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First Full 17 Hour Farming Day

2021-11-23T15:34:00Z New farming day has started, was checking out giants discord as someone pinged me there overnight. He said

citizenzero: I was having a lot of stuttering issues with a 3080 as well. What I found helps a lot is make sure you turn off MSAA, use TAA and make sure to turn off eye/ir tracking in the settings. See if that helps.

Hmm so I need to try those settings today.

2021-11-23T15:53:00Z At PMC Gaming, configured FS22 but MSAA was already off, I turned eye tracking off too and various others.

Debug dev console: gsPlayerFlightMode and gsHudVisibility are your commands when needing to fly around in camera view without user interface.

On my savegame I had winder snow / frost in the ground in JULY.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-11-23T16:23:00Z Days first meal lunch break ...

2021-11-23T16:53:00Z Feeding time is over, back to the horror of win10 + fs22.

More stutter and CTDs, downloaded win10 directx runtime, installed it.

2021-11-23T19:06:00Z Finished plowing all three new farmer owned fields without a CTD, hmm wonder if that DX runtime install might have solved something. Stutters went away after playing several minutes, just like MrMarcel5 said on giants discord.

2021-11-23T19:32:00Z Finished cultivating and fertilizing F44-F46, no CTDs.

2021-11-23T20:16:00Z Finished rock picking F44-F46, no CTDs.

I'm not going to write these no CTDs/issues as that is assumed. This cultivating, fertilizing and rock picking went by just fine, not many stutters and everything was fine. This was now on with maxed out settings 4k again.

2021-11-23T20:26:00Z Seasons was off, its december, started to seed soybeans, I need money Smiley :)

I have weeds turned on, been sleeping over night by farmhouse, but weeds are not growing at all. Well good I guess but wonder why they arent growing.

2021-11-23T21:07:00Z Its june and soybeans are harvest ready, no weeds. Nice. Lets start harvesting Smiley :)

2021-11-23T21:27:00Z Finished harvesting F44-F46 soybeans, unloaded combine after F44 and then could do both F45 and F46 with a grain hopper tank without unloading. Tiny fields.

2021-11-23T21:28:00Z Lunch time...

2021-11-23T21:54:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming.

Now I have 8k liters canola and 6.9k liters of soybeans. These amounts are ridiculously low heh. Started to browse menus to find best selling price months. Canola best selling price is december, soybeans july.

Soybean price in johnsons market was 2917, sold 6928 liters for 20.2k hmm peanuts, heh. Budget now 57.7k.

2021-11-23T23:17:00Z Drove canola to johnsons farmers market and sold 8k liters for 18.1k, budget now 33.2k.

2021-11-24T00:28:00Z Hum guess I forgot to write down that I seeded heh. Time accelerated and now soybeans are ready to harvest, lets get to it.

2021-11-24T00:44:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans on F44-F46, got canola 9 liters and soybeans 6281 liters, budget now 32.4k.

Because the ever lasting winter snow frost on the ground, I'm going to save and exit, then start a new savegame and either use its GDM files or just port existing savegame over to it, I want to get rid of that snow bug.

Tried and failed, there was some error and FS22 froze. So decided to just start a brand new savegame and sell pickup truck, buy the spreader and sprayer, then adjust money to what I had.

Used gsMoneyAdd to adjust my money level in savegame2.

2021-11-24T01:38:00Z Everything done, savegame loaded and lets continue growing my farm. I took three fertilizing contracts, they do not pay much with these field sizes but lets try contracts the first time in FS22 Smiley :)

Completed fertilizing contract for F47, reward 1.4k, F69 for 8.7k and F03 for measily 596, budget now 37.8k. Accepted contract to bale F13 and take bales to johnsons market for 7.4k.

2021-11-24T02:21:00Z Started to mowe F13 and CTD. Sigh, guess the issues arent gone after all Smiley :(

Pisses me off to drive all the way up there again, going to actually grab a bite to eat or at least some refreshing ice cream to celebrate FS22 release, a bit late yeah but anyways.

2021-11-24T02:52:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming.

Bought horsch joker 4 ct disc harrow (cultivator) for 25k, that old one was so dang narrow. Sold old cultivator, budget now 22.4k.

Going to start another round of work for my own fields.

2021-11-24T03:05:00Z CTD.

2021-11-24T03:18:00Z CTD.

Decided to bring down details to OFF / DISABLED / LOW again, this kind of crashing is nuts. I cant play like this.

2021-11-24T03:26:00Z Finished cultivating F44-F46.

Because windowed mode allows desktop taskbar to be visible, no idea why, I had to switch back to fullscreen mode because I cannot see implement tank capacity as it gets buried under taskbar. Also switched to 1920x1080 resolution heh, aww man it looks so fucking bad haha.

But had to switch back because the graphics quality was so bad it was like looking lego blocks.

2021-11-24T03:54:00Z It still looks like legos pretty much with 4k and everything low or disabled. But dunno what the fuck to do in order to avoid these CTDs.

Started to seed and graphics details were so low I could not see where I had seeded hehe. Oh well fuck it, I'm going to preset, lets say medium. Lets give that a good try and see how it plays out.

When I restarted the game just to make sure I checked task manager, well windows update is running, AGAIN.

I already started to plan of calling it quits for win10 and FS22 as its this fucking difficult to get things going and win10 is definitely not going to be my long term operating system, no fucking way.

Anyways for now, back to trying to make some money in elmcreek by working my own fields.

2021-11-24T04:27:00Z CTD.

And I forgot to save regularly in this one, FUCK! Smiley :evil:

2021-11-24T04:53:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F44-F46.

2021-11-24T05:09:00Z Time accelerated one night, soybeans and weeds started to grow, herbicide sprayed F44-F46, weeds gone. Now I just wait and skip days until soybeans are ready to harvest.

2021-11-24T05:23:00Z Soybeans are ready to harvest... and its snowing, yikes! Smiley ;)

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Had few crashes while harvesting, this is fucking stupid.

2021-11-24T06:46:00Z Sold 6.8k liters of soybeans in johnsons farmers market for 21k, budget now 41.2k.

Took herbicide spraying contract F68 for 12.8k, finished it and returned leased vehicle, budget now 47.3k.

Was somewhat bored for the grindy nature of this new farmer setup, so decided to take out 500k loan and kick off some progress.

2021-11-24T08:09:00Z Forgot to write stuff down, now just got CTD so lets write this down heh. Took 500k loan, bought three land lots with fields, purchased some euro trash seeder 6m or something, seeded existing fields and then started to herbicide spray the new fields when CTD hit.

This is getting so fucking old.

2021-11-24T10:22:00Z Managed to harvest all fields without crashes now, odd. When finished grain bin silo had canola 27.7k liters and oats 4.1k liters.

Decided to call it a night here, been up over 17hrs today so it was a great get to know FS22 day.

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