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2021-12-04 Productions Canola And Soybeans Harvests

2021-12-04T23:02:00Z New farming day has started, I tried to unplug PMC Gaming SATA SSD samsung evo 850 250gb boot device and change BIOS boot system up using M.2 NVMe whatever that was forgot its name. Idea was that I would keep SSD as win10 FS22 and M.2 would be win7 ArmA3/FS19 system. However gigabyte z97x gaming 7 did not support M.2 system booting.

So here I am, in win10 system running FS22 elmcreek new farmer savegame... because... not sure why exactly, hmm.

Guess I'm going to spend this 900 grand I have on my account to grow my farm file being scared of another CTD. Not sure what to do... I mean the nevedable is to go back to win7 FS19 and be done with it, but ... dunno.

Decided to set mapview field stage display to only show canola and soybeans fields... CTD.

2021-12-04T23:20:00Z CTD.


As I was saying, soybeans fields, then time accelerate waiting for bread and lettuce high selling prices while monitoring any growing fields, once spotted I go field flip or buy them as the plan is to invest my farms money for new investments, farmland around my farm but dunno if there is big enough soybeans field elsewhere it would do fine too.

In-game feb 1734hrs bread market price 5.5k on johnsons, I got three pallets ready to go on strautmann auto loader.

2021-12-04T23:44:00Z Sold three bread pallets for 16.5k, budget now 957.3k.

In-game apr 0744hrs, F07 got planted soybeans, this might be one at least field flipping candidate, we'll see. At 1142hrs F27 got planted soybeans.

In-game jul 0618hrs lettuce market price 3.8k in fast food restaurant which is pretty good. This location was across the street from my greenhouses but still moving those pallets by hand is too much work, I'll have 10k liters PER greenhouse so I set mode to sell.

Canola is also ready to harvest on four AI fields, they arent crazy large but field flipping sounds pretty tempting right now.

In-game jul 1347hrs lettuce market price started to drop, I set greenhouses mode to storing again. Was bummed out as three of the canola fields were harvested already, shit how did that happen AI is very lazy to harvest fields as usually they let them wither what I've seen unless player takes those contracts.

Well I'm lazy now and not going to flip that last remaining canola field. I'll just go sell bread to grocerymart as its buying 5.4k and I got trailer full ready to go here.

2021-12-05T00:32:00Z Sold almost strautman trailer full of bread for 54.9k, budget now 1.342m.

Then as lettuce price was still 3.7k on fast food restaurant, I ran strautman auto loader trailer to sell all lettuces sitting by greenhouses, budget now 1.384m.

2021-12-05T00:53:00Z Decided to go buy, harvest and sell that last canola field before AI harvests it.

2021-12-05T00:58:00Z Started to harvest canola F77.

2021-12-05T01:06:00Z Finished harvesting canola F77 and sold the land lot back. Got 14.7k liters of canola from that field.

In-game jan 0933hrs lettuce market price in grocerymart is 4.1k which is highest I've ever seen it. Okay time to switch greenhouses to selling mode.

In-game jan 1010hrs bread market price in johnsons is 5.4k. Time to go haul strautman auto loader full of bread there (13k liters).

2021-12-05T01:48:00Z Sold 13k liters of bread in johnsons for 70.5k, budget now 1.690m.

Sold strautman auto loader trailer full of lettuce in grocerymart, dunno how much as it was in two stages, budget now 1.705m.

2021-12-05T01:57:00Z CTD.

2021-12-05T02:01:00Z Sold strautman load of lettuce in grocerymart for 14.9k, budget now 1.720m.

2021-12-05T02:04:00Z Sold strautman load of lettuce in grocerymart for 14.9k, budget now 1.735m.

In-game feb 0145hrs lettuce market price started to drop, but it was still 3.8k so I let one my sell happen before switching greenhouses to storing mode.

In-game may 0637hrs F74 is growing soybeans on SE area of the terrain, not too big field but might go field flip it when the time comes.

In-game jun 1018hrs F69 is growing soybeans and that is quite large field, will definitely flip that bitch.

2021-12-05T02:36:00Z Bakery ran out of flour.

In-game oct 0842hrs soybeans F74 is ready to harvest, so bought it.

2021-12-05T02:43:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F74.

2021-12-05T02:53:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F74 and sold the land back, got 11.7k liters from that field, muhaha.

2021-12-05T03:02:00Z F69 is ready to harvest, bought the land and started harvesting soybeans.

2021-12-05T03:13:00Z Again snoozing off while playing, have to go take a nap...

2021-12-05T06:08:00Z Woke up from nap, back to farming.

2021-12-05T06:29:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F69. Got 51.1k liters of soybeans in the trailer now, cant recall I think that was two fields (heh just woke up, gimme a break). Dumped them straight into railroad silo.

Decided to haul 14.7k liters of canola into railroad silo as well waiting for high selling price.

John Deere 7R 350 is horrible tractor to use as its body is so short, it steers very awkwardly, zigs zags easily on little higher speeds when you try to corner it. I need to replace it with longer body tractor doesn't care which.

2021-12-05T06:43:00Z In-game nov 0934hrs goldcrest valley soybeans 3.2k (and dropping) and canola 2.9k, decided to sell all of it now.

Sold soybeans/canola for 208.3k, budget now 1.940m.

In-game dec 0238hrs lettuce market price 3.8k in johnsons, its not the best but I'll take it, turning greenhouses to selling mode.

In-game dec 2054hrs lettuce market price dropping, its now 3.5k and I'm switching greenhouses to storing mode.

In-game jan 1344hrs bread market price 5.4k in red marble bowling restaurant, starting to haul bread with a strautmann auto loader trailer.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-05T07:06:00Z Sold 18k liters of bread for 98.2k, budget now 2.465m.

2021-12-05T07:09:00Z I'm starving, gotta get something to eat...

2021-12-05T07:32:00Z Lunch time over, now its decision time what to do with my FS22 CTD / win10 situation.

In-game feb 0808hrs lettuce market price 4k in johnsons, switching greenhouses to selling mode and starting to haul what I manage from the greenhouse sides.

2021-12-05T07:39:00Z Sold 3.6k liters of lettuce in johnsons for 14.7k. Sold another load five minutes later. Sold third and last load five minutes after that, budget now 2.590m.

In-game feb 1454hrs lettuce market price started to drop, I'll squeeze in one maybe two sales before switching greenhouses to storing mode.

In-game feb 1716hrs lettuce market price now 3.6k and I'm switching greenhouses to storing mode.

Budget now 2.608m.

Wow that is a lot of money, of course elmcreek farmland is 60,000 per hectare so its silly over priced, even though that feels like a lot of money right now... it will not last long when you start to buy farmland.

Our equipment is hmm more or less ok, combine is super, planter is super, seeder is super (for in-game stuff), no auger wagon, no plow (not that there is anything usable in-game), disc harrow is decent but could use an upgrade, spreader is super, last item is sprayer which is poor, its slow as hell 12km/h but has 36m width, sprayer needs to be upgraded into the smaller self propelled one or straight to rubicon 9000.

Buying a plow, auger wagon or disc harrow upgarde would mean I need a new high horsepower tractor as well.

One idea was to just spam greenhouses into my farm yard fields as they are so small even the 36m sprayer is having hard time working on, it doesnt have anough room to turn without folding it first, so this kind of greenhouse upgrade might fit to this area nicely and it would be good passive income money.

2021-12-05T08:08:00Z Bought five large greenhouses, placed them into the smallest field in my farm yard. Now its interesting to see if my water well production is able to keep up the water demand Smiley :)

2021-12-05T08:12:00Z CTD.

And that's it folks, now its time to install glorious windows 10 64bit enterprise edition Smiley :(

2021-12-05T14:27:00Z Back at FS22, didn't get enterprise installed, got professional edition instead. Installed FS22.

2021-12-05T14:33:00Z Unpacked backup savegame1 dir and then launched FS22, here I go, moment of truth, will it crash or not ...

2021-12-05T14:41:00Z Added couple of mods and real clock XML config file, NOW everything should be in order, starting FS22...

New improved contract rewards mod (dunno whats its real name) gave me 25k soybeans planting contract for F70 which is just south from my farm yard and is very large field. I'm going to test and take this contract with borrowed vehicles.

Loaded existing 702 liters of seeds to it, then purchased two seed bigbags for 1.6k.

2021-12-05T15:05:00Z Started seeding soybeans to F70 contract.

Purchased farmtech auto load trailer for 24.5k. And seed pallet for 950.

2021-12-05T15:34:00Z Finished seeding F70 contract, accepted reward 23.4k.

Farmtech auto loading pallet trailer did not work, it doesn't load normal seed pallets or big bags (ok it says pallet trailer but still), piece of shit mod, I sold it, saved game and exited, going to delete the mod and restart game without it.

2021-12-05T15:41:00Z FS22 restarted, so countdown timer for CTD waiting begins again.

We only live once... I've been hoarding that 2.5 million money for way too long, time to put it to good use, decided to buy rubicon 9000 sprayer, one of the biggest disc harrows or cultivators and a big tractor, then whatever is left goes to buying farmland.

- disc harrow 12m 18km/h 615hp kinze mach till 412 108k
- tractor 665hp versatile 620 391k
- sprayer 25km/h 48.5m 9000 liter hardi rubicon 9000 489k

Purchased the above, budget now 1.557m.

Purchased land lot with F70 in it (the one with growing soybeans I contract planted) for 772.4k. Then F44 for 78.2k, F39 for 364.6k and F52 for 140.2k.

Budget now 188.8k, there was not any fields close by I could have bought and its good to have some spending money for product.

F39 is growing oats which is good for my grain mill flour production, but two other fields were cotton which I'll disc under.

Started preparing fields by putting rubicon 9000 to work, fertilizing everything that needs it Smiley :)

2021-12-05T17:08:00Z Finished lime spreading to few fields that needed it.

2021-12-05T17:23:00Z Herbicide spraying for the oats fields finished. Sold hardi aeon sprayer and front tank for 40.6k, from now own I will be rocking with rubicon 9000.

2021-12-05T17:32:00Z Soybeans planting season has started.

2021-12-05T17:39:00Z Alarm went off, its my lunch time although I think this is already my fourth meal of the day, but fuck it I want to fully test this win10 pro FS22 CTD issue, if it crashes then I know not to play tomorrow at all.

2021-12-05T18:14:00Z Feeding time over, back to farming.

2021-12-05T19:20:00Z Finished seeding soybeans on all fields except oats.

2021-12-05T19:39:00Z Herbicide spraying, kill the weeds. Kill the win10.

2021-12-05T20:08:00Z Herbicide spraying finished, all fields a-OK.

Accepted contract spraying F68.

2021-12-05T20:17:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F68 contract, collected reward of 20.3k.

In-game aug 0637hrs, oats field is ready to harvest.

2021-12-05T20:53:00Z Finished harvesting oats F39.

2021-12-05T20:56:00Z Dumped 43.8k liters of oats into grain mill, lets make some flour again.

2021-12-05T21:06:00Z Dead tired, had to call it a night, was sad that didn't get more hours in on win10 professional than hmm was it 5-6hrs or so, well hopefully can continue tomorrow and then we'll see if it continues to run without issues.

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