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2021-12-11 Harvesting And Selling Grain

2021-12-11T04:38:00Z New farming day has started, oh well what can I say, PMC Gaming is up and FS22 running, lets finish this oats/soybeans planting season. Time accelerated to in-game jun 0620hrs and field stages switched, weeds popped up to many fields so going to herbicide spray them.

2021-12-11T05:22:00Z Lunch break, days first meal ...

2021-12-11T05:45:00Z Feeding time over, back to farming.

2021-12-11T06:37:00Z Finished herbicide spraying, unless there are some late blooming weeds that pop up, looks like my planting season is over.

Hmm F59 is only one layer fertilized, need to go mop that one up to get nice and even dark blue coverage of fertilizing status Smiley ;)

2021-12-11T06:55:00Z Finished fertilizing F59 but then noticed that in NE there are two more fields with only single layer.

2021-12-11T07:16:00Z NOW the oats/soybeans planting season is finally and officially over Smiley :)

2021-12-11T07:19:00Z In-game jul 1011hrs, oats and canola harvest season has arrived, lets start harvesting.

Purchased GPS to lexion 8900s. After first grain trailer was full I dropped the oats into my grain mill to get production going again.

2021-12-11T09:38:00Z Dead tired, eyes are closing, snoozing off, have to take a nap.

2021-12-11T12:19:00Z Back from nap, farming continues.

2021-12-11T12:38:00Z Finished harvesting oats, now still have few canola fields left from the farmlands I've bought, as canola were growing there at the time of purchase. My own soybeans fields are still growing.

For these few remaining fields have to drive to both SE and SW corners of the terrain, so need to grab a header trailer and do some long haul, well if you can call it long in 2km piece of shit terrain haha.

2021-12-11T12:45:00Z Started to harvest canola in F82, in far SE corner.

2021-12-11T12:49:00Z Finished and set header on the trailer. Actually, it was not canola, dunno where I got that idea, this field was wheat, no matter its good source material for grain mill. Now a long drive to SW corner where rest of the harvest ready fields are, I bet one of those is canola.

Got 4.1k liters of wheat from that tiny field, it was not worth the drive down there.

2021-12-11T12:56:00Z Canola harvesting started after I brought down fendt 1050 vario grain trailer tractor to pickup that pesky 4.1k liters of wheat, I set hired worker (which I mostly never do) to combine while I went to drop off the wheat to my farm.

2021-12-11T13:03:00Z Harvesting canola for F60 finished, it generated 11.2k liters. Next is a bit larger F58.

This "twitch top down boyz" playing view mode is really bothering me, what kind of moron plays top down, this is not a pac-man this is farmsim! Smiley :(

But this seems to lower the chance of CTDs, so I'll take it.

2021-12-11T13:34:00Z Finished harvesting canola F58 and had to take several minutes to fiddle with header trailer hitch as it went to one of my growing field, this header trailer has nasty habit of swinging the hitch/hook whatever that connector draw bar thing is called, whenever you put or take out header from it, so this header trailer should not be parked next to objects or growing fields.

Then it was just driving canola to railroad silo and get ready to time accelerate until soybeans harvest season.

2021-12-11T13:43:00Z Dumped the 4.1k liters of wheat to grain mill.

2021-12-11T13:49:00Z I got 150.5k liters of oat in my farm grain bin, wanted to start hauling that to grain mill, tried to setup hired worker but I had no clue which one was my farm grain bin so gave up on it, now I'm starving and need to take a lunch break ...

While I was eating, FS22 crashed while being ALT-TABbed into background, it was in main screen foreground but second monitor discord what was "active". Oh well at least I didn't lose any progress as game was saved and I didn't even move, heh.

2021-12-11T14:17:00Z Feeding time over, back to hauling oats to grain mill.

2021-12-11T14:30:00Z Finished dumping last of oats into grain mill which now has 3.9k liters of wheat and whopping 198.5k liters of oats, nicely done.

2021-12-11T14:38:00Z CTD.

Was ALT-TABbed on vehicle shop menu into discord and game just crashes all by itself, freezing both screens for a moment.

This savegame now has 190hrs in it.

2021-12-11T14:41:00Z In-game jul 1418hrs canola market price was 2.4k in goldcrest which is highest I have ever seen it, time to sell.

Sold 47.9k liters of canola for 117.5k, budget now 532.4k.

2021-12-11T16:27:00Z In-game aug 0313hrs my alone SE canola field is ready to harvest, ok lets hop into lexion 8900 and head over there to take care of it.

2021-12-11T16:41:00Z Started to harvest canola F72.

2021-12-11T16:59:00Z Finished harvesting canola, then went and dumped canola to railroad silo west.

In-game sep 0658hrs canola market price 2.6k and increasing. So now it was time accelerating few hours at the time closely monitoring that price. In-game 0757hrs price stabilized to 2.6k, time to sell.

2021-12-11T17:25:00Z Sold 22.9k liters of canola for 60.8k, budget now 734.2k.

2021-12-11T17:42:00Z In-game nov 0823hrs, soybeans are harvest ready, break out the combine.

2021-12-11T18:40:00Z Finished harvesting the small SE corner which supposedly was not that large, but if felt large, I mean 58min to harvest it, wow. I need to buy john deere x9 and run these two combines with hired workers while I drive grain cart.

2021-12-11T18:49:00Z I'm starving and right on cue 4hrs 30min alarm went off to eat, so lunch break.

2021-12-11T19:09:00Z Feeding time is over, back to soybeans harvest. Life is too short, I'm going to buy john deere x9 combine + header + header trailer.

Bought header trailer nardi n60-45 for 12k, header john deere hd50f for 99.5k (yikes) and combine john deere x9 for 570k.

Budget now 209.9k heh.

2021-12-11T19:21:00Z John deere x9 header hit the soybean field.

2021-12-11T19:27:00Z Both combines now run opposite ends of the field under hired workers and I'm driving grain trailer tractor. Because my GPU driving crashing issue I have to keep it top down mode and I cannot even see the combines going back and forth in the field other than minimap.

This really sucks Smiley :(

Only reason I endure through stupid shit like this is because my obsession to farm, do good progress and finish this savegame one day. Its probably not going to happen anytime soon but even buying a bit more land today or tomorrow would be nice.

2021-12-11T20:45:00Z CTD.

2021-12-11T23:12:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans! Smiley :)

Now just have to mop up leftover hired workers sloppy corners and such, then park vehicles to the farm yard and its over. Also need to start haul soybeans from farm yards grain bin into railroad silo west for the upcoming massive soybeans sale.

2021-12-11T23:33:00Z Got everything parked where ever I found empty space, was real tight squeeze with two big combines and header trailers.

Checked out how much soybeans I got and bursted out laughing... 615.2k liters! OH MY! Smiley :D

I mean those numbers are something I would not expect from 2km little girlie men terrain.

Alright now going to start hauling them to railroad silo west. Actually there was only 142k liters of soybeans in my farm yard grain bin, rest of it is already in the raiload silo.

2021-12-11T23:37:00Z Started to dump soybeans into railroad silo west and ... it stopped accepting mid way through the fist dump, so the railroad silo is now full, err hehe.

Well guess I'll just fill another trailer load, park it to the dump point and then just wait for soybeans selling time and try to quickly haul more in the railroad silo while high price is in effect.

But I must say I'm disappointed how small the railroad silo is. Now, I could of course take the rest into the eastern silo, hmm actually yes that's what I'm gonna do next.

2021-12-11T23:50:00Z Finished hauling last of soybeans to the eastern railroad silo, next time accelerating waiting for good market price. Gotta get 3.5k for sure before selling this mega load.

Was time accelerating and I believe the highest price in january was 3k even, which is very low in my opinion, so I kept time accelerating and the sell time passed, price started to drop. Oh well guess I'm time accelerating until next year then heh.

2021-12-12T00:17:00Z After time accelerating to next year jun, soybeans are now 3.3k which is still not high enough for me. More time accelerating.

2021-12-12T01:11:00Z In-game sep ... who knows how many YEARS of time accelerating later soybeans market price has not been higher than 3.3k. Now lettuce is 4k which is very good on my book keeping so I'm going to use strautmann auto loading trailer to haul bunch of the across the street to fast food restaurant.

BTW just from lettuce auto sell, solar panel and wind turbine I've accumulated 2.051m in cash, oh wow! Who needs to sell soybeans when you make this much money just from the placeables Smiley ;)

Sold first load for 17.7k which feels like peanuts in the two million I already have heh.

2021-12-12T01:33:00Z Got everything sold, budget now 2.191m. Bread market price leveled out at 5.3k which is nice but still far from max 5.8k, just not sure how rare these maxed out numbers are, but this one is 500 less than max, that is a lot of hundreds ... Was thinking of going to sell them but decided against it, more time accelerating for profits.

However after time accelerating just few in-game hours, johnsons market price increased to 5.8k, oh yeah I think I have a winner here. Started to haul bread for sell.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2021-12-12T01:42:00Z Sold 24k liter bread trailer load for 139.4k heh nice.

2021-12-12T01:49:00Z Sold same as above, load two.

2021-12-12T01:56:00Z Sold last load which was not full, for 52.2k, budget now 2.549m.

2021-12-12T02:11:00Z In-game nov 0805hrs, soybeans market price increased to 3.4k, okay its not 3.5k but hey it doesn't have to be, time to sell.

Rented train and loaded it full with soybeans, refill menu shows that railroad silo west is 500k liters.

Sold 300k liters train full of soybeans for 1.032m. Then immediately rented train again, it took a long while for the train to re-appear, I assume it traveled under the terrain looping back.

Sold 200k liters of soybeans for 688.4k, budget now 4.386m.

Then switched to railroad silo east, rented train but it was again far and going further away. Had to wait a bit.

Sold 115.2k liters of soybeans for 396.6k, budget now 4.782m.

Goodness gracious the amount of money hehe.

2021-12-12T02:48:00Z In-game mar (no idea what year) 0634hrs with time accelerating I'm making around 86-99k profit per month, budget now 5.139m.

I wanted to check how many farmlands with fields can I buy north of the highway, so I saved game and started buying with intention to exit without saving if I'm not satisfied with the results.

Was really surprised that money was enough to buy ALL the farmlands with fields in them! Budget now 484.6k.

New Farmer Elmcreek Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Okay so now own all the farmland which has field numbers. There are few ugly odd looking fields in the hillsides which don't have field numbers so they don't count.

My savegame win goal is to buy all the farmland and harvest all the fields. So one thing to do is to quickly direct drill all the remaining fields, then ignore all fertilize and herbicide spraying before harvesting. Then this savegame would be finished.

However for now, today, I feel great to have achieved all farmlands and I'm hoping to take at least short few days break from this savegame to edit (fs19) terrains and update pages etc.

2021-12-12T03:07:00Z Saved game and exited, today was a great playing day.

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