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2023-09-24 Second Day On The New Farm

2023-09-24T23:52:00Z New farming day has started, lets continue last nights harvest Smiley :)

This savegame now has 8hrs 44min on it.

Hmm woke up and I'm oddly confused, yesterday my plan was to add this text into PMC Tactical Forum FS22 general area, but now its the next day and things are already rolling and I have no intentions of starting to tinker with some text files Smiley :)

2023-09-25T00:02:00Z Days first barley trailer load dumped into grain bin silo, its now got 301.2k liters on it oh wow. I wonder if that barley could make me some money besides just used as seed production and chicken feed, hmm. Barley is one of these useless crops which pays for nothing, but maybe in this kind of tight budget case it might help a bit. If it were soybeans or canola for example, yeah then it would make some nice money but dunno about barley, might be worth more to me as chicken feed.

Another thing is my farm equipment, I have absolutely no intentions of doing another one of these barley harvests where seeding was almost and harvest is over three hours, yeah over six hours for one planting / harvest season, how about no. This mountain of barley will last for me a good while now, next I'm hoping to start make money on honey and eggs, will be extremely interesting to see if those profits help me to progress into better equipment or will it become time-acceleration-scum type of game-play.

Again, I really don't want to do contracts as those are for Start From Zero savegames, not for this new animal game-mode.

2023-09-25T00:15:00Z Finished harvesting barley F13, aayeah, first field harvested! Smiley :D

Good morning PMC Super Six 6km, how are ya!? Smiley ;)

Driving across F13 makes me appreciate how big a 18.9ha field truly is, oh wow man, its "big", relatively speaking, especially as I'm just coming from spending days playing on PMC Farm Lab 1.2km terrain with tiny fields heh. I miss big fields.

Driving across F13 shows just how much straw there is now laying around, hmm wonder if buying my own baler would be worth it, to be able to sell the straw and store some of it for future date when I get cows and pigs, hmm.

Chicken coop 1 was food 97% so I refilled that and left brantner grain trailer there as chickens surely need more food once I commence time accelerating, no need to dump that grain into farm grain bin silo just to be taken out moments later.

Barley highest market price is 1.1k per 1k liters, straw is 153 which is pretty much nothing. I don't know how to calculate if the straw on F13 would pay off a baler for me, for example pottinger impress 185vc pro which makes 180cm round bales costs 99.5k, my budget is 282.7k so plenty of money to buy that, but hmm I need to grow my farm to the best of my ability and no idea if that straw would number one pay off the baler and then generate some revenue, I'm no baling or straw expert so no clue how much money it would make. Of course, what better time to test this than now, but yeah... dunno. I could of course lease equipment, but that is always another kind of like a bank loan / credit, just not a very good idea.

I love farming but I hate making these progression decisions; am I making the best decision for my farm Smiley :?

2023-09-25T00:30:00Z But for now, its time to eat days first meal...

2023-09-25T00:57:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming decisions.

Hmm well I decided to buy second chicken coop, the chicken empire must expand. Purchased chicken coop for 79.1k, named it "Chicken Coop 2". Saved game and exited FS22. Went to the savegame dir and opened placeables.xml config file, searched for "name="Chicken Coop 1"" string, then copy-pasted husbandryAnimals property to chicken coop 2 and then just moved three of the animal properties from coop 1 to coop 2, OK animal transfer complete Smiley :)

2023-09-25T01:05:00Z FS22 booted back up, now both chicken coop 1 and 2 has 180 / 360 animals and are fully laden with barley food. OK chickens are good to go. Budget now 203.5k.

- round baler 100hp 17km/h 125cm-180cm kuhn vb 3190 57.5k

2023-09-25T01:07:00Z Purchased the above list, delivery fee was quite large something like 1.4k, whoah. But yeah guess its fair. Okay time to go baling some straw. Budget now 144.5k.

2023-09-25T01:10:00Z Started baling straw F13, courseplay ETA 1hrs 26min.

This field work course was started from the first inner / center row so bales get dropped in the center field area instead on the end rows where tractor is making turns and can get blocked by those bales.

Hmm baling is going great, love those big 180cm round bales of straw. Actually now that I'm thinking about it, one straw 180cm round bale is 11k liters, so its about 150 * 11 cash for a single round bale, thats about 1.6k just for one straw bale. Hmm, that's actually not that bad, even after just getting started this baling operation there is already boat load of bales laying around, hmm I could actually make some decent money out of this, that baler gets paid back for sure, no problem.

Of course I wouldn't do straw bales for profit, but as by-product of my barley harvest for seed production and chicken feed, hell yes I'll sell these straw bales Smiley :)

Now I just wonder, how many 180cm round bales will that puny strautmann 802 sek autoloading trailer carry, might be many trips to the animal dealer to sell all these bales off.

2023-09-25T02:00:00Z Still 38min left on this field work course, somewhat fiddling with my thumbs feeling going on now, nothing to do, I could take a contract with borrowed vehicles to pass the time but nah, as said this savegame is not for contracts. So without any other vehicles, there is nothing to do other than roll with the baler tractor until field work is done.

Straw best selling month is december, so still a bit time accelerating to do before getting there. With the 301.2k liters of barley in farm grain bin silo and 20k some liters in brantner trailer by the chicken coops, I don't think there is any need to start planting other crops to this field, actually... I cant, as farm grain bin silo only accepts barley now and doing another six hour barley harvest would be quite demoralizing right now, I don't want to spend almost half of today doing that.

Today's activity will be this straw baling, then time accelerating and seeing how eggs and honey is produced, I'd hope to get first batch of eggs sold today, then of course these straw bales which will be another interesting haul for sure.

Looking at F13 and all those straw bales, uh it looks scary how many there already are and dunno if this baling field work course is even half way done yet. Who knows this baling thing would actually make some legit money, there are just so endless number of bales already in the field. Will probably take forever to haul them into animal dealer which is somewhere in the center of this terrain area, I'm assuming strautmann 802 sek trailer wont carry many of these 11k liter monster bales.

If strautmann 802 sek can carry only lets say 4 bales at once... oh man, that will make some painful bale transport operation.

Was browsing in-game menus for boredom while baler was doing its thing, checked statistics page, apparently F13 as whole is 20.15ha in size as game registers me being seeding and harvesting that much land now. Also bales produced shows 63 which feels awfully low number, not sure what number I had in mind but it feels like there is already well over hundred bales in the field heh, guess not then. But even these 63, its a big number, so it will be 63 * 11 * 150 for approximate money that I'll get, that's already over one hundred thousand, oh my, did I calculate that correctly... geez dude, I really might make some serious dollah with this straw harvest Smiley :o

2023-09-25T03:32:00Z Final headland (the third one) ongoing now, 113 bales produced, uuh this is somehow so oddly satisfying to bale all the straw from a barley harvest Smiley :)

2023-09-25T03:37:00Z Finished baling straw F13. Got total of 115 straw 180cm round bales Smiley :o

Strautmann 802 sek autoloading trailer carries 8 straw 180cm round bales. That's 88 thousand liters of straw. I transported 16 straw round bales to the farm yard just for, you know, no reason as I have no animals that need straw, yet. Rest will stay in the field until the best market price day hits for straw. Cant wait to haul all those 99 bales, hehe I have 99 bales but ... Smiley ;)

Saved game and then its time accelerating until eggs, honey or straw best market price day arrives, there are no plans for the next planting season for now, I don't even want to think about ~3hrs planting and over 3hrs harvest seasons right now (plus 1-2hrs baling on top of that), but at the same token I don't think this years animal product selling will make too much money for the farm, at least not enough to upgrade the equipment. Actually thinking about field work... for what? I have 301.2k liters of barley in the farm grain bin silo so chickens are fed for a long long time, hmm next would be to purchase sheep barn and mower equipment so can do grass bales. I have not charted out how much grass baling equipment would cost (I do have baler now, but mower and windrower hmm maybe telehandler to carry the bales). Needs more thought, but for now... its time accelerating until something happens.

Jul in-game 0925hrs, overnight property maintenance fee was -370, yikes, farm costs increase. Chicken coop 1 animals 300 / 360. Another batch of chicks have born, welcome welcome.

I would like to get that seed production running as well, but hmm I'm kind of stingy to buy new stuff now as I don't critically need it. Well I mean, depends how you look at it, in one way of looking at it I cannot plant new crop now as I don't have any of my own seeds, but yeah dunno. Checked seed production placeable and it was only 35k so not very expensive, but what I recall it does require lizard MKS8 liquid tanker trailer (for 25k) as you cannot load liquid fertilizer and herbicide tanks into strautmann 802 sek and just drive it over to the unloading point, it doesn't work, it has to be liquid tanker trailer from which you overload / refill, kind of sucks actually but yeah.

Amazone zg-ts 10001 is on sale for -67% off for 21.2k, hmm that is tempting. On next planting season would be nice to get full fertilization.

Aug in-game 0920hrs, btw now 5000 speed time accelerating works just fine, production inspector for chickens update rapidly and everything looks OK. Chicken coop 1 animals: 360 / 360 and coop 2 animals: 240 / 360. New births again, nice.

- placeable animals chicken coop 360 chickens 79k

2023-09-25T04:05:00Z Purchased the above list. New chicken coop upgrades.

Fed chicken coops with barley, saved game and exited FS22.

Edited savegame dir placeables.xml to transfer bunch of chickens from coop 1 to coop 3, then started FS22 back up again. Chicken coop animal status now; coop 1 is 180, coop 2 is 240 and coop 3 is 180. Let the birds grow. Hmm I have to say, these chickens breed like crazy, I have not felt like been time accelerating too much yet and already getting so much chickens, good stuff.

Wonder what kind of hamsterwheel animal reproduction is going to be if you just buy new animal closures everytime one reaches full capacity, well this savegames purpose is to find out, so shall we? Smiley :)

Sep in-game 0924hrs, overnight property maintenance -473, uuh getting more and more expensive to run this farm.

Oct in-game 0937hrs, chicken coop 1 animals: 360 / 360, chicken coop 2 animals: 360 / 360, getting growded down here Smiley ;)

Hmm was already starting to buy fourth chicken coop... but cannot as budget is only 63.5k and chicken coop costs 79k, need to wait until getting some products sold.

Nov in-game 0942hrs, eggs are now at its highest market price day, currently best selling point pays 4354 which is Grain Wholesale COOP. Straw is also nicely increasing in market price even though its best market price day is at dec.

At in-game 1105hrs eggs market price is dropping, its only down to 4345 now but hmm guess its time to sell now. Strautmann 802 sek is already hooked up to massey ferguson, time to start hauling some eggs.

Only got 16 pallets 21.4k liters of eggs, not even a full 24 pallet trailer load, oh well maybe next year.

2023-09-25T04:32:00Z Sold eggs for 93.2k profit, budget now 156.3k, ooh nice Smiley :)

Came back to the farm yard, drove convey-all auger pipe into the meridian flat bottom bin 3608 unloading point, fired the auger up and refilled brantner grain trailer with 34k liters of barley. Then purchased fourth chicken coop, named it Chicken Coop 4, then refilled barley on all the coops.

2023-09-25T04:43:00Z Saved game and exited FS22. Time to edit placeables.xml for the fourth time, hopefully this will be last for a while now, I don't think I'll be getting fifth chicken coop, at least not anytime soon.

Moved two batches of chickens from other coops into chicken coop 4, then started FS22 back up again.

2023-09-25T04:46:00Z FS22 back up and running, chicken coop statuses now: 1 is 300 animals, 2 is 240 animals, 3 and 4 are 180 animals. Okay, this is good time to start growing the chicken flock.

Dec in-game 0930hrs its snowing, whee x-mas time is soon here hehe. Barley is now high on market price but I'm not planning on selling any, straw is getting up too but its not even 150 yet, hopefully it will be there soon, next is time accelerating with some medium maybe 360 or 500 speed one hour at the time and monitoring the market prices, today I'm going to sell some straw.

At in-game 1205hrs straw market price 143, increasing very slowly, I'd like it to be at least 150 before committing to sell. Although what is my alternative, leave 99 bales on the field for another year? Heh probably not.

At in-game 1705hrs straw price is 146, it increases painfully slow and now darkness is setting in, the problem with darkness is that I don't know PMC Super Six 6km terrain, its been months since I was rolling down the hood here the last time, I cant get anywhere in the dark. Hmm yeah I could record temporary autodrive network waypoints route to the selling point, but hmm yeah will be painful for sure. Oh and I almost forgot, good luck finding the bales on the field in pitch black darkness, oh man... this is going to be a tricky one Smiley :(

At in-game 2307hrs straw market price is only 147, hmph, well dang it... I really do not want to leave 99 bales in the field for another year, no there is no technical game FS19 seasons alike issue with it, this is watered down conzole peasant FS22 we're talking about here, but still feels not good to post pone it for the next year. At that point though, honey and eggs should have given me plenty of cash again. And as said, I do not plan on doing another six hours of planting + harvest season again with this equipment so, hmm.

Jan in-game 0004hrs overnight property maintenance -581, getting really expensive here. Straw market price still the same 147, hmph Smiley :(

Jan in-game 0104hrs, straw market price now 148, huh it still increases? Checked market prices and indeed now the calendar thing shows that best straw selling price is on jan instead of dec as it stated earlier, oh OK well hopefully the good price is still to come.

Jan in-game 0942hrs, time accelerated at 5000 speed rest of the night. Straw price now 145 aww maan Smiley :(

At in-game 1204hrs straw market price 143, so its now dropping, ugh, well should have taken then 148 but wanted to get into one-fifty, so here we are now, another year of time accelerating in the works.

Feb in-game 0909hrs, honey market price now 3381 at Rock Specialty Crops CO selling point. Chicken coop 3 has now 300 animals.

Mar in-game 0918hrs, chicken coop 3 has now 360 animals, its full. Honey is 3391 at Jackson Export INC, going to haul load of honey there to sell.

2023-09-25T05:17:00Z Sold 98% full trailer load of honey for 32.1k, budget now 106.8k.

Drove back to the farm yard and got measly 800 liters of honey to the trailer, almost not worth the drive selling point, but as matter of principle I want to get all the honey sold.

2023-09-25T05:22:00Z Sold 2.7k worth of honey, "whohoo" Smiley ;)

Refilled brantner grain trailer with barley, then fed chickens. They are good to go again. Then decided to buy seed production placeable and set it up, will try one more time with strautmann trailer loading liquid tanks, I remember it not working but just want to make sure before I buy lizard MKS8 liquid tanker trailer.

- placeable seed production 35k

2023-09-25T05:31:00Z Purchased the above list.

Purchased two 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks for 6.4k total. Then tried to load them into Seed Production v1.0.0.1 by ZoddelZockt and nope, it will not work, tried dropping them into the ground or driving over the trigger, its not working, it required overloading / refilling from a legit liquid tanker trailer, oh well tested and now I'm sure.

2023-09-25T05:37:00Z Purchased lizard mks8 liquid tanker trailer for 25k, budget now 42.2k.

Purchased two more liquid fertilizer 2k liter tanks. Refilled lizard mks8 tanker with 8k liters, then overloaded liquid fertilizer into seed production building.

Purchased four herbicide liquid tanks for 9.6k total. Refilled lizard mks8, then overloaded into seed production building.

Refilled brantner grain trailer 34k liters of barley then dumped it to seed production building, then again refilled brantner, farm grain bin silo now has 190.6k liters left.

2023-09-25T05:46:00Z Saved game since a lot has happened in short period of time.

Turned on seed production building, now I'm getting my own seeds from barley, very nice Smiley :)

2023-09-25T05:48:00Z And with that, its my cooking food and lunch break...

2023-09-25T06:38:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming.

During feeding 2.1k liters of seeds got produced, good good. Was also thinking about this animals game-mode, I really don't like the excessive time accelerating or doing any contracts for money as said, so dunno if there was some sort of scenario which would give you all the animal barns and smallest necessary equipment so you could get started right away without any time accelerating while waiting for X or Y or Z to happen. That default farm-manager 1.5m in cash is not enough to buy all of it, so there has to be some kind of special scenario for it. New farmer game-mode could be built into terrain so that it provides all animals + vehicles to care for them, but just money wise without special configuration... nope I dont think even farm-manager with loan maxed out provides enough cash.

Alright, then back to time accelerating, next evolution is the straw selling day on jan, err ok so before that eggs selling day is coming up on nov. But this year (well jan next year) I cannot skip straw selling day, in fact I'll put sell price trigger to hmm lets say 145 and once that goes off then I have to sell before darkness falls.

Apr in-game 0930hrs, not much to mention here I guess. Now when I time accelerated 5000 speed the new seed production building did not speed up production, it went to normal pace, so it was lagging, it completely ignored the whole time acceleration. So I need to go back to 1000 speed next.

At in-game 2216hrs seed production building ran out of barley, its now got 34k liters of seeds, its a nice batch, can do several F13 planting seasons with that amount (three I think).

Jul in-game 0937hrs now all chicken coops are full 360 / 360 animals, nice. Or well not nice, now there is no growth because I don't have anymore chicken coops to use. Also egg pallets are 95-97% full on 1 and 2 coops, lots of product available for nov selling day, will be couple of loads going into selling point.

Used strautmann 802 sek to empty egg pallet spawn points, now there are enough space for new pallets. Then time acceleration continues towards nov.

Oct in-game 0920hrs, overnight property maintenace fees hit -601, uuh slowly increasing.

Nov in-game 0924hrs egg market price is highest I've seen it on this savegame, 4358 at Six Operations Limited selling point, ok time to sell.

2023-09-25T07:12:00Z Sold eggs for 139k. Nice haul.

2023-09-25T07:25:00Z Sold eggs for 137.5k. Mmm I like Smiley :)

Hmm while driving back and forth I recorded temporary autodrive network waypoint routes just so I don't have to drive myself this same route more than once, I really need to get the official autodrive network from PMC Gaming computer as soon as possible.

Was thinking that budget now 297.6k is quite a lot, I already have a baler, for sheeps all I would need is mower and obviously the sheep barn itself. Cheapest tractor attached mower kit is about 35k so not bad at all, sheep barn large costs 97k.

This last batch of eggs is 27.1k liters (88% trailer load), now there are no more eggs left in the farm yard of chicken coops.

2023-09-25T07:38:00Z Sold eggs for 117.8k, that was the last egg load, good deal. Budget now 415.4k.

There you go, if I would just keep time accelerating it would not take "many years" to reach close to one million budget, but as I said this time accelerating to make money method is eerily cheating alike... I just don't like it, at all.

2023-09-25T07:51:00Z Fed the chickens once again, refilled brantner grain trailer with barley, still 134.1k liters left in the farm grain bin silo, but I can already sense that this kind of time accelerating to grab egg / honey money will not last (well I mean honey would as bees require nothing) as I'm soon running out of barley to feed the frigging chiggens Smiley ;)

So this upcoming january I will, absolutely will, sell those straw bales and then its another planting season, but I'm hoping at that point I can buy larger tractor and better seeder, or at least second seeder so planting season would go a bit quicker.

Got to admit, buying more chicken coops is tempting, I mean it is animal stuff and more coops mean higher need for feed, so work would increase on barley harvesting, so using chickens and sheeps as money source is not cheating as they do require tending, they will feed and things go bad if you don't give them food.

Jan in-game 0941hrs, last night got sell price trigger for straw 145 at animal dealer, then nothing through the night, I really hope that was not the highest price.

Hmm nope, animal dealer still offers 145 per thousand liters of straw. I am going to start time accelerating one hour at the time monitoring the price, hopefully 150+ price will come soon as according to the market calendar jan is the month to sell straw.

Oh shoot, animal dealer is the ONLY place that accept straw, man I almost forgot that one, OK OK message received loud and clear, I'll start hauling some bales, uuh this is going to take a loong time ...

Hmm anderson 24 round bale loader / collector would only cost 50.5k brand new... dunno if its smart to use strautmann 802 sek autoloading trailer with eight (8) bale capacity to haul half across the terrain to selling point, hmm.

Yeah man, I'll buy that anderson bale collector.

- round bale collector 130hp 24 bales 125cm-180cm anderson rbm2000 50.5k

2023-09-25T08:04:00Z Purchased the above list, budget now 362.4k.

Aayeah now I got a nice bale collector trailer, 24 on each load, this will be fun.

2023-09-25T08:15:00Z Sold 24 straw 180cm round bales for 38.1k.

2023-09-25T08:27:00Z Second load of 24 straw round bales heading towards animal dealer, its slow going but I love it, having a great time farming.

2023-09-25T08:32:00Z Sold 24 straw 180cm round bales for ... about the same price, it sold them in three batches so didn't get to calculate them together, pretty much the same 38k.

2023-09-25T08:41:00Z Another load collected and on its way to the animal dealer, making nice progress.

2023-09-25T08:46:00Z Sold 24 straw 180cm round bales in three batches, most likely 38.1k. Current finances page shows sold bales: 114.2k.

So guess straw bales are worth doing, assuming you are into baling, if I were in my usual grain harvest operations mood then no I would not do straw baling, number one because canola, corn and soybeans doesn't give straw and number two, well it takes forever on large scale operations to add even more work by baling. My initial thoughts that wonder if straw would pay a baler back to me... well the answer is resounding YES hehe. The baler cost 57.5k I recall and now I've gotten that back plus one more Smiley ;)

Oh and there are still plenty of bales left in the field, this shizzle ain't over yet...

2023-09-25T08:54:00Z And another one...

2023-09-25T08:59:00Z Sold 24 straw 180cm round bales in three batches, most likely 38.1k.

2023-09-25T09:06:00Z Now there was only 3 bales left in the field, decided to take them to my farm yard, no need to drive all the way to the animal dealer for measly three bales.

Budget now 514.8k, wow half a million dollars, wonder what nice toys I could buy with that. Saved game just in case as nice progress had been made.

Okay its jan so nothing happens in this and next month, so I'll time accelerate two days to get into brand new calendar year.

Mar in-game 0919hrs, okay time to feed the chickens. Then refilled brantner grain trailer with barley again, only 105.6k liters left in farm grain bin silo now.

Honey market price is 3425 at Bean Commodities Ltd, time to go sell my batch.

2023-09-25T09:24:00Z Sold honey trailer load for 32.5k, this was on Jackson Export INC, didn't bother driving all the way down to bean commodities as it was only 4 bucks higher price there. Budget now 546.1k.

Now its dreaded decision time again, shall I buy sheep barn large and mower or do I upgrade planting and perhaps even harvester equipment, hmm actually I don't think both planter and harvester is possible with half a million.

Hmm actually without mods there is not much choices left, only lemken solitair 12 and amazone citan 15001-c, hmm. Still thinking about starting 2hrs 50min seeding task is not something I want to do, I could of course split the field to smaller sections like planned, hmm hmm. Point being that chickens need to feed, it would be a real failure if you run out of food for the animals.

Sheep barn large costs 97k, hmm surprisingly expensive.

2023-09-25T09:49:00Z Was browsing equipment prices and minute by minute grew more frustrated about making the decision which eventually lead me to just save the game and exit, I need to take a break. But this break might lead into ending playing for today because in few hours I have some real life chores coming up and I might as well start them right now, at least I could not do anything larger in this savegame before those chores start. So hmm lets say that this was end of todays farming session, unless something unexpected happens, I'll continue tomorrow ...

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