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2023-10-06 Pig Farm Yard Creation

2023-10-06T15:06:00Z New farming day has started, decided to get some farming done as nothing else interested me at the moment, one of those days I suppose.

This savegame now has 80hrs and 46min on it.

After all the bitching about how hard it is to make decisions, now I'm going to blast off by purchasing farm yard and pig barn (the huge hogg barn), get some pigs going.

2023-10-06T15:16:00Z Leveled farm yard ID 1 and purchased it for 39.8k, then purchased pig barn for 250k. I'm calling this "Pig Barn 1".

Purchased meridian TL 12-39 auger pipe for 14.5k. Used massey ferguson to pull this auger pipe to my second farm yard, lets call it Farm Yard F28 E now or more simple pig farm yard.

Purchased penta db50 silage trailer with silage extension for 61.5k. I'm going to use this to haul pig food from the dealership delivery point to meridian tl 12-39 auger pipe, temporarily or who knows maybe for all time not sure yet.

Set the dealership delivery point to pig farm yard and purhcased 8 * big bag pig food for 7.2k I think it was. Refilled pig food into penta db50 trailer, then dumped the massive 8k liters of pig food into Pig Barn 1 feed input silo, now I'm ready to buy some pigs, well, technically Smiley :p

2023-10-06T15:38:00Z Purchased 60 adult pigs for 34.5k * 3, got all breeds, budget now 2.399m.

Okay now I am a pig farmer! Smiley :D

Then purchased another 8 big bags of pig food for 7.2k * 4. Then refilled penta db50 with this 32k liters of pig food and finally dumped it into Pig Barn 1 feed silo, OK now I am already bored to death for this bag purchasing and trailer refilling activity Smiley :(

Pig Barn 1 food status now: 20% (base food 10%, grain 5%, protein 5% and root crops 2%). That 20 percent wont last long I bet, its 180 pigs already with sixty per breed initial purchase.

My plan now is very simple; plant and harvest pig food crops myself, this includes base food corn, grain barley (I'm already doing it), protein canola and root crops sugar beets. So I have to purchase following items:

- farmland with field for corn
- farmland with field for canola
- farmland with field for sugar beets (not very large)
- corn header
- grain bin silo for corn
- grain bin silo for canola

Not sure where I place those new grain bin silos, I'd like to place them into chicken / sheep farm yard next to barley grain bin so they could all use the convey-all auger pipe there.

Man, looking at that list... its kind of simple, but at the end of the day... it will be some work, for example "small field for sugar beets", now where do I find such thing in PMC Super Six 6km terrain? Maybe the ones in SE region, but that is then huge driving back and forth hauling those sugar beets to pig farm yard Smiley :)

Pig farmers life ain't easy Smiley ;)

2023-10-06T15:51:00Z Saved game so now these purchases, farm yard growth is locked in, there is no going back now.

Checked out farmland ID 12 which has F07 on it, that field size is 2.49ha with farmland area size 2.94ha, this would be pretty decent sugar beet field, I really don't want to do more sugar beets as its so time consuming with the tiny equipment. I went and purchased farmland ID 12 right away.

Then purchased farmland ID 15 for 264.2k and farmland ID 19 for 222.2k. These are now my corn and canola fields, they were about the right size for the task. Other fields closer to my farm yards were so massive that for example farmland ID 14 with F28 on it is 133.15ha and costs well over a million, yeah that is too big for my pig food purpose.

It is kind of, well clumsy to have fields peppered all over the terrain like this, but those were the proper size fields for the task so what can you do.

Now I went well beyond my budget what was reserved for pigs, I mean my yesterdays list for pigs only included the barn + auger pipe, now I'm going all in purchasing land and equipment.

- sugar beet header 3m grimme ft 300 24.5k
- sugar beet harvester 3m 10km/h gimme rootster 604 98.5k
- planter 300hp 12m 18km/h 3.8k liters kinze 3665 blue drive 139.5k
- header corn 12m capello quasar hs16 125k

2023-10-06T16:07:00Z Purchased the above list, budget now 1.458m.

Okay so now I can plant and harvest corn and sugar beets.

2023-10-06T16:13:00Z Did another savegame to lock progress in.

Because I'm unsure how much pig food my 180 pigs will eat per day, I'm testing with 1000 speed time acceleration closely monitoring the food which btw is already down to 19% now just during my purchasing the farmland and implements. I bet I have to buy more pig food big bags before tomorrow morning (which would be quite shocking for future in mind).

Jan in-game 0909hrs well I'm pleasantly surprised, pig food level dropped to 15%, good, at least I don't have to refill that feed silo every single day yet.

One thing I'm wondering though, does meridian tl 12-39 auger pipe move sugar beets? Hmm in real life it surely wont but dunno about this dumbed down to conzole peasants FS22, most likely it will. If it doesn't, well then I have another issue at my hands... how do I mix pig food if I cannot load all the raw source material into Pig Barn 1. But luckily that issue is still many days away, will be a long time before I get sugar beets harvested.

Pig Barn 1 slurry: 10.7k liters already heh, filthy pigs pissing all over themselves, nice Smiley :)

That reminds me, I can retire bredal k165 and purchase slurry spreader because soon I'll have so much slurry I don't know what to do with it and once I get cattle / dairy cow barns running, then same thing for manure.

Teleported to chicken and sheep farm yard, everything still looking good here but probably after one night skip I need to bring tractor here to move some grass bales for Sheep Barn 4 and possibly empty out pallet spawn points. Now this back and forth shuffle with my current massey ferguson will not do, I need to get another "utility" tractor for the pig farm yard, I'm not going to drive back and forth everytime each of the yards need some work done.

Feb in-game 0915hrs went to visit my new farmlands for the first time heh. F08 and F29 looking good, big Smiley :)

Looks like honey market price is 3387 at Six Global AG Corp selling point. Tomorrow is the best market price selling day. Pig Barn 1 food: 9% which is 19.3k liters.

Hmm technically I could get away with that farm yard work by purchasing telehandler to move bales and pallets, it cant pull grain trailer though, so hmm might be just easier to get the another tractor, in fact I need it anyways when sugar beet harvest comes I need one tractor to harvest the beets and another to empty the harvester thingy.

You absolutely gotta be kidding me, checked the dealership sales and that kinze 3665 planter I bought is now for sale there, hah the timing Smiley :(

Mar in-game 0913hrs honey market price is 3417 at Rock Specialty Crops CO and pretty much all animals need some feeding now, so going to be a busy day that's for sure Smiley :)

Purchased another 8 big bags of pigfood for 7.2k * 4. Refilled it to penta db50 trailer, then dumped it to pig barn 1 feed silo through meridian tl 12-39 auger pipe. That buying big bags is so stupid time waste I am about to crawl outta my skin while refilling those 4 * 8 bags slowly one at the time, I HAVE to get some kind of buying station placeable for this before my crops are ready to be used as feed directly.

Earlier today I was browsing some mods, not looking for anything but I did come across LazyE's feed mixer building, it could possibly be used as cattle and pig food mixing placeable, just need to test it out, verify its error free and working before dropping into this savegame.

Fed the chickens and pushed one grass bale around to get Sheep Barn 4 back again to food: 100% status. Then collected all wool and egg pallets to the edge of the farm yard. Then picked up trailer full of honey and headed off to Rock Specialty Crops CO selling point. Almost 9min ETA according to autodrive Smiley :)

2023-10-06T17:06:00Z Sold honey at Rock Specialty Crops CO for 31.9k.

Oh man this is borderline not worth my time to drive all the way to the other side of the terrain for such profits Smiley :(

Only three pallets left by bee hives, yeah will be leaving those bee-ee-ee, get it? Hoho, funny..

2023-10-06T17:16:00Z Mar in-game 0953hrs animals have been fed, product spawn points emptied out (except bee's 3 pallets), OK guess its time to kick off this years planting season, sugar beets to F07.

F07 is currently grass field and fully fertilized, excellent, all I have to do is grab kinze 3665 planter, refill it with seeds and go plant some sugar beets.

2023-10-06T17:29:00Z Started planting sugar beet F07, courseplay, ETA 14min.

Pig food ingredient crop seed goes to the ground, yeah buddy! Smiley :)

2023-10-06T17:45:00Z Finished planting sugar beet F07.

Dropped kinze 3665 off to chicken farm yard and picked up kubota herbicide sprayer, then back to F07, I got a new crop to spray.

2023-10-06T17:55:00Z Started herbicide spraying F07, courseplay ETA 9min.

Field ground texture is not changing again, not sure why, or maybe its always been like this cant remember, I think it should get the darker wet texture when sprayed after direct drill seeding / planting. Anyways, it works, that's all what matters.

2023-10-06T18:02:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F07.

Sugar beets have been planted, one step closer to have pig food ingredient crop. Next up is corn planting in apr. Checked Pig Barn 1 slurry status, only 34k liters so its not really enough for fields with size of F08 and F29, next season there should be enough slurry to do those fields, I hope. Picked up bredal k165, need to go fertilize F08 at least, F29 also if it takes fertilizer layer.

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k.

2023-10-06T18:20:00Z Started fertilizing F29, courseplay, ETA 42min.

This field accepted layer of fertilizer, nice. F29 size is 25.43ha on field definition and farmland area is 27.82ha which is probably a bit closer to the actual field size, this is a decent size field, not quite but almost ten hectares larger than F13. Slowly and gradually starting to get into those big boy field sizes, well, I said slowly Smiley ;)

Cant wait until animals start to produce enough manure and slurry so I can fertilize all my fields. It might take a while for the herds to grow, but eventually there will be enough product to spread. Then it will be so cool to fertilize your own fields using manure and slurry from your own animals. Even if you take slurry spreader and placeable slurry buy point, its just not the same as legit animal slurry Smiley :)

Manure and slurry are excellent also in the sense that you can have one implement spread manure in one field and another spread slurry to another field, then just switch them around and do second layer right after without needing to unhook implements etc shuffle. Fertilizing two fields at the same time, yes of course you can have like four rubicon 9000s and fertilize four fields at the same time, but then you have to either wait for field stage to switch or cultivate if you want immediately fertilize again. Doing manure first and then slurry works back-to-back, no waiting of any kind. This is why its so great to use animal waste as fertilizer.

The amount of work that goes into animals obviously is not the same as fert - cult - fert field work tasks, but overall if you want other animal products, yeah its pretty great to have animals on the farm. But sure, usually players are divided between grain farmers and overall "do everything" farmers, I am grain farmer first and foremost, but lately I have enjoyed taking care of animals a lot, as said, love spreading manure from my own animals, there are no substitute fertilizing method Smiley :)

2023-10-06T19:01:00Z Finished fertilizing F29.

2023-10-06T19:04:00Z Started fertilizing F08, courseplay, ETA 35min.

And now its my lunch break ...

2023-10-06T19:28:00Z Feeding time is over, back to fertilizing.

2023-10-06T19:37:00Z Finished fertilizing F08.

Drove bredal k165 to pig farm yard and saved game, okay whats next, hmm. Drove massey ferguson to chicken farm yard and diesel refueled it as it was about half a tank, it didn't really need it yet but better refuel instead of halt a field work course because you run out of fuel. Then grabbed kinze 3665 planter, then drove to F29 and time accelerated overnight.

Apr in-game 0647hrs goood mooorning PMC Super Six 6km! Okay, lets plant some corn.

2023-10-06T19:54:00Z Started planting corn F29, courseplay, ETA 1hrs 41min.

Well, this takes a while, okay then... During this time I browsed giants in-game manure and slurry spreaders, wrote them down to my HTML copy-paste page from which many of these story timestamp paragraphs are copy-pasted from. I kind of like those equipment, even though giants are little girlie men terrain lovers, they have odd behavior adding these fairly large implements, for example in my PMC Farm Lab 1.2km terrain animal studies savegame I used some medium size manure spreader and that was just fine for me, didn't need anything larger. Of course now I'm rolling in the big boy neighborhood on PMC Super Six 6km so these fields start to need the biggest equipment and in some cases two or more of them in vehicle convoy. Cant wait to get into first manure / slurry spreading.

2023-10-06T20:28:00Z Kinze 3665 is out of seeds, OK refill time!

Went to refill from seed production building, then back to F30 N... and I was writing this text when tractor reached F30 N, then autodrive handed control over to courseplay-gui garbage as it detected somehow that tractor has a seeder and unfinished field work course. Very nice Smiley :)

2023-10-06T20:39:00Z Back planting corn to F29, ETA still 1hrs 8min, so most likely one more seed refill before F29 is done.

2023-10-06T21:18:00Z And Kinze 3665 is out, back to seed production building for a refill...

Drove to seed production building and ... yup, you guessed it, there was 104 liters seeds left, oh my oh my, why in the word didn't I check the seed status before even starting this planting season, that was a big fail. Okay will have to emergency buy seeds and really crank up seed production once planting season is over, goal well over 100k liters minimum Smiley :)

Purchased 4 * big bag of seeds for 3.2k and refilled kinze 3665, good to go again.

2023-10-06T21:27:00Z Back planting, last leg.

Kinze 3665 planter is the same as amazone citan 15001-c with regarding horsepower, massey ferguson MF 8S.305 is not powerful enough to pull it properly, its on average 17km/h and often dips to 16 maybe even 15km/h. I need to buy some 400hp tractor soon, maybe even after this corn planting so could use it on canola seeding for F08. I'm thinking of something like, fendt 939 vario with twin wheels, I loved rolling with that tractor on PMC Iowa Garden City 8km last year.

2023-10-06T21:57:00Z Finished planting corn F29.

Aayeah corn planting is done, now just canola. BTW only 910 liters of seeds left in kinze 3665 tank, got pretty close.

Next I have herbicide spraying scheduled on the field work list, but hmm yeah how about if I don't spray F29 size field with the kubota tractor kit, its 28m width and 12km/h snail slow crawl... I don't want to spend rest of the evening watching that sprayer crawl along the field. But hmm, am I really ready to purhcase rubicon 9000 now, hmm hmm.

2023-10-06T22:15:00Z Yup what can you do, if you want to spray a lot of hectares, rubicon 9000 is the answer, accept no substitute...

2023-10-06T22:15:00Z Purchased rubicon 9000 with guidancesteering for 504k, budget now 925.2k.

Oh my dropped below million Smiley :o

Purchased 5 * 2k liter herbicide tanks for 12k.

2023-10-06T22:20:00Z Started herbicide spraying F29, courseplay, ETA 22min.

Sold kubota xms218 for 23.8k and kubota xft211 for 2.6k.

2023-10-06T22:44:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F29. Was ALT-TABbed and lost track of time, this probably finished several minutes ago.

That just proves how worth the money Rubicon 9000 is when it comes to spraying, it is just so awesome. My guess is that with large pig operation with growing feed crops myself, there will be a lot of field work to be done, so this kind of monster sprayer definitely will help on the planting season, I'm not regretting at all purchasing this even though it cost half a million.

Wool market price is 3729 at Six Operations Limited selling point, OK time to go sell then.

2023-10-06T22:59:00Z Sold wool at Six Operations Limited for 52.4k.

2023-10-06T23:11:00Z Sold wool at Six Operations Limited for 59.4k.

2023-10-06T23:23:00Z Sold wool at Six Operations Limited for 58.4k.

2023-10-06T23:35:00Z Sold wool at Six Operations Limited for 44.3k.

2023-10-06T23:47:00Z Sold wool at Six Operations Limited for 56.6k.

2023-10-06T23:59:00Z Sold wool at Six Operations Limited for 56.9k.

2023-10-07T00:11:00Z Sold wool at Six Operations Limited for 25.8k. Last load was only 63% trailer full.

All wool sold, budget now 1.293m yeeah buddy, back at the millionaire status Smiley :)

Next seasonal event is barley harvest in jun, hmm it lasted less than two hours with midwest durus 18.2m header, hmm I could start it but I highly doubt I can finish it tonight, its about my bed time right now but not tired yet, so interesting to see how long I can farm.

Fed the chickens and moved grass bales to Sheep Barn 4. Dumped 68k liters of barley into seed production building and turned it on, farm needs some seeds.

Saved game and then it was time accelerating until barley harvest season on jun, although... pigs will run out of food before that, hmm hmm.

Seed production building ran out of liquid fertilizer, purchased 5 liquid fertilizer tanks... before I figured that store deliveries was set for pig farm yard, argh! Okay driving there to pick up those liquid fertilizer tanks...

Hauled 8k liters of liquid fertilizer using lizard MKS8 to the seed production building, got it running again. Purchased 4 herbicide liquid tanks for 9.6k, dumped these to seed production building as well, its all topped up on chemicals now.

Jun in-game 1024hrs barley harvest seasons begins now, F13 is ready to harvest. However pig barn 1 is 1% food so I have to go in and refill that thing before committing to harvest season.

Purchased 8 big bags of pig food for 7.2k * 2. ARGH! And again I messed up, store deliveries was now back on chicken and sheep farm yard, so now need to drive there AGAIN to pickup that crap, argh now I'm starting to get frustrated, I see it being a good idea to call it a night real soon.

Purchased 8 big bags of pig food for 7.2k * 2. Then drove to pig farm yard and dumped 32k liters of pig food into feed silo. Just noticed that I now have 360 pigs.

2023-10-07T01:09:00Z Fed chickens, added 8 grass round bales to Sheep Barn 3 I think it was, moved convey-all auger pipe to loading position on meridian flat bottom bin 3608, hooked kinze 1121 harvest commander grain cart to massey ferguson, OK I am ready for barley harvest season, however... now its time to say good night, saved game and exited FS22.

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