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2023-10-20 Making Hay

2023-10-20T05:01:00Z New farming day has started, yesterday finished really abruptly because I almost fall asleep in front of the computer, so today have to see what I got done and proceed from there Smiley :)

This savegame now has 178hrs 12min on it.

Once got in-game I saw that okay F31 corn planting had finished but headland corner missed spots are still to be done, so going to start today by doing those. There was only one missed spot to fix, then autodrive sent fendt 939 vario to seed production building for a refill before parking kinze 3665 planter away for the next planting season.

Hmm next step is to time accelerate one day so can put in second layer of fertilizer on F29, hmm F31 does need herbicide so going to get that done with rubicon 9000 before time accelerating. F07 and F29 are plowed so I'm not going to herbicide spray them as few sources have said that plowing disables weeds, will be interesting to see how it goes.

Purchased a herbicide tank 2.4k times 2, then refilled rubicon 9000.

2023-10-20T05:19:00Z Started herbicide spraying F31, courseplay, ETA 30min.

While herbicide spraying this field and seeing how large it is, I do wonder... is this too large field for one silage bunker, hmm. Maybe I need to buy second bunker if the first one gets full before this field is half way done. Or I could just fill the bunker and then leave rest of the corn to grow into ready to harvest stage and just harvest it to grain.

Grain reminds me, farm grain bin silo 1 is 74% full and silo 2 is 61% full, hmm I think those still can take one corn harvest, but... what about barley and canola, heh, seems like I have now need for additional farm grain bin silos Smiley :o

But I guess that is first world problems, so just good for my animals.

Silage is important, its the key bulk ingredient on cattle / dairy cow feed, grass and straw are very easy to do, straw being the easiest, just bale that crap up and be done with it, hay needs tedding and windrowing so that is a bit more work though. But hay and straw is used much less than silage when making TMR. So I would like to maximize this upcoming corn forage chaff chopping, silage bunker getting full just means I need to buy another one, simple as that.

Worst thing I can think of would be to run out of silage when you have 1000+ head of cattle moo'ing hungrily at the barn and pasture.

2023-10-20T05:47:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F31.

Okay next up is fertilizing F29 once field stage has switched, meaning tomorrow.

May in-game 0907hrs okay then, lets get fertilizing.

2023-10-20T05:59:00Z Started fertilizing F29, courseplay, ETA 42min.

Last field work for this planting season has started, soon it will be all over. Overnight weeds grew to several AI farmer planted fields but not on F07 and F29, so it indeed does look like if you plow that makes weeds go away, good to have confirmation for that now. Plowing is never a solution for weeds, but its a nice bonus on corn and sugar beet planting season that you don't ever have to herbicide spray those fields as plowing takes care of the weeds.

2023-10-20T06:39:00Z Finished fertilizing F29.

Now that corn and sugar beet planting season is done, I should do that grass mowing hay harvest... but heh I just don't feel like starting such a large operation, I recall it was hour or so for each of these field work courses and there was several.

But thinking it about a bit more... I realized that it has to be done, I need hay, its ingredient for TMR so there is no point of putting all the work for silage if you don't do the other ingredients. So guess its time to go grab mowers and get to work, uuh this will take all morning / noon for sure Smiley :(

Diesel refueled massey ferguson and hooked it up with kubota mowers, then send her to F06 N-NE. Purchased diesel fuel to the tank for 6.2k. Diesel refueled fendt 939 vario and did the same shuffle as for The MF.

2023-10-20T06:54:00Z Started mowing grass F06, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 8min.

Okay time to make some hay...

2023-10-20T07:42:00Z Alarm went off, its time to cook food and feast!

2023-10-20T08:05:00Z Finished mowing grass F06.

2023-10-20T08:40:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming.

Dropped off mowers at chicken and sheep farm yard, then picked up tedders from pig farm yard and returned to F06 N-NE.

2023-10-20T08:47:00Z Started tedding grass F06, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 0min.

Now would be perfect time to feed animals, but third tractor is missing from the farm, hmm I'm too cheap to buy one for now, although for extended ploughing operations I would need another powerful tractor so.. but yeah, I just don't feel bold enough to spend money on third tractor right now, I want to keep laser focus on cattle and dairy cow barns next, who knows what equipment I forgot to buy or how much more farmland I need to get or whatever to buy, so I need to preserve my budget. Its now 1.591m so maybe I'm worrying about nothing, but well I can wait to feed the animals if that means saving 150-300k on a third tractor purchase.

2023-10-20T09:41:00Z Finished tedding grass F06. Lead tractor finished, trailing fendt 939 vario will do soon as well.

2023-10-20T09:52:00Z Started windrowing hay F06, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 11min.

Lead tractor finished its course minutes ahead of trailing tractor because courseplay-gui garbage failed once again, it made trailing tractor to back-up very far to neighboring field, then again backing up on F06, it was just bizarre to watch that what the hell is this so called automation tool thinking. But anyways, soon getting another large task done, two more hay operation tasks left...

2023-10-20T11:04:00Z Finished windrowing hay F06.

2023-10-20T11:11:00Z Started baling hay F06, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 52min. This was started from first inner row.

Hay bales 180cm in size are 9k liters.

2023-10-20T12:15:00Z Lead tractor finished inner rows, next, the headland.

2023-10-20T12:32:00Z Finished baling hay F06.

Then one last thing, to collect bales using anderson rbm2000 trailers, plan is the usual; stack them by the side of F06. The giants bale storage building takes 250 bales but right now I already have more than that, 305 bales produced in this farming session.

2023-10-20T12:38:00Z Started collecting hay bales F06.

Piece of crap courseplay-gui garbage v7.3.1.3 is broken, it gives "no path found" every few minutes when collecting bales, NNNGGGH! Smiley :(

2023-10-20T13:15:00Z Finished collecting hay bales F06.

Before even that courseplay-gui garbage failure I decided that once bale collecting is done I'm calling it a night, so once vehicles have been parked... that's what I'm gonna do.

2023-10-20T13:21:00Z Parked vehicles, saved game and exited FS22, good night.

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