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2021-11-27 First FS22 Editing and Nap

2021-11-27T16:33:00Z New ... editing? day has started, todays plan is to install Giants Editor v9.0.1 and twitch/youtube live stream some terrain editing and studying.

2021-11-28T01:08:00Z Finished editing and live streaming, now I want to go back to regular elmcreek game-play Smiley :)

2021-11-28T01:28:00Z Finally got to launch FS22 my savegame, lets get back to farming Smiley :)

2021-11-28T02:01:00Z Started to fertilize fields, lets put some oats down.

2021-11-28T02:20:00Z Got sudden extreme tiredness, eyes were closing and was snoozing off while playing, had to stop to take a nap. This is my first FS22 nap heh.

2021-11-28T04:59:00Z Woke up and back at PMC Gaming, lets continue farming.

And right away fucking win10 update makes me reboot, SIGH Smiley :evil:

2021-11-28T05:44:00Z After 24min of win update reboots I was back in the win10 desktop... which had no audio, it was all quiet, it was dead. So had to search and found into that I need to re-install audio drivers. I did that and audio came back.

I was so angry that Darth Vader was in the corner in fetal position crying terrified out of his mind by my anger.

2021-11-28T06:03:00Z Finally seeder hit the field ground, back to seeding oats.

2021-11-28T07:24:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F10, accepted reward 11.2k

2021-11-28T07:33:00Z Finished contracts for F21 and F24 which were tiny, rewards 446 + 1.3k heh not worth even to drive into those fields. Elmcreek piece of shit 2km x 2km little girlie men terrain.

2021-11-28T08:15:00Z Finished herbicide spraying oat fields.

2021-11-28T08:27:00Z Jun 1st, barley field is ready to harvest but I'm going to wait until the wheat field is ready too so I can lease combine and do both fields at once.

Time accelerating days and new vehicle shop sales came on.

- seeder john deere 1775nt 3524 liters 16km/h for 84k (-64% discount)
- header john deere hd50f 15.2m 10km/h for 25.7k (-74% discount)

Purchased the above list, budget now 24.3k.

2021-11-28T08:37:00Z All fields are now ready to harvest, oats and wheat too, time to lease combine. Unfortunately I ran out of money hehe, could not lease john deere x9 even though I had the header for it, so I leased that case ih 9250 with 13m or something header, good enough for this job.

I really start to hate to be broke like this.

2021-11-28T08:42:00Z Started to harvest.

2021-11-28T10:05:00Z Finished harvesting all fields, returned leased combine. Liters were wheat 32.2k, barley 34.1k, oat 56.4k. Plus the already existing sorghum 23.8k liters.

2021-11-28T10:09:00Z Lunch break ...

2021-11-28T10:20:00Z Feeding time is over, lets haul some grain to grain mill.

2021-11-28T11:13:00Z Finished hauling all grain into grain mill, now its quite nicely filled, should get a lot of flour.

Sold bread for red marble bowling alley for 10k or so, just two pallets.

2021-11-28T11:46:00Z Dead tired, its time to call it a night, with todays win10 bullshit update crap, not sure I want to continue playing tomorrow, we'll see ...

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