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2023-09-27 Baling Grass

2023-09-27T03:12:00Z New farming day has started, ahh tomorrow is here and now I get to start baling some grass! Smiley :)

This savegame now has 26hrs 59min on it.

Today my plan is to bale the grass and haul bales into farm yard, start to feed sheeps, once that is done then time accelerating until barley harvest season or egg, honey or wool best market selling day whichever comes first.

2023-09-27T03:17:00Z Started baling grass F13 CP-02 section, courseplay ETA 28min.

180cm round bales of grass come out as 7.5k liters capacity. In my morning ooziness and enthusiasm I accidentally started courseplay-gui garbage field work course from the first point which is the headland, this is the 14.7m kuhn windrover course, so now when its baling the inner rows it most likely will collide with several bales and needs babysitting, OK my bad, will fix on F13 CP-03 section startup.

From headland alone I got enough grass bales to feed sheeps for months, nicely done.

Oh wow, first bale and tractor collision came just at the end of the headland, tractor stopped with courseplay-gui garbage "Blocked by an object" info display, ok ok untangling the situation.

2023-09-27T03:25:00Z And now its time for days first meal, oh no I have to cook it as well, argh, well cant be helped, better get to work...

2023-09-27T03:45:00Z Got the food cooked and came back to the computer, was really surprised to see no bale and tractor collisions yet, wow that really is odd, usually it always collides on headland bales. ETA 7min 15sec at this point, this course will finish before I manage to finish eating...

2023-09-27T03:55:00Z Finished baling grass F13 CP-02 section.

F13 CP-02 section yielded 86 * 180cm grass bales.

2023-09-27T03:57:00Z Started CP-03 inner rows...

2023-09-27T04:17:00Z Feeding time is over, back to grass baling.

On the CP-02 field work course, only 37sec left on the timer tractor finally collided with first bale. This currently running CP-03 field work course ETA was something like 25min starting from the inner row.

2023-09-27T04:29:00Z Finished baling grass F13 CP-03 section. Now I'm going to go around the field checking for the largest leftover piles of grass, but I wont be OCD alike cleaning up the whole field, just the largest heaps.

2023-09-27T04:40:00Z Finished mopping up the leftover piles, spent way too much time on this even though I didn't go after all the smallest ones, this was just the headland I didn't even look at the inner rows. It makes no difference if you OCD alike mop up everything when you have 100+ bales already done. This headland had so much leftovers that I got several bales out of them, so it was worth it in that sense, guess you could say that courseplay-gui garbage did poor job on the headland.

Complete yield for F13 CP-02 and CP-03 sections were 178 180cm grass round bales Smiley :o

2023-09-27T04:45:00Z Started collecting grass bales F13 CP-02, this is manual driving but I might hit courseplay-gui garbage at some point when I visit the head.

2023-09-27T04:49:00Z First bale collector 24 grass bales collected.

Dumped the whole 24 load of grass bales into sheep barn 1 food input slot, not all of them fit there of course but will gradually push more in with a tractor when months go by, heh this is so cool to have so much food for sheeps now Smiley :)

2023-09-27T04:55:00Z Second 24 bale load dumped by the sheep barn Smiley :)

Drove back to the field and engaged courseplay-gui garbage, it said 39 bales left, I assume it registers only F13 CP-02 section.

Collected next load with courseplay-gui garbage while visiting the head. Third load of 24 bales in front of the sheep barn.

2023-09-27T05:08:00Z Another 15 bales collected from F13 CP-02 section and now its empty, switching to F13 CP-03 section.

2023-09-27T05:12:00Z Dumped fourth load of 24 bales in front of the sheep barn, but now its too full already.

2023-09-27T05:17:00Z Dumped another load to the farm yard, in the woods part away from the central area. Starting to run out of space Smiley :)

Now I'm worried that my puny nvidia GTX 1060 3gb GPU running triple screen 4k desktop and FS22 starts to lag too much if there are too many polygons in one scene on my farm yard (bales + vehicles).

2023-09-27T05:27:00Z Last bale collected from F13 CP-03 section, grass baling festival is over! Smiley :)

I stored the last two loads of grass bales by F13 W edge, my farm yard was just getting so growded with all those polygons that no reason to cram everything there, it also will be fun landmark kind of thing to see when working on the field.

2023-09-27T05:32:00Z Started to fertilize F13 CP-02 and CP-03 sections using GPS in one go both fields, will finish it up with a headland manually.

Its somehow so oddly satisfying feeling to see mowed and baled grass field, its completely empty, clean and fresh Smiley :)

Seeing the amount of bales CP-02 and CP-03 produced, there is no reason for another grass mowing in a long long time, sheeps can eat these existing bales for months and months. Only if I start to crank up more sheep barns up to 4 barns, perhaps the grass consumption picks up a bit then. I would like to and will do more sheep barns, but that takes some time acceleration and egg / honey / wool selling first, so dunno when the next sheep barn appears, after that of course it takes another while for sheeps to reproduce to grow their numbers which causes more food consumption.

Just out of curiosity I set sell price trigger for grass at 150, going to see if it gets better prices anytime soon, I have no plans of selling my hard earned grass bales but at least its fun to see when best grass market price hits.

2023-09-27T05:54:00Z Finished fertilizing F13 CP-02 and CP-03.

Okay all the work has been done, now begins the easy (and boring, cheating alike) time acceleration period of this year Smiley :)

Saved game and checked that sell price trigger is set for all my animal products, everything is good to go for some time accelerating. Its now sep in-game 1543hrs.

Oct in-game 0927hrs, nothing happening. Walked around my farm yard to check things out, its just so satisfying to see those mountains of grass bales (and few straw bales as well) by the sheep barn.

Nov in-game 0929hrs, its now eggs best market price day, need to start time accelerating slowly one hour at the time to catch the best price, then start to haul eggs to selling point.

At 1609hrs eggs market price is 4240 and its been dropping from 4280-something, looks like that is the best I can get this year, OK going to hook up strautmann 802 sek to massey ferguson and start hauling egg pallets to sell at Nimoy Farms Marketing, live long and prosper.

2023-09-27T06:09:00Z Sold eggs at Nimoy Farms and Marketing for 140.6k, ooh nice haul.

Ooh the FPS performance drop when approaching back to my farm yard, there are just way too many vehicles, implements, buildings, pallets and bales. I need to get some kind of occluder vehicle shed and bale storage building Smiley :(

2023-09-27T06:14:00Z Sold eggs at Nimoy Farms and Marketing for 137.6k.

Gotta say these eggs get a nice amount of profit. I need more chicken coops Smiley ;)

Back in FS19 I already discovered that "generators", like wind turbines, solar panels, etc money makers are a cheat, all you need is to buy a few, time accelerate, buy some more and time accelerate, then repeat this loop and soon you have hundreds of millions, there is just endless amount of money to be made with generators, they are a cheat, plain and simple, no question no ifs or buts, they are a cheat, period.

But now I wonder... are animals the same, well I mean bees are kind of like generator, all you do is purchase the bee hive, then collect the pallets for profit, sure solar panels and wind turbines require no collecting so they are the perfect cheat machine, but bees are very close to them. Chickens though, they require food, basic grains to produce eggs (animals dont die in giants Rated-E fantasy universe) and once you go to cows and pigs the amount of food increases greatly or rather the work required to produce that food, especially if you plant and harvest all the crops required for pigs and do all the silage for cattle / dairy cows.

So yeah dunno, bees are questionable and chickens along with sheep just barely escape the cheat method by technicality as they require food. But yeah, there is money to be made with animals if you can go through the field work they require plus hauling the pallets for sell as well.

Anyways, back to hauling eggs Smiley ;)

2023-09-27T06:22:00Z Sold eggs at Nimoy Farms and Marketing for 128.1k.

Last strautmann 802 sek load of eggs was clearly visually not complete, but game shows 28k liters (100%) trailer status, huh(?).

2023-09-27T06:25:00Z Sold eggs at Nimoy Farms and Marketing for 118.6k.

That's it, all eggs sold for this year, budget now 565.8k Smiley :)

Refilled chicken feed, checked sheep wool pallets, everything looks OK, so more time accelerating waiting for the next farm event. Oh btw grass fields are ready to harvest, again.

Dec in-game 0928hrs its snowing, whee. Overnight grass market price hit 150 sell price trigger on animal dealer (only place that accepts it along with silage, hay and straw). As I'm typing this price was 152. But nope I'm not selling my sheep feed.

Jan in-game 0922hrs its still snowing, really pouring down, wow its in deep winter stuff weather in PMC Super Six 6km right now, brrr Smiley :)

2023-09-27T06:37:00Z Purchased another sheep barn large and named it "Sheep Barn 2" now.

Then refilled chicken feed from what was left in brantner grain trailer, switched to strautmann 802 sek and hauled 8 grass round bales for Sheep Barn 2, saved game and exited FS22. Now need to edit placeables.xml to transfer some sheeps over to the new barn.

2023-09-27T06:44:00Z FS22 booted back up, animals transferred and they look happy, okay now time acceleration continues. Sheep Barn 1 animals: 40 / 65, Sheep Barn 2 animals: 25 / 65.

BTW my farm yard is starting to get growded, there is still plenty of space... but I can tell that this farm yard will not hold cow barn and pig barns, I have to expand somewhere else, there just ain't enough free space left. Also its slightly tilted in the remaining area so placing a large animal barn there would be very difficult.

Feb in-game 0932hrs, snow on the ground, overnight property maintenance -963, yikes. Production inspector shows sheep barn 1 wool capacity 19.8k (100%) but that must be false reading as there is still place on the second stack, so I'll keep time accelerating. Oh hmm honey best market price is mar, so tomorrow is another selling day.

Mar in-game 0931hrs honey market price 3421 at Six Operations Limited, so now going to continue time accelerating one hour at the time monitoring that price.

At 1009hrs honey price 3417, so its dropping, time to sell. Where is my strautmann 802 sek, lets go.

2023-09-27T07:01:00Z Sold honey at Six Operations Limited for 32.8k.

Hmm honey pays way less than eggs, when comparing single strautmann 802 sek full pallet loads, not sure if relatively speaking in yearly basis honey is still decent money, well I mean it is good money because it requires NO work other than hauling pallets for sell. But as can be seen just few paragraphs above, one load of eggs pays 140k, that is one hundred grand more than honey trailer load.

New struggling animal farmer takes whatever he gets, but selling this kind of 32k trailer load after those egg hauls... it almost feels like not worth the time to drive 6min 36sec one way to Six Operations Limited selling point...

Hmm while sitting and waiting for autodrive to drive that six min trip (one way), was thinking that well, bee hives are small, they cost only 19k for largest one... why not just buy a few more to boost honey production levels, hmm hmm. However that still doesn't change the physical fact, one trailer load == 32k vs eggs 140k, there is no amount of bee hives to change that, you still have to haul those dirt cheap trailer loads into the selling point, just several more if you boost up the production. Hmm yeah OK, thinking about it a bit more, I'll pass, those two largest bee hives are fine for me so I can sign in that yup I had bees in my farm yard.

Its completely different matter then if I'd got cereal factory production chains building to produce breakfast cereal, that might be worth it assuming you have all the other ingredients as well, but that is way too complex equation to calculate if bees are profitable in that sense.

2023-09-27T07:13:00Z Sold honey at Six Operations Limited for 7.7k.

Oh wow a whole whopping 7k profit, whohoo pop the champagne, send in the hookers! Its a party! Smiley :rolleyes:

Budget now 505k. Half a million. Next up is, wool best market selling day at apr, one more day to time accelerate. That will be my first time selling wool, on previous PMC Farm Lab animal studies savegame I always sent wool to the spinnery to make fabric and then to tailor shop for clothes.

Back at the farm yard refilled food for chickens, then hooked strautmann 802 sek back into tractor and now its just one more time accelerating for wool selling day.

Apr in-game 0944hrs wool selling day is here. Wool is now 3680 at Bean Commodities Ltd selling point, going to time accelerate one hour at the time monitoring the price movement...

At in-game 1108hrs price is 3689. At 1208hrs its 3694, looking good. At 1312hrs its 3697 in a new selling point: Grain Wholesale COOP. At 1408hrs again new selling point: 3702 at Six Global AG Corp. At 1504hrs its 3713. At 1608hrs its 3719. At 1704hrs its 3721. Hmm wonder at what time the darkness sets in, would not want to drive into a new selling point in pitch black dark.

At 1808hrs its 3723 and I can tell daylight is growing short, I bet in the next hour its really dark already. Hmm wonder if I should just take this price and record new autodrive network waypoint route into this new selling point hmm hmm.

Restroom break to think about it ... Smiley ;)

Decided to go record those autodrive waypoints NOW when its daylight, then more time accelerating and if price keeps increasing, hopefully not changing a selling point, then I can just do the selling on pitch black darkness using autodrive Smiley :)

Got autodrive network waypoint route and target point recorded for Six Global AG Corp selling point, now its ready for use no matter how dark night gets.

At 1908hrs its 3724, creeping up, good good, gimme my moneyz Smiley ;)

At 2008hrs its now pitch black dark and wool price is 3725. Not many hours left to time accelerate. At 2108hrs price started to drop, 3724, ok its time to sell, perfect timing as wool pallets in Sheep Barn 1 just got 100% full. Could not have designed this any better.

Full strautmann 802 sek trailer load is 14k liters of wool.

2023-09-27T07:48:00Z Sold wool at Six Global AG Corp for 48k. But that fucked up, I opened the straps and some wool pallets fell off, then I reloaded them into the autoloading trailer but one was sideways and did not register in the selling point, sigh. Sold it separatedly for 3.7k.

Second load was 13.4k liters (96%) trailer load.

Chickens are clearly the winner of bee's, sheep's and chicken's best profitability competition, by far. Of course I have four chicken coops as opposed of just two bees and sheeps, but yeah still one trailer load is generally speaking the indicator so 140k vs 48k vs 32k, no competition even.

2023-09-27T07:55:00Z Sold wool at Six Global AG Corp for 50.2k.

Okay all sheeps wool has been sold, budget now 606.2k. Nice.

May in-game 0915hrs time accelerated to the morning daylight.

2023-09-27T08:08:00Z Did some real life chore stuff on the background for 10min or so, now back in FS22. I'm tempted to buy more chicken coops, but it sort of starts to feel like just money generator spamming cheating, even though it technically is not as chickens need food and you have to collect the pallets, but yeah still, would be kind of silly to have frigging ten coops in a small farm yard Smiley :)

Okay so whats next, its now may so next month begins barley harvest season, I'll do that harvest with crappy brantner front axle grain trailer but after that its time to buy a better trailer, hey maybe next year I could at least re-arrange F13 or maybe even buy more fields, although seeder and harvester might be next on the purchase list on top of the second tractor.

Jun in-game 0924hrs barley harvest season has begun, my F13 CP-01 section of barley is ready to harvest Smiley :)

Drove convey-all auger pipe to meridian flat bottom bin 3608 refilling point after having fed chickens with all the barley they accepted. Fired up new holland ch7.70 combine harvester and diesel refueled it. Okay harvest season is a go.

Farm grain bin silo currently has 31.8k liters of barley.

2023-09-27T08:26:00Z Started harvesting barley F13 CP-01 section, courseplay ETA 50min.

Okay combine is rolling, lets do this. While waiting for combine harvester to do its thing I casually checked out nearby farmlands, just to pass the time, cheapest one is farmland ID 31 for 317.4k, next one is twice as expensive and after that they go into millions. That ID 31 field is grass but since I don't plan on doing contracts it wont matter to me. I'm not seriously thinking about buying more farmland even though having two legit fields would simplify things; one field for chicken feed / seed production (barley) another for sheep feed (grass), but my vehicles are very low end even for F13 18ha size already, adding more hectares makes this just a nightmare to farm with current equipment.

As for equipment, well grass mowing and baling does not much require better stuff, in fact there pretty much aren't such things, perhaps a bigger mower and wider windrower, but those don't mean much in grand scheme of things. But for grain harvesting, well there is plenty of upgrading to do which would cost million or two if you go with full bourgault air drill and largest combine with header route.

Another option would be to buy small cheap farm yard, then two more chicken coops and sheep barns, hmm well dunno if I have that much money but at least one animal building per type. That would grow the farm a bit and increase profits.

2023-09-27T09:20:00Z Finished harvesting barley F13 CP-01 section. Oops forgot to write this down, just now parked vehicles away and even fed chickens with fresh barley again, so harvest field work ended close to 10min ago.

Farm grain bin silo now have 99.6k liters of barley. Hmm not even breaking 100k, ok well that amount wont last for very long, need to be ready for another barley seeding next year.

2023-09-27T09:22:00Z Saved game and shutdown FS22, going to grab a lunch and handle one real life chore so wanted a clean break from FS22 for a short while, plan is to continue playing today before my actual real life chores begin.

Over An Hour Later

2023-09-27T10:46:00Z Started FS22 back up, I only have less than two hours of farming time left before my real life chores begin, but maybe I'll get straw baled and hauled away from the field.

Okay animal check. Chicken food 100%, sheep food 100%, chicken egg pallets two stacks full, third just starting, bees plenty of stack space, sheep wool is just starting to spawn, no problems, everything OK.

Okay time to break out baler and go bale some straw Smiley :)

2023-09-27T10:51:00Z Started baling straw F13 CP-01 section, courseplay ETA 24min. Nearest waypoint from first inner row to avoid bale collisions.

Hmm I'm now getting really bad performance stutter down to 30FPS when looking at farm yard with all the stuff in view, maybe its some resource allocation on GTX 1060 3gb VRAM that it runs out of memory or something, if FS22 had been running and after that I started all other programs using GPU like firefox multiple instances, it would have worked better, dunno. Overall I try to avoid this as much as possible, hmm hopefully I can get through this straw baling and then I'm definitely shutting down FS22 for today.

I'm standing by the field with my back towards E where my farm yard is, this is... almost not worth playing like this, its not enjoyable at all. I'll try to get through this inner row field work course baling and then shut FS22 down, I just don't enjoy this kind of performance. I mean performance is rock solid 60FPS when I look away from the farm yard, but stutters to 30FPS when I look at it. Only 15min to go, I can wait it out.

Now its good time to write some story stuff heh. Budget now 603.9k, hmm wonder what could I buy with that. I don't actually even have bourgault air drill mods installed so seeder is out of the question, also hmm I don't think those and 500+ horsepower tractor to pull them is that cheap, hmm not even close actually. But also buying more farmland for my existing equipment, yeah how about no... as I already have to split F13 up to reduce field work time like this heh. Man, why is growing your farm so difficult every single time. I wish there was some sort of table that would calculate the perfect progression options for all sorts of game-modes, of course it would make farming really dull kind of like following a manuscript like the best conzole peasant call of duty triple-a player Smiley ;)

2023-09-27T11:14:00Z Inner rows field work course finished, saved game and exited FS22. I just don't have my mindset right for enjoying farming when other programs are hogging all the GPU power, I'll return to this savegame most likely tomorrow early morning. Adios.

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