I don't have garage thing in this savegame and apparently its been so long since massey ferguson last time was under courseplay-gui garbage control which automatically repairs vehicle + implement.

2023-11-08T22:13:00Z Claas jaguar 980 forage harvester is again out of silage additive, refill time.

Uuh this has been a long and painful corn chaff forage harvest for sure, I'm so glad its soon over, only three rows of corn left, its almost over ...

For how much work it was to get these silage bunkers filled, I bet cattle / dairy cow feed ingredient silage lasts for few years at least, I am absolutely sure I don't need to do corn chaff forage harvest NEXT year, that is 100% guaranteed. I cant wait to get TMR mixed and fed to cattle very soon after chaff has fermented into silage. I could jump start it with few purchased TMR bales, but nah, I can wait few more days.

2023-11-08T22:22:00Z Today has been crappy real life day, now I really want to do some regular farming field work as well, cant wait to get fertilizing F31 and then dig / rip / plow it up with john deere 2410 ripper.

2023-11-08T22:27:00Z Finished harvesting corn chaff forage F31.

That was claas jaguar 980 finishing field work course. Went and ran across F31 and its clean, no missed spots (worth mopping up). Corn chaff forage harvest is complete! Smiley :D

Whoah that was a lot of work! Smiley :)

I'm repeating myself but man I cannot wait to get cattle operation going once chaff has fertmented into silage, will be so cool.

Once trailer tractors were done hauling, I unhooked them and sent to chicken and sheep farm yard for a refill.

2023-11-08T22:35:00Z And now, its my lunch break ...

2023-11-08T23:03:00Z Feeding time is over, back to wrapping up silage operation, no pun intended.

Okay so silage is ready to be compacted, but I still want to drive manitou telehandler with a bucket to pig farm yard and mop up two spilled over piles of chaff on side and back of Silage Bunker 2, I just cant live with that crap laying on the ground.

While I was eating I got to think about the future, the whole purpose of this savegame and that was to figure out if animal game-mode is possible, well it clearly is possible and honestly more or less easy, if you can say that 200hrs savegame before even getting cows going is "easy" heh. Guess this was already known several days ago when I started to crank money with those silage and other bale sales, but now that I'm in the verge of getting chaff fermented into silage, I just cannot see anything happening at this point which would be like "oh well this doesn't work" type of scenario. Now its completely different matter if a person judges animal game-modes to be a grind, they definitely are, but guess so is the usual soybeans spam harvesting as well, a grind. However you can make so much more progress and money with contracts and soybeans spamming that there is just no comparing these two.

Used manitou telehandler bucket to scoop up the spill over chaff from the ground and dumped them at the silage bunker. Then it was time to start compacting the bunker with steiger 620 tractor.

2023-11-08T23:25:00Z Finished compacting Silage Bunker 2, its got now 1.901m liters of chaff. Then just covered it up for fermenting Smiley :D

Silage Bunker 2 is chaff fermenting at 67% level, oh that was fast, I haven't even finished silage operations yet, well err I mean I JUST DID heh, and its already over half way fermented, that was really quick. But maybe it was the time acceleration last night, oh right yeah that's what it was. Okay so tomorrow I get to break out freshly fermented silage and start cattle operation, that will be cool.

Diesel fuel refueled fendt 939 vario and sent it back to pig farm yard. Then refueled The MF. Chickens were 40% food so hooked The MF up with brantner trailer and fed chickens, which required one brantner refill too. Last 25.4k liters of barley from the trailer I dumped into seed production building, I want to have that baby humming again.

Purchased two tanks of liquid fertilizer and refilled lizard MKS8 tanker trailer, then dumped them into seed production building. Did the same for herbicide as well. Now seed production building is humming just nicely until barley runs out.

Its funny thing that I'm such a busy body at the farm even though I just first time hinted that this savegame might have ran its course once I get cattle / dairy cows running. I mean why make more seeds if there is not much future for this savegame, heh wicked Smiley ;)

2023-11-08T23:47:00Z Then refilled grass food for sheeps, their barns are now food 100%, all good at the chicken and sheep farm yard.

Well almost good, egg pallets are filling up real fast, but that has to be done after barley seeding.

Its now sep in-game 0823hrs so barley planting season, F13 is one layer fertilized so I'm going to seed barley to it now, then herbicide spray it and fertilize second layer. Took fendt 939 vario and hooked up with amazone citan 15001-c seeder, then sent it to F13 E.

2023-11-08T23:51:00Z Started seeding barley F13, courseplay, ETA 1h 10min.

Its nice to seed barley with amazone citan 15001-c, but its not as nitty gritty field work as fertilizing and ripping heh, I want to get F31 fertilized and then ripped Smiley :)

Purchased four herbicide tanks and refilled rubicon 9000 at chicken and sheep farm yard.

2023-11-09T00:36:00Z Amazone citan 15001-c is out of seeds, OK refill time, luckily chicken and sheep farm yard where seed production building is right next to F13.

2023-11-09T00:38:00Z Refill complete, back to seeding.

2023-11-09T01:01:00Z Finished seeding barley F13.

Then fixed missed headland corner spots before going to seed production building, refilled seeder and sent it to pig farm yard.

2023-11-09T01:06:00Z Started herbicide spraying F13, courseplay, ETA 18min.

Refilled samson pg ii 35 slurry spreader from Pig Barn 1, there was only 86.6k liters of slurry so it will not be enough to fertilize F31 but I'll get started anyways, then finish with bredal k165.

2023-11-09T01:14:00Z Started spreading slurry F31, courseplay, ETA 56min.

2023-11-09T01:19:00Z Samson PG II 35 ran out of slurry, refill loop begins.

2023-11-09T01:25:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F13.

2023-11-09T01:26:00Z Started fertilizing F13, courseplay, ETA 38min.

2023-11-09T01:30:00Z Samson PG II 35 back to spreading slurry.

2023-11-09T01:36:00Z Samson PG II 35 ran out of slurry, refill loop begins.

2023-11-09T01:45:00Z Samson PG II 35 back to spreading slurry.

Ah nevermind, I'm not going to do play-by-plays for these refills, they are stupid.

2023-11-09T01:57:00Z Okay now Pig Barn 1 is out of slurry, only got 12.6k liters refilled to samson pg ii 35 tank, wont even bother driving to the field with that amount. Slurry spreading is done, will finish the task with bredal k165.

2023-11-09T02:02:00Z Finished fertilizing F13.

Then mopped up headland corners before heading to pig barn yard for a refill.

2023-11-09T02:09:00Z Continued fertilizing F31 now using bredal k165.

Thinking about it now in hindsight, I should have just gone with bredal k165 to begin with, this is now such a nonsense to try to fill in missed spots with bredal k165, would have been just so much simpler to do one field work course and do whole field at once using this implement. OK next time then.

2023-11-09T02:26:00Z Its now in-game sep 1100hrs and got notification that no more room for egg pallets to spawn, yikes! Hmm not sure if I can collect eggs with fendt 939 vario as its got twin wheels.

2023-11-09T02:48:00Z Inner rows finished, but now there are southern corner spots.

2023-11-09T02:55:00Z Finished fertilizing F31.

Then took case ih steiger 620 wheeled to chicken and sheep farm yard for a diesel refuel, she was running low, at least low enough for my next task. Had to buy 5k liters of diesel to the refillable tank at farm yard, it ran out as steiger 620 was so thirsty with a big gulp tank. Then drove it to pig farm yard to pickup john deere 2410 ripper and went to F31.

2023-11-09T03:08:00Z Started ploughing F31, courseplay, ETA 2hrs 4min.

Decent duration, two hours, aayeah lets run some digger Smiley :)

Drove massey ferguson with bredal k165 to chicken and sheep farm yard, hooked up with strautmann 802 sek autoloading trailer and went to empty all animal product spawn points.

2023-11-09T03:24:00Z All animal product pallets picked up and dropped to driveway edges.

2023-11-09T04:19:00Z Lunch break...

2023-11-09T04:44:00Z Feeding time is over, back to ripping.

This is a farmsim story but just have to mention that all day I've been watching israel-hamas gaza city (gaza strip) live stream and the past two or so hours there has been extremely intense fighting between palestinian terrorists and israel defense forces, at darkness there was heavy air strikes and now at dawn you see the gaza city skyline smoking from the fires, explosions etc, a lot of gunfire, infantry and vehicle mounted larger caliber machine guns, tanks are rolling also, seen few tank round tracers at night time. Its just crazy to see that battle enfold live on the internet. We live in crazy times dude...

2023-11-09T05:07:00Z Finished ploughing F31.

But few corners had missed spots, so had to go mop those up.

2023-11-09T05:13:00Z Started fertilizing F31, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 1min.

2023-11-09T06:13:00Z Finished fertilizing F31.

Okay F31 corn is ready for planting, in real life it would have to be cultivated but luckily this is only FS22 Smiley :p

Drove massey ferguson and bredal k165 to pig farm yard, then fendt 939 vario hooked up with penta db50 and sent it to chicken and sheep farm yard to pickup pig food ingredients, its feeding time. Pig base food is 8% and grain is only 5% full.

Pig Barn 1 is now 74.2k liters / 200k food capacity, hmm I'm going to put in full 55k liter loads of corn and barley there now, lets see how that works out.

Dumped 55k liters of corn into Pig Barn 1 feed silo, its now base food 35%, total food 63%. Next up, barley.

Dumped 55k liters of barley, grain 32%, total food 91%. Specific capacity is 182.5k / 200k liters, so hmm going to carefully dump 15k liters of canola in there, then pigs will be fed for a long time again.

Dumped 14.8k liters of canola, protein 20% and total food 98%. OK pigs have been taken care of, for now.

Saved game, a lot of progress have been made.

Silage Bunker 1 is 96% and bunker 2 is 30% fermented, just about there.

Time accelerated with 1000 speed until seed production building ran out of barley, its seed capacity is now 193k liters.

Oct in-game 0719hrs corn and sugar beet harvest season has begun, Silage Bunker 1 is now 100% fermented, awesome. Plan is to get harvesting done, but dunno if I manage it today, I'm on my third meal and only hours away from bed time but so far I'm not tired, so dunno how this goes, in a way I would not want to begin big harvest season if I don't have plenty of free time, to finish the harvest.

2023-11-09T06:51:00Z Saved game and exited FS22. I was shocked to see only two and a half hours of day left, decided its not worth to begin even sugar beet harvesting not to mention corn harvest on F08, more farming next time, nites.

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