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2021-11-23 Day After FS22 Release

FS22 first game-play New Farmer game-mode on Elmcreek.

2021-11-23T01:38:00Z Just got FS22 finally installed under win10 (FS22 Release and Install story) and NOW its time to farm Smiley :D

Started new farmer game mode on elmcreek, the first game load was extremely slow probably over one minute.

2021-11-23T02:17:00Z Piece of shit win10 brought up an update dialog which said updates are ready, restart now or in 30min. Fuck that shit. I need to run ShutUp10 tool to disable all that shit.

2021-11-23T02:23:00Z Saved game, exited and edited game.xml to the default lod viewdistance levels of 2, there was huge stutter on many parts.

2021-11-23T02:30:00Z Was browsing vehicle shop packs and got Crash To Desktop (CTD, meaning a software running in windows simply crashes by disappearing or giving an error dialog while it crashes). Decided to do that windows reboot now to clear that stupid update thing.

Just as I'm ready to do the restart, shut all the fucking shit down... and win10 is downloading more updates, unfuckingbelievable, oh well starting all the shit back up and loading FS22 back, lets continue farming.

2021-11-23T03:04:00Z Second CTD Smiley :o

2021-11-23T03:10:00Z Third CTD.

And with that came my 4hrs 30min chow time alarm, time to eat.

2021-11-23T03:40:00Z Feeding time over, back to brand spanking new FS22 Smiley :)

And fucking win10 update is still running at 72% done, haha, insane. Okay I'm launching FS22, back to farming, until the next CTD...

2021-11-23T03:43:00Z Fourth CTD.

2021-11-23T03:44:00Z Loaded savegame back up, got into a tractor... and CTD. Decided to change graphics settings to preset LOW, just to see if that would end the crashing.

2021-11-23T03:49:00Z Fifth CTD.

Nope, no help by reducing graphics settings. What the fuck is it crashing like crazy. Win10 update is still 72% so who knows what the hell its doing, maybe it somehow causes the crashes. Was looking at task manager and C: is hammered by the win update so that might cause of the stuttering, but hmm wonder if it could be also reason for crashes.

2021-11-23T04:02:00Z Decided to load up FS22 and not touch the keyboard at all while just waiting there for the win10 update to end, would be interesting to see if it crashes just by not moving camera or doing anything.

2021-11-23T04:37:00Z Sixth CTD. Came minute after I started cautiously to play. Yeah this shit ain't working.

Need to wait until that win10 piece of shit update is done, then I reboot computer and shutup10 disable windows update.

2021-11-23T05:07:00Z Finally all updates and reboots done, now I ran shutup10 patcher tool to disable all fucking shit. Now I'll launch FS22 and just enjoy some farming Smiley :)

Unfortunately bad stutter continues even though there is no win10 updates running now, CPU usage looks OK and no Hard Disk Drive (HDD, even though I'm using Solid State Drive SSD) usage, but FS22 still stutters so badly its unplayable.

2021-11-23T05:26:00Z With that win10 update over crashes are now gone, but stutter still makes this unplayable. I need to search giants discord chat and forum to see if other players have similar issues.

2021-11-23T05:39:00Z Seventh CTD.

Guess the win10 update wasnt the reason for the CTDs after all. Checked discord and many people are complaining about stutters, MrMarcel5 QA giants guy advice was "its normal for beginning of game-play, it goes away after a while." haha.

Going to try switching to 1080p resolution and running then, maybe that would help. I did that and also used windowed mode so it was the tiny small window dialog in my 4k desktop, well like this ... it was ROCK SOLID 60fps and smooth as hell, no stutter in first minute of game-play. Immediate change on performance.

Now obviously I wouldn't never play with piece of shit 1920x1080 resolution not to mention windowed game screen, never hehe, but yeah unfortunately it looks like GPU is the bottleneck here, hmm. How the fuck is nvidia GTX TITAN X sluggish? Smiley :o

Stutter was bad when switching from external view to cab view, there was like 15sec delay when windows mouse pointer turned into loading/waiting icon. Heh this game is not ready for release.

2021-11-23T07:00:00Z Changed super sampling to 50% which is the lowest possible, then ran FS22 in 4k but windowed mode with startup parameters "-restart -cheats -windowed -noborder", image quality was very soft, there was no 4k sharpness at all it looked like 1080p almost, then it was indeed window in desktop, but this setup worked fine through one fields cultivating and seeding.

After I changed it back to fullscreen mode, FS22 crashed hehe.

2021-11-23T08:43:00Z Had to call it a night, too tired. More FS22 tomorrow, it will be in fact the first full 17hrs FS22 day.

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