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PMC Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) Stories

2023-09-26 Mowing Grass

2023-09-26T01:28:00Z New farming day has started, hmm guess today is time to purchase mower equipment and get started with sheeps.

Hmm I could cheat and mow grass on some public lands, all the roads are surrounded with grass, that could feed my sheeps in the beginning before my own field is ready to harvest, hmm. Was just thinking that do I buy sheeps now or do the grass first. Of course I could temporarily buy grass bales from the dealership just like I did with chicken feed, hmm.

- mower 200hp 10.2m 22km/h kubota dmc63100t (rear mount) with vario bx kit 75k
- mower 82hp 3.2m 22km/h kubota dmc7332t (front mount) 21k
- placeable animals sheep barn large 65 sheeps 97k
- windrower 115hp 14.7m 15km/h kuhn ga 15131 62k

2023-09-26T01:35:00Z Purchased the above list.

2023-09-26T01:38:00Z Purchased sheeps umm err 10 each full grown, except last breed 5 as sheep barn got full. Then bought one round bale of hay for feed. Budget now 251.1k.

Saved game after those purchases.

Used courseplay-gui garbage to draw three custom fields, CP-01, CP-02 and CP-03. Just to make the big field smaller, not sure why three fields instead of two or four, it just came out like that, I want to plant barley and grass so could have only done two I guess.

2023-09-26T01:47:00Z Purchased bredal k165 with extensions and 6m spreader unit for 88.5k.

Purchased 3 * 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.6k. Budget now 115.6k.

2023-09-26T01:53:00Z Started fertilizing F13, courseplay ETA 36min. Yes this was the whole field, not the smaller sections.

Surprisingly long time, over half an hour for bredal k165, hmm.

- sprayer 1.1k liters (front tank) kubota xft211 4.5k (realistic)
- sprayer 1.8k liters 28m 12km/h kubota xms218 with working width upgrade 41k (realistic)

2023-09-26T02:06:00Z Purchased the above list, gotta get sprayer to get rid of weeds after seeding.

Then purchased two herbicide tanks for hmm 4.8k I think it was. Budget now 64k, uuh getting low on money again, but luckily after these purchases I don't think I need to buy anything before getting money from eggs or honey again, and soon from wool too I hope.

2023-09-26T02:29:00Z Finished fertilizing F13.

Then hooked up seeder and refilled it from seed production point, always nice to refill with seeds that you have made in the farm. Next up was seeding some grass.

2023-09-26T02:33:00Z Started seeding grass CP-02, courseplay ETA 1hrs 5min.

2023-09-26T03:06:00Z Purchased small petrol tank for 5.3k, my tractor needs fuel.

Purchased 5k liters of diesel fuel into small petrol tank for 6.8k, budget now 51.8k.

2023-09-26T03:35:00Z Finished seeding grass CP-02.

2023-09-26T03:35:00Z Started seeding grass CP-03, courseplay ETA 1hrs 10min.

2023-09-26T04:15:00Z Massey ferguson seeder tractor needs to be refueled, yikes.

2023-09-26T04:49:00Z Finished seeding grass CP-03. Saved game and shutdown FS22, its nap time.

After A Break Farming Continues

2023-09-26T07:27:00Z Woke up from a nap and been already playing 5+ min at least, mopped up the grass field corners which courseplay-gui garbage missed and just now parked seeder back to the farm yard. Hmm I'm not sure if grass field needs herbicide sprayed, maybe I'm confused because I played over a week in PMC Farm Lab with every game feature disabled including weeds so I never sprayed there, but guess I have to grab the sprayer and go do CP-02 and CP-03 field sections now just in case.

2023-09-26T07:32:00Z Started herbicide spray F13 CP-02 section, courseplay ETA 20min.

Hmm field gets no darker color, hmm now I really do wonder if you need to herbicide spray grass fields, better go google it ...

2023-09-26T07:40:00Z Hmm cant seem to find any grass and weed hits, but I went to maps_fruitTypes.xml and found "fruitType name="grass"" which has property "plantsWeed="false"" so at this point I stopped herbicide sprayer, its burning product for no reason, grass fields will not grow weeds.

Well, that was wasted 30% sprayer capacity Smiley ;)

Next up is... hmm time acceleration until barley planting season, I was thinking of planting something else for example I could plant oats right now in mar, however... unless my memory fails the meridian flat bottom bin 3608 only accepts one crop type at the time so I could not store other than barley in my farm yard right now, so need to wait until barley planting season at sep, ooh that is a long long wait.

Okay guess its time acceleration err time again then Smiley :)

Purchased four hay round bales for 3.4k and strautmann 802 sek transported them to the sheep barn 1 for feed, now sheeps should be good to go until my own grass fields are ready to harvest. Refilled bredal k165 spreader with solid fertilizer, then went to fertilize CP-02 and CP-03 F13 field sections.

2023-09-26T07:53:00Z Started fertilizing F13 both sections CP-02 and CP-03 under GPS at one go.

Should have probably done this with courseplay-gui garbage field work courses instead, but well maybe next time. I already start to get that arrogant big field attitude that I need to get a new farmland so I can have one field for one crop type, that splitting F13 up to two crop types (barley and grass) is kind of silly. My current farm is well off from buying more farmland though, I think next comes pigs and then cows, maybe, not sure yet, and that requires a lot of money for everything. But yeah thinking about bigger picture, probably when I get cattle / cow barns, then I definitely need to have individual fields for corn silage, grass, barley and not sure if I go with pigs to grow all the food types myself, so potatoes and sugar beets as well, that would be pretty hardcore, but in my PMC Farm Lab animal studies savegame I felt lame just buying pig food in bulk, so that needs more thought, I think potato and sugar beet fields even a small ones could become a real grind, not to mention dunno if I have the heart to grow soybeans and feed that cocaine worth grain to filthy pigs Smiley ;)

Edit: obviously pigs only need potatoes OR sugar beet, ie just one type of root crop at once.

Exciting times ahead when farm will progress to the next animal type, that's for sure Smiley :)

2023-09-26T08:17:00Z Finished fertilizing F13 both sections CP-02 and CP-03.

Hmm I just realized how large these CP-02 and CP-03 grass fields are compared to CP-01 barley, it feels tiny in the N corner heh, oh well maybe after this next harvest I can change them a bit or perhaps even buy another field (probably not but anyways).

Parked bredal k165 back to the farm yard and hooked massey ferguson to barley grain trailer ready to feed some chickens. Okay now begins time acceleration towards sep when barley planting season begins.

Aug in-game 0934hrs oops forgot to feed the chickens, well kind of, they did have plenty of barley in the barns, but when I time accelerated skipping a whole day, food ran out, I didn't expect it to drop so sharply in just one day. Okay maybe I need to feed chickens everytime production inspector drops to below "food: 50%" or maybe 30% not sure. Not a big deal, I fed chickens right in the morning after time acceleration was done.

Eggs are almost overflowing, chicken coops now have stacks three pallets high, production inspector shows 22.6k liters, per chicken coop, heh that's cool! Smiley :)

Sep in-game 0910hrs barley planting season has begun. Also I just now noticed (didn't check before) that grass fields are ready to harvest, now I'm not sure what I want to do next, too bad I don't have two tractors I could use, one to seed barley and other to mow / bale grass.

Walked through F13 sections CP-02 and CP-03 to see how it looks and wow, there is so much grass to mow that sheeps will eat that for months and months Smiley :o

Refilled kuhn seeder and then it was go time to seed some barley.

2023-09-26T08:46:00Z Started seeding barley F13 CP-01 section, courseplay ETA 45min.

And now, its time to grab some chow, I'm starvin'...

2023-09-26T09:09:00Z Feeding time is over, back to watching kuhn seed barley. Still 19min to go on this field work course.

2023-09-26T09:27:00Z Finished seeding barley F13 CP-01 section.

2023-09-26T09:29:00Z Started herbicide spraying F13 CP-01 section, courseplay ETA 14min.

This field work did not cause ground texture to turn dark wet color, hmm wonder why.

2023-09-26T09:42:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F13 CP-01 section.

2023-09-26T09:45:00Z Started fertilizing F13 CP-01 section, courseplay ETA 10min.

On the background I'm studying some real life chore stuff, so my mind is not really into writing all kinds of farming plans heh. But yeah doing good progress now, barley planting season is just about done. One thing is very cool, this savegame profit is all done with animals, there are no contracts done or grain sold, so still within parameters of what my idea of animal game-mode is Smiley :)

2023-09-26T09:55:00Z Finished fertilizing F13 CP-01 section.

Alright barley planting season is done, herbicide sprayed and 100% fertilized. And now, I get to the good part, mowing grass and then baling it for round bale sheep feed, this will be fun! Smiley :)

I don't have a windrower but the kubota mower had "vario bx" option which looks like it does windrowing automatically which would be great, you could completely skip whole windrow field work task. Hilarious thing is, I already bought windrower hehe.

2023-09-26T10:10:00Z Started mowing grass F13 CP-02 section, courseplay ETA 35min.

This kubota mower indeed has windrower tech built-in, just had to activate it using CTRL-Y to bring those windrower things down, now it generates one smooth pile of cut grass, very very nice.

2023-09-26T10:43:00Z Finished mowing grass F13 CP-02 section.

2023-09-26T10:45:00Z Started mowing grass F13 CP-03 section, courseplay ETA 37min.

As I'm sitting here just watching tractor go back and forth on the field, just thinking that it would be so nice to have another small tractor which could now already be baling CP-02. Second tractor to the farm would definitely be worth it although its not exactly necessary yet, its more like convenience, guess same as larger implements and grain bins etc. Once I get more money, second tractor will be on my shopping list for sure and I'll begin to bargain hunt now the dealership for sale menu for a cheap tractor.

2023-09-26T11:18:00Z Finished mowing grass F13 CP-03 section.

Ahh mowing is done, now going to grab the baler Smiley :)

Actually I'm going to try if kuhn windrover would merge these mower piles together a bit.

2023-09-26T11:23:00Z Started windrowing F13 CP-02 section, courseplay ETA 31min.

It looks like working OK to catch two mower piles, nice. This was another half an hour waiting job for me, it was nice to watch the tractor do its thing on the field, but yeah I am fiddling my thumbs here not having anything to do, so the above second tractor purchase applies here too, would be so nice right now to be already baling, heck if I had a third tractor I could have it already collect bales from the field and stacking them into the farm yard (not sure if autodrive can do that but anyways). All in good time, when you put in the hard work, money will come.

Baling and collecting the bales will take its time too, looking at the clock now... there is not enough time to finish the whole grass harvest operation now because my real life chores start within hour, hmm but I'll keep going as long as possible. Not sure if I have energy tonight after chores are done to get back to this savegame, might be something for early tomorrow morning. Real life chores suck.

2023-09-26T11:54:00Z Finished windrowing F13 CP-02 section.

2023-09-26T11:55:00Z Started windrowing F13 CP-03 section, courseplay ETA 35min.

Once this finishes, well then I'm out of time as real life chores begin. But it leaves this savegame a very good spot, when I return the next time then its fun baling and bale collecting.

This grass cutting will definitely create so many bales for sheep food that not sure when I need to do another cutting heh.

2023-09-26T12:28:00Z Finished windrowing F13 CP-03 section.

And with that I'm going to shut things down after saving this courseplay-gui garbage field work course and the game itself, more to come later.

2023-09-26T12:29:00Z Shut down FS22.

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