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2023-10-14 Corn And Sugar Beet Harvest Season

2023-10-14T17:40:00Z New farming day has started, slept great 8hrs, just woke up and finished mandatory computer morning chores, jumping right into Animal Game-mode #1 savegame.

This savegame now has 146hrs 58min on it.

Took telehandler and drove it to chicken and sheep farm yard, it is needed there to move 180cm grass bales around sheep barns for feeding.

Purchased telehandler magsi bale fork 900.

Then used telehandler to move bales around Sheep Barn 1 and now its back to food 100% status. Next copy-pasted field work task list for aug and sep planting and oct harvest seasons.

Time accelerated with 1000 speed and seed production building ran out of barley raw material, its got now 228.7k liters of seeds, I think that is plenty of enough for now.

Aug in-game 0939hrs canola planting season begins now. Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k. Refilled bredal k165 spreader. I truly thought that bredal k165 solid fertilizer spreader could be retired from this savegame with the slurry I'm getting, but yeah then came the sudden pig selling and yeah well.. Guess the good old bredal k165 will be seeing some action for few more seasons Smiley :)

Drove by my nicely growing corn field on my way to F08, always nice to see, things coming along.

2023-10-14T18:08:00Z Started fertilizing F08, courseplay, ETA 35min.

And with that, its my time to eat days first meal...

2023-10-14T18:39:00Z Feeding time is over, back to fertilizing.

2023-10-14T18:46:00Z Finished fertilizing F08.

2023-10-14T18:54:00Z Started seeding canola F08, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 11min.

Another set of waiting, hmm what shall I do now... hmm guess its just googling some info, browsing around, maybe do some html web work on text editor, dunno.

Amazone citan 15001-c seeder was bouncing around a bit again when there was some geometry collision in the folding animation parts, this implement sucks, I need to get rid of it as soon as possible, unfortunately upgrading to big bourgault air drill with a tractor that can pull it... yeah that costs 940.1k for the smaller and the biggest is 1.270m, so while I do have money for that... I'm not prepared to spend my animal budget on such upgrade, I need to buy the cattle and dairy cow barn setup first.

Purchased 2 * 2k liter herbicide tanks, refilled rubicon 9000, drove it to F08 and loaded up courseplay-gui garbage field work course, its good to go once seeder is finished.

2023-10-14T20:02:00Z Finished seeding canola F08.

That went by nicely, did some html web work on the last part, time went by quickly, too quickly actually as that html editing is not complete yet heh. Before sending amazone citan 15001-c back to pig barn 1 I quickly fixed the missed headland corner parts.

2023-10-14T20:07:00Z Started herbicide spraying F08, courseplay, ETA 18min.

2023-10-14T20:26:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F08.

2023-10-14T20:27:00Z Started fertilizing F08, courseplay, ETA 35min.

2023-10-14T21:01:00Z Finished fertilizing F08.

Well time just flew by then I was editing web pages on the background (tried to keep FS22 visible behind text editor to keep an eye on things). Okay now I'll get started with barley planting season as well by fertilizing F13 before tomorrows actual seeding. Drove massey ferguson with bredal k165 to pig farm yard and refilled three remaining solid fertilized big bags before sending The MF to F13 SW.

2023-10-14T21:10:00Z Started fertilizing F13, courseplay, ETA 38min.

2023-10-14T21:46:00Z Finished fertilizing F13.

Purhcased 2 * 2k liter herbicide tanks and refilled rubicon 9000. Then seed refilled amazone citan 15001-c and drove it, bredal k165 and rubicon 9000 by the F13 so they are ready when its time to seed.

Sep in-game 0818hrs barley planting season begins now, seeders roll out, err no wait this ain't no transformers Smiley ;)

2023-10-14T21:59:00Z Started seeding barley F13, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 10min.

2023-10-14T22:44:00Z Seeder needs an refill, OK off to the seed production building then.

2023-10-14T22:46:00Z Aaand, back seeding. Where is my seed tender, Where? Smiley :?

2023-10-14T23:10:00Z Finished seeding barley F13.

2023-10-14T23:13:00Z Started herbicide spraying F13, courseplay, ETA 18min.

2023-10-14T23:31:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F13.

2023-10-14T23:31:00Z Started fertilizing F13, courseplay, ETA 38min.

As I'm still html web editing in text editor, these field work tasks seem to go by in no time, its constantly vehicle switching heh, well glad its this way sometimes, 99% of the time in farmsim is just boring waiting Smiley :)

Anyways. Now its my lunch break ...

2023-10-14T23:59:00Z Feeding time is over, back to fertilizing.

2023-10-15T00:08:00Z Finished fertilizing F13.

Diesel refueled claas lexion 8900 in preparation for corn harvest. Parked vehicles at pig farm yard, which has become my main farm yard for vehicles now it appears heh, then saved game, its pretty much ready for time acceleration so can get to oct when corn and sugar beet harvest season begins.

Oct in-game 0812hrs corn and sugar beet harvest season has begun, overnight property maintenance fee -2261 and right in the morning got notification that silage is 516 at animal dealer.

Autodrive sent massey ferguson with grimme sugar beet harvester setup, fendt 939 vario with penta db50 trailer (just in case) and manitou telehander with a bucket towards F07 S. I really don't want to go through the dumping into ground and bucket lifting to trailer shuffle again, but just in case I sent everyone into F07 S so can get things going no matter what happens.

I do like sugar beet harvesting (hah, come on now, don't laugh... hehe) mostly because its realistic american farming and I have not done them much of at all in FS19 and FS22, back in FS17 Cornbelt original the legend Start From Zero (scratch) savegame I harvested the whole was it F50 or what number in the middle, it was potatoes, yeah not sugar beets but close enough on equipment types and functionality, since then I have not done any what I recall from top of my head. So yeah I want to do sugar beets for pigs, but these equipment cause issues with the ground dumping farmland ownership situation.

Was thinking of carving small empty area on field SE corner so could dump sugar beets into the field well inside the farmland area, but that causes issues with courseplay-gui garbage field work course, you'd have to babysit the harvester like several headland rounds when it would collide with the dumped sugar beets. Only reasonable solution to this I can think of is to buy half a million costing professional sugar beet harvester with that 30k or so liter storage for the harvested beets and high enough auger line to dump into penta db50 trailer which has nice 55k liter capacity so it could then haul the beets into pig farm yard to be safely dumped there.

Or, I could be just a poor starting animal farmer and let that pesky 18k liter rudolph trailer empty harvester and then drive long way to pig farm yard, dump beets and drive all the way back again before same loops begins all over again, this would slow down the harvest a great deal, but at least it would work on the long run so to speak.

Hrr, one day... one day man, I have the top of the line sugar beet equipment and these pig food harvests are a joy Smiley :)

2023-10-15T00:56:00Z Started harvesting sugar beet F07, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 24min.

Generated 10 counter clockwise headlands (heh) and spiral inner rows, lets see how well this field work does. Started with the method of fendt 939 vario hauling 18k liter rudolph trailer worth to pig farm yard on every unload, its not ideal... but at least until I get free space for F07 well within the field edges, I have to do these hauls.

2023-10-15T01:34:00Z Its now raining. Dumped first sugar beets on the F07 area, on the S long side, there is now enough free space to make a narrow pile, hopefully sugar beet harvester tractor wont detect collision with them on the next headland. This saves so much time when I don't have to drive to pig farm and back on every dump.

2023-10-15T02:38:00Z Finished harvesting sugar beet F07. But this field work course left huge amounts of leftovers, so I'm trying to pick those up, its just that with normal tires... I tink those sugar beets get squashed.

Yup confirmed, grimme sugar beet harvester needs a tractor with narrow tires, otherwise tractor destroys crop before the harvester gets to it. Okay, lesson learned.

2023-10-15T02:46:00Z Started to load trailers with telehandler 2.6k liter bucket, this will take a while...

2023-10-15T03:47:00Z Finished lifting all the sugar beets from the ground unsing 2.6k liter telehandler bucket into trailers... oh man, how about if I let that be the LAST TIME, oh my, never again, I feel like crawling out of my skin after that repetitive task for one hour straight Smiley :(

Next sugar beet harvest has to be with proper equipment, I don't care how much it costs and takes away from my cattle and dairy cow operation budget, but I am not going to do this crap no more, that 2.6k liter bucket is horror Smiley :(

But luckily, it will be a long while real time playing hours counting before the next sugar beet harvest is even coming up, so yeah will be no issue to buy good equipment when the time comes.

Next up would be corn harvest but its now raining, need to time accelerate until rain ends. Oct in-game 1315hrs rain ended, we are good to go (in this dumbed down conzole loving FS22 universe haha).

2023-10-15T04:02:00Z Started harvesting corn F29, courseplay, ETA 2hrs 56min.

Oh wow three hours of corn harvest Smiley :)

2023-10-15T04:48:00Z Now its my lunch break ...

2023-10-15T05:15:00Z Feeding time is over, back to chasing combine.

There is still plenty of this corn harvest left, but I already started to check what is the next seasonal event, to my joy it looks like there are no field work tasks before jan silage bale selling day, so just have to dump food for animals, keep spawn points clear and time accelerate, I like it.

I'm really looking forward for that jan silage bale selling because that will definitely propel me to the two million budget and that allows me to get cattle and dairy cow operation going.

2023-10-15T07:49:00Z Finished harvesting corn F29.

This years harvest season is complete, aayeah! Smiley :)

Now just dumping last corn into farm grain bin silo, parking vehicles and then time accelerating while feeding animals until silage highest market price day arrives. I'm hoping I could get the silage bales sold and have a fat stacks budget before going to bed tonight, but dunno how much time I have left or how much longer it takes to feed animals while time accelerating. Its not actually more than three days, so should be more or less quick.

F29 corn harvest yielded 480.8k liters Smiley :)

2023-10-15T07:59:00Z Vehicles are parked away, animals are fed, was just about to start time accelerating but when double checking chicken and sheep farm yard pallet spawning area situation... well one of the chicken coops is completely full now, so need to grab massey ferguson and come to haul some pallets.

2023-10-15T08:12:00Z Got all egg and wool pallets collected away and stacked E side of the farm yard, now I got several days worth of time accelerating freedom.

Nov in-game 0827hrs eggs market price notification came overnight, 4350 at Six Operations Limited and silage is 544. Oh and Pig Barn 1 animals: 360 / 2400 now, happy birthday piglets Smiley :)

Oh right, nov is egg best market price, so guess I'm going to sell some eggs then. Now time accelerating 1000 speed one hour at the time monitoring egg market price, once it stalls or starts to drop, its go time.

At in-game 0908hrs its 4347, ok so its go time already, got it, lets do it. Fire up The MF and haul some eggs. Budget now 1.325m.

Six Operations Limited is almost 7min one way, this will take a while ...

2023-10-15T08:23:00Z Sold eggs at Six Operations Limited for 101.7k. This first load was all the just spawned pallets which were not full egg cartons.

2023-10-15T08:35:00Z Sold eggs at Six Operations Limited for 141.2k.

2023-10-15T08:47:00Z Sold eggs at Six Operations Limited for 139.3k.

2023-10-15T08:59:00Z Sold eggs at Six Operations Limited for 143.1k.

2023-10-15T09:10:00Z Sold eggs at Six Operations Limited for 144.4k.

2023-10-15T09:22:00Z Sold eggs at Six Operations Limited for 40k, this last load was only 9.2k liters as usually almost full loads are 32k liters. For this last load I picked the bottom of the barrel sludge, every single new pallet that spawned, they probably had the bare minimum of eggs.

Budget now 2.035m Smiley :D

Returned massey ferguson to the farm yard and diesel refueled it, she was again running on fumes. Fed chickens as they were 60%. Also sheep barn 4 had no grass bales left so added one. Now its good to go for another day of time acceleration.

Dec in-game 0939hrs its straw best market price today.

2023-10-15T09:41:00Z Started to collect straw bales at F13 edges, two tractors pulling anderson rbm2000 bale collector trailers.

2023-10-15T09:47:00Z At this time I start to feel a bit tired which is odd because I slept whopping 8hrs last night, eyes feel sore / strained, so hmm I doubt after this straw bale selling I have anymore energy to push on for the massive silage bale selling in jan, hmm.

2023-10-15T09:49:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 2.071m.

2023-10-15T09:52:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 2.110m.

2023-10-15T10:03:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 2.149m.

2023-10-15T10:07:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 2.188m.

2023-10-15T10:16:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 2.227m.

2023-10-15T10:19:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 2.242m. This was the last load, not even full, all straw bales sold now.

Sent both tractors with anderson rbm2000 bale collecting trailers to F06 S.

2023-10-15T10:28:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, I'm in full zombi mode now just when my 17hrs been awake alarm came up, its time to catch some Zzz's, more farming tomorrow, nites.

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