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This story in the beginning references a lot of what happened earlier today which was explained in FS22 Release and Install story, please read that first so you understand the context of New Farmer Elmcreek story. If you don't want to read that through, well then all I can say is I don't like win10... which is an understatement, so bare that in mind if you proceed to read without going through FS22 release and install page. New Farmer Elmcreek story has some profanity in the early pages which all goes with the release and install story background, if you are child who gets offended by strong language stop reading now.

You have been warned.

New Farmer Elmcreek savegame story is my very first time playing Farming Simulator 22 (FS22), fresh of a new game release and me getting it installed. This was extremely exciting time for me to learn this new farmsim game. I have fond memories of this era when playing through New Farmer game-mode in FS22, I'll never forget it (with help of this story page) Smiley :)

This savegame is also the very first I finished in FS22. This means buying all the farmland and harvesting all the fields, just like Start From Zero - Getting Started and Rules savegames.

Page 1, 2021-11-23 Day After FS22 Release.

Page 2, First Full 17 Hour Farming Day.

Page 3, 2021-11-24 Second Day Of FS22 New Farmer.

Page 4, 2021-11-25 Third Day Of FS22 New Farmer.

Page 5, 2021-11-26 Fourth Day Of FS22 New Farmer.

Page 6, 2021-11-27 First FS22 Editing and Nap.

Page 7, 2021-11-28 Experimenting With 28 Day Seasons Config.

Page 8, 2021-11-29 Soybeans Harvesting With Case IH 9250.

Page 9, 2021-11-30 Money Making Placeables.

Page 10, 2021-12-02 Silage Baling Contract.

Page 11, 2021-12-04 Another Silage Baling Contract.

Page 12, 2021-12-04 Productions Canola And Soybeans Harvests.

Page 13, 2021-12-06 Testing Windows 10 64bit Professional.

Page 14, 2021-12-07 Windows 10 M.2 NVMe Install.

Page 15, 2021-12-08 Soybeans Planting Continues.

Page 16, 2021-12-09 CTD Galore.

Page 17, 2021-12-10 GPS Mod Release Is Here.

Page 18, 2021-12-11 Harvesting And Selling Grain.

Page 19, 2021-12-14 Nvidia GTX 1060 Crash Testing.

Page 20, 2021-12-15 The Big Finish.

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