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2022-05-21 Seeding Fertiling And Spraying Soybeans

2022-05-21T09:35:00Z New farming day has started, this savegame now has 96hrs 54mins on it.

Its been over a week now, played some ArmA 3 campaigns to test RTX 3060 but today just felt overall so bored that only thing where I hope I could get some enjoyment out of, would be to finish this planting season and also get to harvest it.

Was somewhat shocked to see how much seeding I have left, several medium size fields in N and NE, lets continue putting soybeans to the ground.

2022-05-21T09:39:00Z And as soon as I got bourgault seeding, it was my lunch break Smiley :)

2022-05-21T10:03:00Z Feeding time over, back to watching bourgault seeding Smiley :)

2022-05-21T10:27:00Z Okay new mod release news browsed through, nothing to see since last check dunno how many days ago, and now I'm just sitting here watching courseplay driving that seeding tractor. Nothing happening in discord, nothing, absolutely nothing to see in twitch... just nothing to do.

Kind of bored, well doh obviously, but this farming session doesn't feel so exciting or motivating, but I started it and already know that no ArmA 3 thing would be any better so I'll stick by Start From Zero savegame now.

Hey at least its better to watch courseplay drive tractor than some lame cat videos on youtube or BRITISH MAPZ 2m plow clowns in twitch Smiley :)

Hmm guess I could prepare for harvest season by driving autodrive tracks for these new fields, as semi-truck grain trailer needs to haul from the fields while I drive grain cart tractor.

2022-05-21T10:33:00Z Finished seeding soybeans field N of shop, all four.

Alright we got some action, quite soon actually. Decided to refill 9.4k liters of seeds from kinze 1051 auger wagon into bourgault so I can go pickup more seeds once bourgault hits a new field.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Bourgault now has 22.8k liters of seeds 89% full tank.

Recorded field outline for the N-NE of shop four fields, easier to make a seeder field work course, less turns even though it will seed over roads and grass a bit.

2022-05-21T10:43:00Z Started seeding soybeans field N-NE of shop, all four.

This field work course for these four fields is a bit larger, not too much, than the other four fields just E from here. Now that bourgault is running a long course with almost full grain tank, I have all the time in the world to go pickup full kinze 1051 load of seeds. I'll also start recording those autodrive tracks for these fields.

Purchased 37k liters of seeds for 33.2k.

2022-05-21T11:34:00Z Drove a bunch of autodrive tracks around the fields we are seeding now. No idea if they are any good. Did not create any umm bookmark or whatever target points they are, hopefully those can be added later heh.

I find it extremely difficult to play PMC Undefined Farms 20km as there are no field numbers, I have said it before and I believe its written in some terrain knowledge documentation page, but while at first these un-numbered fields felt great and refreshingly new thing in farmsim, they actually are really bad when it comes to navigating.

I mean sure if you never have to describe to someone (or story like this) which field you are at, do autodrive or GPS tracks or courseplay courses... then sure, they are fine without field numbers, but who plays like that, really? Smiley :)

2022-05-21T12:14:00Z Finished seeding soybeans field N-NE of shop.

Was driving and recording autodrive tracks while this seeding task finished and I didn't even notice, oops. Then recorded courseplay field outline for umm ... nevermind, hehe, I frigging gotta add those field numbers, this is stupid Smiley ;)

Another seed refill.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-05-21T12:22:00Z Started seeding soybeans field N-NE of shop, two fields N-S direction.

Recorded some more autodrive tracks, did first one to a farm yard, had to label it unknown 01.

2022-05-21T13:04:00Z Finished seeding soybeans field N-NE of shop, two fields.

Refill time.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-05-21T13:07:00Z Started seeding soybeans field E of shop.

Last field to seed, baby!

2022-05-21T13:52:00Z At this point I was watching penalty_box's twitch live stream VOD from two nights ago when he played PMC Undefined Farms 20km and I was asking US military realism questions for ArmA 3 mission design heh.

2022-05-21T14:10:00Z Finished seeding soybeans field E of shop.

Its all done, all fields seeded. Was going to write planting season is done but unfortunately that is not true, still need to fertilizer all of these and once weeds spur out, then another layer of spraying on them. So yeah we are looking for few hours of work.

I might lease another rubicon but dunno, I got the money but hmm not sure if its worth it, feels like such a waste.

Emptied grain cart from seeds.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Then right away started to drive rubicon to the first W from shop field. Lets get this fertilizing started.

2022-05-21T14:20:00Z Started fertilizing field W of shop, two fields.

Purchased 50k liters of liquid fertilizer for 66k. Budget now 292.3k.

2022-05-21T14:34:00Z This field work probably finished before I will, but gotta go to my lunch break...

2022-05-21T14:45:00Z And as soon as I get going in kitchen rubicon was empty, just now finished refilling it and this was also the last pass so a mere seconds away it would need to travel to the next field heh. I'll try to eat and drive rubicon at the same time Smiley :)

2022-05-21T14:47:00Z Finished fertilizing field W of shop.

2022-05-21T14:49:00Z Started fertilizing field NW of shop.

2022-05-21T15:07:00Z Feeding time is over, we continue fertilizing.

And when I came back from dropping of dishes to kitchen, rubicon was dry again heh, she sure is thirsty beast. Drove semi-truck liquid tanker trailer over there and refilled it, again.

2022-05-21T15:23:00Z Finished fertilizing field NW of shop.

Refilled rubicon before heading to the top NW tip field (previous one was not it heh). Semi-truck tanker has one more full 9k liter refill left, after that it needs to go refill himself.

2022-05-21T15:25:00Z Started fertilizing field NW tip of shop.

2022-05-21T15:43:00Z Rubicon refill time, on last pass.

2022-05-21T15:46:00Z Finished fertilizing field NW tip of shop.

2022-05-21T15:48:00Z Started fertilizing field N of shop.

Drove semi-truck tanker trailer next to the field, there is 1k liters left so want to dump it to rubicon before going back to refill, once headland is done will stop the sprayer and refill, should have enough room in the tank at that point.

Got rubicon refilled and truck was empty, off to the dealership to get more growth juice.

Fill her up.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-05-21T16:16:00Z Rubicon refill in the field.

2022-05-21T16:28:00Z Finished fertilizing field N of shop. Did the last very narrow strip manually driving with boom width control to save fertilizer.

2022-05-21T16:32:00Z Started fertilizing field N-NE of shop.

2022-05-21T16:48:00Z Rubicon refill time.

Purchased 10k liters of liquid fertilizer for 32k.

2022-05-21T17:14:00Z Finished fertilizing field N-NE of shop.

2022-05-21T17:15:00Z Started fertilizing field NE of shop, two fields.

2022-05-21T17:32:00Z Another refill.

2022-05-21T17:42:00Z Finished fertilizing field NE of shop.

Purchased 50k liters of liquid fertilizer for 66k. Refilled semi-truck tanker trailer 32k liters.

2022-05-21T17:44:00Z Started fertilizing field E of shop.

2022-05-21T18:21:00Z Finished fertilizing field E of shop.

All fields are now fully two stage fertilized Smiley :)

But no time to celebrate yet, we still have to herbicide spray when weeds start to grow.

Drove vehicles back to the dealership using autodrive, then unloaded rubicon fertilizer tank to the liquid tanker trailer. Then hooked semi-truck to a herbicide liquid tanker trailer, picked up couple of loose herbicide tanks from the dealership yard, then refilled rubicon with herbicide from the semi-truck tanker trailer.

Then... honestly I felt lazy, just lack of motivation, but it was hilarious that I was so lazy that didn't even want to shut down Gaming computer and get up to switch for PMC DevSurf heh. This doesn't look too promising for finishing this planting season Smiley ;)

Time accelerated to the next day. Apr 2nd in-game 0929hrs. Then may 1st in-game 1012hrs, now soybeans plants and weeds are growing. Yield-bonus +80%. Okay lets start herbicide spraying.

2022-05-21T18:51:00Z Started herbicide spraying... sorry dude but I just have no energy to write this stuff right now, I'll just lazily timestamp once fields are done, its stupid without field numbers or even vague descriptions, but I just cant muster the energy, its this or cat videos from youtube Smiley :(

Anyways this first field was the usual W of shop, two fields at once.

Purchased herbicide refill station placeable for 7.5k, then refilled semi-truck liquid tanker trailer to 32k liters. Budget now 189k.

2022-05-21T19:09:00Z Rubicon is out, refill time. First of many, heh.

2022-05-21T19:11:00Z Finished first field spraying.

2022-05-21T19:14:00Z Started next field spraying.

2022-05-21T19:33:00Z Rubicon needs refill once again.

After this harvest our farm definitely needs a second rubicon and bourgault air drill, hmm actually come to think of it combine as well Smiley ;)

Next seasons harvest of course is in very far far real life future for me, if I can keep motivation up to play today so I can get harvest started, it most likely will finish tomorrow (or well next time playing), so after that for next years season ... yeah I know for sure I wont be playing fs22 or this savegame anytime soon. Typing this text right now and all I want to do is to play ArmA 3 Smiley ;)

2022-05-21T19:42:00Z Finished spraying current field, now moving to the NW tip field.

2022-05-21T19:44:00Z Started NW tip field spraying.

2022-05-21T19:54:00Z Another rubicon refill complete. She sure is a thirsty gal. Only 5k liters left in semi-truck tanker.

2022-05-21T20:04:00Z Finished spraying this field, off to the next one.

2022-05-21T20:06:00Z Started spraying N of shop fields.

2022-05-21T20:16:00Z Refilling rubicon with the last 5k from tanker trailer, after this its trip to the dealership.

Hmm getting tired, guess my estimation of finishing planting and starting harvest season was a bit off. Its definitely going to be tomorrow or next farming session before even planting season is done.

2022-05-21T20:23:00Z Semi-truck tanker trailer refilling herbicide.

2022-05-21T20:46:00Z This field spraying, refilled rubicon on the way to the next field.

Decided to call it a night, yawning so bad and big field to start, planting season finish is not even close yet, better to leave it until the next farming session.

2022-05-21T20:48:00Z Saved game and shut down fs22, nites.

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