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2021-11-28 Experimenting With 28 Day Seasons Config

2021-11-28T17:17:00Z Well never say "no more playing" heh, here I am new day has started and I want to farm some more, I cant help myself. The win10 end is near so lets milk everything out of this baby.

2021-11-28T17:53:00Z Had a lunch break before even got in-game, but now I'm ready to play.

Changed greenhouse output mode to STORING and plan on selling those goods manually as heard in twitch live stream rumons that auto-sell delivery fee is 40% of the selling price. This is huge amount, I need to start hauling myself.

2021-11-28T18:41:00Z Moved my first greenhouse tomato and strawberry pallets manually. I could do it, but wonder in the long run if that becomes a tedious chore.

Did second moving of pallets, hell started to get that motion sickness nauseating headache a little bit, dunno this is very grindy type of work and I think its better to have auto sell on, hand moving pallets is just not worth it for the money difference.

Was thinking of stacking pallets on trailer by hand and then send AI to sell them, not sure if that helps any, the hand stacking is still killing me even after doing it three times at the moment of writing this.

2021-11-28T19:32:00Z CTD. Image frozen but game was still running on the background as sounds changed when you used controls.

Drove a tractor with smallest low loader trailer to the greenhouses, then hand stacked bunch of produce from one of the greenhouses into the trailer, strapped it down and drove to fast food restaurant. Drove the trailer into the trigger and produce were sold, budget was 5.1k and now its 9.9k, so it was peanuts but ... you could transfer one of such trailer load of greenhouse stuff to few pallets of fertilizer, money wise.

2021-11-28T19:50:00Z Definitely not worth the time to do that shit manually, I'm now setting greenhouses to auto-sell and keep it there.

After stacking up second trailer load which was last for the greenhouses, I felt that throbbing motion sickness nausea headache, this was absolutely the last time I do this stupid shit, this is a Farming Simulator not stacking game. I also changed bread production back to selling. There are two or three bread pallets produced now which I must sell but this is it...

No more storing, never, I will not handle production chains pallets ever again. Always auto-sell.

Drove tractor to fast food restaurant, budget went from 9.9k to 14.7k. Well at least I'm now above ten kay, but yeah, fucking never stack pallets manually.

2021-11-28T20:05:00Z Sold front loader, pallet fork and the low loader trailer. Budget now 33.2k.

Back to regular grain farming and let production bullshit do their own thing automatically, as a bonus for my farming operations.

Shit forgot to sell the bread pallets, got 4 of them there so with best price there are 4*5.5k stored in bakerys backyard.

It was a mistake to buy the john deere combine header hd50f when it was on sale because the combine itself costs half a fucking million, so decided to cut my losses and sold the header for 10.1k.

Then unloaded seeds from vaderstad rapid a 800s seeder and sold it (we have the john deere 1775nt) for 89.9k oh wow nice cash. Budget now 133.4k.

Good thing about john deere 1775nt planter is it takes 3524 liters of seeds. Bad thing is that it is a PLANTER for american style, it only plants corn, soybeans, sugar beet, cotton and sunflowers.

When doing grain mill flour production, I need a seeder for oats. Hmm oh well need to do one soybeans season with this brand new planter to try it out and that gives me bunch of money so can develop farm further.

2021-11-28T20:32:00Z Started to get ready for next years soybeans planting season by fertilizing fields.

Decided to try 28 day seasons, another first time for me. My farm is tiny, fields are tiny, there is no point of running this many day seasons, however I just want to give it a try to how it looks and feels.

This many day seasons gives me time to make money from greenhouses and the solar panel heh.

It is now dec 21st when I changed from 3 to 28 day seasons, day remained the same. Then I time accelerated one day and it jumped into january 1st. Hmm I wonder if season ends at the end of the MENU SCREEN month which is february (first month is mar).

Time accelerated another day and it jumped to jan 11th which is in line with the previous 3 day season length. I assume that on mar 1st it will switch to new season setup.

2021-11-28T22:44:00Z Decided to use my budget to buy more greenhouses because they are the rock solid money maker while time accelerating.

Purchased ten (10) large greenhouses hehe. Budget now 72.2k.

2021-11-28T23:35:00Z It took forever to fill water into greenhouses using tractor and joskin 7k liter trailer so decided to lease semi-truck and water tanker trailer heh.

2021-11-28T23:55:00Z Using semi-truck was a bit failure, first the truck is bugged in v1.1.1 game engine, tires slip like crazy, then I could not fill the tanker trailer from the ponds, so I just ended up dev console filling the tanker. But now all greenhouses are full of water and I'm ready to time accelerate.

In feb 21st which was last day of 3 day seasons year consider that the months list ends in right side of the screen on february, I time accelerated and ended up in mar 1st and now when I'm looking at weather forecast calendar it will show me mar 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc etc in 28 days seasons setup.

2021-11-29T00:23:00Z Been fast forwarding few days now and looks like I'm getting about 1k profit per day, a bit more perhaps. Decided to start finally paying bank loan back in 5k increments every time I got that amount of extra money, for example right now budget is 105.7k so I'll now pay 5k of bank loan back ending up with 100.7k budget, I'll try to keep my budget bank loan wise above 100k now.

In-game mar 10th decided to take two spraying contracts as they paid few thousands and had rubicon 9000 as borrow vehicle.

2021-11-29T00:56:00Z Finished contracts herbicide spraying F10 and F25, returned borrowed vehicle and accepted rewards of 7.9k and 6.9k, budget now 114.8k. Paid 10k of bank loan.

2021-11-29T01:04:00Z I'm starvin' gotta get some chow...

2021-11-29T01:24:00Z Feeding time over, back to farming. Accepted fertilizing contracts for F10 and F25, using my own bredal k105.

2021-11-29T01:43:00Z Finished fertilizing contracts for F10 and F25, collected reward of 11.2k + 8.5k, budget now 122.5k.

In-game mar 14th paid off 25k bank loan, remaining loan 455k. mar 19th paid off 5k.

2021-11-29T02:11:00Z Been time accelerating days on end but... its just stable about 1k increase in budget, hmm how come as I bought ten dang large greenhouses and I cant see any increase in profits, hmm odd.

I will not start to pickup produce from these 12 greenhouses no fucking hell, but dunno if that would give better profit, I mean two loads of that small trailer gave like, what... was it 5k or 10k forgot already.

Plus I'm selling that bread too. Where the fuck do my profits go or is my expectations completely wrong? Hmph.

Hmm actually fs22 seasons length might slow down the production rate, which I bet is what happens here, so if I would run 3 or 9 etc day shorter seasons... my profit per in-game time-day would be much higher.

In-game mar 24th paid off 5k loan, remaining loan 445k.

I realized that seasons length should be so short that you just manage to do all field work before you run out of time. This 28 day season was a fun test but nothing more, in piece of shit 2km terrain with tiny fields there is absolutely no fucking reason to run more than 1 day season as all field work can be done within hours.

So feb 28 I am going to change seasons duration back to ... 1 day, to keep this savegame progressing fast.

In-game mar 29th... hmm 29th? I thought the month duration was 28 days huh?

In-game apr 1st paid off 5k loan, remaining loan 440k.

2021-11-29T02:50:00Z Soybeans planting season starts, getting to use john deere 1775nt for the very first time, excited! Smiley :)

John deere 1775NT is hilariously large for these elmcreek new farmer fields, I cant even turn it smoothly in the ends of F45 and F46 hehe and F44 is like one pass and done Smiley ;)

2021-11-29T03:08:00Z CTD.

2021-11-29T03:42:00Z Soybeans planting season finished. That john deere 1775nt is great, I love it. It feels very large but that must be because for 6 days straight I have been playing with piece of shit 3m seeder and just recently upgraded to 8m one, JD 1775NT feels huge in comparison.

In-game apr, paid off 5k bank loan on apr 4th, apr 7th, apr 8th, apr 10th, apr 14th, apr 20th, apr 24th, apr 29th, remaining loan 405k.

2021-11-29T04:59:00Z In-game may 1st field stage changed and weeds grew in. Going to start herbicide spraying.

2021-11-29T05:41:00Z Finished herbicide spraying all fields. Now begins a long time accelerating phase until october which is soybeans harvest season.

In-game may paid off 5k bank loan on may 4th, may 8th, may 10th, may 19th (paid 10k), may 23rd, may 28th.

2021-11-29T07:03:00Z Time acceleration continues, now I'm at june already.

In-game jun paid off 5k bank loan on jun 2nd, jun 6th, jun 9th, jun 12th, jun 18th, jun 21st, jun 26th.

2021-11-29T07:57:00Z In-game jul 1st and now I'm taking a short haircut and shower break Smiley :)

2021-11-29T08:27:00Z Hair cutting done, back to farming all shaven clean.

In-game jul paid off 5k bank loan on jul 2nd, jul 5th, jul 9th, jul 12th, jul 17th, jul 21st, jul 26th.

2021-11-29T08:54:00Z In-game aug 1st. Still two MONTHS (28 + 28 == 56 days) to time accelerate, uuh this is going to take forever Smiley :o

In-game aug paid off 5k bank loan on aug 2nd, aug 5th, aug 8th.

2021-11-29T09:11:00Z Greenhouses were running low on water, time to top up. I'm going to cheat a bit, using joskin 7k liter tractor tanker and dev console to fill it up, its just fucking too much grind to go pick up that water hundred times.

2021-11-29T09:35:00Z Finished refilling water. Now I'll continue time accelerating to october soybeans harvest season.

In-game aug paid off 5k bank loan on aug 12th, aug 16th, aug 20th, aug 25th.

2021-11-29T10:03:00Z In-game sep 1st, one more month to time accelerate, uuh.

In-game sep paid off 5k bank loan on sep 1st, sep 5th, sep 8th, sep 12th, sep 17th, sep 22nd, sep 27th.

2021-11-29T10:29:00Z Soybeans harvest season has arrived, or rather I arrived to it, or something Smiley ;)

Going to lease kick ass combine again, probably going with same case ih 9250 with wide header, its solid machine and not the most expensive.

2021-11-29T10:34:00Z Started harvesting soybeans with case ih 9250.

2021-11-29T11:18:00Z Dead tired in full zombi mode, have to call it a night and get some sleep.

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