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2021-12-04 Another Silage Baling Contract

2021-12-04T01:11:00Z New farming day has started, lets fire up FS22 and continue.

Silage baling contract for F71 is back with 29.9k reward, decided to take it right off the bat for todays farming session, I enjoyed the contract yesterday so would be fun to finish it without making the wrapping bale size mistake. And I have day or two to go before soybeans harvest season begins.

2021-12-04T01:17:00Z While I was writing the above paragraph: CTD.

2021-12-04T01:37:00Z Accepted contract silage baling F71 with borrowed vehicles.

2021-12-04T01:40:00Z Started mowing grass on F71.

2021-12-04T02:05:00Z Finished mowing grass F71.

2021-12-04T02:17:00Z Started baling grass F71. This time I kept the baler as 220cm square bale size, which I can wrap with the kuhn sw wrapper.

2021-12-04T02:19:00Z CTD. After finishing first row. Restarted FS22 and started baler again and immediately CTD.

2021-12-04T02:28:00Z CTD. Okay going to reboot win10, fuck this shit.

2021-12-04T02:55:00Z Finished baling grass F71.

2021-12-04T03:01:00Z Started wrapping grass bales F71. After doing few bales, this felt like extremely slow process when you have to stop while the wrapping happens, you can move towards the next bale but there is still downtime waiting for wrapper to finish.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-04T03:11:00Z CTD.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-04T03:41:00Z Finished wrapping grass bales F71. And now I need to take a short break to handle a chore.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-04T04:01:00Z Back from the chore. Went to pickup auto loading square bale trailer and started to pickup those silage bales, they are to be delivered into bio gas plant.

2021-12-04T04:06:00Z Unloaded 16 bales into bio gas plant, it said something like contract 32% done, two bales were left on the ground, they were grass 3% fermenting, dunno what that was all about.

2021-12-04T04:09:00Z CTD.

2021-12-04T04:16:00Z Delivered another 16 bales, this time all went in ok, said 67% delivered from F71.

2021-12-04T04:19:00Z CTD.

2021-12-04T04:41:00Z Finished delivering all silage bales to bio gas plant, now there is a huge pile of them next to the unload point and money is slowly increasing, I'm assuming the input slot is full and while bio gas plant is processing silage it slowly takes more input.

Had to shuffle and juggle to get the silage bales to be dumped, two of the bales were grass and fermenting which must have been some savegame glitch, but with time accelerating a lot and pushing the bales around I managed to get them all in, dunno how much money I got as it was impossible to keep track.

2021-12-04T05:35:00Z Accepted silage baling contract F71 reward 28.7k, budget now 283.1k.

Noticed letture buy price is 3.9k in johnsons farmers market. My greenhouses have 4.2k liters of lettuce in each of them. So I set greenhouses to auto sell and time accelerated until the top of the hour, budget went from 283.1k to 402.6k so quite nice payday.

In-game oct 0351hrs noticed lettuce price started dropping. Let it sell one more time but at 0436hrs it was down to 3.6k already so set greenhouse mode to storing again.

2021-12-04T05:50:00Z In-game oct 0805hrs, soybeans harvest season has arrived. Now I'm scheming to field flip some, there are two AI owned fields with soybeans on them, I'll take a quick bank loan, buy, harvest and sell the fields back.

2021-12-04T07:33:00Z Had some win10 update issues, they are now resolved and version 21h2 is installed. Hopefully this fixes my CTD issues.

Alright back to farming business. F28 and F32 are AI owned which have harvest ready soybeans, F32 is a big one with fully fertilized state, F28 is smaller with only single stage of fertilization. My plan is to take a quick bank loan, buy both of these fields, harvest them, sell the land back and repay bank loan. Then once soybean market prices increase I'll sell the soybeans and got mucho dineros Smiley ;)

2021-12-04T07:41:00Z Started to harvest soybeans F32.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-04T08:35:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F32.

Started harvesting soybeans F28 but almost fell asleep in front of the computer, just could not keep my eyes open, had to go to take a nap.

2021-12-04T11:47:00Z Woke up from the nap, okay lets continue.

2021-12-04T11:53:00Z Right away finished harvesting F28, then sold the farm land lot back, then paid bank loan fully back, budget now 425.4k.

Dumped all soybeans to my farm grain bin silo, total amount is 54.4k liters from this evil cheater field flip Smiley :evil:

2021-12-04T12:04:00Z Claas lexion 8900 was parked next to my own field, F41, starting to harvest soybeans here.

2021-12-04T12:29:00Z CTD.

Oh well, windows 10 21h2 update made no fucking difference, crashes are still there Smiley :(

2021-12-04T12:38:00Z CTD.

2021-12-04T13:14:00Z Food cooking and lunch break...

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-04T14:34:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming. I actually finished one of the new fields harvest while small break from cooking. Now still have the small northern fields to harvest.

2021-12-04T14:47:00Z Finished soybeans harvest season, farm grain bin silo now has 125.4k liters, nice.

With these CTD's that just keep hammering and ruining my game-play experience, I'm planning on going back to FS19 editing and playing. Only last hope is to install win10 professional or enterprise edition but I highly doubt that would change anything but guess its worth to try. It would burn one serial key activation count but hey.

In twitch live streams I've been asking about what windows people run etc but havent found any common nominator.

Was also thinking about editing FS19 PMC Grande Gardens 16km on PMC DevSurf, test it there as well. Maybe even try to actually farm if it would run in 4k, maybe I could run it on 1080p window, would be nice to run Start From Zero savegame there while doing other stuff on the foreground, but dunno it would be a bit dirty.

Another idea was to format PMC Gaming and install good old windows 7. Then continue playing Start From Zero enjoying GPS, courseplay and all the other addons I've grown to love, then start to go through all the youtube real life farming videos I've accumulated since summer. I would absolutely love to run large courseplay field work courses while watching farmhand mike etc farming videos on second monitor, I really miss that.

That second option is most likely what I'm going to do.

On the next CTD I'll probably start no mods farm manager game-mode and try to see if there will be an CTD. But... dunno what the fuck am I testing here anymore, its clear that this shit crashes all the time it just doesn't fucking go away by not using mods and I cant even live without water well and time acceleration mods anymore, so its a moot point.

2021-12-04T15:12:00Z Started to time accelerate waiting for good market prices for bread, lettuce and soybeans.

In-game nov 0919hrs lettuce market price 3.9k, time to set greenhouses to selling.

In-game dec 1705hrs soybeans market price 3.4k on goldcrest valley, okay lets start hauling.

2021-12-04T15:43:00Z CTD.

2021-12-04T15:59:00Z Dumped last trailer load of soybeans to railroad silo, time to sell some soybeans.

Sold 125.4k liters of soybeans to goldcrest valley for 430.2k, budget now 931.6k.

2021-12-04T16:11:00Z Time accelerated a bit, nov 2301hrs lettuce price started to drop but maybe I'll get an hour or two more of good selling price.

Nov 2352hrs it was down to 3.6k, ok I'm setting greenhouses to storing mode. Next I'm going to monitor bread sell price and try to find auto loader trailer for all pallets, I saw that on one of the sim gaming alliance twitch live streams.

BTW the CTD error in the log is: Warning: Device removed! DXGI_ERROR code: 0x887A0006

2021-12-04T16:40:00Z In-game dec 0847hrs bread market price started to increase in johnsons farmers market, its now 4.2k.

In-game dec 1652hrs at johnson farmers market price stalled at 5.1k.

Purchased strautmann sek 802 pallet autoloading trailer for 9k. Loaded 12 pallets of bread into the auto loader trailer and hauled it to johnson farmers market for sell.

Sold 12k liters of bread for ... something above 50k, maybe close to 60k, budget now 992.5k. Took another load and sold for 15.4k, budget now 1.008m whee I am a millionaire Smiley :)

2021-12-04T17:07:00Z Sold brantner dd 24073/2 xxl trailer for 19.3k.

2021-12-04T17:09:00Z CTD.

So the above brantner sell got now lost. Sigh. Not only that but my tractor was half way to the railroad silo, fuck this shit I'm just about done playing mickey mouse games Smiley :(

Purchased strautmann aperion 3401 for 90.5k.

Loaded 30.5k liters of wheat into aperion and was shocked to see its only 58% of the trailers capacity, which is only 5k more than the piece of shit I had originally, haha.

2021-12-04T17:32:00Z Finished hauling barley and wheat to the grain mill. Now, honestly, don't know what to do, I'm going to time accelerate a bit and think what to do.

In-game dec 2246hrs bread market price is 5.5k on red marble bowling restaurant. Too bad that I have no bread to sell. I discovered that bread production storing option ends production once there are 7k pallets on the backyard.

2021-12-04T17:40:00Z Sold 1k liters of bread for 5.5k at red marble bowling restaurant. Really shame that I don't have more bread to sell, oh well, lesson learned.

Okay getting tired and maybe its because I'm tired but I feel bored as well, like this savegame has served its purpose and now I need to go back to that FS19 savegame... so going to call it a night here and do some RSS chores and thinking before bed time, tomorrow ... I would not be surprised if I go back to FS19 editing/playing and watching those youtube real life farming videos, to really enjoy what I usually do before FS22 release.

2021-12-04T17:47:00Z Shut down FS22, calling it a night.

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