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2023-10-02 Welcome To Field Six

2023-10-02T07:26:00Z New farming day has started, woke up and did weekly PMC DevSurf windows update and reboot, now just getting all the software back up, win10 garbage of course messed up some cortana crap into taskbar but got that shit fixed, now getting ready to launch FS22 first time for this week.

This savegame now has 58hrs 30min on it.

Alright, going to refill amazone citan 15001-c seeder in my farm yard. Hmm cant be sure but FS22 sounds more quiet volume now after win10 upgrade, maybe its just me but...

2023-10-02T07:34:00Z Back to seeding grass at F06, courseplay-gui garbage shows 27min 45sec for ETA now. And now, its my time to grab a days first meal, I'm starvin'...

2023-10-02T08:03:00Z Feeding time is over, is my grass field seeded yet?

2023-10-02T08:03:00Z Finished seeding grass F06.

Fertilization by default was 100% for the field definition area, but cultivator_density edges have no fertilization so I'm going to pickup bredal k165 and come to spread some fertilizer on it before grass starts to grow, although I believe you can drive over grass with normal wheels.

2023-10-02T08:09:00Z Started fertilizing F06 cultivator_density edges, manual driving, wont take long.

2023-10-02T08:20:00Z Done, cant see any unfertilized spots in F06 anymore. Now just have to time accelerate until first growth stage triggers so I can put in the second layer of fertilizer. I wont drive tractor to the farm yard, I'm hoping one day skip gets me there.

Saved game and checked production inspector for animals. Chickens check, sheeps check, everything looks OK for one day time acceleration.

Apr in-game 0902hrs overnight got wool best market price alert, but wool selling day is may, so not today. First grass growth stage kicked in, OK back to fertilizing cultivator_density then.

2023-10-02T08:25:00Z Started fertilizing F06 cultivator_density edges, manual driving, wont take long.

2023-10-02T08:37:00Z Finished fertilizing F06 cultivator_density edges. Hmm really strange, on SE corner there is one spot which turns up not fertilized in mapview but... it is fertilized, it doesn't take any more fertilizer, go figure huh.

2023-10-02T08:42:00Z Started fertilizing F13, courseplay ETA 36min.

Going to get my barley field fertilized one stage now before time accelerating some more. While bredal k165 was fertilizing I used landscaping tools to fix the F13 edges which got molested by my courseplay-gui garbage manual custom field painting in mapview, now field edges are fine again and should give no problems on future course generations.

2023-10-02T09:23:00Z Finished fertilizing F13.

This field work course actually finished several minutes ago when I was deep in painting session at landscaping tools.

Fed the chickens, as I was in the tractor cab anyways. Then picked up all egg and wool pallets too, now everything is good to go for at least few days of time accelerating, tomorrow is wool best market price day though so then need to haul some pallet material.

Now again in apr I am getting wool best market price notifications and when I checked crop calendar market price thingy, it indeed is today at apr, seriously what the heck, is FS22 rotating these best market price days as well as the hours on the particular day??? Smiley :?

Well, time to strap in some wool pallets and sell, they are now 3710 at Bean Commodities Ltd selling point.

2023-10-02T09:52:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 48.6k.

Recorded bunch of autodrive network waypoint routes as well.

2023-10-02T10:03:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 52k.

Hauling several strautmann 802 sek autoloading trailer loads of pallets for sell reminds me that I need to research, test and start to use some larger autoloading trailer, this 802 sek is nice and cozy, but its just so small, I want something slightly bigger, not necessarily semi-truck trailer although maybe it would be the logical next step, but just overall a bit bigger trailer to reduce these selling trips.

2023-10-02T10:12:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 55.8k.

These wool load prices vary so much because I'm hauling different size pallets, when the pallets got picked up from sheep barn spawn points they were not full pallets all the time, so all loads so far have had various size pallets in them, hence the price being so different on each load. If I had a bale / pallet warehouse I could "eject" full 1k liter pallets from there, then each load would be the same capacity / value.

2023-10-02T10:21:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 48.7k.

When last wool load was being hauled I already decided that after I park my tractor back to the farm yard its time to call it a day, not sure if I have energy to continue tonight after my real life chores are done, most likely not, but you never know, maybe I need some relaxing and enjoyable farming before going to bed.

2023-10-02T10:30:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 22.2k. This last load was only 6k liters. Budget now 775.4k.

Parked massey ferguson back to the farm yard and shut it off, now its time to shut off FS22.

2023-10-02T10:35:00Z Saved game and shut down FS22, cu next time.

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