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2021-12-15 The Big Finish

2021-12-15T13:05:00Z New farming day has started, I'm hoping this will be good 16hrs test for GTX 1060 3gb card.

Right off the bat time accelerated from aug to sep.

Lettuce price in red marble bowling restaurant 4.1k which is the highest I've seen so far. Going to switch warehouse to selling mode and time accelerate to top of the hour to sell lettuce. Warehouse had 258.9k liters of lettuce hehe.

Budget now 31.4k so I kind of need the cash too.

At top of the hour my budget increased to 566.8k. Wow nice, half a million payday Smiley :)

As long as lettuce market price stays high I'm going to time accelerate one hour at the time.

In-game sep 1451hrs lettuce market prices started to drop, hopefully can squeeze in hour or two of good selling. At 1711hrs market price down to 3.8k, setting warehouse to storing mode.

Canola market price is 2.5k in goldcrest valley, going to sell them.

2021-12-15T13:32:00Z Sold 24.5k liters of canola for 63.1k, budget now 658k.

In-game oct 0920hrs soybeans are ready to harvest, lets start harvest season.

2021-12-15T13:41:00Z Soybeans harvest season has started, combine header hit F18.

Harvesting these NE fields... they are ridiculously small, joke fields.

2021-12-15T14:19:00Z Finished harvesting the NE tip.

2021-12-15T15:05:00Z Soybeans harvest season complete. Nicely done, now one more harvest season left before this savegame is finished, cant wait Smiley :)

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Then it was time accelerating until the next soybeans planting season next year.

2021-12-15T15:15:00Z In-game dec 0949hrs bread market price is 5.8k johnsons, time to sell.

Sold 14k liters of bread for 81.7k, budget now 720.6k. Then turned warehouse bread mode to selling. At top of the hour sold the bread in warehouse, budget now 783.5k.

After starting to time accelerate one hour at the time, bread market price started to drop so in-game dec 1410hrs switched warehouse bread to storing mode.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-15T17:14:00Z Had some ArmA 3 discord issues to help out here, now back to farming. Time accelerated to in-game mar 0711hrs, one more month and I'm in soybeans planting season, tractor is already driven by the first field and topped up with seeds.

2021-12-15T17:29:00Z Soybeans planting season starts now, putting kinze 4905 to work on F10. Lets do this, the last planting of New Farmer Elmcreek savegame! Smiley :)

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-15T17:37:00Z And just as I got started planting, alarm went off to a lunch break, so I started a hired worker to plant this field while I eat, I want to maximise time use and get things done, this savegame gets finished today.

2021-12-15T18:01:00Z Feeding time over, back to soybean planting.

Hired worker had finished long before I was done eating. Oh well. Now I'm in charge again, off to the next field.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-15T18:23:00Z That's it, last planting season of elmcreek new farmer savegame is complete! Smiley :)

Hmm F71 is not planted yet, was wondering that since I did silage bales there as contract once, does that count as harvesting, it sure does take twice as long as actual grain harvest, so while is technically not an harvest, I would still have to count that in that yes I did harvest that field.

But I still decided to go seed some oats to it, just on principle.

2021-12-15T18:31:00Z Started seeding oats to F71.

2021-12-15T18:57:00Z Finished, NOW the years planting season is done Smiley :)

Hauled load of flour from warehouse to bakery, when I did that the next available item for storing, bread, generated bunch of pallets there, sigh hehe.

Then it was just time accelerating until harvest season begins.

In-game aug 0605hrs oats are ready to harvest.

2021-12-15T19:13:00Z Started harvesting oats F71.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-15T19:44:00Z Finished, packed combines away and dumped demco 2200 grain cart oats into farm yard grain bin.

GrocerYmart was buying bread for 5.7k so the few thousand liters I had got sold using warehouse selling mode, then switched it back to storing.

Drove both combines from F71 to F10, unpacked them and lined up, they are ready to go once crops is ready to harvest.

2021-12-15T19:56:00Z In-game oct 0854hrs, soybeans is ready to harvest. Time to finish this.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-15T20:41:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans! THIS SAVEGAME HAS BEEN FINISHED! WHOOHOOO! Smiley :mrgreen:

Drove combines and grain cart tractor back to the farm yard. Emptied combines and farm grain bin now has 60.4k liters of oats and 155.5k liters of soybeans.

Budget now 1.136m.

Feels so great to have finished Farming Simulaor 22 New Farmer Elmcreek savegame Smiley :D

I'm going to save the game, backup the savegame and create mod directory for this savegame so if I ever need to reference it I can do it without needing to worry what mods were used etc.

I cant imagine ever playing this savegame because elmcreek is 2km little girlie men terrain and I own everything here, I cant do such start small farming anymore with claas lexion 8900 combine etc. There will be time when I return to FS22 after a long break and want to do some small scale farming and for that I have to play some other terrain or start a new temporary savegame for elmcreek, I just cant use this one which is now finished as what is there to play anymore.

So this is my farewell for this savegame, it was great two what three weeks now, started playing on 23rd and went through all kinds of win10 install and hardware CTD struggles etc, but I'm now here, in the end.

Goodbye Smiley :D

2021-12-15T21:04:00Z New Farmer Elmcreek savegame, final save and shut down FS22.

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