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2021-12-10 GPS Mod Release Is Here

2021-12-10T08:55:00Z New farming day has started, what can I say, even though I have decided at least three times that "this is it, no more playing." but its what I do, I don't know what else to do, nothing else interests me now.

I hope that once FS22 live streams for 22 continuous days ends on tomorrow, after that I can nudge myself into doing some other things. This simply is what I do every day now since the release, play fs22 and watch twitch live streams from these guys.

2021-12-10T09:01:00Z Started oats planting season by spreading lime to fields that require it. Whole plan is to put down oats in mar and soybeans on apr.

2021-12-10T09:03:00Z CTD.

2021-12-10T09:16:00Z CTD.

2021-12-10T09:23:00Z Sold bredal k105 for 22.3k. Purchased bredal k165 with extensions for 89.8k.

2021-12-10T11:09:00Z Finished spreading lime to all fields that needed it, wow this took forever, had to do probably 5 or more refills, where is my variable spray rate mod?

Wonder how much yield hit would these harvests take if I would not care at all about anything else than seeding/planting, fertilizing and herbicide spraying which is quickly done with rubicon 9000.

The whole point of this savegame now is to make good progress and spending almost two hours just to spread lime... is not good progress or time use, at all.

2021-12-10T11:21:00Z Started seeding oats to some of the fields, maybe roughly half and half, dunno yet.

Used twitch top down boyz view as trying to avoid GPU strain. It was horrible way to play but I just didn't want to deal with any more CTDs, hopefully this low video setting top down mode would reduce the GPU usage.

2021-12-10T13:01:00Z Finished oats seeding.

2021-12-10T13:04:00Z Started fertilizing oats fields.

2021-12-10T14:11:00Z guidanceSteering aka GPS mod by Wopster has been released.

Immediately saved game and moved GPS mod zip into mods dir Smiley ;)

2021-12-10T14:54:00Z Finished herbicide spraying oats fields. Time accelerated to the next day before realized that soybeans harvest season is already here and I was just time accelerating happily away.

Time to hop into planting tractor, hook up john deere 1775NT and start planting some soybeans.

2021-12-10T15:08:00Z Took Fendt 1050 vario to the vehicle shop, purchased GPS and fendt 3.3k front weight.

2021-12-10T15:14:00Z Soybeans planting season starts.

2021-12-10T15:43:00Z Shut down FS22 to install latest GPS mod from github repo. But at the same time checked giants modhub and according to its version number it is newer v2.0.1 hmm, so I downloaded it again.

Restarted FS22 again to update strautmann SEK auto loading trailer so I can move some seed big bags.

2021-12-10T16:03:00Z CTD.

2021-12-10T16:44:00Z Sold john deere 1775NT planter, need something bigger. Purchased kinze 4905 blue drive for 174k.

Kinze 4905 has more seed capacity than 1775nt, its faster 18km/h and wider 18.2m.

2021-12-10T16:59:00Z CTD.

And with that I'm going to take a quick break.

2021-12-10T17:40:00Z Break over, back to farming. But then I went to take a lunch break heh.

2021-12-10T19:02:00Z Lunch break over, back to planting.

2021-12-10T21:23:00Z Finished planting soybeans. Whoah that took a while too.

2021-12-10T21:25:00Z CTD.

2021-12-10T21:31:00Z Started fertilize spraying all fields that accept/need with rubicon 9000.

2021-12-10T22:58:00Z Finished fertilizing the fields that accepted fertilizer, there was two maybe three fields which need a stage switch to accept second layer. Then I have another switch to get herbicide spraying going on before this planting season is finally over.

But for now... I only have less than hour left before 17hrs alarm goes off, so I'm going to call it a FS22 day here and do few computer chores before going to bed. Tomorrow I'll finish the planting season, I think... I sort of feel exhausted and frustrated how much time I've invested into this savegame now, I mean from nov 23rd basically 17hrs/day with couple of exceptions, that is pretty crazy and I only own half of the farmlands now, this savegame would still take at least a week of good 17hrs days to finish.

I might switch to editing tomorrow, to do something else, productive and for the greater community good. But we'll see, no point dwelling over it now.

Today was a great farming day.

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