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2022-05-10 Selling Canola To Become A Millionaire

2022-05-10T14:16:00Z New farming day has started. Internet was down for some reason.

I just finished battling linux mint 20.x USB stick installation which for now, failed. Long story about disabling nouveau nvidia driver. I was extremely frustrated, tired and almost angry, I just wanted some nice farming action to relax myself.

It is bizarre to use computer even for farmsim game-play without internet connection, you always ALT-TAB to do something on the net whether its googling, watching twitch or youtube etc.

But as I said, I'm very frustrated and just want to feel relaxed again.

So lets start farming, shall we? Smiley :)

Jul 1st in-game 1150hrs, we are running 2 day seasons, budget now 296.8k.

Was going to take fertilizing and spraying contract for that good money... but then I kind of "remembered" that I'm way past that as I own land now, I need to focus on my own fields as that is where the big money is made from those huge soybeans harvests.

Equipment wise combine is "the best" but header is still only 13.8m as I don't have midwest durus 18.2m header, seeder is pretty good for my current budget, I would say "the best" especially with the fertilizing compartment dedicated to seeds, spraying is the best and truck is realistic. Technically we don't need any equipment upgrade with this one field we own, I think after selling this canola grain load I should probably buy some nice square fields setup, already have my eye on a land lot with two perfect square fields in it, those are easy to harvest and will generate huge revenue for the farm.

So looking into canola best market price selling day, its november it seems. Still a few months away, lets start time accelerating while I cautiously in the background try to figure out why internet is not working, maybe the dumb win10 "troubleshoot" button would actually work, my best bet is that I accidentally disabled some service which is used for networking.

Funny thing but it was RJ-45 which got loose in the socket connector while I turned computer case on its side hehe, easy fix Smiley :)

Today is tuesday so more windows 10 updates arrived, which got well updated and then the bitch required restart, sigh.

2022-05-10T14:35:00Z Saved game and shut down FS22, decided to do that win10 restart now so the bastage wont suddenly restart while I'm playing.

2022-05-10T14:45:00Z Win10 restart and updates complete.

2022-05-10T14:51:00Z FS22 back up, lets continue time accelerating waiting for that canola selling day.

2022-05-10T15:27:00Z Its now Nov 1st in-game 0927hrs, we have arrived into the canola highest selling month. I have my sell price trigger config set for 2241 which we will reach very soon I hope, going to time accelerate a bit slower now monitoring the prices closely.

Honestly I don't know/remember at what time fs22 highest selling price is, in fs19 its just at midnight and after it starts to slowly drop, so all grain sales must happen in dead of night which is a bummer. In fs22 so far all my sales have been done in elmcreek goldcrest valley using the train so that usually works at any time.

Nov 1st in-game 1210hrs, canola highest market price 2126. At 1534hrs its 2143. At 1829hrs its 2166. At 2135hrs its 2182. At 2338hrs its 2190.

Nov 2nd in-game 0032hrs, canola highest market price 2194. At 0332hrs its 2206. At 0631hrs its 2217. At 0935hrs its 2227. At 1231hrs its 2226. At 1537hrs its 2223. At 1833hrs its 2226.

So night has fallen in-game 1834hrs and the price has been remained stable 2225 roughly since this morning, wonder if that is this years highest or can we still squeeze in few more bucks at the end of the evening... continuing to time accelerate 1000 speed slowly to find out Smiley :)

At 2131hrs its 2227. At 2231hrs its 2229. At 2332hrs its 2229.

Alright looks like this is the highest price we can get, selling point is PMC Sell 02 which luckily is just around the block (well, few field blocks heh) from the dealership. So I'm going to start hauling canola to sell there.

Man I wish courseplay had manual course recording for roads Smiley :(

Budget now 296.1k.

2022-05-10T15:50:00Z First semi-truck grain trailer load dumped to PMC Sell 02, got 2x 45.3k.

2022-05-10T15:55:00Z Sold canola 2x 45.3k.

2022-05-10T16:00:00Z Sold canola 2x 45.3k.

2022-05-10T16:05:00Z Sold canola 2x 45.3k.

2022-05-10T16:09:00Z Sold canola 2x 45.3k.

2022-05-10T16:14:00Z Sold canola 2x 45.3k.

2022-05-10T16:18:00Z Sold canola 2x 45.3k.

2022-05-10T16:23:00Z Sold canola 2x 45.3k. This was the last full load, only got 305 liters left in the farm bin silo which I'm not going to bother hauling.

Budget now 1.021m wohoo! we broke one million mark! Smiley :)

2022-05-10T16:33:00Z Took a restroom break and then it was another big decision time, how to grow our farm next, what to buy etc.

Dec 1st in-game 1001hrs, now we got daylight, I really want to check if there are ANY farm yard land lots I could buy, I mean one with bins for fertilizer and grain, tanks for fuel and fertilizer.

First farm yard in NE is actually quite compact with not many fields around it, looks good in the farm land buy menu, however the yard elevations are very tilted and there are NO placeables, so oh well continuing my search.

Found one farm yard with huge grain bins and liquid tanks with big ass field attached to the land lot in east from the dealership, it actually is quite nice and costs "only" 691.8k which is doable for me. Might take a while to seed that field with the amazone but should be doable, the harvest total amount for that field would be massive.

Its not so much about empty space where to park vehicles, I can borrow neighbors field just fine to park, but I would love to get those big grain bins and liquid tanks. Of course I can buy them as placeables, but well yeah its just not to the same. Shame that farmland image bugs prevent enjoyable game-play (when you have limited money).

Anyways enough bullcrap, lets get crap done. Okay so I am going to buy more land around the dealership, quick access to products and new vehicles, plus our existing uni-something grain bin silo and of course to our existing field which I btw pretty much hate working now as its so goofy shape.

In fact... I might SELL that land because seriously I do not want to field work that anymore, it is absolute nightmare with courseplay and even with GPS. Hmm yes I am going to sell it.

2022-05-10T17:11:00Z Sold land lot N of the dealership for 360k. Budget now 1.382m.

Now I want to buy land as close to the dealership as possible but not including the field definition aka numbered fields, I want to keep the contract fields open so if necessary I can do some money with contracts. Although I cant imagine there being any need now that I am a millionaire and once buying big chunks of land, after the next soybeans harvest... oh wow, I got millions.

I have no idea how to describe the field I'm going to buy, but.

2022-05-10T17:26:00Z Purchased land lot just west from F13 which has two square fields in it for 315.4k.

Then another land lot north from the dealership with four square fields on it for 480.3k. And one more land lot west from the dealership with two fields on it for 474.6k.

Budget now 111.6k, heh barely enough money to buy fertilizer and seeds for these relatively speaking massive fields Smiley :)

There are always contracts I can do to make emergency money, but I would rather avoid that, maybe I should focus on just seeds now and if I have enough money to seed all fields than I can start to pump fertilizer on them. Also I should have plenty of herbicide still in the tanker trailer.

But man, this is exciting, we have over 100 hectares of land to farm now! Smiley :)

Also the dealership yard has several bags of seeds, so that is a good start. Decided to start with some fertilizing, gotta try to get at least one stage of fertilizer down, hopefully we have enough money for all the products.

2022-05-10T17:46:00Z Purchased ten 2k liter tanks of fertilizer, budget now 79.6k.

And weather is whacked, +7C according to the weather report but its snowing, hehe. Topped up rubicon 9000 at the dealership, then drove to the west field.

Refilled remaining liquid fertilizer tanks into semi-truck tanker trailer.

2022-05-10T17:51:00Z Cooking food and lunch break...

2022-05-10T18:27:00Z Once cooking is done started courseplay course for first fertilizing field. Sorry this impossible to conveniently list which field as there are no numbers heh.

2022-05-10T18:40:00Z Finished fertilizing field W of shop.

2022-05-10T18:41:00Z Started fertilizing northern field of the two W of shop (heh these descriptions).

Rubicon fertilizing these two new fields was a beautiful thing as they were such nice square fields, no courseplay issues like the odd shaped narrow field had.

2022-05-10T18:51:00Z Rubicon ran out of fertilizer on last pass on the second field, while I was eating so it had to wait until I'm done.

2022-05-10T19:09:00Z Feeding time over, lets start fertilizing our new fields.

2022-05-10T19:13:00Z Rubicon topped up, we continue.

2022-05-10T19:14:00Z And fields W of shop finished fertilizing. Heading now over to N of shop Smiley :)

2022-05-10T19:18:00Z Started fertilizing SW field N of shop.

Courseplay is doing slightly diagonal course, probably because it does it 0/180 degrees and PMC Undefined Farms 20km is tilted a bit field wise.

2022-05-10T19:25:00Z Finished fertilizing SW field N of shop.

2022-05-10T19:29:00Z Started fertilizing NW field N of shop.

Used manual field thing with 30 degree another thing and it generated pretty nice course, also removed headlands because there is nothing which vehicle would collide with.

Courseplay is painfully slow on the turns, I'll do next field with GPS to see how it feels, it sure will be much faster and more efficient product wise. Not only that but I can just make one mega GPS line covering two fields N-S direction wise in one pass Smiley :)

2022-05-10T19:37:00Z Finished fertilizing NW field N of shop.

The snowstorm was bothering me, I had suspicion that this is the same desync bug like in FS19 Seasons that it could be snowing even though it shouldn't, so going to savegame and restart fs22.

This savegame now has 58hrs 23min on it. And restart did not fix the snowing, guess its legit then, heh legit bug Smiley ;)

2022-05-10T19:41:00Z Started fertilizing NE AND SEfield N of shop, GPS long line.

Refill for rubicon.

2022-05-10T19:59:00Z Finished fertilizing NE and SE field N of shop.

Drove to the E side two fields, recorded courseplay outline for both of them (one outline for two fields), then generated course which came out real nice, saved it too.

2022-05-10T20:07:00Z Started fertilizing field E of shop, courseplay.

Rubicon ran out of fertilizer, semi-truck liquid tanker refill. But uh oh, after driving the semi-truck to rubicon, it ran out of fertilizer so had to drive it back to the dealership for a refill.

Purchased five 2k liter fertilizer tanks, budget now 63.3k. Money is getting dangerously low.

2022-05-10T20:31:00Z Rubicon refilled, back on course.

Once rubicon reached close to end of the course with only narrow spot field left to do, I drove it manually using the variable boom spray width.

And had to refill rubicon one more time. Man where is the variable spray usage mod? Smiley :(

2022-05-10T20:54:00Z Finished fertilizing field E of shop.

Now its a long time acceleration phase to reach soybeans planting season. I am not going to cultivate the fields so I could fertilize second stage, dunno if I even have cash for it heh.

Amazone citan seeder had 1092 liters of seeds, refilled it from the seed bags I had leftovers, but only got it to 5.3k liters 75% full.

2022-05-10T21:01:00Z Decided to stop purchasing individual product pallets, its way too tedius as our farm is growing.

Added diesel fuel and fert/herb/seed buying stations.

Purchased diesel fuel buying station for 2.5k and then fert/herb/seed buying placeables... but those were the same as the big meridian bins where you have to buy the product before you refill. It sounds cute, but all I want to do is to drive rubicon up to liquid fert station, hit R until my vehicle tank is full and be done with it.

Exited game and removed as I don't like them, need to find a one where I can just R refill my vehicles.

Restarted and tried some FS22_Multifruit_Buying_Station and that was a bust, didn't refill amazone citan, just dropped product on the ground which disappeared but all my money went bye bye. Sigh.

All I wanna do is play and now I have to deal with some mod bullcrap, this sucks Smiley :(

Reloaded save back up, now for real purchased the diesel buy point for 2.5k, then purchased eight big bags of seeds for 6.4k, times two, budget now 47.5k. Lets hope this seed load lasts for all these fields.

Topped up amazone citan seeder to 7080 liters with seeds, then drove fendt 942 vario to the E of shop fields, its now ready for spring planting season.

Dec 1st in-game 1424hrs, now we time accelerate until soybeans planting season.

Mar 1st in-game 0936hrs, its snow in the ground... somehow I doubt we'll be seeding day after tomorrow... Smiley ;)

Apr 1st in-game 0947hrs, its snow in the ground and temperature +14C, unbelievable how frigging buggy FS22 is Smiley :(

2022-05-10T22:05:00Z Started seeding soybeans to field E of shop, courseplay.

Hmm this might take a while, 2050 waypoint course, looks long. Generated 3 headland course should not get mangled into trees at the east side, but yeah this will take a while.

And this is only the first field heh.

Accepted fertilizing contracts for F03 and F07.

2022-05-10T22:19:00Z Started fertilizing F07, manually GPS.

2022-05-10T22:23:00Z Rubicon ran out of fertilizer, need to send tanker trailer to pickup some more.

Purchased five 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks, sigh what a chore... I need some mod that has just auto refill button Smiley :(

Refilled rubicon and back to fertilizing contract.

2022-05-10T22:34:00Z Finished fertilizing contract F07, collected contract rewad 20.8k.

2022-05-10T22:37:00Z Started fertilizing contract F03, manually GPS.

2022-05-10T22:44:00Z Finished fertilizing contract F03, collected contract rewad 25.1k.

Accepted contract fertilizing F04.

2022-05-10T22:46:00Z Started fertilizing contract F04, manually GPS.

Uh oh fendt 942 vario finished seeding that E of shop southern field with soybeans, didn't even notice it while driving rubicon myself Smiley :)

2022-05-10T22:53:00Z Finished fertilizing contract F04, collected contract rewad 21.6k.

2022-05-10T22:58:00Z Started seeding soybeans to field E of shop, courseplay. This seeder now had 3030 liters of seeds left, will need a refill before this field is done.

Accepted spraying contracts for F02 and F06.

Drove rubicon 9000 to the dealership, diesel refuel. Then drove to the herbicide liquid tanker trailer and refilled with herbicide.

2022-05-10T23:06:00Z Started herbicide spraying contract F02, manually GPS.

2022-05-10T23:13:00Z Finished herbicide spraying contract F02, collected reward 19.9k.

Started herbicide spraying contract F06, manually GPS.

2022-05-10T23:22:00Z Finished herbicide spraying contract F06, collected reward 26.5k.

2022-05-10T23:27:00Z Amazone citan 15001-c seeder is dry, alright back to the dealership to pickup some seeds.

2022-05-10T23:33:00Z OK all done, we continue seeding.

2022-05-10T23:41:00Z Cooking food and lunch break...

2022-05-11T00:03:00Z Cooking phase is over, finished seeding soybeans to field E of shop. Going to move tractor to the next field.

2022-05-11T00:07:00Z Started seeding soybeans to SW field N of shop.

2022-05-11T00:34:00Z Feeding time over, lets see what happened while I was gone.

2022-05-11T00:35:00Z Finished seeding soybeans to SW field N of shop.

2022-05-11T00:37:00Z Started seeding soybeans to NW field N of shop.

I was eyeballing contracts so would have something to pass time with when courseplay is running this seeding, but decided to google auto loading trailers, need to learn how I could haul seeds to my seeder on the field.

Hmm not sure why is it but I find it extremely hard to find some type of mods, like now googling "fs22 seed tender" and I found precisely two. The fictional low quality lizard in giants modhub and conveyall fancy looking semi-truck trailer which holds 43k liters. I don't want to believe those are only two ones out there, so dunno, maybe some other name terminology is used or something.

2022-05-11T01:09:00Z Finished seeding soybeans to NW field N of shop.

2022-05-11T01:10:00Z Started seeding soybeans to NE field N of shop.

2022-05-11T01:15:00Z Seeder ran out of seeds, okay I have no solution for seed tender right now, so I'm just going to suck it up and drive back and forth to the dealership to get seeds. I'm going to upgrade into seed hawk or bourgault after this harvest so then we have semi-truck unloading into them, big boy stuff Smiley :)

Decided to take the three available fertilizing contracts.

2022-05-11T01:32:00Z Accepted fertilizing contract F02, F05 and F06.

Purchased five 2k liter liquid tanks, refilled rubicon up.

2022-05-11T01:37:00Z Started fertilizing F02, contract, manually GPS.

2022-05-11T01:44:00Z Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected reward 23.3k.

2022-05-11T01:45:00Z Started fertilizing F06, contract, manually GPS.

2022-05-11T01:53:00Z Finished fertilizing F06, contract, collected reward 31.1k.

2022-05-11T01:55:00Z Finished seeding soybeans to NE field N of shop.

2022-05-11T01:57:00Z Started seeding soybeans to SE field N of shop.

2022-05-11T01:58:00Z Started fertilizing F05, contract, manually GPS.

Rubicon ran out of fertilizer, picked up semi-truck tanker trailer but it only had 1k liter left, went to the dealership and refilled two leftover tanks from there. Purchased five 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks. Refilled rubicon and off we go.

2022-05-11T02:15:00Z Finished fertilizing F05, contract, collected reward 30.6k.

There is still so much seeding to do so decided to take baling contract.

Accepted contract baling silage bales for F35, borrowed vehicles.

2022-05-11T02:33:00Z Started mowing grass F35, courseplay.

2022-05-11T02:34:00Z Finished seeding soybeans to SE field N of shop.

2022-05-11T02:36:00Z Started seeding soybeans field W of shop, courseplay.

2022-05-11T02:40:00Z Started baling grass F35, manually GPS.

2022-05-11T02:43:00Z Seeder ran out of seeds, again. On my way to the dealership for a refill.

Purchased seven big bags of seeds for 5.6k. Topped up amazone citane 15001-c.

2022-05-11T02:58:00Z Finished mowing grass F35.

2022-05-11T03:19:00Z Finished baling grass F35.

2022-05-11T03:25:00Z Started wrapping bales F35. Used courseplay for this, felt lazy, or hmm maybe semi bored its already been a long day and this planting season has felt like its taking quite a while, also its "depressing" to know that there is no way I could manage to start harvest season today, there just ain't enough hours left in my day.

My plan was to take this silage baling contract which had most vehicles, dunno why the two others only had one tractor and this had two, and then take the other two, however seeing now how long this will take and also that there is the mowing/harvest contract rule that you cant do other than one contract at time, I might skip the others. Mostly because this is a long contract, pays good yeah but way too long, way too much work to go.

Silage baling contracts are those fun and interesting to do as I don't usually do this, but yeah as just straight up contract... fertilizing and spraying contracts wins hands down.

So once this contract finishes I'll collect the reward and be done with baling for today, then just hope that seeding contract finishes quickly so I could at least start time accelerating to harvest season before I snooze off today.

Oh that reminds me, I need to download and install midwest durus 18.2m combine header before upcoming harvest season.

2022-05-11T03:38:00Z But bale wrapper tractor got stuck in a bale, ok I need to take over and get this thing done...

2022-05-11T03:52:00Z Finished wrapping bales. Now heading to pickup the bale collector trailer.

2022-05-11T03:56:00Z Started courseplay bale collecting, while I went to check upon seeder tractor as it had stopped, most likely empty.

Yup she was empty, driving to the dealership again for a refill.

Purchased seven big bags of seeds and refilled seeder.

2022-05-11T04:04:00Z Seeder continued, this refill should last rest of this field.

Then hopped into fastrac and started to haul silage bale load to animal dealer.

2022-05-11T04:07:00Z When dropped this silage bale load off it said 40% transported for F35.

2022-05-11T04:11:00Z Another silage bale load collected, drove this myself this time, felt like quite fast operation.

Now it said 80% transported.

2022-05-11T04:18:00Z And another 14 bales on the trailer, back to the shop.

2022-05-11T04:21:00Z Silage baling contract for F35 finished. Got first extra 22.4k profit from rest of the bales in this batch.

2022-05-11T04:26:00Z Another 14 bales onboard, back to sell. Not many bales left in the field, but still got to come pick the up.

Got 44.7k profit from this load, whoah! Smiley :o

That is pretty sick, one load of silage bales is worth of medium to lucrative fertilizing contract reward. But dunno, it took me a long while to get those bales done, so its kind of deceiving money amount.

Collected the remaining three bales, then back to the shop to sell them.

2022-05-11T04:33:00Z Sold the three silage bales for 9.5k.

Then collected baling contract F35 reward 31.1k, budget now 293.7k.

2022-05-11T04:38:00Z Still several passes to go before seeding is done, but now I'm actually starting to have hope I get to the harvest season before this night is over. Okay need to go download that midwest durus header now Smiley :)

Went and found midwest durus 60ft aka 18.2m header, downloaded it and now its ready to go on the next FS22 restart.

On another news/thoughts I feel pretty good, happy with this progress and game-play, not too much frustrations. In the background somewhere deep I do have that quiet little nagging voice reminding me that farmsim is a time sink that is my time so cheap that I should spend it for this kind of unofficial Start From Zero on this terrain as I already have unfinished one running and heh another start from zero on yet another terrain. Hmm indeed.

But so far I've had a good time playing, if I manage to get harvest started tonight that would be awesome.

That of course means that unless something bizarre happens, tomorrow I'll continue harvesting bright and early. I mean... there is snowball chance in hell I could harvest all these fields even with claas lexion 8900 and midwest durus header. Would be cool though Smiley :)

Overall I feel just slightly guilty and almost embarrassed because I was supposed to release PMC Grande Gardens 16km and only continue its Start From Zero and in general go back to FS19, but here I am, this is now... hmm second or third day of game-play, yeah sure I had the digusting windows 10 installs in between here but yeah its been couple of full days now. This doesn't sound much like going back to FS19 hehe.

Anyways. Thoughts come to surface when watching courseplay drive.

2022-05-11T04:56:00Z Finished seeding soybeans field W of shop.

Hooyah! Planting season is complete! Smiley :D

Refueled fendt 942 vario and claas lexion 8900, then sold claas convio flex 1380 header for 68k.

Saved game and exited to install midwest durus 60ft header mod.

Purchased midwest durus 60ft header with color options for 176.9k. Man that header is HUGE Smiley :D

Then drove rubicon and semi-truck from the dealership and refueled semi-truck.

Saved game, just in case.

But yeah I just realized... I was happy and excited when planting season ended, but I completely forgot that second layer of fertilizer and herbicide spraying is still to do. Oh my. Now I'm bummed out, unless I stupidly skip those steps there is no way I get to harvest tonight as my 17hrs alarm just went off even though I'm not tired at all yet.

Okay this is too good "save" status location that I'm going to call it a night here regarding this Start From Zero, going to check some ukraine war news and prepare for bed time. Tomorrow bright and early after morning news check I'll continue fertilizing, herbicide spraying and then harvest season.

Cant wait Smiley ;)

2022-05-11T05:16:00Z Saved game (heh yeah again, its a reflex) and shut down FS22, nites.

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