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2021-11-26 Fourth Day Of FS22 New Farmer

2021-11-26T17:12:00Z New farming day has started, last night I was thinking about installing GE to PMC DevSurf, but when I woke up all I wanted to do is farm Smiley :)

Herbicide sprayed F44-F46 and then it was lunch time, I'm starving...

2021-11-26T18:13:00Z Feeding time is over, back to herbicide spraying, lets get this planting season wrapped up.

2021-11-26T19:05:00Z Herbicide spraying is done, now planting season is finally over.

2021-11-26T19:12:00Z Time acceleration complete, harvest season has arrived, soybeans are ready to harvest. Now off to lease big combine and get started.

2021-11-26T20:36:00Z Finished soybeans harvest season, returned leased case ih 9250 combine with header.

Farm bin silo now has 77.6k liters of soybeans and guess what, its very high selling price on goldcrest valley at 3.3k! Lets start hauling Smiley :)

2021-11-26T21:08:00Z Alright all soybeans hauled, now just rent a train and sell all of it for 3.3k per 1k liters.

2021-11-26T21:11:00Z Sold 77.6k liters of soybeans for 263.9k, budget now 305.6k.

I have to say I was quite disappointed about that money, three hundred grand... feels like I'm spinning my wheels here. That bank loan of 500k with something like 1.4k nightly interest fees arent helping either. Hmm.

Maybe I need to pay that bank loan as much as possible and start to do some contracts to make money, also to experience elmcreek and new vehicles a bit more, it would keep things interesting instead of the same grind of these own fields around the farm.

2021-11-26T21:39:00Z Was talking to big_guy86 in twitch live stream about making money, he recommended production chains, greenhouses.

Purchased joskin aquatrans 7300s tanker trailer for 9.5k. Purchase two large greenhouses for 20k. Refilled joskin aquatrans with water from the pond next to a dealership and emptied it to the greenhouses.

2021-11-26T22:15:00Z Activated all three; tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries from the production chains menu. My very first FS22 production chains factory stuff going on Smiley :)

2021-11-26T22:19:00Z Bought bakery production building for 50k, budget now 225.6k. I bought this by recommendation from someone in big_guy86's stream, he said something like "50k bakery and two big greenhouses make crazy money" well he forgot to mention that bakery even the simpler bread recipe requires tons of ingredients like flour etc and cake requires insane amount of ingredients I have no clue where to get those and what they even are.

So first lesson: don't listen to random Mr Expert's in twitch streams Smiley :)

Oh well now I need to buy that grain mill and then send some grain there. I'm going to first set the greenhouses into SELL directly mode, so all I do is dump water in and they produce & sell stuff for me.

Purchased grain mill for 96k and large solar panel for 93.6k, budget now 36.1k.

Dang money is running now, but hopefully this production stuff starts to generate profit soon.

Plan is now to seed sorghum, actually wheat as well I think, all those crops that are accepted in the grain mill.

2021-11-26T22:39:00Z From game settings enabled seasons growth (seasons heh) with 3 day seasons. Lets start to give it a try how it runs in stock FS22. Also this is good for the production chains and solar panel making money for me.

2021-11-26T22:46:00Z Lunch break...

2021-11-26T22:53:00Z Was having a lunch and FINALLY now after all these hours played, FS22 CTD. Fuck Smiley :o

2021-11-26T23:15:00Z Feeding time over.

2021-11-26T23:29:00Z Started new planting season, fertilizing.

2021-11-27T00:00:00Z Windows update bullshit popped up.

2021-11-27T01:06:00Z Finished seeding oats to F44-F49, now need to wait until sorghum planting season begins as I want to put that down as well. After that have to wait a long time in the year to reach barley and wheat planting season, I believe these are some winter crops or something as they are planted in sep-oct and harvested in jun-aug.

Also interesting note, I had first stage of fertilization when I started to seed, I don't usually do this but this time decided to leave the second stage of fertilization for after the seeding... and when I seeded I got one stage of fertilization, I have no idea why.

2021-11-27T02:27:00Z Finished herbicide spraying oats. Now I'm in Apr 1 and its sorghum planting season.

2021-11-27T02:51:00Z Finished seeding sorghum for F50 and F51, my very first sorghum seeding Smiley :)

Now I'm again waiting for stuff to happen, next is herbicide spraying sorghum and then oats should be harvest ready in jul. Exciting times.

2021-11-27T03:11:00Z Sorghum fields growing and weeds sprung up, time to herbicide spray them.

2021-11-27T03:21:00Z Finished herbicide spraying sorghum. Now next whats going to happen is oats harvest season in jul, not that far off, well more or less.

2021-11-27T03:40:00Z In-game jul 1st and oat fields are ready to harvest, budget now 49.5k. Alright lets do this.

First thing to do is to lease big combine again, this is... wasteful as it costs plenty to lease and I need one now and another just few night skips away in aug when sorghum is ready to harvest. I am not sure if I should keep the combine and time accelerate, I think its too expensive, but dunno. Lets lease one now and harvest this and see where I stand now.

Decided to lease claas trion 750-720 for 18.2k initial cost and claas convio flex 1080 for 3.2k initial cost. Budget now 28k.

2021-11-27T03:47:00Z Started harvesting oats, F44-F49 I think.

2021-11-27T04:16:00Z Finished harvesting oats, got total of 25.9k liters. Decided to start hauling it right away to grain mill so I can get flour production going.

Got oats dumped into grain mill and flour is now being produced, it will be distributed automatically to bakery where its being stored, for now.

I still don't know what to do with the combine lease, don't have much money and hmm if I return it now do I have enough money to lease it again and ... yeah dunno, would the lease fees be that much for these few days, I'll try to just keep it, its simpler and hell at least I have FS22 knowledge if you bleed dry with lease prices.

2021-11-27T04:32:00Z I'm starving and right on cue alarm went off, time to eat.

2021-11-27T04:55:00Z Feeding time over, back to farming.

Did first day skip using the new farmer game-mode farmhouse sleep feature, no oats got processed into flour, hmm, is production not working with sleeping, does it stall/freeze? My bad, I had that production oats INACTIVE, had to activate it and then it started to process.

Over night combine + header lease costs were 1.4k, not really bad but surely it over time bleeds you dry.

Greenhouses water amounts 7k and 7.7k, budget 28.2k. Going to skip another day/night using farmhouse sleep feature and lets see what those values are 24hrs from now. After skip water mounts 6k and 6.7k, budget 28.3k heh so 100 increase in money overnight, guess I'm quite on the even budget wise heh.

So farmhouse sleep feature works fine with production chains.

Okay so its now Aug 1st and its sorghum harvest season, lets get started.

2021-11-27T05:52:00Z Finished harvesting sorghum. This is a great crop it yields like crazy, its like corn hehe.

Returned leased combine. Budget now 19.5k hmm odd where has some money gone, hum. Sorghum harvest was 43.2k liters.

Currently grain mill has 13.2k liters of oats, bakery has 12.1k liters of oats and 435 liters of bread.

Now I need some money because on next harvest I have to lease combine again, so I'm going to sell at least half of the sorghum grain... but I'm in the lowest selling price of the year so have to wait a bit.

It was time acceleration until I get to barley and wheat planting season.

2021-11-27T06:16:00Z Its now Sep 1st and I'm in planting season, lets start to put some barley into the ground.

2021-11-27T06:40:00Z CTD, while I was ALT-TABbed to chat in twitch and discord.

While I was out of the game I merged my previous savegame playTime with current one, now I get the full hours/minutes played in whole FS22 history so far.

2021-11-27T06:55:00Z Finished seeding barley to F42.

2021-11-27T07:09:00Z Finished seeding wheat to F41. Again both fields had one stage of fertilization and now they got second, I don't understand how.

Then it was time to haul some water from the pond by the dealership into my greenhouses, its getting a bit low at 3.5k and 2.9k liters.

2021-11-27T07:33:00Z Refilled both greenhouses with 20k liters of water. They are producing lettuce which is the most expensive thing.

Checked production chains and suddenly my bread capacity was dropped, huh what. It was on storing mode which I thought was to just store the stuff somehow, but I didn't realize that its storing them on the back of the building in pallets, so now I need to go and buy/lease forklift and trailer to haul those bread pallets for sell. Currenly there are four pallets of bread (1k liter per pallet).

I'll let few more bread pallets to be stored and then going to lease equipment to go sell them. I assume if bread factory is set to sell automatically the profit is not the highest possible, or maybe it is but because timing its not going to be high enough (january is best bread selling month and now its september).

2021-11-27T07:47:00Z Oct 1st and now barley and wheat fields have weeds in them, time to herbicide spray them.

On nov 11th I already got eight pallets of bread, they need to be hauled away from the bakery. So I'm going to buy cheapest trailer and forklift or some thingy to lift those boxes. Unfortunately ... I have no money heh, got 30.1k and cheapest forklift/telehandler whatever costs pretty much that, so more time accelerating and... thinking what do I do.

2021-11-27T09:05:00Z In-game Feb 1st and sorghum sell price is 1.7k, I have not much experience with this crop but I believe this is decent price, its highest I've seen today. So going to take at least one load there.

Trailer holds 19.3k liters as its weight is maxed out.

2021-11-27T09:09:00Z Sold 19.3k liters of sorghum in feed & grain south for 33.1k, budget now 73.1k.

2021-11-27T09:31:00Z Bread price in grocerymart is 5.6k now, gotta start selling it. First I'm going to buy that low loader of sorts and cheapest forklift thingy.

- trailer bremer transportwagen tp 500 s 15k
- front loader quicke q3m 7k
- pallet fork albutt 1.7k

Then customized massey ferguson mf 3670 for 1.5k, budget now 48.5k.

Loaded all bread pallets into that small trailer, then drove to grocerymart and backed up into the loading dock.

2021-11-27T10:11:00Z Sold bread pallets for ?k, budget now 127.7k.

2021-11-27T10:16:00Z Decided to call it a night, windows uptime is 17hrs 8min.

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