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2023-10-11 Sugar Beets And Bales

2023-10-11T21:19:00Z New farming day has started, today is sugar beet day, or at least day begins by harvesting sugar beets, then goes from there no idea whats coming next, just more farming, growing the farm, feeding pigs heh.

This savegame now has 114hrs 12min on it.

When I logged into FS22 sell price trigger informed me that silage is 530 at animal dealer, well of course it is... as I have none but grass bales Smiley :(

Drove massey ferguson to pig farm yard, hooked grimme sugar beet equipment to it, then drove it to F07 S. Purchased 4 * liquid fertilizer tank for 3.2k. Purchased 2 * herbicide tanks. Using fendt 939 vario refilled lizard MKS8 tanker trailer, then dumped both liquids into seed production building as it was getting low. Next hooked penta db50 to fendt 939 vario and headed off to F07 S pretty much knowing what the outcome would be ...

Jumped into massey ferguson, started grimmer sugar beet harvester kit up, harvested just a few liters of sugar beets and stopped, then got into fendt 939 vario with penta db50 and drove the trailer under sugar beet harvester pipe... and nothing happens, no sugar beets are ejected. Then I fiddled around looking at F5 geometry and finally found the sweet spot where MR GIMME bothers to eject / overload sugar beets, oh man field this size and so crappy sweet spot on the trailer, this will be pure horror to harvest Smiley :(

Attempted to generate courseplay-gui garbage field work course, 4 headlands counter clockwise (so pipe is out of the fruit all the time) and then normal lands with skip rows 2, not sure how grimme handles that, or rather me driving the sweet spot sugar beet trailer.

2023-10-11T21:51:00Z Started harvesting sugar beets F07, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 28min.

Oh, this is not too bad, movie duration field work course.

2023-10-11T21:56:00Z Nope, it doesn't work, the sweet spot between grimme sugar beet harvester pipe and penta db50 is so absolutely frigging narrow mere centimeteres in the game 3d world that it is impossible to a harvest with such bitchyness with trailer overloading, I need to buy some new low height trailer where this frigging crap grimme can unload better, in PMC Farm Lab Animal Studies savegame I used the smallest claas trailer without extension, whopping 8k liters capacity or something. Oh man that sucks. Not only that but I discovered that I cannot dump sugar beets into the ground if I don't own the farmland, this is another issue I have to deal with, I don't want to drive lame 8k liter trailer loads to several minutes away to my farm yard. Argh, this is going to be so painful uuuh I cant even describe it Smiley :(

Restroom break to contemplate what to do.

2023-10-11T22:06:00Z Saved game so if I purchase the wrong, too tall, trailer I can just revert things back and try again.

- trailer sugar beet bergmann rrw 500 137.5k

2023-10-11T22:08:00Z Purchased the above sugar beet trailer, never tried such, first time for everything.

Doesn't work, this is actually worse then penta db50 as it has auger "line" I guess its called (its not a pipe) and it collides with the grimme harvester auger line thingy, oh man I am starting to get really pissed off here, is this frigging grimme tractor pulled harvester completely useless with any other than the smallest grain trailer in the game? Smiley :(

Restarted FS22 and purchased rudolph tdk 301 ra for 32k, its capacity is 18.5k liters which is slightly larger than my previous claas trailer.

Okay so now at least I can unload sugar beets into trailer, next problem is... where do I dump them... Hmm Smiley :?

2023-10-11T22:19:00Z First 18.5k liter trailer load of sugar beets is now heading towards Pig Barn 1, going to dump it there to get started with, at least animals get some feed and then I have plenty of time to worry about where do I dump rest so I don't have to drive back and forth several dozen times.

Most likely I'll have to dump to F07 itself, on the headland, there should be enough free space now. Later I'll purchase telehandler and bucket, then come pick those up into a trailer.

2023-10-11T22:23:00Z Dumped 18.5k liters of sugar beets into Pig Barn 1 feed silo through meridian TL 12-39 auger pipe, which alone is crazy, that auger would never transfer so bulky / heavy material such as sugar beets, but hey its giants dumbed down to conzoles FS22 Smiley ;)

One thing is for sure, I will not drive back and forth between F07 and my pig farm yard, its just way too long of a drive for such 18.5k liter loads.

Then started to dump sugar beet trailer loads to F07 SE corner, there was just about enough space before "foreign farmland" begins. However once grimme harvester tractor finished 4 headlands, I saw that I messed up the courseplay-gui garbage field work course, I selected skip rows which you cannot do with combine harvesters, sigh, so need to generate new course without skip rows.

2023-10-12T00:09:00Z Finished harvesting sugar beets F07.

Purchased 8 * big bag of pig food for 7.2k. Refilled penta db50 with them, then dumped that 8k liters into pig barn 1 feed silo just so I can time accelerate until the next day.

Nov in-game 0907hrs seed production building ran out of corn, so shut it off. Checked animals, still have food and a few more pallets spawn space. Eggs market price is 4333 at Nimoy Farms Marketing selling point. Then I TAB switched to the next vehicle and got autodrive lua error, hmm odd, that made vehicle unable to be driven, nothing worked, so I just saved game and exited FS22.

Restarted FS22 and now everything was working OK. Time to sell some eggs.

2023-10-12T00:36:00Z Sold eggs at Nimoy Farms Marketing for 128.3k.

Nimoy Farms Marketing selling point was right next door to my chicken and sheep farm, so it was quick and easy to haul eggs for sell.

2023-10-12T00:41:00Z Sold eggs at Nimoy Farms Marketing for 136.1k.

Making some good money with eggs again, not sure though but now somehow it feels that there ain't that much eggs to sell, guess last years haul was actually two years worth of eggs hmm.

2023-10-12T00:44:00Z Sold eggs at Nimoy Farms Marketing for 141.9k.

2023-10-12T00:47:00Z Sold eggs at Nimoy Farms Marketing for 114k.

That is it, all eggs sold. That was the last seasonal event for this year (jan - dec). I do have all those 180cm round bales for grass and straw around two fields so once good market price is offered, its selling time again.

Right now I think this savegame... well its not "slow" per say, but... I feel like now I need to turn up the heat, get cattle and dairy cows going, there is no time to waste anymore, when you look at how many real life days and in-game hours (err I mean real life hours) I've played, well over hundred, its kind of amazing to think that I haven't been able to get cows going yet.

Cattle / dairy cows need obviously the barns, cattle beef shed is very cheap 100k as its a mod, but giants dairy cow barn is insanely expensive in comparison with over half a million price tag, in fact when you really think about it... its sick expensive. But those are the barns, these animals require food to survive (well, to produce offspring and milk etc), so I'd need a huge load of silage, hay and straw to make TMR. Either I buy TMR mixer wagon and do a lot of work, or the hand-wavey realistic placeable TMR production building where its really easy to dump huge loads of raw material to be processed into TMR. I could manage at the beginning with my current slurry spreader, but would also have to buy manure spreader as well, not necessarily right away as few animals produce not that much manure. I think one of the most expensive purhcases for cattle / cow feed would be corn forage harvester, silage bunker and heavy tractor.

Several days ago I did the cattle calculations, it was 2.223m budget to get shizzle. Not particularly cheap investment. But man, after taking the plunge with cattle and dairy cow barns with equipment, then the fun begins, its going to be non stop work work and more work on the farm Smiley :)

2023-10-12T01:04:00Z Fed chickens, now I'm seeing Pig Barn 1 food 51% but "protein (20%)" is 0. Hmm canola harvest is coming up at ... oh my, its going to be so many days of time accelerating that I'll probably go nuts buying, refilling and dumping pig food into those animals, argh this is really frustrating, hmph.

Currently pig health is 100% but it must start to drop any minute now, it did before when one of the food groups went to zero. I SO do not want to shuffle pig food big bags every other day for pigs, uuh. I could just dev console fill trailer full of 55k liters pig food and deduct the money, but while its not budget wise cheating, it overall is. It would be doable if I even had buy station placeable but the one 82 studio or whatever guys / groups giants modhub placeable gives errors unless you use plethora of some whatever mods and right now I don't have any other tested buy station for all products. This sucks.

Dang it, no other choice than to do that stupid pig food dance once again, and many more times before canola is harvested next years jul Smiley :(

Purchased 8 * big bag of 1k liters pig food for 7.2k * 2, did the usual thing you know it already. Pigs now have feed for a day at least.

Dec in-game 0912hrs Pig Barn 1 had new piglets born, its now animals: 720 / 2400, happy birthday, oh my Smiley :o

Oh right, budget now 860.5k after that egg selling. Pretty nice, next month is grass and straw best market price day so just need to feed pigs one more time and then get some good money (as there are so many bales).

Purchased 8 * big bag of 1k liters pig food for 7.2k * 4, total of 28.8k. Then the usual shuffle that I hate Smiley :(

I have to say, never could have imagined what kind of horror pig feeding is using big bags. I now decided that for cattle / dairy cows I will get all the equipment and produce food first before even buying those barns, just to avoid this panic when food runs out issue.

Straw best market price is now on dec, okay starting to sell. With massey ferguson picked up anderson rbm2000 from F06 E side, dumped the loaded grass bales and headed to F13 to pickup first straw bale load.

I'm very irritated and frustrated today, not many things need to go wrong before I rage quit from FS22 gaming session for today, trying to think positive things but its difficult.

2023-10-12T01:51:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 869.4k.

2023-10-12T01:58:00Z Another 24 straw bale load collected, but now its my lunch break...

2023-10-12T02:05:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 908k.

2023-10-12T02:23:00Z Feeding time is over, back to selling straw bales.

Was loading bales with my left hand while shoveling some grub to my pie hole with my right, getting it done Smiley :)

2023-10-12T02:23:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 946.9k.

2023-10-12T02:39:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 985.6k.

2023-10-12T02:54:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.024m.

Back being a millionaire Smiley :cool:

2023-10-12T03:09:00Z Sold straw bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.040m. This last load was only 10 straw bales.

All straw bales have now been sold, only tons of grass bales left, grass best market price is on jan so I'll be time accelerating to it next and then continue 180cm round bale hauling.

Jan in-game 0719hrs grass market price is now 153, time to start hauling, its snowing, perfect time for selling grass Smiley :)

2023-10-12T03:29:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.066m.

2023-10-12T03:41:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.094m.

2023-10-12T03:53:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.122m.

While hauling these endless amounts of bales all I can think of that such a shame these are not silage bales which would pay multiple times more than grass, oh well from now on I'm going to double check baler that it does 150cm grass bales before letting courseplay-gui garbage run its full field work course.

2023-10-12T04:04:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.150m.

2023-10-12T04:17:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.178m.

2023-10-12T04:29:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.205m.

2023-10-12T04:43:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.234m.

2023-10-12T04:58:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.261m.

2023-10-12T05:13:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.290m.

2023-10-12T05:27:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.317m.

2023-10-12T05:42:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.346m.

2023-10-12T05:57:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.374m.

2023-10-12T06:11:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.402m.

2023-10-12T06:25:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.430m.

2023-10-12T06:39:00Z Sold grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.458m. This was the last full 24 bale load, now only few remain.

2023-10-12T06:46:00Z Have to do one real life chore, would like to continue after but will see if I get tired before chore is done...

2023-10-12T07:22:00Z Launching FS22 back up, honestly don't have much enthusiasm anymore tonight because the time I have left before snoozing off to sleep is so short that nothing worthwhile can be done in the farm, but I had to "check back in" quickly as I already kind of sneakily wrote ending remarks of that bale hauling and couldn't leave it for tomorrow.

Okay massey ferguson with anderson rbm2000 is now hauling the last remaining 8 grass bales to the animal dealer...

2023-10-12T07:28:00Z Sold 8 grass bales at Animal Dealer for unknown amount, budget now 1.467m.

So I started selling straw bales at 0151hrs and its now 0728hrs... (yeah with that quick break for taking care of a real life chore). I was just chilling, passing time while autodrive was running back and forth between F06 and animal dealer, I did bale collecting and selling, time just flew by and I didn't even notice. Its crazy to see now that its been FIVE (5) HOURS of selling bales, I mean... how the hell did that happen? Smiley :o

Hmm I think my bale selling days are over, or I need to get one more tractor and two more anderson rbm2000 bale collectors, or maybe some other type of autoloading trailer (although nothing silly unrealistic with bale / pallet numbers).

Anyways, just wanted to finish the bale selling and the conclusion with such time sink thing happening again, now I gotta call it a day, getting tired and as said there is nothing I could do with time left today that would make any difference.

2023-10-12T07:29:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, good night.

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