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2023-09-28 Baling Work

2023-09-28T04:42:00Z New farming day has started, just woke up from long 8hrs good night sleep and now I'm energetic to put on some work in this animal care farm. Today's goal is to sell more eggs and make a decision how to grow the farm, buy something, being it farmland or vehicles.

This savegame now has 33hrs 31min on it.

Okay so yesterday had to cut FS22 game-play short because 30FPS performance due having several GPU hogging programs running on the background, now I have none (well firefox is but its got just static simple PMC web page tabs doing nothing), so going to finish F13 CP-01 section straw baling. Edit: 2024-03-11 actually I recently learned that thunderbird and firefox hardware acceleration setting causes it to use GPU, if that option is unticked then it uses CPU. This option unticked frees GPU to do other things, all my stutter issues with OBS capturing etc desktop programs (not farmsim game) disappeared when I disabled that option. I'm not saying that FS22 would now run 60FPS with three firefox dialogs open etc, but at least if you have to run it during heavy firefox etc usage, it might, MIGHT, run a bit better. But in the end nvidia GTX 1060 3gb GPU only has that much VRAM so I think 4k triple screen setup just would need at least over ten gigs of VRAM, the more the better.

Started courseplay-gui garbage field work course from first waypoint, doing those three headlands now.

I was thinking about this already last night, but splitting up F13 into three smaller sections was a good idea to reduce the field work time and give me the opportunity to have grass and barley harvests, however on the long run having these "CP-01", "CP-02" sections, ugly dividers on the field and that my drawn field edges are not very accurate... it just all annoys me greatly and I want to go back to original F13 setup. So was thinking that hmm maybe after I finish this barley straw baling and bales have been collected to the sides of F13, I would mow, bale and collect grass bales on the CP-02 and CP-03 sections and after all this work I would destroy the smaller sections and return F13 to its original 18ha glory regardless of how many hours it takes to work it with 6m seeder alike equipment.

By the time I collect all these straw and grass bales, sell most of them, sell eggs... my current 603.9k budget whould be enough to buy another farmland with a new field which could be my dedicated grass field then.

Yes it would not solve any issue with field work taking hours and hours with 6m kuhn seeder and new holland ch7.70 8.5m header combine harvester, but hey... at least I would have gotten rid of this annoying field split setup and if field work takes too long, just split the work up to two gaming days then.

BTW so wonderful to play FS22 again with rock solid 60FPS performance, yesterday all the GUI using programs I had running really punished my nvidia GTX 1060 3gb GPU, hopefully sometime in the future I could upgrade PMC DevSurf video card to something powerful. Or I could just migrate this savegame and mod-set to PMC Gaming which is dedicated gaming computer with nvidia RTX 3060 TUF Gaming 12gb GPU on single monitor peasant setup.

2023-09-28T04:58:00Z Finished baling straw F13 CP-01 section.

Alright, now just going around the field to grab any leftover piles and then its all done.

2023-09-28T05:02:00Z Leftover piles mopped up, got one (1) single 180cm round bale of straw out of them, what a waste of time.

Then drove massey ferguson to the farm yard, dropped off baler and hooked up to anderson rbm2000 bale collector.

2023-09-28T05:10:00Z All bales collected to the side of F13. Only got one full 24 bale load and then few more single bales.

At farm yard dropped off anderson rbm1000 bale collector, diesel refueled massey ferguson as it was getting low on gogo juice. Hooked up to kubota mower, now its grass mowing time.

2023-09-28T05:14:00Z Started mowing grass F13 CP-02 section, courseplay ETA 35min.

And with that, its my days first meal break, I'm hungry...

2023-09-28T05:38:00Z Feeding time is over, back to grass mowing.

Still 8min on field work course ETA. Okay waiting... I am very enthusiastic to get CP-02 and CP-03 grass moving complete and then destroy these field drawings, to get back to original F13. Then while grass bales only pay 145 per 1k liters, I'll sell these excess grass bales off as I have plenty of sheep feed at the farm yard, I'll probably move to a new farm yard before sheeps eat through all those 180cm grass round bales. Money from eggs, grass and straw sales should be enough to give me good options to grow the farm, still have not decided if its farmland or vehicles, I doubt budget would allow both, but will have to see when everything has been sold off. But yeah very enthusiastic for todays farming session, its not going to be my regular 17hrs hardcore day as my real life chores begin in several hours from now, but I'll try to keep going as long as possible, try not to open all the software tools which eat GPU power so I can maintain enjoyable 60FPS FS22 game-play.

2023-09-28T05:46:00Z Finished mowing grass F13 CP-02 section.

2023-09-28T05:47:00Z Started mowing grass F13 CP-03 section, courseplay ETA 37min.

Jumping right into CP-03, gotta get the job done quick. While mower was running and I had nothing but time in my hands got to think, hmm is it just waste of time to windrow this 10.2m meter mower field work course as the windrower is only 14.7m width and goes I recall 15km/h, so any more collected windrows you can get done are a moot point because it takes more time to windrow + bale than to simply run baler on the mower field work course. Hmm hmm, dunno, would actually need to test it and calculate the time together. I think on overall ballbark... it would be just faster to bale directly after mower, especially as this kubota rear hitch mower has the dropping swath option that already makes a narrow single swath instead of regular three swaths from one cut. Yeah, I'm going to throw baler straight into this mower field work course and see how it goes.

Still 27min to go as I'm typing this, it would be so cool to have another small tractor now which could already be baling CP-02. But I don't have one and don't want to make any quick buys, I need to keep my eye on the long term bigger picture plan.

2023-09-28T06:20:00Z Finished mowing grass F13 CP-03 section.

Was thinking of going to mop up places which courseplay-gui garbage missed, but nah, as I just explained above, speed is the key here, off to the next field work task.

2023-09-28T06:24:00Z Started baling grass F13 CP-02 section, courseplay ETA 37min.

This field work course was started from nearest waypoint at the first inner row, going to do headland last to avoid bale collisions. The previous windrower following field work course took 28min, so about ten minutes shorter, but you have to add to that how long the actual windrower course took which I recall is pretty long time with its slow 15km/h speed.

Made a list of all the farmland areas near my current farm yard, plus all the farm yard farmlands. Those other farm yard areas are quite cheap, most expensive one is 50k and others are 20-30k range. Should be easy to purchase few of those, maybe one for cattle / cows and other for pigs, hmm not sure. Or I could go the spam route and buy one more farm yard and setup further four chicken coops there, seems like eggs are massive profit makers as all you need to do is to harvest barley, feed it to the chickens and then haul massive amounts of eggs for sell to get those hundreds of thousands of profits.

Dunno, it kind of feels like cheating, but heh I mean it is not, technically it is not, you are feeding the chickens and haul product for sell, if you simply time accelerate then number one chickens don't produce any eggs without feed and number two, no product (eggs) get hauled to the selling point, so no, its not cheating no matter how much it feels like it Smiley :)

Wicked! Smiley :o

When I'm thinking about growing my farm, its becoming clear I need to get rid of that pussy cry-baby attitude that "boohooo field work takes 3hrs!!1" for example on F13 harvesting with 8.5m header, it takes as long as it takes, if you don't want to suffer buy better equipment, bitch Smiley :)

With that in mind I'm leaning more and more towards buying another field so I could keep F13 as barley field for chickens and new field would be grass for sheeps.

New field plan basically has only one option, to buy farmland ID 31 which has F06 on it, its just down the road from my farm yard and its 33.4ha in size, yeah that is one massive grass field or perhaps if you want to switch it around that make F06 barley and F13 grass as sheeps don't consume so much grass. Yeah that sounds about right.

Another thought is that since sheeps don't consume so much grass and I already have farm yard full of 180cm grass round bales, I might just keep F13 at least for one season as barley field, once sheeps eat those grass reserves I could go back to grass on F13. This of course is slightly wasteful as once you seed a grass field, it only needs to be fertilized ONCE between every mowing / harvest which is great time saver, it would be wasted time to switch a field between grass and barley, hmm so yeah giving it a more though yeah I'm not going to do that, its a new dedicated grass field or make F13 grass which ever case it might be.

Maybe a better plan can be achieved after I'm done selling all the straw and grass bales from this current harvest season. Having said all that mumbo jumbo above, I'm still not looking forward to buying a new 33ha field and then spend 5+ hrs working on it with 6m seeder and 8.5m harvester header Smiley ;)

One thing I'm really proud of in this savegame... is the fact that I have done 0 contracts and sold 0 liters of grain Smiley :)

2023-09-28T07:05:00Z Finished inner rows, now beginning headland from first waypoint.

2023-09-28T07:11:00Z Finished baling grass F13 CP-02 section.

I'm not going to bother mopping up courseplay-gui garbage field work leftovers, its just not worth my time.

2023-09-28T07:13:00Z Started baling grass F13 CP-03 section, courseplay ETA 34min, inner row.

Here I go, last grass field. Getting it done.

2023-09-28T07:51:00Z Finished inner rows, now starting the headland from first waypoint.

2023-09-28T08:08:00Z Finished baling grass F13 CP-03 section.

Aaah grass baling is done, last one for F13 CP-02 and CP-03 sections! Whohoo Smiley :)

2023-09-28T08:11:00Z Grass bale collecting begins now, plan is to put bales in a big piles on the side of F13 where they wait until grass best market selling price day comes.

2023-09-28T08:37:00Z Finished collecting and stacking bales along the sides of F13 Smiley :)

Deleted courseplay-gui garbage custom fields CP-01, CP-02 and CP-03, ahh now I feel good Smiley :)

2023-09-28T08:39:00Z Started fertilizing F13, courseplay ETA 36min.

One more field work before time acceleration continues to the next seasonal event, no idea what that will be but it should be one of the product selling days. Its again very satisfying to watch bredal k165 crawl 18km/h around the field which is peppered with grass and one straw round bale piles Smiley :)

As a technical note, those over hundred bales around F13 edges do not cause any performance FPS issues for my GTX 1060 3gb GPU.

Was just thinking about the future of F13, I could keep it as barley field especially if I left those grass bale piles around it for sheep feed, they would last probably years. But hmm I do want to buy F06 and hmm not sure which one would be best suited for barley. Also selling every product I have would give me more options to grow the farm, the current grass bale piles at the farm yard alone will last for sheep feed for a very long time.

2023-09-28T09:14:00Z Finished fertilizing F13.

Saved game, then out of curiosity checked savegame Items.xml file and there are 398 bales. Not too bad. Then checked out crop calendar for the next seasonal event in my savegame, unfortunately its on sep barley planting season. Even though I slept very good 8hrs last night, I'm (or was?) oozing with enthusiasm, after all that talk about keeping fields in original shape... I really don't want to start was it 2hrs 50min seeding field work course using that kuhn seeder. Hmm. I could of course buy a bigger seeder, that amazone citan 15001-c would be the suitable candidate as I don't have any other mod seeders loaded. Hmm hmm.

Yes I can definitely say I will not use that 6m kuhn seeder anymore for field of this size (18ha) as F13.

Deleted courseplay-gui garbage CP-01, CP-02 and CP-03 files and directories, saved game once again. Then took a quick restroom break to stretch my legs a bit and to decide what I want to do next...

Unfortunately after thinking about it I decided to start my real life chores already now, so this was today's farming session unless something happens or that I have a lot of energy tonight after my chores are done, hard to say.

2023-09-28T09:30:00Z Saved game one more time and shutdown FS22, it was a great baling farming session, cant wait to continue growing farm on the next session.

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