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2022-07-09 Another Return From Three Weeks Break

2022-07-09T01:36:00Z Woke up (from a nap) today and just simply and without a doubt felt like, yeah now I want to play in the new version of undefined farms. So here we are.

Started by taking backups from savegames dir. Then copied over PMC Undefined Farms 20km v0.1.6 so we have the farmland image fixed version.

Then copied wind turbine mod into _Storage dir and added it to symlink bat file, ran the bat. This will be our money maker heh.

2022-07-09T01:45:00Z Savegame backup bat finished (4gb unpacked size yikes) and now launching FS22.

2022-07-09T01:54:00Z In-game. All mods sorted out, no errors in the log. Now lets play.

Lets recap: its now jul 1st in-game 0602hrs, budget is 10.604 million and we own no land because I sold them in previous farming session.

First I checked out vehicle fleet. One rubicon 9000, four mack semi-trucks with grain trailers, two liquid tanker trailers, one fendt 942 vario tractor with kinze 1051 grain cart, one lexion 8900 combine with midwest durus 18.2m header, one versatile 4wd 620 tractor with bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill + 71300 air cart and pickup truck 1986 with fst 990 fuel trailer.

So the weakest link, which makes our seasons longer is only one rubicon and harvester (well kind of bourgault as well, maybe). So we definitely need to buy one of each. Also I want bigger grain cart so fendt 1050 vario and elmers haulmaster 2000 or the big demco cart, probably the demco.

Sold kinze 1051 for 23k, fendt 942 vario for 118.7k, budget now 10.746 million.

Purchased: rubicon 9000 with gps for 504k, claas lexion 8900 with gps for 504.5k, midwest durus 18.2m header for 175.9k, demco 2200 auger wagon for 115k, fendt 1050 vario with wide tires for 393.5k, fendt 3300kg weight for 3.4k, budget now 9.050m.

Then it was time to buy money making placeable wind turbine Smiley :)

Purchased two enercon e-115 ep2 149m's for 2.710m each, placed them by the umm err farm yard I'm going to buy next. Budget now 3.629m.

But when I went to buy land... for some reason the old terrain versions farmland image was still in play, hmm. So I saved game, exited, created brand new farm manager savegame and then exited FS22 to inspect the savegame files.

Well doing that new savegame farm manager mode was unnecessary as I saw from the log file that undefined farms version was 0.1.3 which is the old pre farmland fix version, hmm how come.

Looks like windows symlinks only link the version that is present at the time of creating the link, if I change the source file it wont be changed into the symlinked location, hmm that is very weird, how can that even work... its almost feels like windows simply copies the files to another dir, makes no sense. Anyways I now remade all symlinks to "PMC" mod-set directory so this means we get new courseplay as well.

2022-07-09T02:25:00Z Started FS22 with my new "START" batch file and now v0.1.6 undefined farms and newest courseplay shows up. That windows symlink was really weird.

Purchased land lot in E-SE with big grain bin silo and various smaller ones and liquid/solid fertilizer tanks for 167.7k.

Then purchased normal field land, could not buy everything around the farm yard because the farmland was messed up for example right in E side, but bought one 38.62ha land for 366.9k, another 261.1ha for 2.481 million.

Budget now 613.3k and I don't dare to buy more land so I have enough money for product. Also the farmland image is so messed up there is no "square" land to buy nearby. First square or properly done land (farmland image ID) is already too expensive for my budget, so this will have to do now.

At least we got much more equipment and new farm yard Smiley :)

With autodrive sent pickup truck with FST 990 to the dealership to refill fuel. Actually I need to buy liquid tanker trailer for fueling, this FST 990 belongs to BRITISH MAPZ.

I must say I felt really alien with FS22 game-play and this savegame, haven't been playing since 2022-06-15 which by numbers is not even one month ago, but already spent so much time editing / playing ArmA 3 that have forgotten all the keyboard shortcuts etc heh, feeling really off my game here Smiley :)

BTW the reason I'm playing right now is that I just finished creating ArmA 3 PMC Germany Landstuhl and PMC poland new terrains (lask, powidz, poznan, rzeszow, swidwin), see PMC Terrains ArmA 3, so quite burnt out for ArmA 3 editing currently, just want to relax and farm some. I should be playing FS19 savegames, but yeah well here we are.

Recorded autodrive route for our new farm yard, I labeled it "Farm Yard 2022-07-08" but for the sanitys sake lets nickname the farm yard now for umm what should I call it, "Alpha", heh yeah thats a good name for it Smiley ;)

Pickup truck 1986 with full FST 990 is useless, it cannot drive straight in manual drive and under autodrive at some point it will lose control and spin off. So FST 990 gotta go, I'm going to buy semi-truck fuel liquid tanker trailer as soon as possible.

Sent first of our vehicles to Alpha yard using autodrive, then refilled new rubicon with liquid fertilizer before sending it to alpha yard as well.

Once all non combine vehicles were under autodrive driving to alpha yard I drove claas lexion 8900s there manually as they have headers attached and no header trailer (yeah need to buy one for sure), don't want these guys to get stuck in utility poles or trees. Not that there are many of them on the way but still.

Jul 1st in-game 0700hrs it started to rain.

2022-07-09T03:10:00Z I slowly started to get excited about farming while driving all these vehicles to our new farm yard in the rain Smiley :)

Cant wait to get fertilizing started on our new fields, to get the idea of how large fields do we own now, it was 38ha and 261ha but no idea how large that amount is in farmsim field wise, hopefully we get a profitable soybeans harvest out of them Smiley :)

In the vehicle purchasing excitement dunno if I forgot to buy another bourgault air drill, hmm. Hopefully it wont take forever to seed our new fields using this one. Our farm operations have grown so big now that for the next season I will definitely buy another air drill.

2022-07-09T03:17:00Z Bourgault air drill arrived to alpha yard Smiley :)

Alright saved game and now its my time to take a lunch break, I'm starving.

2022-07-09T03:38:00Z Feeding time is over, back to farming.

First rubicon had few liters of herbicide left so unloaded that tank, then had to send semi-trucks to get the liquid tanker trailers from the dealership.

It was hilariously long way from alpha yard to the dealership, took several minutes to drive there Smiley :)

Hooked semi-trucks up with the liquid tanker trailers, filled up the blue tanker with liquid fertilizer from placeable purchase tank, another tanker had 14k liters (43% tank) of herbicide. Hmm herbicide is a problem for me because the giants in-game placeable liquid tank only holds fertilizer, not herbicide. So I need some mod which adds herbicide tank the same way where you can purchase bulk amount of herbicide into the tank and then freely refill from there.

Now the dealership yard is empty of my vehicles, only three leftover solid fertilizer pallets remain there Smiley ;)

Drove liquid tanker trailers back to alpha yard, parked the herbicide tanker as its not needed yet. It was still raining and I decided to time accelerate until dry weather, just don't like the rain right now.

Jul 1st in-game 0830hrs rain ended, time to start fertilizing our new fields.

2022-07-09T04:32:00Z Finished making basic autodrive routes around our new fields, no targets placed yet ... because I don't know what to call them, haha, need to come up with new code names for these fields as they are lacking field numbers hehe.

2022-07-09T05:12:00Z Had great difficulties getting courseplay to work as I had no idea again how to use that GUI integrated garbage, so had to send just single rubicon to fertilize our first field, could not get the multiple tools to copy course to vehicle number two, there was no visible option for it.

2022-07-09T05:14:00Z Second rubicon started to fertilize second field.

Alright we are farming Smiley :)

2022-07-09T05:25:00Z Was recording field outlines with pickup truck while first rubicon already finished its field work, nice.

Driving around this part of the terrain, in our new fields... and I realize how huge these fields are Smiley :)

2022-07-09T05:27:00Z Started to fertilize unknown field with 1st rubicon Smiley :)

And by this time second rubicon had finished its field course, again I did not see any notification it reaching end of the course, wonder if I have some setting disabled or were I in some ALT-TABbed mode when it happened or something. ME CONFUZED Smiley ;)

2022-07-09T05:30:00Z Started to fertilize unknown field with 2nd rubicon.

2022-07-09T05:35:00Z Both rubicons have empty tanks, refill time, semi-truck liquid tanker trailer rolling!

2022-07-09T05:38:00Z Both rubicons refilled, sending semi-truck tanker trailer to the dealership to pickup the last remaining liquid fertilizer from the placeable tank there.

2022-07-09T05:45:00Z First rubicon finished fertilizing.

2022-07-09T05:47:00Z Started to fertilize field with 1st rubicon.

Boys hard at work.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-07-09T05:51:00Z Semi-truck liquid tanker trailer picked up last of the fertilizer from the dealership, now heading back to alpha yard.

2022-07-09T05:56:00Z Semi-truck liquid tanker trailer was at farm yard alpha, drove it by the nearest liquid tank and purchased 173.5k liters of liquid fertilizer, fill 'er up! for 229k Smiley :)

2022-07-09T06:04:00Z First rubicon refilled and continuing fertilizing.

2022-07-09T06:05:00Z Second rubicon refilled and continuing fertilizing.

2022-07-09T06:06:00Z Finished fertilizing with second rubicon Smiley :)

2022-07-09T06:08:00Z Started fertilizing unknown field (SE most) with 2nd rubicon.

2022-07-09T06:12:00Z Finished fertilizing with 1st rubicon.

Topped up 1st rubicon before starting the last field, the largest field we have, she is a big one.

2022-07-09T06:14:00Z Started fertilizing largest field of ours with 1st rubicon, this is 2 tools courseplay course. No idea how to copy it over to the 2nd rubicon when it frees up, but one problem at the time Smiley ;)

2022-07-09T06:29:00Z Second rubicon was empty, refill time.

Semi-truck liquid tanker trailer only had 2% left, so sent it to farm yard alpha for a refill. Man these guys really go through fertilizer like its nothing.

Hmm I'll probably edit all PMC terrains spray rates to lower value, its just more enjoyable to play like that and doesn't require any vehicle edits, all vehicles universally work with the terrains spray rates then.

2022-07-09T06:31:00Z And 1st rubicon is empty, oh well need to wait until semi-truck is topped up...


Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-07-09T06:47:00Z Second rubicon is empty, refill time.

2022-07-09T06:49:00Z Finished fertilizing SE most field with 2nd rubicon. Now we top her up on our way to the largest field and join 1st rubicon if we manage to load the field work course up heh.

2022-07-09T06:52:00Z Second rubicon joined fertilizing the largest field currently underway. I managed to copy the 1st rubicons course and load (copy-paste?) in the 2nd one, works pretty nicely.

2022-07-09T06:53:00Z 1st rubicon finished field work course on the largest field, just seconds after 2nd rubicon joined heh.

Then joined 1st rubicon to the existing field work course using right track from the end of the course, lets help 2nd rubicon a bit. Would have been easier to begin with if I just waited before starting this field work so both vehicles could have hit the field at the same time, lets do that next time.

Last pass.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-07-09T07:09:00Z Finished fertilizing largest NE most field. Now this years prep work is done, nothing we can do until next year when planting season starts. Back in the old days I used to cultivate field now, then do another layer of fertilizing before even getting to planting season, but hell no I ain't doing that now, these fields are so large that its a time sink as it is, no need to do extra work.

Saved game before starting to time accelerate until next years planting season. I did consider that within few seasons-days I could start planting canola, but nah such a high yield and lower market price crop, not going to do that, its soybeans for the big moneys.

Time accelerated until jul 2nd in-game 0642hrs. At midnight property income was 44.9k and my budget went up hourly by crazy amounts. Unfortunately I didn't write down how much budget was after buying the huge loads of liquid fertilizer to farm yard alpha, but it was something around 350k what I recall, now after time accelerating until the next day and two biggest wind turbines producing electricity income, budget 420k Smiley :o


I bet by the time we reach next years planting season I can just go out and buy another bourgault air drill and a tractor to pull it Smiley ;)

So now budget 420k in jul 2nd, lets see how the money progresses through out the year.

Aug 1st in-game 0723hrs, property income 40.something k and budget now 468.2k.

Aug 2nd in-game 0700hrs, property income 60.5k and budget now 523.7k.

Okay... anyone else think that those two wind turbines are just crazy cheat Smiley ;)

They cost me 2.7 million each, so yes it was what 5.4 million investment, but now it pours just ridiculous amouts of money to the farm daily, one full planting/harvest season time acceleration and ... oh my how many hundreds of thousands we gain money? Whoah Smiley :)

Oct 2nd in-game 0952hrs, budget now 759.1k heh. Few more time acceleration days and I get to purchase the next smallest / nearest land Smiley :)

Placeable money makers are a cheat, there is no question about that, I've known this since FS19 times. But also giants placeable and vehicle maintenance fees are ridiculous, so its good to have some sort of daily income to the farm, just not sure if this kind of double biggest wind turbines ruin the fun of the game when they dump minimum of 50 grand to your account every day heh.

At some point you get so much income from placeables for example if you were to use greenhouses and more wind turbines that there is no point in farming fields anymore as all you need to do is SHIFT-R time accelerate to get more money. Of course in PMC stories the goal is to buy all the land and harvest all the fields, so no amount of placeables achieve harvesting by time accelerating, but buying the fields would be dead easy obviously with cheat money. Edit: in 2024 I updated Start From Zero - Getting Started and Rules to include money making placeables like wind turbines, this will not be a problem in the future.

Honestly I already feel like the whole budget has lost its meaning with the minimum of 50k daily income, you would have to work hard on contracts and your own field work to make that amount of grain to sell for income, not to mention if you time accelerate full year for example.

Oh well, its done now no reason to bitch about it, adjust your gaming "ethics" on the next savegame Smiley ;)

Nov 2nd in-game 1127hrs, yesterday there was a rain storm and high winds, property income was 114k heh, goodness gracious Smiley :o

Was checking out the land lots in this neighborhood and there is nothing square where it fits the fields, all closest ones are both really big and they split fields in half which causes huge nuisance while playing with "you have no access to this land" error. I really need to remake the whole farmland image so land lots can be properly fit to fields. But for now this savegame runs and these are the fields I have, lets work with these.

Maybe after next season I'll do the farmland image fix and possible even add those field numbers to all the fields.

Dec 1st in-game 1026hrs, well now we broke one million mark with budget, its now 1.065m Smiley :)

Yeah whats done its done, but man do I wish I didn't buy those megalodon wind turbines, they do blow budget out of the water completely, its like nightly cheat money god mode infinite ammo blabla bullcrap Smiley :(

Apr 1st in-game 0624hrs soybeans planting season bas begun. Budget now 1.809m for heck sake Smiley ;)

I am SO going to buy another bourgault seeding rig, no way I'm only going to use the one when we have millions in cash.

2022-07-09T07:54:00Z Drove versatile 4wd 620 with bourgault air drill into the nearest field.

Drove pickup truck to farm yard alpha, picked up FST 990, drove it to versatile 920 and topped off with fuel, it was getting now.

2022-07-09T08:00:00Z Started seeding soybeans to closest field to farm yard alpha.

Actually I do have courseplay outline numbers now, let me show them here:

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

So just started to work on field labeled CP-10.

Purchased versatile 4wd 620 with GPS for 413.5k, bourgault 71300 air cart for 331.5k, bourgault 3420-100 air drill 430.5k, budget now 633.8k.

Set that beast all up, then drove to seed buy point placeable and refilled 71300 air cart with seeds.

Decided to send semi-truck grain trailer (wilson pacesetter) to go haul seeds for us. I am not sure how easy it is to refill bourgault 71300 air cart from pacesetter hopper bottoms, but hopefully it works OK. Another issue is any leftover seeds, if you get leftovers then you need to dump them to the ground or just keep in one trailer through the season.

2022-07-09T08:22:00Z Finished seeding CP-10.

2022-07-09T08:23:00Z Started seeding soybeans for field CP-11 with 2 tools.

2022-07-09T08:27:00Z Purchased 40.7k liters of seeds from the dealership placeable, didn't check how much they cost, who cares with double wind turbines Smiley :p

2022-07-09T08:28:00Z Lunch break while bourgaults are seeding CP-11.

2022-07-09T08:51:00Z Feeding time is over, back to seeding. And CP-11 finished seeding while I was away, nice.

2022-07-09T08:53:00Z Started seeding soybeans for CP-12, with 2 tools.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-07-09T09:14:00Z Finished seeding soybeans for CP-12.

2022-07-09T09:14:00Z Started seeding soybeans for CP-13 with 2 tools.

2022-07-09T09:20:00Z Started fertilizing CP-10.

2022-07-09T09:23:00Z Started fertilizing CP-11.

2022-07-09T09:31:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-10.

2022-07-09T09:32:00Z Started fertilizing CP-12.

2022-07-09T09:34:00Z Refilled 2nd rubicon, just before this refilled semi-truck liquid tanker trailer as well.

2022-07-09T09:42:00Z Rubicon 1st needs a refill, also looks like first bourgault air drill finished its course in the horizon as well.

2022-07-09T09:46:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-11 and seeding soybeans CP-13.

2022-07-09T09:47:00Z Started fertilizing CP-13.

Managed to refill bourgault 71300 air cart seed tank from wilson pacesetter, but its a bitch to align the hopper bottom right over the bourgault loading spoon thing, major drag to do repeatedly.

2022-07-09T09:53:00Z Started seeding soybeans CP-14 with 2 tools.

2022-07-09T09:55:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-12.

Refilled 1st rubicon, just because tanker trailer was nearby. Then second bourgault air drill went into the reversing mode in one of the corners, no idea why, this of course resulted into frozen vehicle as AI tried to back up big air drill and air cart. Had to manually sort it out, that is a big no no for courseplay, very bad. Sigh Smiley :(

2022-07-09T10:01:00Z Semi-truck grain trailer refilled with seeds.

2022-07-09T10:04:00Z Refilled 2nd rubicon.

Ooh keeping busy, not a moment of breathing room heh. Next 1st bourgault air drill finished and already generated field work course to next field for it while 2nd bourgault was still seeding, had to wait a bit.

2022-07-09T10:17:00Z Finished seeding soybeans CP-14.

2022-07-09T10:18:00Z Started seeding soybeans CP-16 with 2 tools.

2022-07-09T10:19:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-13.

2022-07-09T10:21:00Z Started fertilizing CP-14.

2022-07-09T10:36:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-14.

After that came a quiet phase, bourgaults were seeding a slightly larger field and seeded fields were already fertilized, so all I could do is sit and wait until bourgaults are done.

2022-07-09T11:04:00Z Finished seeding soybeans CP-16.

2022-07-09T11:05:00Z Started seeding soybeans CP-15 with 2 tools.

2022-07-09T11:06:00Z Started fertilizing CP-16 with 2 tools.

2022-07-09T11:26:00Z Rubicon's ran out of fertilizer on the last pass Smiley ;)

Well actually second rubicon finished the field work course with 44 liters remaining. Refilled the first and it finished the course.

2022-07-09T11:29:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-16.

Drove rubicons south side of CP-15, refilled both. Now its just waiting until bourgault air drills need refill or finish the course.

2022-07-09T11:56:00Z First bourgault air drill is empty, refill time.

Alright that refilling was so painful with the hopper bottom aligning with air cart spoon thing that let this refill be the last, next time I'll simply take grain cart auger wagon and use that, I have no patience to play millimeter games with such aligning crap. Actually I might browse if there are any other semi-truck trailer that could be used to haul seeds. Maybe the conveyorall or whatever it was.

2022-07-09T12:12:00Z Started fertilizing CP-15 with 2 tools.

2022-07-09T12:14:00Z Finished seeding soybeans CP-15.

Was a good feeling to get all fields seeded Smiley :)

Now just fertilizing and then we are done with planting season. I was thinking that weeds will remain, wont bother spraying them because its only 5% increase to yields unless I'm mistaken. Sure it sucks harvesting weeded fields, but is it really worth it for only 5% gain to use all that expensive herbicide and farming time, all these fields take a long time to spray.

2022-07-09T12:23:00Z Bourgaulr air drills driven to farm yard alpha, they are done for this planting season.

2022-07-09T12:31:00Z First rubicon ran out of fertilizer.

2022-07-09T12:45:00Z Finished fertilizing CP-15. Planting season is complete! Smiley :D

I only got hour or so left in my day before bed time, decided that nothing I can do today would make a difference so better to call it a night here.

2022-07-09T12:58:00Z Saved game and shut down FS22, nites.

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