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2021-12-06 Testing Windows 10 64bit Professional

2021-12-06T03:18:00Z New farming day has started, PMC Gaming win10 pro booted up, lets start FS22 and see if it doesn't crash today.

2021-12-06T03:32:00Z FS22 was running but its days first meal time, so I'll let the game just run while I get a bite to eat.

2021-12-06T04:06:00Z Feeding time over, lets continue towards soybeans harvest season.

Oh wait... while eating and fully waking up, I decided that fuck farewell last harvest with elmcreek new farmer savegame, it leads to nowhere other than frustration and anger, I'm going to format C: and install windows 7 enterprise right now.

2021-12-06T04:24:00Z Decided to change game.xml to <renderer>D3D_11</renderer> and see if that makes any difference. I'm going to do this fs22 run without savegame so that also fuels my anger to format C: for win7 install as I lost so much progress Smiley ;)

2021-12-06T04:26:00Z FS22 booted, is this the last time? Smiley :o

Directx 11 setup immediately gave those huge stutter/freezes in the game start where it loaded a lot of textures in.

2021-12-06T04:40:00Z In-game nov 0901hrs soybeans are ready to harvest, lets get started (until FS22 CTD).

Performance was atrociously bad on directx 11, when harvesting with claas lexion 8900s it was something like 21-22FPS, but I didn't want to savegame and exit to options menu to change it, I'll keep pushing until it CTDs so I can get rid of this fucking win10 piece of shit thing.

2021-12-06T05:28:00Z First merged field (west most) harvested, no CTD so far but that doesn't mean anything as few days prior I ran 17hrs straight without a crash. I am dying for a crash now so I get to go back to win7 + FS19 hehe.

2021-12-06T07:43:00Z Finished harvesting all fields with soybeans. I am disappointed there was no CTD Smiley :(

So FS22 has now been running with directx 11 for 3 hours straight no CTD, but that doesn't mean anything I believe yesterday I already ran almost 5 hours with directx 12 and no issue, plus many days ago there was the full 17hrs day without a crash.

So yeah, this doesn't mean anything.

But since I'm here now, I'm going to dump soybeans into railroad silo and sell it still trying to catch a CTD, if it doesn't crash then I'll save the game finally.

Either it crashes or I'll save the game, decision has already been made; I'm installing win7 enterprise and FS19 back, I want to continue / finish PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero with some terrain edits as well.

2021-12-06T07:51:00Z So started to haul soybeans into railroad silo.

2021-12-06T08:05:00Z All of my soybeans have been hauled to railroad silo, 193.4k liters total, oh wow.

Was thinking about that decision to go back to win7 and fs19 while not saving this game almost baiting fs22 to crash on me... that is kind of silly in the long run thinking about the future. Whatever happens I cannot imagine I would NEVER play fs22 again, there will some some nvidia driver crash fix from giants or who knows from nvidia itself and after that GPS and courseplay mods, so at that time fs22 is back on my agenda.

2021-12-06T08:08:00Z Took a savegame, just for the future, no matter what happens today, no reason to lose perfectly good progress I did today.

In-game jul 1008hrs goldcrest valley market price 3.5k, okay time to sell. Sold full train load 180k liters for 643.9k and then I still had 13.4k liters in the bin so called train back and sold those too for 48.1k.

Budget now 825.8k.

Changed bread and lettuce mode to selling as price was good and time accelerated to top of the hour, budget clicked into 1.315m hehe wow!

Set productions back to storing, just in case. Then there was nothing more to do in this savegame and win10 pro installed FS22 than to save the game one last time before I'm formatting C: and installing win7 + fs19 back.

2021-12-06T08:34:00Z Saved game and exited, KTHNXBY!!1 Smiley ;)

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