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2023-10-19 Cattle Equipment And Planting Season

2023-10-19T04:42:00Z New farming day has started, didn't know what else to do and was bored out of my mind waiting for real life chores to begin "tomorrow morning" so decided to launch FS22, no idea for how long or do I manage to get anything started.

This savegame now has 166hrs 38min on it.

- forage wagon strautmann magnon cfs 530 do with silage additives tank 134.5k
- harvester jaguar 980 with extra large pipe 489k
- header 9m claas orbis 900 forage harvester 120k
- leveler 5m holaras mes 500 7.5k
- mixer wagon 22k liters siloking trailedline 4.0 premium 2218-22 45k
- placeable bunkersilo large 25m x 34m planET (silage bunker) 140k
- tractor 692hp case ih steiger wheeled afs connect series with 620 engine upgrade twin wheels + weights and guidancesteering 508.9k
- trailer 55k liters penta db50 with silage extension 61.5k

2023-10-19T04:54:00Z Purchased the above list, budget now 1.784m.

Then saved game to lock in those changes Smiley :)

Forgot one thing, tedder, so puchased pottinger hit 16.17 t 42.5k.

Purchased farmland ID 17 which has F31 in it for 417.9k, this will be my corn forage harvest field. Budget now 1.322m. Another savegame to lock in progression.

2023-10-19T05:00:00Z But now its my lunch break...

2023-10-19T05:21:00Z Feeding time is over, back to see what fun I can have with my new purchases Smiley :)

Purchased another tedder and kuhn ga 15131 windrower as I just remembered that my grass field operations are now with two tractors.

Budget now 1.215m.

There was the dealership sale for demco 2200 dual auger grain cart for -50% off, very very tempting but because I don't exactly need it right now, I decided not to buy it even though I still have well over a million in budget. At some point I definitely need to upgrade grain cart as that kinze 1121 harvest commander is buggy mod and small grain cart, but hmm not yet, I think Smiley :)

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k and refilled bredal k165 spreader.

2023-10-19T05:36:00Z Started fertilizing F31, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 1min.

My new corn forage chopping field, going to get 100% fertilized stage on it before planting corn next spring. Hmm quite long field work duration, but maybe I can do something else on the side while this tractor is running fertilizer.

Took fendt 939 vario, hooked it up with samson pg ii 35 slurry spreader, refilled the spreader and then autodrive sent it to F07 S, going to put one tanker full of slurry into sugar beet field while bredal k165 is fertilizing F31. Not sure why am I prepping F07 for sugar beets because I already have a huge pile of them at pig farm yard, don't see that pile going down anytime soon, but who knows maybe once pigs breed and really start to HOGG food then even sugar beets go like nothing.

2023-10-19T05:46:00Z Started spreading slurry F07, courseplay, ETA 5min.

2023-10-19T05:53:00Z Finished spreading slurry F07.

Got this field finished with one slurry tank, nice. But I have to admit, samson pg ii 35 is slightly too large implement for this size and especially shape of a field, but well it works.

Next up is a grass mowing and tedding to hay as hay is used by cattle / dairy cow feed. Season is currently dec in-game 1448hrs as I'm typing this, its about +6C now which is kind of odd temperature for december but anyways, temperatures are going to fall according to weather forecast and I would really not want to mowe grass when its freezing and snowing, in fact I'm not even sure if FS22 reduces grass yield on winter months. However I cannot time accelerate to next year spring either because then I get into corn planting season etc, other field work comes into play. Hmm but maybe I could post pone grass mowing well beyond corn planting, because grass remains on the field, its not going anywhere and there will be a lot of down time between corn planting and next harvest season, so hmm I have all the time in the world to do that grass to hay harvest operation then.

Went to F06 and additional field info box shows potential harvest quantity 1.771m liters, hmm not sure if this is winter reduced yield or not, I'll try to compare on summer time to see if the yield changes. Or who knows, maybe that yield is a simple math hectares * default_yield or some such formula, who knows.

I am reading FS22 mods notes for cultivators and plows, I really want authentic american ripper, digger, whatever its called plow which is used after corn and sugar beet harvests to really turn that field into black dirt soil. Now its easy to find such cultivator, but plow which has decent width and speed, not so much. I don't know any other than "John Deere 2100 Ripper Modified" currently just because I used it on PMC Farm Lab Animal Studies savegame few weeks back. I know there is no technical need to use such as kinze 3665 is a direct drill planter, but I just hate the stubble tillage field texture so bad that I have to get some black ground texture implement.

2023-10-19T06:35:00Z Finished fertilizing F31.

Hmm whats next, hmm just animal product sales and time accelerating until mar when sugar beet planting season begins. Hmm I cant help myself, I just have to get some kind of digger ripper plow cultivator thing into play here, I cant stand that brown manure looking stubble tillage field ground texture, so need to save game, find a specific mod that suits my needs and then restart FS22 with it and purchase that implement.

2023-10-19T06:42:00Z Saved game and exited FS22 for mod installation.

2023-10-19T06:56:00Z Okay tested john deere 2410 plow, no errors no issues, so installed that mod and launched FS22 back up. Also installed courseplay-gui garbage v7.3.1.3 so lets see how badly that messes things up.

2023-10-19T06:57:00Z Purchased john deere 2410 plow 85k, budget now 1.111m.

Then autodrive sent case ih steiger 620 with john deere 2410 ripper to F07, I want to give my new toys a try Smiley :)

2023-10-19T07:06:00Z Started ploughing F07, courseplay, ETA 11min.

Oh man I love ploughing or plowing or digging or ripping or whatever you want to call this, F07 ground texture looks so nice now as its that dark brown plowed texture, ahh so nice Smiley :D

2023-10-19T07:17:00Z Finished ploughing F07.

Next up was F29, now I already knew before even driving to this field that it would take a long long time to plow this field, but I am enthusiastic about plowing now because I hate the stubble tillage brown manure texture, so I want to demolish dig rip this F29 harvested corn field up. For this field I generated field work course with 3 headlands, start at center and do it on 45 degree angle. Unfortunately for some reason inner center rows were generated as 270 / 90 degree heading, hmph.

2023-10-19T07:25:00Z Started ploughing F29, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 27min.

Whoah only movie duration, I was fully expecting more than two hours field work course out of this one, OK nice, I'm good with movie duration Smiley :)

The reason I did this with inner rows first was just to change things up a bit, make it more fancy digger ripper field work course, do "end rows" last to reduce the compaction there. Heh full in with meaningless role-play bullcrap Smiley ;)

There has been a lot of info coming up in my searches lately that if you plow a field then it wont grow any weeds, so if that is true then I don't need to herbicide spray. I'm going to trust that information now and will not spray F07 and F29 which got ripped. Hmm actually now I'm wondering will I plow F31 which is the new field that already has mostly black ground field texture, hmm probably not.

2023-10-19T08:21:00Z Inner rows are ripped up now, next is three headlands...

Greatly enjoying this digging ripping session so don't get me wrong when I'm saying that once my animal farm grows, get more net profit, I'm definitely going to buy second case ih steiger and john deere 2410 plow so these field work courses are quicker. I'm not bored, but these are big fields (F29 and F31) so there is plenty of room for second vehicle and that would cut the duration in half.

2023-10-19T08:46:00Z Finished ploughing F29. But now I'm going to fix the headland corner leftovers that courseplay-gui garbage left, I just want cleanly ripped field.

Manually inspected all animal barns, everything is good to go for next night of time acceleration.

Jan in-game 0912hrs nothing new to report, everything is good at the farm. Continuing time accelerating towards spring and new crop calendar year.

Feb in-game 0913hrs honey best market price got triggered overnight and chicken coops food dropped below 50%, I don't like to time accelerate full day when they are half full, so today its going to be feeding day.

Fed chickens with barley. Then loaded 26.4k liters of corn into penta db50 and used massey ferguson to pull it from chicken and sheep farm yard to pig farm yard, time to feed the pigs. This is... going to be somewhat nuisance, pigs eat base food, grain, protein and root crops, I only have root crops by the pig farm yard all the grains are in the other farm yard so its a lot of driving back and forth.

Then loaded penta db50 with 23k liters of barley, hauled it to pig farm yard and dumped into pig barn 1 feed silo (meridian tl 12-39 auger pipe). Here is a tip for myself; don't do these food refills after time acceleration, do them when other field work courses are running, its the perfect time to spend relaxed time to feed animals, there is no point to dedicate my real life game-play time to just feed animals without doing anything else. For example planting; feed animals, mowe grass; feed animals, plow field; feed animals... etc Smiley :)

Next grain load I had to move meridian tl 12-39 auger pipe from farm grain bin silo 1 to farm grain bin silo 2 to get canola out. That was fun (not). Loaded 19.5k liters of canola to penta db50 and did the pig feed shuffle.

Mar in-game 0923hrs honey market price is 3466 at Midwest America Ltd selling point. Now was honey selling time.

2023-10-19T09:45:00Z Sold honey at Midwest America Ltd for 33.2k.

As I said on previous days farming sessions, this honey selling is so useless peanuts shopping that uh, why do I even drive to selling point and back for mere thirty grand... Smiley :(

While massey ferguson with strautmann 802 sek trailer was returning to farm yard I took fendt 939 vario, hooked it up with kinze 3665 planter and autodrive sent it to F07 S, its sugar beet planting time. Not sure where do I put these beets but, heh gotta get stuff planted Smiley ;)

Decided not to drive to selling point for the remaining honey pallets, there was like 3-4 pallets, its just waste of time to go sell those. I truly think that I might just sell off bee hives, been there & done that, they were fun in the beginning but now they are just waste of time.

2023-10-19T09:54:00Z Started planting sugar beet F07, courseplay, ETA 14min.

Ooh I love planting on plowed dark brown ground field texture Smiley :)

Fendt 939 vario with twin wheels and front weight was bouncing quite a bit when planting, but heh its no big deal, makes no difference technically Smiley ;)

2023-10-19T10:07:00Z Finished planting sugar beet F07.

Then mopped up headland corner leftovers, now its really sweet sugar beet field. Just no idea where to dump those beets Smiley :)

2023-10-19T10:16:00Z Started fertilizing F07, courseplay, ETA 7min.

Did this one with bredal k165, that samson pg ii 35 is just way too big and sluggish for such a small field, also I don't think I have enough slurry at the moment.

2023-10-19T10:22:00Z Finished fertilizing F07.

Now hmm I could mowe grass F06, but I think its better to wait until corn planting season begins, kinze 3665 is running on the field and then I could buy one more small tractor and start mowing grass.

2023-10-19T10:27:00Z But actually right now I'm going to save game and take a lunch break...

2023-10-19T10:56:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming.

Noticed while feeding that pig barn 1 now has 540 pigs, so new piglets have been born again, welcome welcome.

Apr in-game 0916hrs its now wool best market price, time to sell. Autodrive sent fendt 939 vario with kinze 3665 to F29 W, it is also corn planting season, its going to be a busy day Smiley :)

2023-10-19T11:15:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 58.7k.

While massey ferguson with strautmann 802 sek autoloading trailer was returning to chicken and sheep farm yard, I started to setup fendt 939 vario corn planting field work course.

2023-10-19T11:17:00Z Started planting corn F29, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 41min.

2023-10-19T11:25:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 57.4k.

Uh oh just realized... I was too horny to start corn planting and completely, utterly, forgot to fertilize F29 Smiley :(

Well nothing lost, I can fertilize it one stage right after planting, then if I have any slurry accumulated yet I could fertilize another layer, or I have to wait for field stages to switch. But along with F29 I have to fertilize F31 as well.

2023-10-19T11:38:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 57.4k.

2023-10-19T11:47:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 56.1k.

2023-10-19T11:49:00Z Kinze 3665 ran out of seeds, OK refill time!

2023-10-19T11:57:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 51.4k.

2023-10-19T11:58:00Z Drove fendt 939 vario to seed production building, refilled kinze 3665, then back to F29 W and now back to seeding.

2023-10-19T12:06:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 53.6k.

2023-10-19T12:16:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 55.7k. And now I gotta take a quick shower break...

2023-10-19T12:31:00Z Back.

2023-10-19T12:35:00Z Kinze 3665 ran out of seeds, OK refill time!

2023-10-19T12:36:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 55.2k.

This two seed refills for kinze 3665 just reminds me that I need to upgrade to two 4905's very soon. Pickup truck and seed tender would help a bit, but in the end it would be just a sad attempt, I need to step my game up with planters for sure.

2023-10-19T12:42:00Z Kinze 3665 is back seeding.

2023-10-19T12:45:00Z Sold wool at Bean Commodities Ltd for 42.6k. This was the last wool load, ahh, all sold. Budget now 1.620m.

2023-10-19T13:09:00Z Finished planting corn F29.

Then went to fix headland corner missed spots, after that drove to seed production building for a kinze 3665 refill, only had 906 liters left.

2023-10-19T13:22:00Z Started planting corn F31, courseplay, ETA 2hrs 29min.

Decent field work duration, this wont be finished in my todays real life farming session, I'm going to fall asleep well before two and a half hours. Also this will require SEVERAL seed refills, I already setup autodrive target point and courseplay-gui garbage sync so at least the tractor gets to chicken and sheep farm yard even though there are no waypoints for seed production building.

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k and then refilled bredal k165.

2023-10-19T13:30:00Z Started fertilizing F29, courseplay, ETA 42min.

2023-10-19T13:55:00Z Kinze 3665 ran out of seeds, autodrive took the tractor over and heading to seed production building.

2023-10-19T14:06:00Z Kinze 3665 refilled and back to seeding.

2023-10-19T14:10:00Z Finished fertilizing F29.

Went and fixed missed spots on the field being seeded right now, F31. At this time getting pretty tired, that full zombi mode is closing fast.

2023-10-19T14:37:00Z Kinze 3665 ran out of seeds, autodrive took the tractor over and heading to seed production building.

2023-10-19T14:49:00Z Kinze 3665 refilled and back to seeding.

2023-10-19T15:23:00Z Kinze 3665 ran out of seeds, autodrive took the tractor over and heading to seed production building.

2023-10-19T15:34:00Z Kinze 3665 refilled and back to seeding.

2023-10-19T16:07:00Z Kinze 3665 ran out of seeds, autodrive took the tractor over and heading to seed production building.

2023-10-19T16:18:00Z Kinze 3665 refilled and back to seeding.

I'm in full zombi mode, so tired, uuh..

2023-10-19T16:31:00Z Finished planting corn F31.

Whoah I cannot believe I managed to finish that before falling asleep, now quick save and exit, I am just way too tired, good night.

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