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2023-11-04 First Silage Operation

2023-11-04T20:38:00Z New farming day has started, feeling extra bored today again and been just idling without able to do anything, now somehow my fingers instructed computer to launch FS22, lets see what happens...

This savegame now has 192hrs 19min on it.

On previous farming session barley harvest and straw bale collecting got done, next up is canola and corn harvests which includes corn forage silage operation.

Looks like animals are all fed and egg / wool pallet spawning areas still have enough free space, OK so animals are fine now.

Jul in-game 0623hrs rise and shine, its time to harvest some canola as its ready to harvest stage. Okay starting to move harvesting fleet towards F08.

Hmm farm grain bin silo capacities are 66% and 88%, most likely this canola harvest still fits in those but the corn harvest might not fit. Speaking of corn, F29 and F31 are now corn 4/6 growth stage, so cant get forage chaff operation started yet today.

2023-11-04T20:52:00Z Started harvesting canola F08, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 45min.

Canola harvest, aayeah gimme those black oily pearls Smiley :)

Now that a long field work course started and I have more time to think its good to write down some notes. So yeah today I woke up and straight outta bed was really bored, could not get nothing started, I managed after huge struggle to create and write PMC Tactical ArmA 3 Dev Diary web page, so guess that's something. But after that I took a nap just because I was so bored, staring at empty computer screen waiting for RSS news to arrive, had to do something so nap was my only hope to get into more motivated mood, sometimes it works. After getting up was still bored but somehow like said above I just launched FS22 and here I am. Now I feel very enthusiastic to farm in general, but more specifically to finally get into cattle / dairy cows by starting that corn chaff forage harvest going on for silage bunker, I cant wait! Smiley :)

But first have to get this canola harvest done, some pig food, well one ingredient anyways.

While claas lexion 8900 was crawling along the canola field I was thinking... when my farm grows, when next farmlands (fields) are bought, where do I store all the grain that comes out of those fields, some of them will be for silage but I'll probably need more pig food ingrediends so barley, corn, canola and sugar beets. Guess I could buy one more meridian flat bottom bin 3609 at the chicken and sheep farm yard, hmm.

2023-11-04T21:50:00Z Another penta db50 55k liter canola load dumped into farm grain bin silo 2, its capacity is now 98% full, so next load needs to be dumped into the other bin which requires conveyall auger pipe moving which always sucks.

On next canola load farm grain bin silo 2 became full, then drove conveyall auger pipe to grain bin silo 1 and continued canola dump there.

2023-11-04T22:38:00Z Finished harvesting canola F08.

Drove fendt 939 vario to pig barn yard, dropped off kinze 1121 harvest commander and hooked up samson pg ii 35 slurry spreader which was already 100% full so good to go. Pig Barn 1 has 187.4k liters of slurry, hopefully that is enough to fertilize one layer of F08, cant remember how much this size field takes.

2023-11-04T22:50:00Z Started spreading slurry F08, courseplay, ETA 37min.

Aahh juicy smelly steaming slurry Smiley :p

2023-11-04T22:53:00Z Last canola load dumped into farm grain bin silo 1, its capacity now 79% with 127.8k liters of canola, grain bin silo 2 has 300.4k liters of canola.

2023-11-04T22:55:00Z Slurry spreading headland was about half way done when it ran out of slurry, I didn't have autodrive courseplay sync button selected so had to do it now and click play to sent slurry spreader for a refill loop.

2023-11-04T23:05:00Z Slurry spreader back on F08 and fertilizing again.

After F08 has been fertilized I would kind of like to plow the slurry under, then put in the other layer assuming Pig Barn 1 has enough slurry left, if not then bredal k165 solid fertilizer, but this ripping would be completely role play bullcrap, I don't have to do it technically, could just direct drill canola again and then put the second layer of fertilizer. Dunno.

2023-11-04T23:13:00Z Out of slurry, refill loop begins.

Again didn't even notice "this morning", Pig Barn 1 animals: 720 / 2400 now, happy birthday piglets Smiley :)

Should be starting to get a lot of slurry soon with that many pigs. Cant wait for a day when cattle and pigs produce enough manure and slurry so I can sell off bredal k165 or at least retire it, keep it only for emergencies, will be so cool to fertilize all my fields with animal dung.

Sounds stupid but I like this field work right now, this savegame is currenly not just about reaching some goal with whatever means necessary, I simply enjoy slurry spreading and guess I'll run ripper to this field after its done, will be some good farming Smiley :)

Oh BTW I highly doubt that 187k liters of slurry is enough for this field, I have barely got headland + one inner row done and its already taken two refills.

2023-11-04T23:25:00Z Back from slurry refill, fertilizing again.

2023-11-04T23:32:00Z Out of slurry, refill loop begins.

Was also thinking that if I supposedly now switched to bale grass and straw only for animals... does that take too much profits off from my farm, I mean farm must grow and one of the biggest growth producing items have been bales (of all sorts), eggs are hugely profitable but I think that is still less than what you get from a silage bale selling. Soon I'll start making silage from corn chaff forage using silage bunker so that cannot be sold as its not in bales, not that I would want to sell cattle feed anyways. So this is interesting financial thing for the future that do I start to make enough profit with cattle and pigs to offset that I wont be doing grass mowing to silage bale selling anymore.

2023-11-04T23:42:00Z Back from slurry refill, fertilizing again.

Samson PG II 35 is 36m slurry spreader, courseplay-gui garbage generates headland field work course which has so much overlap that countless number of liters are wasted on the field because this spreader puts out just crazy amount of slurry when it runs, even after PMC Super Six 6km terrain edits for sprayTypes config. But guess it cant be helped, dunno if I could do much better job even with GPS driving, I mean I could but, not much.

2023-11-04T23:50:00Z Out of slurry, refill loop begins.

2023-11-05T00:00:00Z Back from slurry refill, fertilizing again.

2023-11-05T00:09:00Z Out of slurry, refill loop begins.

Refill complete, Pig Barn 1 now has only 16.5k liters slurry left, so not even one full refill. This last refill might last to finish the two remaining inner rows. So you can roughly say that F08 requires 170k of slurry.

2023-11-05T00:20:00Z Back from slurry refill, fertilizing again.

2023-11-05T00:25:00Z Finished spreading slurry F08.

2023-11-05T00:35:00Z Started ploughing F08, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 13min.

I tried to make courseplay-gui garbage to generate diagonal inner rows, but no dice, the degree amount makes no difference, it just generates 270/90 heading inner rows, sucks Smiley :(

Took fendt 939 vario and hooked it up with amazone citan 15001-c seeder, refilled it and drove tractor to F08 W, its good to go for canola planting season in aug.

2023-11-05T01:22:00Z And now its my lunch break ...

2023-11-05T01:44:00Z Finished ploughing F08.

2023-11-05T01:50:00Z Feeding time is over, back to ripping a field.

Courseplay-gui garbage left bad headland missed spots so I went and fixed those driving manually. Now F08 is 100% ripped up all nicely. Now it doesn't need herbicide spraying after seeding, which is another bonus.

Then switched to massey ferguson, hooked it up to bredal k165 which was already 100% topped up, then just drove to F08 for some fertilizing fun.

2023-11-05T02:05:00Z Started fertilizing F08, courseplay, ETA 35min.

2023-11-05T02:38:00Z Finished fertilizing F08.

Mopped up headland leftovers, then autodrive sent massey ferguson back to pig farm yard. Over there refilled bredal k165 and dropped it off, then drove The MF over to chicken and sheep farm yard to diesel refuel it. Then it was just time accelerating until tomorrow aug canola planting season.

Aug in-game 0731hrs canola planting season has started. Pig Barn 1 animals 900 / 2400, happy birthday piglets Smiley :)

2023-11-05T02:51:00Z Started seeding canola F08, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 11min.

Went to check F31 corn, its growth stage is now 5/6 (forage), so I could start corn chaff forage silage operation today, nice! Smiley :)

Purchased 60 liters of silage additive for 2.9k, then refilled jaguar 980 forage harvester with silage additive. Then massey ferguson and penta db50 recorded autodrive network waypoint routes target point for silage bunker 1 dump, tested that it works OK, it does, excellent, now I'm ready to begin a big silage operation Smiley :)

2023-11-05T03:31:00Z Started harvesting corn chaff forage F31, courseplay, ETA 5hrs 40min.

Goodness gracious five HOURS and forty minutes field work duration, oh my oh my! Smiley :o

But its all good, this will be cool silage operation. In theory this should run hands free with autodrive and courseplay-gui garbage, but theory is not practice, so going to see how this turns out. Its also cool that fendt 939 vario is seeding F08 while this silage operation started.

In the future though its clear that I need to purhcase at least two more forage harvesters and bunch of silage wagons to haul that stuff to silage bunker.

For now though, I'll just enjoy this savegames very first corn chaff forage harvest Smiley ;)

Courseplay-gui garbage driven case ih steiger 620 with silage blade got stuck at the "planET" silage bunker front edge, this was very surprising to me as I initially thought that PMC Farm Lab with its heightmap 0 meter elevation caused a bug in giants silage bunker, but apparently not, PMC Super Six 6km has normal heightmap with enough / large elevations so this silage bunker placeable should have no problems aligning the edge to ground, well apprently it does have a problem. So I went to landscaping tool and raised heightmap elevations a bit on the silage bunker edge, just enough so that tractors silage blade slides over the bunkers model geometry edge. Now it works perfectly.

Dumb that I have to do this kind of fixes for giants broken crap models, but hey I'm glad in the end that it works out OK. I'm just thinking all those people who run into this issue and have no idea whats going on.

2023-11-05T03:59:00Z Finished seeding canola F08.

Then mopped up headland corner missed spots, drove fendt 939 vario with amazone citan 15001-c seeder to chicken and sheep farm yard, diesel refueled fendt, seed refilled seeder and then drove it to pig farm yard where I dropped off seeder and picked up penta db50 trailer. Now fendt 939 vario joins silage operation Smiley :)

2023-11-05T04:15:00Z Took this long before courseplay-gui garbage failed in silage operation, steiger 620 with silage blade stopped at silage trailer tractors path, had to clear that mess up. Very sad that this is definitely not hands free operation then but just another baby sitting job... Smiley :(

2023-11-05T05:27:00Z Silage additive ran out, so drove claas jaguar 980 to F31 SW corner to refill some more. Now silage bunker has about 650k liters of chaff (depending on compaction level).

2023-11-05T06:45:00Z Too tired, snoozing off, have to get some sleep, will definitely continue silage operation tomorrow. Nites.

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