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2021-12-02 Silage Baling Contract

2021-12-02T23:36:00Z New farming day has started, back at PMC Gaming and my first game-play savegame. A lot has happened since day ago. Yesterday I edited PMC terrains (read from elsewhere, its fully documented) and today I installed 497.something nvidia drivers which supposedly would not work in my win10 but this time they did, go figure. So once latest nvidia drivers worked... I tried FS22 directx 12 instead of the 11 and that worked as well. Then I tested couple of fert/seed production mods and installed real time clock with UTC time format which is hilariously unimportant mod but at the same time extremely useful to keep track of time, its easier to check the UTC time from top right than to ALT-TAB and check from windows bottom right hehe.

Anyways. Today... I just want to farm again, even more so as DX12 is working now.

In FS22 maxed out video options heh, lets see some sexy quality Smiley ;)

Well that resulted stock 10FPS performance, haha. Then I switched to very high settings, it was 11-12FPS hehe. Then tried high, it was 13FPS, well this is interesting. Next of course changed to medium, it was 18FPS. Finally changed to LOW and it was 28FPS, oh my. Okay so directx 12 sucks in my current system, what the hell.

2021-12-03T00:34:00Z Was struggling with video options and bad performance but finally, somehow, got the FPS back up to 60FPS on low settings and then on 30-40FPS on medium settings. I don't know where but I think there is somekind of bug in video options as sometimes just by restarting game it switches from <presetName> to "<presetName> Custom" without touching an settings, and then when you select another setting and back to the setting where it said custom, its not anymore without any saving. So yeah.

Okay so loaded elmcreek new farmer savegame back up and to my surprise I had that 750k large wind turbine there and large greenhouses were out of water, I bought small water well production so with these ten(?) greenhouses water issue should be gone. Also I set bakery and all greenhouses to storing mode.

Okay I need to go back and re-read what I said day ago because I thought that large wind turbine was part of the crazy production experiment.

So earlier today I read that production chains auto sell is broken, I don't remember all the details but the GUI shows wrong values for best selling month and you should only trust the selling point price, sell when you see high price. This supposedly is known issue by giants and I can only hope they fix it in a patch.

Yes hauling those products manually is pain in the ass, but... well for a good money, I have to do it until auto loading trailers are released.

2021-12-03T00:59:00Z Re-read previous game-play story and it was mostly as I remembered, only thing was that large wind turbine I thought it was in the crazy now deleted game-play, guess not then.

Started to track products market prices, with one day season its a bit inaccurate as you can only list a simple month, not a day. Oh well.

2021-12-03T01:16:00Z Sold joskin aquatrans 7k liter tanker for 4.9k or something, I don't need it anymore with the production water well placeable.

2021-12-03T01:30:00Z Started to fertilize all fields.

2021-12-03T02:45:00Z Was snoozing off while playing, tried to fight and remain awake, failed, trust me I tried. Time for a nap ...

2021-12-03T04:57:00Z Nap time over, how about some farming. Started to look around what to continue working on, but to my surprise fertilizing task was already done and looks like I also spread lime too.

In-game oct there was nothing to do for my own fields and I wanted to closely monitor production chains now that mode is set to storing so I have to manually haul goods for sale, so decided to take that big silage baling contract for 29.9k with borrowed vehicles. Everone always talks about how good money silage is so I have to try it myself so I can tell them that they are crazy for wasting their time for silage when they could be doing soybeans.

2021-12-03T05:23:00Z Started to mowe grass on F71. This was fairly decent size field, equipment was JCB and mowers in front and the back. Work went pretty OK, was enthusiastic after just waking up from the nap. It was enough work to feel "relaxed" but still not too much to feel like grinding.

2021-12-03T05:48:00Z Finished mowing grass. Now off to pickup the windrower or whatever it is.

2021-12-03T05:51:00Z Started windrowing. This Kuhn GA 15131 windrower was fairly wide but working speed was only 15km/h which felt quite slow.

2021-12-03T06:17:00Z Finished windrowing. It was okay, a tad slow but okay, I like the width of this Kuhn GA 15131. Then drove to vehicle shop to pickup baler Kuhn SB 1290 ID.

2021-12-03T06:21:00Z Started baling grass. Kuhn SB 1290 ID was enjoyable to use as it automatically unloads bales.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T06:40:00Z CTD. And unfortunately savegame was quite far away, but at least it was on the baling section of this contract. But still sucks.

Oh no! I was mistaken, savegame is from middle part of windrowing! Smiley :(

Shit I need to start doing those crazy 3min savegames again Smiley :(

2021-12-03T06:43:00Z Continued windrowing from the middle part.

2021-12-03T06:54:00Z Lunch break, I'm starving, was planning on taking this break after baling was done, but no recent savegame and CTD ruined that plan.

2021-12-03T07:16:00Z Feeding time is over, back to baling contract.

2021-12-03T07:20:00Z Finished windrowing.

2021-12-03T07:23:00Z Started baling, again Smiley ;)

This time around I'll savegame on every turn, on beginning of a new row.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T07:44:00Z Finished baling.

2021-12-03T07:47:00Z Started bale wrapping. Unfortunately when I drove to the first bale the wrapper says "This bale is not supported!", sigh. Do I have to go lease a wrapper now Smiley :(

Leased anderson hybrid x xtractor for 1.7k, sigh. Oh well I learned my lesson with baling now, hopefully remember it and wont make the same mistake again Smiley :)

Uh oh double sigh, this anderson hybrid x xtractor is not pull behind grab the bales thing, this is parked, started, unfolded and then you have to fucking frontloader carry bales to it.

This contract was colossal waste of time because of my mistake of changing bale size from 220cm to 240cm, sigh sigh sigh.

Restarted game with brand new mod autoload bale trailer. Bought it for 17.5k.

2021-12-03T08:10:00Z Started to auto load collect those bales.

Sold three auto loader loads of grass square bales to animal dealer for 21k per load Smiley :)

Sold last load of only 4 bales for 3.5k, budget now 486.8k. Drove auto loading square bale trailer to my farm yard, then canceled silage baling contract.

Well lesson learned there, do not change bale size if you dont know what size wrapper you got. A lot of time wasted for this contract, luckily I got some money from it 66.5k to be exact, so it was not a total loss. But all this time I spent could have been more easily spent for grain crop harvesting field work.

Decided to keep trying on silage baling contracts, I kind of like baling. So took a contract for F13 silage bales taken into animal dealer. Now I will inspect the equipment before even starting the contract.

Contract gave me fendt vario 314 tractor, some misc front/back mower, pottinger impress 125f pro baler, kneverland 7850c wrapper and two bale works. The 7850c wrapper does 125cm - 150cm bales, ok gotcha I wont repeat same mistake as before.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T09:41:00Z Finished contract with one silage bale still in the field, got few hundred from the delivered bales so nothing. Collected contract reward of 5.2k heh.

But for now, I'm done with baling contracts, now back to reguar grain farming and maintaining the greenhouses and bakery.

Small water well production is not enough for 12 large greenhouses, it produces around 700 liters of water and distributes it to the greenhouses, by the time it has produced another 700 liters the greenhouses are already out of water. So 12 large greenhouses require large water well production. In that case, you might as well buy few more greenhouses I guess.

Purchased two large greenhouses and large water well production, set greenhouses for regular lettuce only production with storing mode.

2021-12-03T10:00:00Z CTD. Time to reboot win10.

Restarted FS22, accepted contract reward, purchased large water well and two large greenhouses.

2021-12-03T10:17:00Z Shutdown FS22 to add time scale mod, I want to be able to have faster than 120 but slower than sleep 5000 time acceleration.

Purchased fliegl dts 5.9 for 24.5k.

2021-12-03T10:58:00Z Finished hand loading lettuce pallets for the fliegl dts trailer, it felt like it took a really long time and I will most definitely not start to do this shit every few hours of game-play. When auto loading trailers are released then this job becomes manageable, you can just drive along the greenhouse sides to collect stuff and drive them for sell.

But for now, I'm going back to time accelerating to the next years planting season while monitoring market prices.

Was thinking about having greenhouse lettuce on store, once that becomes full then I switch to tomato and strawberry auto sell mode, once lettuce highest selling market price day arrives I switch it to auto sell until all is sold, then switch back to storing.

In-game jan did some recreational tillage on F45 as it had snow cover, was nice to disc that snow field.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T11:39:00Z Purchased two land lots with F40 and F54 in them, they are growing barley/wheat so that will give my grain mill some material and getting some cost down from those lands.

2021-12-03T11:52:00Z Started fertilizing growing barley/wheat field, one of them, another was already 100% fertilization.

Then went to refill john deere 1775nt planter, plan is to put down soybeans for this season as I already have two fields of grain mill crops growing.

2021-12-03T12:05:00Z CTD. Guess its one of those days, luckily I just saved and had stuff just idling getting ready to time accelerate so I didn't lose any progress.

2021-12-03T12:08:00Z Started soybean planting season.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T12:39:00Z Lunch break just before starting last field planting.

2021-12-03T13:03:00Z Feeding time over, back to seeding.

2021-12-03T13:24:00Z Finished planting soybeans. And by some miracle I received a layer of fertilization, now all my fields are fully fertilized.

Lettuce market price is 3.8k in red marble bowing restaurant, I'm low on money so decided to go sell fliegl dts 5.9 trailer full of lettuce pallets.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T13:31:00Z At selling point, budget 27.6k when selling those lettuce pallets. Sold products 23.1k, budget now 50.8k, heh nice.

I mean yeah this is peanuts compared to selling huge soybean trailer loads not to mention train car loads to goldcrest valley, but yeah now I have money to buy a header for claas lexion 8900 to this upcoming harvest season.

Wanted to go take more lettuce pallets for sell, but heh I just cant do the dang loading Smiley ;)

Decided to try the auto sell now as market price is good. So I set all greenhouses lettuces to selling, nothing happened immediately which was expected, I recall from previous experience that products are sold at top of the hour, so have to time accelerate a bit.

At top of the hour while lettuce marker price was 3.8k, I received money, budget now 272.4k and finances page for today say my sold products 244.9k so I sold a little bit over two hundred grand worth of lettuce.

Alright with auto sell products are sold automatically at top of the hour using the best market price, minus the whopping -40% delivery fee, so while market price is high I can keep auto sell on but once it starts to drop I set mode to Storing.

2021-12-03T14:01:00Z In-game apr between 1700 and 1800hrs lettuce market price started to drop, it was still 3.8k but dropping so I proceed very carefully now stopping time well before top of the hour to check if its still worth to sell.

In-game apr 2100hrs actually made a mistake as didn't manage to stop time before clock struck even hour, so sold one set of products for 3.5k, now I'm going to set all greenhouses to storing mode.

Also noticed that bakery has 41.1k liters of flour left and outgoing products is 6,999 liters of bread which is full, its red, maxed out, it cannot produce anymore, I need to move some pallets away from the backyard or check out next bread high price selling day.

In-game may 0637hrs, weeds grow on all fields, its time to spray herbicide.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T14:38:00Z CTD.

Oops forgot to write down when spraying finished. Time accelerated using 500 or 1000 speed, tried to monitor the market prices and jun lettuce price was 3.8k and still rising, but it stalled there. Okay time to set greenhouses lettuce to sell for next top of the hour money making Smiley ;)

In-game jun 0200hrs sold a lot of lettuce (each greenhouse had about 1.8k liters), budget went from 278.9k to 338.9k. Then continued time accelerating good speed one hour at the time stopping at xx50hrs or so to check prices, continued this until market price started to drop at jun 1556hrs but it was still 3.8k so I let this hours sell happen.

Budget now 367.9k. Bread market price is 5.6k which is 200 less than the highest, I'm tempted to sell, but ... honestly, whats the rush?

2021-12-03T15:37:00Z Accepted contract to fertilize F32 soybeans for 13k.

2021-12-03T15:45:00Z Finished fertilizing F32 contract, accepted reward 13k, budget now 380.8k.

Then accepted contract fertilizing F39 for 8.7k, finished and collected the reward.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T15:55:00Z Purchased land lot with F55 on it for 118.6k, this field has fully fertilized wheat growing, great getting some money back from my purchase even though wheat its not the best money crop.

2021-12-03T16:02:00Z CTD. Had savegame, no progress lost well other than time accelerating.

In-game jul 0053hrs, my barley and wheat is ready to harvest, but I'll wait until everything is ready to harvest so I dont have to drive through crops when going back and forth to remote fields.

2021-12-03T16:15:00Z Nevermind, I have to harvest barley and wheat fields because their harvest season ends in this month. No idea what happens after that, do they wither immediately or what. So anyways jul 1055hrs I'm going to start harvesting them now.

- header 13.8m claas convio flex 1380 90k

Purchased the above, budget now 176.6k.

2021-12-03T16:20:00Z Started to harvest wheat F40. During this harvest, I took a shower break heh.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T16:52:00Z Finished harvesting wheat F40.
2021-12-03T16:55:00Z Started harvesting barley F54.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-03T17:10:00Z Finished harvesting barley F54. Farm grain bin now has 28.2k liters of barley and 19.4k liters of wheat.

2021-12-03T17:28:00Z Now F55 is harvest ready wheat, lets cut it down.

2021-12-03T17:35:00Z Finished harvesting wheat F55. Next I'll wait until soybeans become harvest ready in two months (days).

2021-12-03T17:39:00Z Getting quite tired and I believe its my bed time after the nap, soybeans harvest is tomorrow and definitely will continue playing then.

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