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2021-11-29 Soybeans Harvesting With Case IH 9250

2021-11-29T17:15:00Z New farming day has started, back at PMC Gaming and FS22 booted up, I cant help myself, just need to farm, a little bit more, ya know..

2021-11-29T17:52:00Z Ate days first meal, now I'm good to go for next 4hrs 30min Smiley :)

2021-11-29T18:31:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans, aayeah!

Returned leased case ih 9250 combine + big header. Farm bin silo has 76.9k liters of soybeans, budget now 66.9k.

Hmm this savegame has dragged on for days without any progress, like when was the last time I bought a new field? Huh. This latest combine + header lease was roughly 22k combine and 4k header which is 26k total, plus how many hours (one?) I spent using the machine. Wonder if this soybeans harvest got any profit with that kind of payment on top of seeds, fertilizer and herbicide.

I need to make some changes Smiley :(

Decided to do only contracts and take care of greenhouses until I have paid off my loan and purchased my own combine + header, this shit cant go on that I lease combine on every harvest, makes no sense. It was a huge mistake to sell my tiny combine without having anything larger to replace it.

Below is a reference list of vehicles/equipment I did not buy these.

- combine deutz-fahr topliner 4090 hts 8.5k liters 129.5k
- header topliner 4090 6m 30k
- header capello diamant 8 6m 63.5k

Next bigger combine is the new holland ch7.70 at 265k price tag, but its only marginally larger, I don't think money is well spent by buying such, you should jump straight into something larger.

- harvester john deere t560 10k liter 285k
- header 7.6m john deere 625x 43k

So yeah that is my next goal, pay bank loan, buy john deere t560 + header.

2021-11-29T19:03:00Z Current bank loan 230k and budget 66.9k, decided to pay 65k of loan off, I don't see where I could use money right now as I have seeds, fertilizer and herbicide even.

Bank loan 165k, budget 1.9k. Okay now I'm going to time accelerate through remaining of this 28 day seasons year and keeping my eye on fertilizing contracts.

2021-11-29T19:16:00Z Soybeans are 3.5k in goldcrest valley and dropping, quickly, lets haul and sell! Smiley :)

2021-11-29T19:38:00Z Done hauling and goldcrest valley price is still 3.5k, lets sell!

2021-11-29T19:41:00Z Sold soybeans for 275.5k, budget now 280.3k.

Paid off the remaining bank loan of 165k, budget now 115.3k.

Now I'll just make money to buy that combine harvester + header (328k) and get back on track to make some real money without wasting any for stupid leases.

2021-11-29T20:24:00Z Decided to try some baling contracts. Took one with borrowed vehicles to F14, mowe, bale and delivery to bio gas plant 1mw.

2021-11-29T21:16:00Z Contract finished, still had one silage bale by the field and got 1k cash from the last drop.

Hauled the last silage bale to bio gas plant and got 1.6k out of it. Accepted contract reward of 6.8k, budget now 127.7k.

This was my first silage baling contract for FS22, hmm it was okay... but when people everywhere say silage is good money maker, I'm not sure what are they talking about as this contract felt much like waste of time. Or maybe I'm just used to profits in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS instead, dunno.

2021-11-29T21:34:00Z In-game oct 8th dealership used vehicle sales had john deere 625x header for sale -64% discount at 15k, I bought it because this is the header which will be in my next combine.

Also on sale was agrisem combiplow gold 4m for -69% discount at mere 3.1k, so bought that too (just wait for it).

There was on sale demco 2200 dual auger grain cart for -66% discount, I had money for it... but need to maintain focus, stay on track, need to save money for that combine purchase.

2021-11-29T22:28:00Z Was yawning and overall feeling tired, it was time to take a nap.

2021-11-30T01:33:00Z Nap time over, back at PMC Gaming. Had to actually do some win10 tweaks as I forgot windows search service ON etc on during install.

Time acceleration towards feb 28th continues, at that time I can finally switch back into 1 day seasons and I get some fast paced action again. Never again in 2km terrain would I use 28 day season, nor would I ever play piece of shit 2km terrain again haha.

Well dunno, over the course of next two years of FS22 lifespan, same as with FS19 Ravenport, I will definitely play elmcreek new farmer again after some months away from farming, it has happened before and it will happen again.

2021-11-30T01:54:00Z Jackpot! During sleep trigger daily skips I always check vehicle shop used vehicle sale page, well guess what, now there are john deere t560 for -55% discount at 127.1k whohooo! Smiley :)

Purchased that immediately. Took wide tires option, total 129.3k, budget now 27.1k.

Repaired combine and header, cost 2.6k, not too bad. Now I am very happy to have my own combine harvester again and no loan.

Man I'm telling you new farmer game mode loan is the dumbest thing I've done in a while, it was horror to pay that loan back with my game-play style. No more stupid loans.

2021-11-30T02:15:00Z Lunch break...

2021-11-30T02:39:00Z Back to farming.

2021-11-30T03:33:00Z In-game jan 1st, still so much time accelerating to do ...

2021-11-30T03:57:00Z In-game feb 1st, one more month of 29 days to time accelerate, I can do it... I CAN DO IT Smiley :)

2021-11-30T04:32:00Z Refilled water on greenhouses, all topped up.

2021-11-30T04:41:00Z In-game feb 29th, switched to 1 day seasons, here I go last day.

So finally I reached end of the year, now rocking 1 day season and feels very good to get some fast paced action, I am so sick and tired of that sleep time accelerating.

Now I start to make money by... hmm well I should do more oats for flour as I'm running low, but heh don't have such seeder, so maybe I'll do one more soybeans seasons for big bucks.

Purchased land lot with F53 on it for 143.7k, budget now 7.9k.

I have one john deere 4755 with hardi mega 1200l tank in front, when I try to detach it, game says "detach while folding is not allowed!".

Took that john deere 4755 and went to pickup agrisem combiplow gold 4m subsoiler, plan is to merge fields and make them larger where possible. This will be fun.

2021-11-30T05:08:00Z Finished enlarge plowing F53.

I'm creating new fields by plowing the roads between fields over, using that above mentioned subsoiler and I believe the cultivator to create fields mod... but the result is not ploughed land, its like cultivated, hmm. Wonder if I can create new fields with subsoiler?

Used landscaping tools to paint grass over the roads as there was GE placed grass which I could not plow under, then ran subsoiler with allow to create fields ON, texture was not plowed but showed up as plowed field on the real time updating mapview.

2021-11-30T05:48:00Z Finished merging fields, looks real nice as the real time updating mapview now shows solid field instead of road or grass.

Oops correction, finished the southern fields, now still need to merge and round the northern fields.

2021-11-30T06:06:00Z Now all field merging and enlarge ploughing is done, south and north. Next, fertilizing.

2021-11-30T06:20:00Z CTD.

2021-11-30T06:39:00Z Finished fertilizing all fields except the new F53 as that is already one stage fertilized.

2021-11-30T07:21:00Z Finished spreading lime to F41, F42 and the new plowed middle areas. One more day for soybeans planting season so one skip night here.

2021-11-30T07:29:00Z John Deere 1775NT refilled with seeds, soybeans planting season starts, now Smiley :)

2021-11-30T08:15:00Z That's it, soybeans planting season is done, uah!

Time accelerated to the next day/month, weeds grew to the fields, time to herbicide spray them. While refilling sprayer noticed I had 89k money so repaired spraying tractor and equipment, cost something like 5k or so.

2021-11-30T09:02:00Z Finished herbicide spraying all the fields, soybeans planting season is done! And now I'm starving, time to eat. While eating I time accelerated couple of months.

2021-11-30T09:54:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming.

In-game sep and on last time acceleration ran out of water in greenhouses, filled them up.

2021-11-30T10:14:00Z In-game oct and soybeans harvest season has arrived. Lets cut some soybeans.

Below is field number and yield in liters:

F45+F46, 6512
F44, 1863
F47-F51, 23526+16286
F53, 17585
F41+F42, 23526+9858

2021-11-30T12:45:00Z Finished harvesting all soybean fields. Got 99.1k liters.

Soybeans market price is 3.2k in goldcrest valley and increasing, ok time to start haulin' Smiley ;)

2021-11-30T13:17:00Z All 99.1k liters hauled, price is now 3.3k and increasing. I'm going to slowly time accelerate in 120 speed in half an hour or so intervals and check where the price stops increasing and then sell the grain.

Price increase stalled at 3480 which is pretty good in my book, time to sell. Rented train, drove it out and sold 99.1k liters of soybeans for 345.1k, budget now 639.2k.

Wow over half a million, those greenhouses really have made me rich and sure this latest soybeans harvest was pretty decent too.

Now comes the age old problem of mine; when getting a lot of money, how to spend it all wisely Smiley :)

Well I need to buy more land to get some progress done and harvest grain loads to increase, but also better equipment is important, I JUST bought the combine but it already feels like very poor heh. Planter is good but I need a seeder for oats and sorghum. Hmm spreading equipment is pretty decent but spraying is lousy with 24m and 12km/h specs.

2021-11-30T13:57:00Z Did quick web surf for new mods and during that was hit by sever tiredness, eyes were almost closing and mind went blank, this day is done I cant operate heavy vehicles this tired. Decided to shut PMC Gaming down and switch to PMC DevSurf to wind this day down and check some RSS news before going to bed. Excellent day today, very good progress.

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