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2022-07-10 Guilty Conscience Of A Dirty Cheater

2022-07-10T02:28:00Z New farming day has started, just finished upgrading few mods, additional field info, sell price trigger, simple inspector, some autoload trailer thing and associated mod, hmm thats about it.

Here is a recap from yesterday, fields seeded with soybeans and fully fertilized:

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Its apr 1st in-game 1128hrs, budget now 564k.

I wont be herbicide spraying our fields, as this savegame has been pretty much financially ruined with cheat wind turbines, it doesn't really matter how much yield do we get from the soybeans, now its more about buying land and finishing harvests. Who knows I might even give up on fertilizing in future planting seasons, who knows.

Starting to time accelerate until we reach soybeans harvest season.

I must say that the decision to add those wind turbines is haunting my dreams... it was a bad bad choice, I KNEW the frigging things were a cheat so why did I use them... dunno really, it pisses me off that fert/seed and farm bin silo placeables have daily upkeep which drains our money, plus of course that vehicle maintenance fees are out of this world, that I just wanted something to counter balance that so my hard earned crop profits wont bleed into giants make belief bullcrap game-play design decisions.

In the future I will definitely not be using any such cheaty placeables, it just ruins a savegame for sure, its now been proven twice, once in FS19 and now in FS22, money making placeables a cheat, end of story.

May 1st in-game 0927hrs, soybeans plants started to grow. Additional field info says yield bonus 80% as weeds are growing (medium).

Jun 1st in-game 0932hrs, yield bonus 75%, growth stage 3/6, weed (large).

2022-07-10T02:43:00Z Decided to take a medium size break here, need to do some chores and now is the perfect time for it in real life.

2022-07-10T03:12:00Z Back, and we continue time accelerating.

Jul 1st in-game 0943hrs, yield bonus 75%, growth stage 4/6, weeds (large).

Aug 1st in-game 0959hrs, yield bonus 75%, growth stage 5/6, weeds (large).

Sep 1st in-game 0952hrs, yield bonus 75%, growth stage 6/6 (forage), weeds (large).

Oct 1st in-game 0709hrs, yield bonus 75%, growth ready to harvest, weeds (large).

Soybeans harvest season has arrived, I stopped time accelerating as soon as daylight broke so we have more hours for harvesting, just in case it might take a long time, I doubt it but better be cautious.

Weeds are all over our fields as I didn't take care of them, been googling about weeds a lot and there are hilariously various information available, especially those 2021 posted idiotic video guides in youtube are very outdated, I saw guys playing with the broken ass field needs plowing version etc. Just so funny to see these clickbait people go to any lengths to get them advertising moneys.


As said this savegame is ruined with wind turbines, so what difference does it make how our soybeans yield. Currently budget 1.447m Smiley :rolleyes:

2022-07-10T03:52:00Z Now its cooking food and lunch break time, will actually shut down FS22 to save daylight.

2022-07-10T05:14:00Z Feeding time is over, back to harvest season.

2022-07-10T05:36:00Z Hah funny, I got lost reading giants forum about seasons in FS22 Smiley ;)

Interesting points people make there, I thought I was completely alone when I prefer FS19 over FS22 any day, but a lot of people seems to prefer FS19 as well, really surprising.

Anyways, lets get back to undefined farms fs22 game-play Smiley ;)

2022-07-10T05:46:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-10 with 2 tools.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

First unloads for this harvest Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-07-10T06:19:00Z Had some autodrive issues with farm yard alpha bin dump target, but got them sorted, first grain trailer getting dumped right now.

2022-07-10T06:24:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-10.

2022-07-10T06:25:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-11 with 2 tools.

2022-07-10T06:52:00Z At this point I had already decided that this PMC Undefined Farms 20km Start From Zero harvest and farming session is my last in FS22 for a very very long time. I am so sick of FS22 and windows 10. Been thinking about what I said above about giants forum FS22 seasons topic, it really made me evaluate stuff and my heart belongs to FS19 for sure.

Yes FS22 has multi core threading support and we can do sickening 32k x 32k pixel resolution GDM/GRLE image files without any in-game lag, but still its under win10 garbage and no amount of direct-x 12 graphics pixel porno equals proper game-play and mods.

FS19 with its mods is just thousand years ahead of this fs22 garbage and no amount of new mods would save fs22 as its under win10. Yes I have installed and used win10 garbage just for fs22, I'm using it right now while typing this text and harvesting CP-11 field in undefined farms, but its just temporary fun, I never planned on switching from FS19 to fs22 garbage, my win10 is installed on separate SSD so I can keep my normal SSD and M.2 NVMe for windows 7 with ArmA 3, Elite Dangerous, FS19 etc.

But yes that realization about FS19 Seasons made me realize how great it is compared to this conzole peasant dumbed down crap that fs22 in-game season cycles are.

And I frigging hate courseplay integrated GUI, it is the worst thing besides win10 that I've seen to happen since FS17 Smiley :(

So yeah after this gaming session I'm going to unplug win10 SSD and plug win7 SSD back in, probably going to launch FS19 with PMC Iowa Garden City 8km and just enjoy the american farming great mod with with orignal REAL Seasons mod Smiley :)

Mmm, I love it Smiley ;)

Now I'm just trying to rush through this harvest as soon as possible, if I manage to get it done real quick then I'll time accelerate until soybeans best market price day and use my four semi-trucks to haul grain for sell, even though this is "KTHNXBY!!1" for me on fs22, I would still like to wrap up this savegame and story properly that if in the far far distant galaxy err I mean future, I'll return, this savegame would be in a very nice situation.

Cant wait to get this harvest finished... while watching FS19 autodrive tutorial videos etc Smiley ;)

Unloading ...

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-07-10T07:11:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-11.

2022-07-10T07:12:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-12 with 2 tools.

2022-07-10T08:01:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-12.

2022-07-10T08:01:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-13 with 2 tools.

2022-07-10T08:36:00Z Decided to speed this up, current budget is 1.450m so I'm going to buy another claas lexion 8900 harvester, not sure if I have money for two, but if I do then yeah two more it is.

2022-07-10T08:41:00Z Purchased midwest durus 18.2m header, midwest durus header trailer and claas lexion 8900 with GPS. Times two Smiley :)

Budget now 44.5k hehe.

Then sent both new claas lexion 8900s with header trailers towards CP-13 S EB autodrive target point.

Alright now we get some additional harvesting power to our vehicle fleet Smiley ;)

I really want to finish this to wash my hands of this trash called fs22, I want to start FS19 and my old proper terrains and savegames SO BAD ... uuuh...

2022-07-10T08:53:00Z Both new lexion 8900s have hit the field on the rear end of the course. Lets do this.

2022-07-10T09:24:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-13. Couple of minutes ago actually, had to untangle harvester headers for few minutes hehe.

2022-07-10T09:26:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-14 with 4 tools.

2022-07-10T10:10:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-14.

2022-07-10T10:12:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-16 with 4 tools.

2022-07-10T11:27:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-16.

2022-07-10T11:33:00Z And now its my cooking food and lunch time, I felt couple of stutters earlier so I'm going to save game and exit fs22 just in case.

2022-07-10T12:22:00Z Feeding over, now lets harvest that last field of this season Smiley :)

Refueled leading lexion 8900, then sold FST 990 as it was such a piece of crap with pickup truck.

2022-07-10T12:30:00Z Started harvesting soybeans CP-15 with 4 tools.

Budget was -81k heh, so had to go sell one almost full auger wagon load of soybeans to PMC Sell 12, got 130k something and budget now 53.2k. I already sent one semi-truck with liquid tanker trailer to the dealership, it will buy some fuel as our combines are almost out.

That fueling plan failed miserably, UTTS-32000 tanker trailer could not refill from the fuel pump, heh. Then purchased 2k liters of diesel to the farm yard alpha's fuel tank just to test it out, well from that UTTS tanker refilled just fine.

2022-07-10T13:59:00Z Still going strong, now it looks like I can get all this harvested before bed time. Not sure though if I have time to sell the grain, but lets focus on finishing this fields harvest first.

2022-07-10T14:27:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans CP-15.

For one minute I step away to the restroom and harvest season finishes during that time, talk about timing, haha.

Whoah it got all done, now just need to empty combines and drive semi-trucks to farm yard alpha. Combines I'll leave to the fields, see if I care, hah.

Oct 1st in-game 1524hrs and here I was starting this (ingame) day really early just so I can manage to harvest it all, heh not even breaking a sweat, done before afternoon is over Smiley ;)

2022-07-10T14:38:00Z Combines and grain cart unloaded, folded and parked. Semi-truck grain trailers are driving to farm yard alpha.

I am getting tired but I'll try to time accelerate until soybeans selling time. Oh yeah we have 1.969m liters of soybeans in the farm bin silo and whatever leftovers in two semi-trucks.

2022-07-10T14:43:00Z All parked, saving game and then begins time accelerating until soybeans selling day.

I kind of feel so tired that maybe I should just call it here, but heck it, I'll keep pushing on Smiley ;)

Mar 2nd in-game 0939hrs, budget now 1.021m, we broke one million mark again.

Jun 1st in-game 2328hrs, soybeans market price broke 3700 which is my trigger in sell price trigger mod, its now 3705 in PMC Sell 02. Hmm I'm going to time accelerate until morning daylight and see what the price is then, hopefully we would get that 3.8k limit.

Jun 2nd in-game 0938hrs, soybeans 3794 in PMC Sell 02. Hmm slowly time accelerating one hour at the time monitoring the price...

In-game 1305hrs price 3802 in PMC Sell 11 which is not exactly close, but doable I guess. Going to setup autodrive route there and start selling before I fall asleep.

2022-07-10T15:23:00Z Finished recording autodrive route to PMC Sell 11 and back, but man it is frigging crazy far away, selling 2 million liters of grain that far takes forever Smiley ;)

Oh well maybe I could catch up on real life farming videos in the mean time Smiley :)

Budget now 1.428m.

2022-07-10T15:29:00Z All four semi-truck grain trailers are running on autodrive route now.

When autodrive semi-truck picks up 40.7k liters of grain, it says 14min ETA to unloading point, heh heck Smiley :o

2022-07-10T15:40:00Z First four semi-truck trailer loads of soybeans sold, budget now 2.047m. Man I'm already tired, well my eyes are sore/tired, dunno how long can I stay up. And for what, to sell 2 million liters of grain 14min per load one way for a dead end cheat savegame? Yeah that sounds like a real smart plan to me ... (not!).

Oh well I'll watch some Farmhand Mike videos until I snooze off.

2022-07-10T16:07:00Z Recorded autodrive route and changed semi-truck grain trailers to PMC Sell 06, its 3750 price which is good enough and its much closer to farm yard alpha.

Only 6min 34sec to PMC Sell 06, much better route.

Uh I have to call it a night here, just way too tired already snoozing off while watching Farmhand Mike videos, haven't hardly done a dent to the mountain of soybeans heh. Budget now 2.820m.

2022-07-10T16:18:00Z Saved game and shut down fs22, for a long time to come, that's for sure...

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