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2021-11-24 Second Day Of FS22 New Farmer

2021-11-24T18:43:00Z New farming day has started, back at PMC Gaming, lets continue growing my farm. Day started by installing gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 7 motherboard drivers and rebooting it twice.

Downloaded new mods, put them all to C:\FS22.Mods\PMC\ dir, launched game and activated them all, when I got in 3D it froze couple of seconds later, not only FS22 froze but the whole fucking windows 10 froze so I had to restart by hardware reset button.

Bought fields F50 and F41 as I had the bank loan money left. Leased corn header as one of the new fields has sunflowers in it, will make some good money.

2021-11-24T20:08:00Z Started harvesting F41 sunflowers, did headlands and cut the field open in south end, but now its my lunch time gotta get that days first meal in. I am feeling great for today and this savegame, now I have bunch of fields and the crop liters start to mount into big money. But first, lunch time ...

2021-11-24T20:37:00Z Feeding time is over, lets harvest some sunflowers.

2021-11-24T20:57:00Z Finished harvesting F41 sunflowers.

2021-11-24T21:08:00Z CTD, or well it minimized while sounds kept playing. I'm now thinking about starting to try out different nvidia driver versions going older from the latest I'm using now.

Went to the bathroom and when I came back whole win10 had frozen with sound looping that nasty digital garble sound. Decided to shut everything down, unplug GTX TITAN X and clean it up. Well to my surprise it was almost completely clean no dust that I could clean out.

2021-11-24T21:48:00Z System back up.

2021-11-24T22:06:00Z Started to seed soybeans on all fields.

2021-11-24T22:26:00Z Giants Editor v9.0.1 released Smiley :)

2021-11-25T00:01:00Z Finished seeding soybeans to all my fields, F41 and F44-F50. Now I have like 303 money which is nothing, hopefully I have enough herbicide to spray fields. I am now going to time accelerate to have crops grow and also for the next high grain selling price day.

Oat 4.1k liters, canola 27.7k liters, sunflowers 15.6k liters. Best sell price oat jan, canola dec, sunflowers mar.

Current month is mar, so lets head to sell sunflowers. Goldcrest valley buys 3.1k / 1k liters. However I cannot use the train because it costs 1k heh, I need to sell to some local place, or at least sell one thousand liters.

Sold canola for 3.7k, now I can use the train. Then hauled about 13k liters of sunflowers into the big railroad silo. Then rented train and loaded 13.8k liters of sunflowers into it, market price is now 3.1k / 1k liters.

Backed off train to the terrain edge, it kicked me out and dialog came up asking if I want to sell the grain in goldcrest valley, I clicked yes and 48.2k money got added to my account.

Somewhat odd setup, but it works, I guess.

Actually... knowing how much trains lag in PMC Grande Gardens 16km, I might add this kind of grain selling setup to it, maybe.

2021-11-25T01:21:00Z All fields herbicide sprayed. All good, now I'll just time accelerate to harvest season.

2021-11-25T01:27:00Z Harvest season has arrived, lets start harvesting.

2021-11-25T01:48:00Z I'm starving, its lunch time...

2021-11-25T02:18:00Z Feeding time is over, back to soybeans harvest.

Because FS22 crashes so often, its actually freezes now and sometimes doesn't even crash but goes into minimized mode after which I have to task manager end the task. Decided to re-download the whole installer from giants eShop, maybe this time I use the IMG thing whatever it is. I highly doubt that my downloaded binary file was corrupted, the game startup file integrity verify feature would have catched issues, but hey I need to give all options a try.

2021-11-25T04:24:00Z Another CTD, must had like 20 today, at least. I'm now going to start the FS22 game reinstall process.

Plan is to uninstall fs22, then delete all c:\users\ files just so that there are no leftovers which could cause issues. Then install from the giants eShop downloaded IMG file and not change ANYTHING, except restoring my savegame1 on elmcreek. This "IMG" file extension is some new windows installer shizzle, you are supposed to just click it and it installs, never seen that before as I don't use such win10 trash.

On log file I got bunch of "Error: Render device Error: Unknown." when those crashes happened.

All my experience and gut feeling is telling me that my GTX TITAN X has something wrong with the hardware, I'm getting those nvidia driver crashes with Elite Dangerous and even ArmA 3, oddly enough not with FS19. Those driver crashes would fit to these fs22 crashes, dunno. Its not a direct nvidia driver crash but this is a new win10 instead of old win7 so who knows maybe its same GPU hardware issue.

Got the planned re-install done and started fs22 up with STOCK DEFAULT settings. First played in french weasel terrain with 1080p resolution, then switched to 4k.

2021-11-25T05:59:00Z Played a bit on the french weasel terrain and no issues, decided to switch back to my actual elmcreek savegame to get some progress done and hopefully this re-install fixed those crashes (I doubt it, but dang whats the alternative).

2021-11-25T06:02:00Z Launched my elmcreek savegame, crossing fingers ...

2021-11-25T06:07:00Z CTD Smiley :evil:

Going to start a brand new farm-manager savegame in elmcreek and just play.

2021-11-25T06:57:00Z CTD.

Well re-install didn't work, all it took from me is time and burned one serial key activation, sigh. I don't know man, what the fuck am I to do if this bitch crashes all the time?

Decided to stick it through, going to continue the original elmcreek savegame and make progress, 2-3 minutes at time per savegame, sigh.

Fuck... I almost feel like formatting PMC Gaming SSD, installing win7 and FS19 back, then just continue playing something that is proven to be working and also has plenty of great mods.

2021-11-25T07:28:00Z Lunch break, third for today...

2021-11-25T08:01:00Z Burb, okay lets continue hauling soybeans for sell.

During eating I was thinking more and more of just installing win7 and going back to regularly scheduled programs letting FS22 marinate and mature. Big decision is the win10, I simply fucking cannot use that garbage on PMC Gaming computer.

2021-11-25T08:35:00Z Used train to sell canola and soybeans for 250.1k whoah nice money Smiley :)

However I am ... bored of FS22, I lost the motivation and drive I had this morning. Now this just feels stupid to play elmcreek new farmer game mode.

Sold last oats and canola, budget now 259.3k and of course -500k bank loan.

2021-11-25T09:16:00Z Purchased F42 and F51, dunno didn't know what to do so lets farm some more... Smiley :?

2021-11-25T10:15:00Z Dead tired cannot keep my eyes open anymore, have to call it a night, seeding canola to all my fields was left half way done, have to finish it tomorrow.

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