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2021-11-30 Money Making Placeables

2021-11-30T18:08:00Z New farming day has started, woke up after only three or so hours of sleep, dunno why. Didn't know what to do so started PMC Gaming computer up and... just ended up starting FS22 up with my elmcreek new farmer savegame.

Purchased land lot with F31 in it, which is growing soybeans, also bought F52 which is growing canola. Plan is to field flip these Smiley ;)

2021-11-30T18:55:00Z Lunch break...

2021-11-30T19:22:00Z Feeding time over, back to field flipping.

2021-11-30T19:29:00Z Tried hired worker the first time in FS22, combine harvester driver. I made him cut through the field after I did two headlands. I really do not like hired workers, they bleed money and are dumb, I want my Courseplay and GPS etc back Smiley :)

2021-11-30T19:50:00Z Downloaded vehicle control addon. Just because there are no GPS yet and it would really help field work.

2021-11-30T20:02:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F31, sold the land lot for 313.3k Smiley :)

Realized the canola field was growing and would not be ready until next year so sold it back, budget now 675.1k.

2021-11-30T20:15:00Z Time accelerated and greenhouses were low on water, refilled them up. I'm also in oats planting season so I need to buy seeder which does that crop.

2021-11-30T20:36:00Z Finished refilling water to greenhouses. Yes, I was using dev console to top up the joskin 7k liter tank heh, just too much grind to drive that water from closest pond.

- seeder lemken solitair 12 12m 5800 liters 165k

Purchased the above seeder which is the biggest one in-game right now for barley/oats/wheat type seeds. I need to get those oats into the ground as grain mill is almost outta grain.

Purchased some seed bags and then repaired john deere 7r 350 plus its weight, budget now 690.9k.

2021-11-30T20:52:00Z Started seeding oats... or so I thought, lemnken solitair 12 needs cultivated field it has no direct drilling capability, ugh I am SO not going to cultivate/disc these fields now as I have no big equipment for it.

Even though I wasn't in the mood for cultivating, you gotta do the work in order to get the yields. So going to buy bredal k165 with extensions, fertilize fields, then buy one of the medium size fast speed disc harrows and disc the fields before using that lemnken solitair 12 to seed oats. Its a lot of work, but yeah, I need material for grain mill.

And hey, at least I get to play with new disc harrow.

Decided to try that amazone very wide spreader.

- spreader 42m amazone zg-ts 10001 10k liters 18km/h 66k

Purchsed above and loaded it up with fertilizer. It was nice to see that amazone zg-ts has boom control (it doesnt have boom but you know what I mean).

2021-11-30T21:11:00Z Started fertilizing all fields. 42m spread width was hilarious as F45 and F46 was one pass and done hehe.

2021-11-30T21:33:00Z Finished fertilizing, man it was crazy with this 42m width, its pretty much overkill for these field sizes.

- disc harrow 9.5m case ih speed-tiller 465 360hp 18km/h 86k

Purchased the above, cool looking medium size disc, cant wait to run it with poor mans GPS (vehicle control addon).

2021-11-30T23:04:00Z Dead tired, have to take a nap ...

2021-12-01T02:15:00Z Nap time over, back to farming.

2021-12-01T02:29:00Z CTD.

2021-12-01T02:38:00Z Finished speed tilling aka disking all the fields, was fun with american equipment.

2021-12-01T02:42:00Z Started seeding oats.

2021-12-01T03:28:00Z Lunch break...

2021-12-01T03:49:00Z Feeding time over, back to farming.

Once I switched to FS22 task, it was frozen, that CTD thing. Seems like todays win10 reboot was done with the wrong foot out of the bed, things just doesn't seem to work.

2021-12-01T03:56:00Z CTD.

Rebooted win10. Hopefully that fixes whatever fuck its got wrong with it.

2021-12-01T04:54:00Z Finished seeding oats to all fields.

Started fertilizing fields as there was only one layer of fertilization, should be a breeze with vehicle control addon (VCA) and that mad amazone zg-ts 42m spreader.

2021-12-01T05:21:00Z Finished fertilize spreading to all fields, now just time accelerate, next growth stage and then herbicide spraying. I'm kind of thinking... of buying rubicon 9000 hehe, dunno its a bit overkill but my current 12km/h 24m sprayer sucks.

Sold hardi mega 1200l for 14.2k, bought hardi aeon 5200 delta force with 33m working width extension for 75k, budget now 494.1k.

2021-12-01T05:40:00Z Started herbicide spraying all fields.

That hardi aeon 5200 is way too wide for these 2km tiny fields, man its a juggling act to navigate that beast on these small fields Smiley :)

2021-12-01T06:13:00Z Finished herbicide spraying, oats planting season is over. Great, soon I'll get more material for my grain mill.

Now while time accelerating to oats harvest season I'm planning maybe I should invest into more placeables for money making, like those big wind turbines.

In-game may bakery ran out of flour, no more bread until my oat harvest is complete.

2021-12-01T06:49:00Z Hauled 27.3k soybeans to railroad silo in preparation to sell on july when market price is the highest. This is the field flipping grain Smiley :)

2021-12-01T07:12:00Z Time accelerated 120 speed trying to monintor soybean prices but they didn't go up, then in jul oats were ready to harvest so started to harvest them.

2021-12-01T08:01:00Z Delivered 19k liters of oats to grain mill, I'm back in bread making business. Now oats harvest continues.

2021-12-01T09:02:00Z Lunch break...

2021-12-01T09:28:00Z Feeding time is over, oat harvest season continues.

It takes forever to harvest these fields with john deere t560 using 7.5m header, its just painful. I knew this is going to happen... but I'm going to sell t560 after this harvest and puchase case 9250 with a big header or maybe even claas lexion 8900 good old workhorse from FS19. I will not spent this much time harvesting with some tiny combine.

2021-12-01T11:08:00Z Was harvesting and noticed that combine repair is about zero, but only now noticed that speed is fucking 7km/h! Hoho!

2021-12-01T11:10:00Z Finally finished oats harvest season, uuh this was long, bye bye JD T560, was nice working with ya.

I started to haul oats to grain mill straight away, not going to sell them so lets get them where they need to be.

2021-12-01T11:38:00Z Finished hauling oats to grain mill, its now got 99.5k liters and bakery had gotten already a bit over 2k. Now I'm set for quite a while.

2021-12-01T11:51:00Z Time accelerated a day (or two hum) and now greenhouses are almost out of water, refill time.

2021-12-01T12:11:00Z Soybeans market price in goldcrest valley is 3.5k, time to sell. Sold all 27.3k liters for 96.8k, budget now 841.5k.

Gotta have that biggest wind turbine, its majestic landmark and big money maker, 7.8k per day what I understood heh. It will be a great addition to my farm.

Purchased for 750k, budget now 91.4k.

Hopefully that 7.8k per day starts to pay off quickly with out other money making placeables.

Next days time acceleration vehicle shop used vehicle sale had rubicon 9000 for -63% off, but I didn't have enough money to buy it, crap Smiley :)

2021-12-01T12:24:00Z CTD.

When I restarted FS22 this savegame has now 103hrs in it, nice. But... I didn't save after selling soybeans and buying the wind turbine, so now I have to do all that shit all over again, sigh. But its a good thing, I noticed soybeans were only 3.3k this time, so I'm going to milk few restarts from this savegame to get maximum profit.

2021-12-01T12:40:00Z Soybeans sold (really this time) for 97.3k, then purchased large wind turbine for really this time, so finally budget now 88.8k. Saved game and now I'm good to go again.

2021-12-01T12:47:00Z Unbelievable, my combine purchase issue was resolved, used vehicle sale has claas lexion 8900 with -43% off, bought it for 280.5k, sold john deere t560 for 54.8k and header 625x for 5k, budget now 69.8k.

Now I don't have a header for this combine but it will be quick to buy even if one doesn't go on sale before my next harvest.

Those greenhouses, large solar panel and large wind turbine is making crazy money. It wont take many day skips until I have enough money to buy another wind turbine or some good equipment hehe.

Not sure if I'm going to do any actual field work anymore in this savegame, these placeable money makers which are a cheat just prints money for me and all I have to do is time accelerate a day.

2021-12-01T12:54:00Z Greenhouses were running out of water again, refill day. Hmm this is too much work, I need to sell these and move my money making setup to wind turbines and solar panels which require no work Smiley ;)

Hesus what a fucking cheater I am Smiley ;)

2021-12-01T13:09:00Z Greenhouses water refilled and game saved, I'm good to go again.

2021-12-01T13:21:00Z Sold disc harrow horsch joker 4 ct for 11.8k, budget now 416k.

Time accelerated to the next day and grain mill was out of flour, greenhouses were out of water. I honestly didn't feel like refilling them again. So was wondering what to do and then remembered there was a water well mod which could supply greenhouses with water.

Restarted game with water production mod.

At this point was pretty tired and bored, guess this is the first time after week of playing FS22 that I got bored, but maybe it was more of being tired, been up a long time already today. So anyways started to purchase placeable money makers, bought another large wind turbine, then large solar panels and I think six (6) large greenhouses which were all plugged into the water well production thing which costs 200 per cycle, I think its like 1 per liter and one cycle does 200 liters. Its pretty cool the water well distributes the water into greenhouses automatically. Its just hellowa expensive.

With these insane greenhouses my sold products increased to 76k per day/month hehe.

2021-12-01T14:38:00Z Bought few more large solar panels and greenhouses, had to buy another large water well, but now monthly profits are 86k heh.

Then bought few more greenhouses and large wind turbine, now profit per month 126k heh.

I have completely lost any sense of reality and "Start From Zero without cheating" feeling with this savegame, I have not saved this so the last save is from point of time when I did not start to buy all this junk, that save is still usable if in case I might want to continue this tomorrow. Now though I'm going to time accelerate to get money and then buy land lots. Current budget 912.1k.

2021-12-01T15:40:00Z Dead tired and completely just time accelerating days and lost any feeling for this savegame for now, still did not save so the "good" timestamp save is left in the dir. But for now... I'm off to sleep, Zzz...

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