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2023-10-03 Baling The Six

2023-10-03T05:44:00Z New farming day has started, just woke up, got mandatory computer morning chores done, then it was time to farm but honestly... I have no idea whats the next seasonal task at hand, or farm progression, have no plan or even enthusiasm for farming but its one of those funny things that "what else would I do?" heh.

This savegame now has 61hrs 36min on it.

Okay was greeted in-game at almost pitch black dark apr in-game 1951hrs, ran across the farm yard and checked production inspector, everything is good to go for time acceleration.

May in-game 0928hrs overnight property maintenance fees -1369, getting pretty expensive. F06 grass is now ready to harvest, guess I'll grab the kubota mower kit and get started, would be nice to see the mower go while I'm eating days first meal.

First diesel refueled massey ferguson, dunno if I'm really putting in hours on this tractor or does it have a tiny fuel tank or something as it feels like I have to refuel it all the time.

2023-10-03T05:57:00Z Started mowing grass F06, courseplay ETA 2hrs 13min.

Oh wow two hours, well ... that leaves me plenty of time to eat days first meal and even ALT-TAB for some other computer stuff heh. What I like about mowing grass field work course is that there is no refills, no refuels (as I just did) no nothing, it just runs alone uninterrupted without needing any babysitting. But obviously the downside of this is that... its two hours of boredom, cant do nothing but watch tractor running on the field back and forth.


2023-10-03T05:59:00Z Going to grab a days first meal...

2023-10-03T06:28:00Z Feeding time is over, back to mowing grass.

Now... umm what do I do now, over movie duration left in this field work course and all I can do is sit here. Well I could run around the terrain making plans for farm expansion of course, but how long does that take, few minutes maybe.

After finishing making list of grass, hay, silage and straw market prices I checked bale wrapper specifications, seems like FS22 only allows 125-150cm wrapped bales, it will not do 180cm bale wrapping. This might cause an issue if you bale grass to 180cm size and then your bale wrapper only supports up to 150cm size.

Silage is the most valuable of these field produced goods, then comes hay and last are grass and straw sharing the last position, grass average price is higher than straw but both of their highest price is the same.

Was thinking that because F06 is so huge, produces so much grass, so many bales that its way WAY overkill for my four sheep barns, that maybe I should get a bale wrapper, do most of the bales as silage and then sell it for profit. Not sure how that would work, maybe do the inner rows as 150cm grass bales for wrapping into silage, then two headlands as 180cm for sheep feed. Dunno if it gets too complicated.

Actually my farm yard still has so many grass 180cm round bales that it will last for a long time as sheep feed, I might as well wrap bales for silage for this whole grass field now, get the big money.

2023-10-03T07:54:00Z Finished mowing grass F06.

Its also interesting logistics stuff, how much does bale wrapper cost, would silage bales pay enough to cover the cost of that wrapper? Hmm anderson ifx720 xtractor can do 180cm silage bales, but its that odd worm alike tube wrapping thing, hmm I don't think you can cut out individual bales from there, so its not really a 180cm round bale wrapper after all (right?).

I arrived with kuhn vb 3190 baler to F06 N-NE and still hadn't decided what size to bale, to wrap 150cm or not to wrap 180cm, hmm hmm. Lazy easiest option would be to just do what I did before, bale 180cm round bales of grass, feed them to sheep and sell most of it. But then again, silage bales are almost four times more valuable than grass bales (154 vs 586), so yeah there is tons of money to be made if I were to wrap these into silage. Of course is the money worth it the extra work it takes to wrap grass bales, hmm indeed.

2023-10-03T08:07:00Z Started baling grass F06, courseplay ETA 2hrs 21min.

Decided at the end to do 150cm round bales of grass, if I regret this decision I can simply just not wrap them into silage, but yeah going to buy a bale wrapper and do 150cm silage bales for sell, its good 586 money per thousand liters so should make crazy profit from this fields grass.

Oh and 2hrs 21min for the inner rows field work course, heh yeah this will take a while, I highly doubt I can get baling, wrapping and especially selling the silage bales done before my real life chores begin. But I'll proceed one hour, one step, at the time...

Baling field work is not 100% hands free, if there is a bad spot on the field or how bale rolls out, tractor might get stuck "blocked by an object" on the field, so this is a babysitting field work course unfortunately. Most likely any collisions would only come at the headland though, I don't see you collide with bales you leave behind when you work the center / inner rows away from the dropped bales, but yeah dunno, its still not 100% hands free for sure, you cant trust courseplay-gui garbage to get through the bale filled field.

One grass / silage 150cm bale is 5.5k liters. Well I mean, I assume silage is the same amount of liters, would be strange if it somehow changed liters amount just by fermenting, but who knows.

If I'll buy a bale wrapper, most likely that cheapest kverneland for only 22k or so, then sell all these silage bales, the profit I'm gonna get will definitely propel me to the pigs farm yard and hogg shed with all related equipment, who knows maybe even a first cattle shed, not sure though because cattle shed + silage, TMR etc equipment will cost arm and a leg. But for pigs, yes definitely this field of silage is my ticket to the hogg kingdom.

Was trying to yawn to see if I would be tired enough to go take a nap while baler is running for TWO hours, hah its funny Smiley :)

Selling bales and animal products, this is a "Animal Game-mode" savegame, I realized that so far I have not sold a single liter of grain or done ANY contracts which is awesome, however if I were to just mow grass fields, sold silage bales to reach big money farmer status... hmm would that still be strictly ANIMAL game-mode or would it turn into something else to just grind money? Hmm interesting Smiley :?

My plan now is not to do any contracts or sell any grain, because then this savegame would turn into just another Start From Zero type, well more or less. Animal game-mode has to be 100% about the animals, otherwise whats the point, I'd rather play regular Start From Zero in that case. In fact after been playing animal stuff for couple of weeks I already greatly miss my good old Start From Zero savegames with those massive grain (soybeans) operations.

This is where I would really need a second tractor to trail behind baler to wrap / collect those bales, but even though in a long run it would be required, buying an new tractor (to pull grass equipment and seeder), right now it would feel like an overkill, any silage bales would not pay for a big tractor for sure. But I am lookout for fendt 939 vario with twin wheels as it would be great for pulling grain cart and seeder, on the long run. In the far future it could be even used to level silage bunker or haul corn chaff from the corn field using big 55k liter trailer. But for now, negative, wont be spending that much money just to make this grass field operation easier / faster.

2023-10-03T08:32:00Z Okay getting some nice yawns out of myself, its still 1hrs 58min left in these inner rows, I'm off to take a nap (to spend the time faster)...

2023-10-03T10:04:00Z Nap time is over, back to watching baler do grass bales.

Was freaky to take a nap because windows 10 screensaver did not engage while FS22 was running on the background, that is new to me, I thought it only needs to have the active foreground task / program not moving or doing anything to make screensaver engage, for example I can render videos just fine and screensaver engages. Oh well lesson learned there. Although I very rarely take a nap while FS19 or FS22 is running, I always shut them down during sleep, but this nap was specifically taken because there was literally nothing to do except watch tractor drive on short sprints and eject a bale before continuing for two long boring hours Smiley :)

About baling grass, there are now dizzying number of bales on F06 and field work course still has 29min to go. Game stats show 233 bales produced. If I were to start wrapping these bales for silage, it would probably take, 3hrs maybe, what I recall the bale wrapper takes much longer than baling, hmm or does it, I think it does, although it doesn't need to collect the grass for the bale but yeah still I recall wrapping silage bales is a slow going operation. So I will not finish this F06 grass baling today, I don't have enough time to wrap the bales before my real life chores begin. In fact I'll probably stop playing for today once baling field work is done.

Next time, absolutely sure for next time, I have to get another tractor to wrap & collect bales, when the work is divided between tractors like that, then it becomes enjoyable, but like this just watching tractor do 2hrs field works is not very enjoyable. At least I get bored. Yes sure I could watch real life farming videos on either of my triple screen setup free monitors now, but hmm nah, just don't somehow feel like it.

2023-10-03T10:16:00Z Actually now on the last leg of this baling field work, I'll start to prepare the web page files for this animal game-mode story, so far I have just written this story into a single text file.

2023-10-03T10:43:00Z Now the inner rows baling finished, next up is the headland where most likely there will be some collisions, but this should go by relatively quickly.

2023-10-03T11:10:00Z Finished baling grass F06.

Uuah that was a long field work. Spent last portion of it moving and proof reading this story text to its first page 1 web page. I'm looking at the time of day and hmm yeah will just park massey ferguson back to the farm yard and then its time to call it a day, my real life chores begin shortly so I'm going to get started with them a bit early today. With todays nap, will be interesting to see if I'll have energy left this evening that will I start bale wrapping tonight before crashing to bed, I doubt it but we'll see.

2023-10-03T11:14:00Z Parked massey ferguson at the farm yard, saved game and shutdown FS22, cu next time.

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