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2023-10-08 Busy Day At The Animal Farm

2023-10-08T11:01:00Z New farming day has started, just got up and immediately started FS22 up.

This savegame now has 98hrs 32min on it.

Today I'm going to continue grass silage operation, will bring up massey ferguson with a baler and start to do 150cm grass bales.

2023-10-08T11:05:00Z Started baling grass F06, courseplay ETA 2hrs 22min. This was from first inner row.

Hmm not sure how this is going to work as when this baling field work course finishes, it might already be dark, then if I time accelerate until tomorrow daylight, does this field already change field stages without me being able to fertilize it, hmm. Oh well no big deal if I miss one fertilization stage.

Okay now I'll begin morning computer chores Smiley :)

2023-10-08T11:49:00Z Finished moving yesterdays story text to its own page, now its time to eat days first meal, getting hungry here...

2023-10-08T12:16:00Z Feeding time is over, back to baling grass.

Separated my local notes HTML Copy-paste list page to several sub pages for easier navigation and reading. Getting some housekeeping done. Still 1hrs 11min on the baling field work course to run, uuh takes a while.

2023-10-08T12:57:00Z Hilarious farmsim environmental code / configs, I went to the kitchen, returned through restroom and its pitch black darkness in-game, hehe how did that happen in such a short period of time Smiley ;)

Well, this field work course ends OK as inner rows usually do, but then there is headland which might need some baby sitting, after that bale wrapping... but it will have to be post poned to tomorrow morning daylight, I am not going to work in the darkness.

2023-10-08T13:46:00Z Inner rows just finished, but as said its now pitch black darkness I cant see crap, I'll try to find this field work courses first waypoint, but collisions with existing bales and so on, dunno if its possible to finish headland in the dark, but I'll give it a try...

Well look at that, I found first waypoint almost without an effort just by following the field edge counter clockwise, go figure.

2023-10-08T14:16:00Z Finished baling grass F06.

Now I'm so tired its just snoozing off at the computer, need to take a nap which sucks but what can ya do.

2023-10-08T16:05:00Z Back.

Next need to time accelerate to the morning daylight. Checked animals from production inspector, everyone's stats were good, OK started 1000 speed time acceleration overnight as I have seed production running which would freeze on normal 5000 speed.

Jul in-game 0451hrs good morning PMC Super Six 6km, today begins very early, need to get things done. Quickly on debug camera flew around the field to check that there are no more grass leftovers, there was not, then drove tractor and baler back to chicken and sheep farm yard, picked up bale wrapper and came back to F06. Seed production building has now 102.3k liters of seeds ready, nice.

2023-10-08T16:16:00Z Attempted to start wrapping bales but courseplay-gui garbage kept saying finished work and showed 0 bales left, then I tried manually and game said this bale size is not supported, then checked the bale from info box and it was 7.5k liters which I believe is 180cm round bale. This is strange as I did put baler from F1 help menu into 150cm bale mode before starting baling with courseplay-gui garbage field work course.

Back to farm yard, dropped of bale wrapper as I have nothing to wrap (sigh), checked baler by hooking it up to massey ferguson and F1 menu shows 180cm round bales selected, wonder if it always default to this after unhooking it or did I actually leave it to 180cm to begin with, dunno. I do frigging remember setting the bale size before starting, so dunno what went wrong there. Okay so now I have a field full of grass bales which pay basically least money of all bale types, sucks ass Smiley :(

2023-10-08T16:21:00Z Started collecting grass bales F06.

This really pisses me off now, the whole frigging point of this grass mowing operation was to skyrocket my farm to cattle / dairy cow operations budget, but that ain't happening with grass bales! Smiley :(

I love collecting bales but now I hated this whole process because of these worthless grass bales Smiley :(

2023-10-08T17:14:00Z Finished collecting grass bales F06.

Well that sucked, bad. I left fully laden anderson rbm2000 with 180cm grass round bales by the side of F06, moving on to a next seasonal event now trying to forget this silage fiasco. One more day to time accelerate and then its canola planting season, so F08 awaits.

Purchased 2 * 2k liters of liquid fertilizer for 6.4k. Dumped them into seed production building. Checked Pig Barn 1 slurry: 100.9k liters now, nice round number, soon I'll need to start thinking about buying a slurry spreader.

Purchased 4 * 1k liters of solid fertilizer for 7.2k, refilled bredal k165, going to fertilize F06 so I can put this grass harvest behind me...

2023-10-08T17:26:00Z Started fertilizing F06, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 0min.

This is perfect time to grab a lunch...

2023-10-08T17:53:00Z Feeding time is over, back to bredal k165 fertilizing F06.

2023-10-08T18:24:00Z Finished fertilizing F06.

Drove bredal k165 to pig farm yard and saved game, then was looking at production inspector and date, hmm nothing else to do other than to time accelerate until tomorrow when canola planting season begins.

Aug in-game 0627hrs canola planting season has begun. More pigs were born, Pig Barn 1 is now 540 / 2400 animals, heh oh wow over five hundred pigs now, this is going to be big time animal stuff in no time! Smiley :o

Pig Barn 1 slurry: 122.8k. I really need to buy slurry spreader real soon, perhaps after canola planting. Drove massey ferguson 8s.305 back to chicken and sheep farm yard, saved game, again.

- tractor 385hp fendt 939 vario with twin wheels and guidancesteering 355.5k
- weight agco 1.1k kg 1.1k

2023-10-08T18:46:00Z Purchased the above list, now I have a good medium to small large size tractor, cool! Smiley :D

Hooked amazone citan 15001-c to fendt 939 vario, then refilled seeds for the amazone and headed off to F33 N which is just south from my F08 where canola will be planted next. This canola field work might take a while, this seeder is only 15m wide but at least it goes 18km/h, still F08 is no small field so could take a moment, only thing I'm wondering now... does it need a refill or not. At some point I need to buy a pickup truck redneck style and seed tender so I can haul seeds to the empty seeders / planters on the fields.

Amazone citan 15001-c could also be running its last laps for my farm, soon after cattle / dairy cow operation is established I need to upgrade to big bourgault air drill seeder. At some point in the future I need to buy even larger or just more fields and at that time I will not be running this pesky amazone citan 15001-c anymore.

2023-10-08T18:54:00Z Started seeding canola F08, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 11min.

Here I go with my new Fendt 939 Vario tractor, whohoo! Smiley ;)

Fendt 939 vario pulls the seeder cleanly 18km/h no dipping below that speed, works very well. I chose 939 over the biggest one because I have nostalgia for this model from FS19 PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Start From Zero savegame Smiley :)

2023-10-08T19:35:00Z Seed production building ran out of barley, its now got 165.3k liters of seeds, that should last for a few planting seasons.

2023-10-08T20:02:00Z Finished seeding canola F08.

Aayeah canola is on the ground, nicely done Smiley :)

Purchased 3 * 2k liter herbicide tanks for 7.2k, refilled rubicon 9000. Drove by F29 and marveled my beautifully growing corn field, Mmm... makes me wanna have some corn flakes.

2023-10-08T20:15:00Z Started herbicide spraying F08, courseplay, ETA 18min.

Again no field ground texture color change, oh well guess I've forgotten how FS22 field textures work, I always recall the color changing to "dark wet" after field is sprayed / spread, guess not then, at least when it comes to herbicide. I must say though, it feels just so unnatural to spray / spread without showing any difference in the field texture type, very uncomfortable. It would be horror if you drive using GPS and have to go back to the farm yard for a refill, how do you know where was it that you last sprayed? Exactly, you don't.

- slurry spreader 34.5k liters 16km/h samson pg ii 35 202.5k
- slurry distributor 36m 16km/h samson sbh4 36 125k

2023-10-08T20:29:00Z Purchased the above list, budget now 488k.

Then refilled samson pg ii 35 with 34.5k liters of slurry and headed over to F33 N. Have to say, fendt 939 vario pulls this full slurry spreader quite sluggishly on the road, hopefully it doesn't mean its the same on the field. Samson PG II 35 horsepower requirements are 300hp while my fendt 939 vario has 385hp, should be enough.

2023-10-08T20:34:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F08.

2023-10-08T20:36:00Z Started slurry spreading F08, courseplay, ETA 35min.

Ahh the sweet juicy slurry into the field, cool Smiley :D

2023-10-08T20:41:00Z Samson PG II 35 ran out of slurry, it was the third headland corner, so 34.5k liters of slurry wont last even for one full headland, this is going to be a refill nightmare, I wonder if the 120k-some liters of slurry in Pig Barn 1 even lasts for one stage in F08, heh this is crazy. Nothing new of course, but yeah still shocking.

2023-10-08T20:56:00Z Got samson pg ii 35 refilled with slurry, recorded some more autodrive network waypoint routes again, just now returned to F08 W target point and fendt 939 vario back spreading slurry.

2023-10-08T21:01:00Z Ran out of slurry Smiley :)

Autodrive took over and drives fendt 939 vario to target point called "Pig Barn 1" which is what it says and also at the same time slurry pickup point. When I get more money I'll buy semi-truck, garant slurry tanker trailer and the box-y looking garant field refill point trailer, then these slurry spreading tasks get much more enjoyable as slurry spreader tractor doesn't have to drive a long way for each refill.

After this refill I went to check Pig Barn 1 slurry status and was disappointed to see only 21.5k liters left, dunno if its worth to refill next time, I might just switch over to bredal k165 and finish this fertilizing task. Next planting season there will be much more slurry to use.

2023-10-08T21:17:00Z Ran out of slurry, again Smiley :)

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k. Refilled bredal k165 and autodrive sent massey ferguson to F08 W.

2023-10-08T21:23:00Z Bredal k165 continues fertilizing F08, me driving with GPS.

2023-10-08T21:39:00Z Finished slurry / solid fertilizer spreading F08.

Planting season for this year is over! Smiley :D

Argh, sorry I spoke too soon, barley planting season just begins next month Smiley :(

But oh well barley goes to the ground easily with amazone citan 15001-c on F13, no problemos. During this time I spent finishing fertilizing F08 there had been no slurry accumulating in Pig Barn 1. Not that it would have helped but I just found it curious.

At in-game 1226hrs after a short 1000 speed time acceleration pig barn 1 is out of base food, protein and root crops, okay need to do yet another refill with penta db50 trailer with store bought pig food big bags, hopefully this is now last as all pig food ingredient crops have been planted and on their way growing to be harvested. Not sure if pigs would retain 100% health just by barley, I don't think so otherwise whats the point of the other foods, so I'm going to do one more pig food shuffle even though I hate it.

Purchased 8 * big bag of 1k liters pig food for 7.2k * 2. Refilled penta db50 and then dumped that 16k liters of pig food into pig barn 1. Hopefully this lasts until at least corn harvest is done.

Sep in-game 0749hrs barley planting season has begun. Hooked amazone citan 15001-c to fendt 939 vario and autodrive sent it to chicken and sheep farm yard. Refilled seeds in amazone citan 15001-c, then headed to F13.

2023-10-08T21:58:00Z Started seeding barley F13, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 10min.

Pigs did ran out of food last night again, man those 540 pigs are hungry, so purchased 8 * big bag of 1k liters pig food for 7.2k * 2 and did the same shuffle as just above. Drove massey ferguson to chicken and sheep farm yard, then fed sheep barn 2. Hooked up brantner with massey ferguson, refilled the trailer with barley and then fed chickens. Okay all good on chicken farm again, soon spawn points start to get full but will take another day at least.

At this point fendt 939 vario and seeder had 57min of work left to do, hmm so what am I going to do during that hour, hmm hmm. Heh, well F06 would be grass ready to harvest again ... Smiley :p

Its just that 57min is not nearly enough time for another tractor to mow and bale that field, so starting it now would be kind of useless, well I mean guess I could continue it later but nah, I want to do one field in one go. Now I'll wait for F13 barley seeding to finish, then time acceleration for tomorrow and start to harvest sugar beets from F07.

2023-10-08T22:39:00Z Alarm went off for my days third meal and at the same time seeder was 398 liters left, so quick refill and then my feeding time...

2023-10-08T23:06:00Z Feeding time is over, back to seeding barley.

2023-10-08T23:07:00Z Finished seeding barley F13. However something went wrong on second headland in the W side of the field, seeder guess bugged out with geometry and started bouncing, as there are missed spots in the field on even distances, so have to go fix those manually.

2023-10-08T23:11:00Z All done, barley has been seeded.

Purchased 2k liter herbicide tank for 2.4k, refilled it to rubicon 9000, then drove sprayer to F13.

2023-10-08T23:18:00Z Started herbicide spraying F13, courseplay, ETA 18min.

Used massey ferguson to pickup bredal k165 from pig farm yard and brought it to F13, its ready and waiting green light when rubicon 9000 is done its job.

2023-10-08T23:36:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F13.

2023-10-08T23:37:00Z Started fertilizing F13, courseplay, ETA 38min.

2023-10-09T00:13:00Z Finished fertilizing F13.

Oct in-game 0808hrs overnight Pig Barn 1 ran out of food, another set of pig good needed, this is just nuts. Took massey ferguson to pig farm yard, purchased two times 8 big bags of pig food and refilled penta db50 trailer before dumped it to pig feed silo. This stuff is really starting to get old, I don't think I can do this many times anymore, its just way too painful.

Oh corn is also harvest ready! Yeah buddy, I wanna do corn harvest first, time to break out the claas lexion 8900 Smiley :)

Purchased diesel fuel to my fuel tank for 4.1k, then refilled claas lexion 8900 as it was running low. Hmm now I'm wondering though, where do I put corn grain, umm in general I recall that meridian flat bottom bin 3608 only accepts one crop... but those unia farma whatever grain bins accept as many crops as there is free space, hmm now I'm not so sure if 3608 would accept as well, I could just store this corn harvest into chicken and sheep farm yard grain bin instead of buying new one for pig farm yard. Hmm Hmm.

Dunno though, probably easier to just buy another one for the pig farm yard, its then dedicated to pig food crops.

2023-10-09T00:35:00Z Sent claas lexion 8900 with corn head by F29 W using autodrive, however then I was watching my sleep schedule clock and the size of F29 corn field... and decided that I am going to call it an early night tonight instead of burning myself out trying to harvest that big corn field with 12m corn head most likely failing. So saved game and exited FS22, good night.

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