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2021-11-25 Third Day Of FS22 New Farmer

2021-11-25T17:34:00Z New farming day has started, lets continue seeding canola.

Finished F50 and next to it towards west, then it was lunch time, days first meal, I'm hungry ...

2021-11-25T18:20:00Z Feeding time is over, lets continue seeding.

2021-11-25T19:49:00Z Finished seeding, skipped a day, then herbicide sprayed the fields. Now all good to go for the next harvest after skipping enough days.

2021-11-25T22:59:00Z Finished harvesting canola, got 93.4k liters from it, just above how much train can hold, nice! And with this I'm off for a lunch break...

2021-11-25T23:57:00Z Feeding time over, lets start to sell some canola.

2021-11-26T00:17:00Z Transported 93.4k liters of canola into railroad silo. Now just time accelerate until dec which is canola highest selling date.

Tried to find canola highest selling price but I haven't written any of those down yet, need to start doing it right now.

2021-11-26T00:38:00Z Sold 93.4k canola for 231.1k, hmm dang less than what I made from the soybeans the last time which was much less liters. Alright I'm going to plant soybeans next.

2021-11-26T03:41:00Z Finished seeding soybeans to all the fields.

2021-11-26T04:14:00Z Herbicide spraying done, fields arent limed and one field needs plowing but was not interested of doing that crap all I want is to get to harvest and sell another harvest load.

2021-11-26T04:21:00Z Harvest season has arrived, for this I'm going to lease some bad ass combine + header, I want speed and performance Smiley :)

Leased case 9250 combine and 3050 or something draper head.

2021-11-26T04:30:00Z Just as the harvest started, it was my lunch time...

2021-11-26T04:53:00Z Feeding complete, back to harvest.

2021-11-26T06:02:00Z Finished harvest season, returned leased combine + header. Soybeans in farm bin silo 70.8k liters, quite nice haul with these new fields even though couple of them were much below "perfect" condition.

Now I'm time accelerating into soybeans sell month which is jul. Reached the month and goldcrest valley price is 3k even, lets sell.

2021-11-26T06:32:00Z Used train to sell 70.5k soybeans for 211.9k, budget now 384.1k.

Decided to sell my deutz-fahr top liner combine which is awfully small for my current fields, I'm going to lease another big combine on next harvest, or maybe buy one although dunno if I have enough cash yet.

Sold it with header and header trailer, budget now 438.8k.

This is annoying amount of money because it is "a lot" but nowhere near to upgrade all your vehicles, there is very little point of having mega big cultivator if your seeder and combine are tiny. Well I guess cultivator is used a lot between fertilizing passes so it might be nice to have high speed and wide, but yeah overall you should grow your farm evenly.

Been also thinking about making money as fast as possible, don't I always hehe, but this savegame has now gone so many harvests that I have lost count. So maybe buying good seeder and combine would be worth the effort even if your cultivating, spraying and spreading equipment is not very capable, why would they if you just spam seed + harvest in never ending loop. But not sure if the loss of yield is too great to be beneficial.

2021-11-26T06:57:00Z Sold seeder pottinger for 41k, budget now 480.7k.

Dealership had sale for john deere 7R, bought it for 162.2k. This tractor now has 388hp, plenty of power for all kinds of medium size implements, mainly my goal is to pull wide seeder with fast speed.

Purchased amazone citan 15001-c seeder for 206.5k which is largest seeder in stock fs22. Unfortunately this piece of shit seeder only had 1.6k liter seed capacity even though vehicle shop lists it as 7k liters, guess rest is fertilizer which makes no sense to me.

2021-11-26T07:09:00Z Started new planting season, lets put this seeder to work, first I'll fertilize and lime one field, then need to decide if I plow one other field, maybe leasing a big plow now that I have a medium size tractor.

2021-11-26T09:14:00Z Finished plowing F42 and now planting season starts. But when I lowered that piece of shit amazone citrus into the ground... nothing happened, it was not direct drill planter, sigh. Okay unloaded it, unhooked it and sold it. Fuck you. Bought vaderstad rapid a 800s for 159.5k, what a waste of money to buy and return a vehicle Smiley :(

Anyways lets get started with soybeans seeding.

2021-11-26T10:38:00Z Finished soybeans planting, for this season there is still one day skip and then herbicide spraying, but that is for tomorrow, now I'm dead tired and 17hrs alarm went off already half an hour ago.

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