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2022-05-11 Planting Season Fertilizing Tasks

2022-05-11T15:13:00Z New farming day has started, as promised last night, today we continue with remaining field work and then get ready for the harvest season which we easily get done today. Cant wait, lets get to it Smiley :)

This savegame now has 67hrs 19min on it.

Purchased two 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks. Refilled rubicon.

Drove to the E of shop field and generated courseplay course... but it came out so bad I decided to drive it manually with GPS.

2022-05-11T15:20:00Z Started fertilizing field E of shop, manually GPS.

2022-05-11T19:29:00Z Finished fertilizing field E of shop.

2022-05-11T19:30:00Z Started fertilizing field E of shop, northern, courseplay.

2022-05-11T19:31:00Z And now, its my lunch break, I'm starvin' ...

2022-05-11T19:39:00Z Finished fertilizing field E of shop, northern.

As I suspected, I wasn't even half way through my days first meal when rubicon already finished this which I consider a small field, shoveling food to my mouth with left hand while driving rubicon to the next field with my right hand, gotta get planting season wrapped up, no time to waste... Smiley ;)

2022-05-11T19:43:00Z Started fertilizing field N of shop, SW, courseplay.

And rubicon immediately ran out of fertilizer. Oh well now everything stopped, I cannot refill a vehicle and eat at the same time, first things first...

2022-05-11T20:00:00Z Feeding time is over, back to finishing planting season.

I am so sick and tired of buying those fert/seed pallets and tanks that now its time to set down something permanent. Saved game and placed meridian liquid fertilizer tank for 46.7k.

Well that failed, damn I'm good that took savegame just before, didn't lose any progress. What happened was there was duplicate meridian bins on SHIFT-P placeables menu, I placed the last one which is identical name but obviously dupe, it didn't work, no triggers appeared in 3d even though I could see them in F5 trigger view.

That placeable was from PMC Undefined Farms 20km XML configs, wrote a bug report about it.

Restarted game and this time placed the first meridian liquid fertilizer tank, that was working OK. Purchased 10k liters of fertilizer to the tank for 13.2k.

2022-05-11T20:16:00Z Refilled rubicon, gimme some juice.

2022-05-11T20:24:00Z Finished fertilizing field N of shop, SW.

2022-05-11T20:25:00Z Started fertilizing field N of shop, SE, courseplay.

2022-05-11T20:33:00Z Finished fertilizing field N of shop, SE.

2022-05-11T20:34:00Z Started fertilizing field N of shop, NE, courseplay.

Rubicon ran out of fertilizer again, semi-truck only has about 6k liters left. Refilled and send rubicon on its way, then drove semi-truck tanker trailer to the dealership where a new meridian liquid fertilizer tank is,

Purchased 10k liters of fertilizer to the tank for 13.2k, times two. Then refilled truck 20k liters of liquid fertilizer. This should now last for planting season for sure, maybe can even do few fertilizing contracts (I wont, but).

2022-05-11T20:48:00Z Finished fertilizing field N of shop, NE.

2022-05-11T20:49:00Z Started fertilizing field N of shop, NW, courseplay.

2022-05-11T20:57:00Z Finished fertilizing field N of shop, NW.

Refilled rubicon by the next field.

2022-05-11T21:01:00Z Started fertilizing field E of shop, courseplay.

Rubicon ran out of fertilizer, again. Man, where is my variable spray usage mod? Smiley :(

2022-05-11T21:31:00Z Finished fertilizing field E of shop, courseplay.

All fertilizing is now done, night has fallen its in-game 1902hrs can just barely see ground, its skip the night time after parking vehicles to the dealership.

Drove rubicon to the liquid fertilizer tank by the dealership and overloaded / unloaded remaining fertilizer there, nice to have such functionality in the tank. Then drove semi-truck tanker trailer there and refilled it from liquid tank.

Apr 1st in-game 1915hrs, now its time acceleration until weeds grow.

Restarted fs22 to add so I could skip nights easier. Well SHIFT-Z brings up the sleep dialog with in-game clock to take up, its nice you can use arrow keys to select the hour and hit enter to activate. However then you are locked out of the game until the sleep is over and you look directly up to the stars without seeing horizon, you miss all notifications etc. I thought this mod is a must with the wake up clock dialog... but now that I'm actually using it, nope, its not a must.

May 1st in-game 0803hrs, weeds are now growing, time to spray.

2022-05-11T22:01:00Z Started herbicide spraying field W of shop, manually GPS.

Decided to run this with GPS, goes faster, two fields at one time.

Rubicon is empty, semi-truck tanker trailer needs to refill before coming to the field. Purchased ten 2k liter herbicide tanks.

Refilled rubicon and then it was back to GPS driving.

2022-05-11T22:31:00Z Finished herbicide spraying field W of shop, manually GPS.

Recorded outline for the four fields N of shop, easier to make courseplay course hehe.

2022-05-11T22:39:00Z Started herbicide spraying field N of shop, courseplay.

At this point I'm hating myself more and more for playing fs22 under win10, I really need to stop and go back to good old win7 and FS19 with proper mods like courseplay, seasons etc. I need to continue playing PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero and release the terrain, then perhaps continue similar savegame to PMC Iowa Garden City 8km and release that terrain too. So much stuff to do in FS19.

Feeling quite crappy actually, don't get me wrong once I put those thoughts aside and concentrate to the actual physical field work in PMC Undefined Farms 20km yeah I enjoy it, but the feeling is strong to get this crap finished and go back to FS19 "for good".

I'm kind of embarrassed because unless I'm mistaken I already advertised in PMC discord's that fs22 is out and I'm back to FS19, but who even read those messages heh so its all good.

Also nobody has reported any feedback on the fs22 PMC terrains which got released couple of months ago, no replies in giants forum, nobody gives a crap, everyone just plays on some retarded BRITISH MAPZ with piece of crap 2m plows, heh ridiculous.

Mmm the huge 1000 hour savegame in PMC Grande Gardens 16km is such a legend, cant wait to get back to it.

2022-05-11T22:57:00Z Rubicon is empty, time to fill her up. Semi-truck tanker trailer only has 8.2k liters, so still have to go pickup one load.

Not sure if I'm imagining it but seems like herbicide is expended much faster rate than fertilizer. Now that semi-truck is being refilled and I have 65.4k budget, I'll top it up to full 32k liters or until my money runs out.

Purchased twenty 2k liters herbicide tanks. Refilled tanker trailer and had 4 tanks leftovers, heh guess I miscalculated the amount needed, oh well we'll use those next season.

2022-05-11T23:14:00Z Started spraying herbicide field E of shop, courseplay.

Rubicon ran out of herbicide real quick. Brought over semi-truck tanker trailer and topped rubicon up, back to spraying.

2022-05-11T23:39:00Z Again Rubicon out of herbicide, wow it really goes through that stuff fast, heck where is variable spray usage Smiley :(

Saw Kerbo go live in twitch playing Cattle and Crops, watching that game-play I kind of got even more frustrated or depressed about "life crap" because cattle and crops development was stopped due running out of money. That game had so much hope to be a realistic detailed proper farming simulator game, but now it wont happen. Also Kerbo's attitude that FS19 is arcade came with "souped up combines and lifted pickup trucks" was kind of sad, there are no such arcade cheaty things in PMC savegames, so yeah.

That kind of frustration depression anger type mixture feeling started to come back to me, kind of what I had when going back to FS19 the first time after doing all these fs22 terrain releases.

Very difficult to explain what I mean heh.

I guess in some ways I'm angry for myself to have wasted all this time in PMC Undefined Farms 20km Start From Zero savegame now even though I should be doing FS19 stuff. Its one of those things that suddenly after days of work/time put into it, you realize that "crap.. what the heck have I done..." heh.

2022-05-11T23:46:00Z Finished spraying herbicide field E of shop.

Planting season is over! Smiley :D

Now just need to drive rubicon and semi-truck back to the dealership aka my temporary farm yard, then continues time accelerating until harvest season begins.

Feeling good even after what I just said above about all the crap, when you focus your mind to task at hand in this savegame you get that traditional feel-good-mood from farmsim, the reason I'm playing this game, driving heavy vehicles and growing crops Smiley :)

Cant wait for harvest season to begin, to harvest these new square fields. These fields aren't actually so large, it might be a bit large for combine, but for rubicon these fields were "few passes and done" size. Interesting to see how claas lexion 8900 with midwest durus 18.2m header does on these Smiley :)

BTW yeah midwest durus 60ft header is 18.2m, had to double check it from in-game menu (earlier I wrote 18.5m dunno why) Smiley :)

Emptied rubicon to the tanker trailer, for no reason, just wanted to do it. Saved game, again no reason.

Ran to my W of shop field.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Just wanted to see my handywork, how stuff is growing. As I said above, I love the growing, "creating life" stuff in farmsim, its such a nice change of pace compared to ArmA 3 there you main focus is to destroy everything and kill everyone Smiley :)

Playing ArmA 3 / FS19 is such a nice balance for your own mind, going to death and destruction to creating life and relaxing hehe.

Now standing on the field I felt really good, very satisfied and proud of the hard work I put in.

Then ran into the N fields.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Really nice to see soybeans grow after all that work, perfect soybeans Smiley :)

Well perfect within these stupid fs22 game parameters, I absolutely frigging HATE that "Needs rolling" bullcrap, why on earth that cannot be disabled Smiley :(

Then ran into E of shop field.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Everything looking mighty fine over here too.

Now its just waiting for october when soybeans harvest season begins.

May 2nd in-game 0926hrs, daily property maintenance is -132, this is from three placeables; farm bin silo, diesel fuel buy point and meridian liquid fertilizer tank.

This made me think, ok so if these static buildings suck 132 money every day... its kind of fake, I mean in real life you don't have to maintain buildings every day (or seasons days divided thingy time frame) not even every month, hell usually not even every year. You have a garage or something and its just there... maybe you do some work on it between 5 maybe 10 years dunno. What I'm trying to say is the farmsim universe money system is complete crap, vehicle etc maintenance is just made for conzole peasants to make them clap their dirty little hands when they "manage money" in the game with these nonsense maintenance fees.

So I was thinking that because I don't want to see my money being sucked off like that for no fault of mine, maybe I should get one or two money making placeables to balance things out, so that at least I don't get negative money drag every day. Not to make money as that is so cheaty, but I just hate that fake money grab thats daily fees are.

Oct 1st in-game 0943hrs, soybeans are harvest ready! Lets get to work Smiley :)

2022-05-12T00:53:00Z Started harvesting soybeans field E of shop, southern, courseplay.

It is awesome to harvest your own field after all that hard work in planting season Smiley :)

2022-05-12T01:11:00Z Headland done, field cut open and first Kinze 1051 grain cart emptying to wilson pacesetter, we are in business Smiley ;)

2022-05-12T01:37:00Z Lunch break over, back to farming.

2022-05-12T01:44:00Z First semi-truck grain trailer load is going to the farm bin silo.

This is going to be a problem, a huge bottle neck, because courseplay is such beta still that it doens't have driving course from A to B, so no way to make grain truck do the hauling.

2022-05-12T02:06:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans field E of shop, southern.

2022-05-12T02:06:00Z Started harvesting soybeans field E of shop, northern, courseplay.

2022-05-12T03:15:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans field E of shop, northern.

I am absolutely dead tired, not yawning but keep snoozing off to sleep it feels like, have to shake myself to stay awake, really odd. Trying not to go take a nap especially after I just ate a nice meal, it would be wasted if going to nap now.

Drove lexion 8900 to the N fields. These four fields have that nice courseplay outline recording, can do all four fields as one bigger field.

2022-05-12T03:31:00Z Started harvesting soybeans field N of shop, courseplay.

2022-05-12T03:55:00Z Semi-truck grain trailer dumped to farm bin silo, there are now over 200k liters.

2022-05-12T04:06:00Z Another semi load rolling towards the bin...

Hmm looking at the amount of hectares we have left and that farm bin silo is 500k liters what I recall... hmm I wonder if we can fit all the grain in there. Would be hilarious to run out of space as our budget is only 15.6k now Smiley ;)

2022-05-12T05:33:00Z Checked from the crops menu, currently 406k liters in the farm bin silo and still have about 1.35 fields left (not exactly one and a half fields), yeah... we are in big trouble, where the hell do I put all this grain? Smiley :o

Hmm 15.5k budget so, hmm maybe I just dump sell straight off the combine until I have money for one more bin silo. Smallest silo extension would cost 52k and its measily 100k liters which probably ain't even enough heh. The cheapest farma 400 + obi 1000 would cost 117k, hmm.

Yeah dunno what to do with that stuff, depends a lot how much money do we get from the straight dump if it comes to that. I would definitely buy one of those 117k farma 400's I already have. But yeah, we'll see, one step at the time, chill, bitch.

2022-05-12T06:19:00Z That's it, farm bin silo is full, 499.7k liters of soybeans Smiley :(

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Well guess there is nothing to cry about to have so much grain you cant even store it in your silos heh. Its just that soybeans market price is all time low now and I would just hate to sell even one truck load. I got 15.5k cash and cheapest the ultimate cheapest anykind of bin out there costs 72k which is meridian bin but you need an auger pipe for that, as said farma 400 + obi 1000 costs 117k and that is hmm probably two semi-truck grain trailer loads wasted just for the bin, sure the last field we have left still would produce over four truck loads at bare minimum... but dunno, would it be worth to waste money by selling so cheap.

Hmm I could do contracts of course, hmm, wonder how quickly the soybeans wither if I change to contracts, well that doesn't matter as I don't even have that many hours of today left and for sure this savegame is done tonight for regular daily playing as tomorrow I'm back to ArmA 3 and FS19 editing/playing.

For contracts there are the three usual baling contracts but those take couple of hours each so yeah lets forget that, only two below 20k paying fertilizing contracts which would not save me, even if they would provide spraying contracts afterwards.

Hmm seems like I have no good solutions here Smiley :(

Well crappy situation wont get any better by "mulling" over it, I'm going to dump left of this load into PMC Sell 01 which is right here by the dealership, its pretty decent price not highest but on top-5 I think. Trailer has 28.7k liters of soybeans left.

2022-05-12T06:30:00Z Sold soybeans in PMC Sell 01 for 15.5k + 37.7k, budget now 68.7k.

Pains my heart to sell my hard earned crops for almost -50% below highest market value Smiley :(

2022-05-12T06:48:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans field N of shop.

Did not get a full trailer load from this last trip to the field. Then drove combine to the last field which is E of shop. While driving there I realized this combine is probably 25-30% fuel left heh.

2022-05-12T06:51:00Z Started harvesting soybeans field E of shop, courseplay.

2022-05-12T07:05:00Z Sold soybeans in PMC Sell 01 for 37.6k + 37.6k, budget now 144.1k.

Alright that is enough budget to purchase the grain bin silo, but before that semi-truck needs to roll back to the field, I got plenty of time to plan the bin purchase once combine is emptied ...

2022-05-12T07:11:00Z Lunch break, I'm starving...

2022-05-12T07:39:00Z Feeding time over, back to driving grain cart and grain truck.

2022-05-12T07:50:00Z Semi-truck grain trailer arrived to the dealership, moment of truth, what do I decide with the grain bin storage? Smiley :o

Decided to buy TWO silo extensions, unia farm 250, these are 250k liters each, actually same size as the original silo structure so they fit well. Now our farm grain storage capacity is 1 million liters.

Would be grazy if that runs out before this field is done, it wont, I already cut headland and field open so at max it could be one of those extensions full.

2022-05-12T08:05:00Z Haha you gotta be kidding me, claas lexion 8900 ran out of fuel, well courseplay refused to drive it anymore as fuel was on RED and blinking! Smiley :)

So I dropped the midwest durus 18.2m header off and started to drive to the dealership. Yes I know, I should have pickup truck with small fuel trailer, but I don't, so lets roll.

2022-05-12T08:12:00Z Arrived at the dealership, to the diesel fuel buy point and refilled combine.

2022-05-12T09:17:00Z Turned on auger wagon grain cart tractor lights, night is falling... its now oct 1st in-game 1810hrs.

2022-05-12T09:59:00Z I cant see anything in-game, saved game and exited.

Took backups of all savegame directories, just in case. Loaded autodrive piece of crap mod up as courseplay is not capable of generating driving courses from A to B and driving manually is just killing me. Autodrive sucked in FS19 and I have zero hopes that it would be any better in fs22.

2022-05-12T10:11:00Z FS22 back up and all engines shut down, next time acceleration to morning daylight so we can continue harvesting this field.

Oct 2nd in-game 0932hrs, its daylight, lets finish this harvest.

2022-05-12T10:40:00Z Finished harvesting field E of shop.

Uuh harvest season is complete! Smiley :D

2022-05-12T10:54:00Z All vehicles parked to the dealership, aka our farm yard heh.

Still not tired, actually I'm super enthusiastic to play, wonder if this is some sort of odd insomnia euphoria madness excitement heh dunno, but hey I'll keep farming Smiley ;)

Farm bin silo has 851.4k liters of soybeans, OH MY! Smiley :o

That is honestly insane amount of soybeans and if we convert that to money... nah I'm not going to, I'll let the final budget be a surprise, but I can tell just ballbark that it will be... millions? hehe.

Soybeans best market price appears on june and that is AFTER soybeans planting season... meaning... we cannot plant a new crop before selling the old one as we only got 14k budget right now and the placeables will bleed that dry in no time when time accelerating.

Also I wouldn't even want to seed any of our existing fields using the amazone citane 15001-c seeder, its okay for medium scale stuff, but these fields are now already so big that we really need the big boy stuff, and for that we need money from the current grain in the bin.

First I'm going to drive a autoplay or whatever frigging autodrive it was, route to our own fields and then to nearby selling points, possible even all of them. I want to test this mod in real game-play conditions if it works even for semi-truck grain hauling or not.

2022-05-12T11:34:00Z Going to start time accelerating towards soybeans selling day.

May 1st in-game 0919hrs, soybeans best market price 2875. At 1528hrs its 2991. At 2139hrs its 3076. At 2352hrs its 3107.

May 2nd in-game 0320hrs its 3156. At 0644hrs its 3193. At 0933hrs its 3230. At 1254hrs its 3278. At 1535hrs its 3313. At 1834hrs its 3350. At 2131hrs its 3384. At 2353hrs its 3410.

BTW later edit kinda: in this years month of MAY the prices fluctuated a lot, previously the calendar chart thing was very low price for may, but now it extremely high quite close to the max price on june.

Jun 1st in-game 0333hrs its 3431. At 0617hrs its 3449. At 0918hrs its 3488. At 1211hrs its 3526. At 1512hrs its 3567. At 1815hrs its 3618. At 2108hrs its 3663. At 2357hrs its 3697.

Now I was really scared that I wont mess this up, because honestly... I have no clue what TIME is the best selling day, back in FS19 seasons yeah I know exactly when it is but in fs22, no clue man... Also the price fluctuations might cause me to wait for better prices which wont come this year, so yeah I am scared not to mess this up.

Saved game just in case I mess up and actually, to not stress about it at all, I can just go back and sell at the highest hour as I know when market prices really starts to drop.

Jun 2nd in-game 0000hrs, wasnt planning on this timestamp but after saving game it was midnight exactly. Soybeans highest market price is 3698.

In-game 0107hrs when I was time accelerating from 0000hrs towards 0100hrs the sell price trigger mod notified that soybeans market price is equal or higher than my set limit which was 3.7k even. Its now 3710. Not only that, but its on PMC Sell 01 which is right here at the dealership. I should probably just take it and call it a day, so damn easy to sell as the driving loop takes few seconds heh. But I'm going to time accelerate now hour by hour.

At 0208hrs its 3721. At 0308hrs its 3732. At 0408hrs its 3742. At 0508hrs its 3751. At 0608hrs its 3760. At 0707hrs its 3769. At 0807hrs its 3776. At 0906hrs its 3783. At 1005hrs its 3789. At 1109hrs its 3785.

This time I got notification from the mod, apparently it detected new selling point with higher price, this was now PMC Sell 04, but it was only one (1) money unit higher, PMC Sell 01 is still at 3784.

At 1207hrs its 3790. And PMC Sell 01 is now dropping 3768. Now only question is, how high can PMC Sell 04 go, hmm.

At 1306hrs its 3794. At 1407hrs its 3797. At 1506hrs its 3800 even heh.

Alright I'm going to haul into PMC Sell 04 which is fairly close but it will take some minutes one way for sure, lets see if autodrive can handle it.

2022-05-12T12:41:00Z Autodrive route set and ordered semi-truck grain trailer to start hauling soybeans from farm bin silo to PMC Sell 04.

Really interesting to see how it does.

Budget now 10.9k, heh not much left with those placeable nightly fees Smiley ;)

2022-05-12T12:46:00Z Didn't work, semi-truck stopped at farm bin silo target marker. Looks like I have to load and order it manually.

2022-05-12T12:51:00Z Sold soybeans in PMC Sell 04 for 77.3k + 77.3k.

But semi-truck only unloaded the first hopper, then it got stuck or waiting for something, sigh.

Did a very quick calculation that it would take about 21 loads to get all this grain sold and driving is about 4-5min one way per load... thats something like 2.8 hours hehe.

Yeah I think I'm going to just sell this stuff locally with that bare minimum loop to PMC Sell 01 and be done with it quick. Currently PMC Sell 01 market price is 3716 so yeah it will take a hit, but... 2.8hrs man... I'm not gonna wait for that and babysit this piece of crap autodrive.

2022-05-12T12:57:00Z Alright loading first load, manual driving to PMC Sell 01.

2022-05-12T12:57:00Z Sold soybeans in PMC Sell 01 for 75.6k times two.

2022-05-12T12:59:00Z same.

2022-05-12T13:01:00Z same.

Actually that is silly, not going to do those selling timestamps, I'll just write when its all over or something else happens.

2022-05-12T13:33:00Z Finished hauling all the soybeans, budget now 3.177 million Smiley :)

And I am so tired now its full zombi mode, no chance of continuing farming anymore, I actually had that almost adrenaline crash type mood change since the harvest finished. It was just everything coming together, been awake over 17hrs straight playing, grain hauling is boring, autodrive still sucks etc.

Yeah I'm so tired in zombi mode that I cant write any intelligent late night ending words here, don't even want to think about tomorrow, I just want to get some sleep so tired now.

2022-05-12T13:38:00Z Saved game and exited FS22, I'm off to sleep, nites.

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