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This is a Start From Zero savegame on PMC Undefined Farms 20km terrain for Farming Simulator 22 (FS22).

Edit: umm apparently there was no story written to this savegame, I probably played this one secretly, "off the books" so to speak, until 2022-05-07 when I obviously did start to write this story page Smiley ;)

This story is labeled Unofficial because savegame failed, I wont spoil why. Also because story was not written from savegame creation but just around 24 hours into the savegame progress. You could say this story begins really badly, either you decided to write story about a farmsim savegame or not, you don't start it half way through the save Smiley :)

Page 1, 2022-05-07 Story Begins A Day Later.

Page 2, 2022-05-08 Hay Baling Contract.

Page 3, 2022-05-10 Selling Canola To Become A Millionaire.

Page 4, 2022-05-11 Planting Season Fertilizing Tasks.

Page 5, 2022-05-12 Big Air Drill Purchase.

Page 6, 2022-05-15 Fertilizing And Purchasing Farmland.

Page 7, 2022-05-21 Seeding Fertiling And Spraying Soybeans.

Page 8, 2022-05-22 Soybeans Harvest Season Begins.

Page 9, 2022-05-23 Soybeans Harvest Season.

Page 10, 2022-06-15 After Almost Three Weeks Break.

Page 11, 2022-07-09 Another Return From Three Weeks Break.

Page 12, 2022-07-10 Guilty Conscience Of A Dirty Cheater.

Page 13, Commentary Edit September 2022.

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