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2021-12-08 Soybeans Planting Continues

2021-12-08T05:54:00Z New day has started, time to continue planting soybeans. This savegame now has 150hrs in it.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-08T06:51:00Z Ran out of seeds, both john deere 1775NT and my strautmann auto loader trailer, so gotta go buy some more. This is funny as I thought these seeds definitely last through this planting season, guess not heh.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-08T07:03:00Z Soybeans planting is done, now I start to fertilize.

2021-12-08T07:17:00Z Started fertilizing all fields. Noticed that F68 needs lime, but I missed the boat on that one, just have to take the yield reduction hit, nothing can be done now as the field is already seeded.

2021-12-08T07:41:00Z CTD.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-08T08:19:00Z Finished fertilizing all fields. Now F38 and F68 are only fields with only first stage of fertilization, these fields need to be sprayed once next growth stage kicks in.

2021-12-08T08:25:00Z Time accelerated through the day and field stages switched, weeds grew on many fields along the smallest green plants. Starting fertilizing F38 and F68.

2021-12-08T08:34:00Z CTD.

2021-12-08T08:46:00Z Finished fertilizing F38 and F68.

2021-12-08T08:47:00Z CTD.

2021-12-08T08:50:00Z Started herbicide spraying most of the fields.

2021-12-08T09:00:00Z CTD.

Time to reboot windows.

2021-12-08T09:18:00Z CTD.

CTD fucking less than 60sec after getting into the game. Sigh. What the fuck is wrong with win10 + fs22? Smiley :(

2021-12-08T09:45:00Z CTD.

2021-12-08T09:48:00Z Finished herbicide spraying. Now I'm starving so going to grab something to eat.

2021-12-08T10:25:00Z CTD.

2021-12-08T11:09:00Z Feeding done, back to farming.

In-game may 0813hrs lettuce market price 4k on red marble bowling restaurant. Time to sell, this time ... I want to sell few loads just driving tractor into the location myself using strautmann auto load trailer.

2021-12-08T11:37:00Z Sold trailer full of lettuce for 14.5k, oh man this is peanuts, I'll just set the greenhouse mode to sell, this is not worth my time to do these drives.

In-game may 2205hrs lettuce market price started to drop, but I'll get few more sales before the price gets too low before switching greenhouses back to storing mode.

2021-12-08T11:49:00Z In-game jul 1001hrs canola fields are ready to harvest, lets get to work. I wanted to do these the same time as soybeans but canola harvest season is over by the time soybeans are ready to go.

2021-12-08T11:52:00Z Canola harvesting started.

2021-12-08T11:53:00Z CTD.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Edit: 2024-02-07T04:25:00Z, actually I remember now that I took this screenshot specifically to ridicule giants terrain editing design, look at the SHARP tip of that field corner, good luck field working it with courseplay or even manually so that its "one pass and done" haha.

2021-12-08T11:58:00Z CTD.

2021-12-08T12:37:00Z CTD.

Fuck this shit, I'm going to put settings to MEDIUM and change game.xml to D3D_11 which is directx 11 instad of twelve, lets see if that improves stability.

2021-12-08T12:45:00Z CTD.

So much for that directx 11 and lower settings theory, makes no fucking difference. Changed game.xml back to directx 12, why suffer from poorer performance and medium settings if it doesn't help at all.

2021-12-08T12:57:00Z CTD.

Dumped 41.7k liters of canola into railroad silo, going to sell them as soon as price increases a bit.

2021-12-08T13:09:00Z In-game sep 1013hrs oil mill pays 2.3k from canola, going to sell there instead of goldcrest valley by train.

In oil mill sold 41.7k liters of canola for 98.8k, budget now 431.3k.

2021-12-08T13:18:00Z In-game oct 0938hrs soybeans are ready to harvest.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-08T13:39:00Z Decided that the next CTD and I'm stopping playing for today.

2021-12-08T13:40:00Z CTD.



Could not help myself, back to playing elmcreek new farmer savegame Smiley ;)

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-08T18:34:00Z CTD.

2021-12-08T19:49:00Z CTD.

2021-12-08T20:15:00Z CTD.

2021-12-08T20:55:00Z Started to fall a sleep while driving combine, decided to call it a night even though I still had like 45min on the clock left. Hopefully tomorrow I get to edit terrains a bit.

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