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2022-05-08 Hay Baling Contract

2022-05-08T17:19:52Z New farming day has started, was not planning on farming today same as yesterday, but it just happened. Lets finish that soybeans un-numbered fields harvest.

Currenly the NE or perhaps SE edge of the field is getting harvested. And right off the bat I'm off to eat my days first meal, but I'll do it while courseplay is harvesting, will probably have to do one combine unload while eating but its no big deal Smiley :)

Combine then finished the SE corner of the field and moved into the "zig zag parts", where it has to do almost constant turns, this is a huge time waste as courseplay slowly are making those unnecessary turns. Oh well, more time for me to eat Smiley ;)

2022-05-08T17:51:21Z Feeding time is over, now semi-truck grain trailer driving and the combine gets my full attention Smiley :)

2022-05-08T18:21:58Z Another full semi-truck wilson pacesetter dump to farm bin silo, currently 136.6k liters there.

I actually wrote these below paragraps in quotes to PMC Farming discord server:

"my farm is so broke that we don't even have a grain cart, have to to use super-liner 6x4 mack semi-truck to unload combine. that semi is extremely uncomfortable to drive as it has the "hit throttle acceleration lag" due new and "improved" fs22 physics."

"trying to line up combine auger to the grain trailer is the usual aircraft "dont chase the gauges" situation. hmm gotta get myself a grain cart, already got a tractor to pull it."

So after that spend good time googling grain carts / auger wagons, found bunch of them but soon started to see the usual trend that all web sites mirror each other or well the community, so it was all the same stuff everywhere. Good to have plenty of mirrors.

Downloaded bunch of grain cart mods, but obviously I'm now playing so cant test anything.

2022-05-08T19:57:41Z Finished harvesting soybeans field N of the dealership.

Whoah that took a while Smiley :)

Case IH axial-flow 7150 combine got 5.1hrs in it and was almost out of fuel when this harvest finished, heh. But when I was driving it back to the "farm yard" I noticed few more spots in the field on ESC mapview, need to go clean those up.

2022-05-08T20:03:08Z Mopped up the mapview shown harvest ready patches.

Then ran across the field and found one small tiny patch of soybeans in SE tip, went and cleaned that up as well, now we are fully done. Cleaning the leftovers up grained me 213 liters Smiley :)

N of the dealership fields soybeans harvest got us 199.3k liters in the farm bin silo (and I believe I sold one truck load, heh forgot already it was yesterday, or am I confusing it to the harvest contract I did yesterday hmm, if only I could scroll this text up... oh wait... HEHE).

Decided to enable seasons, its now off dunno why, the origins of this Start From Zero savegame are a bit vague today, it was month(s) ago by now and I didn't write anything down, no idea why. Maybe this was some quick unofficial test but now it somehow evolved into legit Start From Zero.

This is a good lesson that never start anything half assed, always write proper stories or changelog notes etc, as you never know how far it goes.

Enabled seasons now, 2 day. Not sure if that is a good but the 3 day is the minimum FS17/FS19 one so lets try 2 days for now before our farm really grows. I think there will be plenty of time accelerating even with this 2 day season.

Saved game and exited, I think there was some mods I wanted to add and also it gives the opportunity to make a fresh savegame load after that seasons change (yes seasons change next YEAR but still).

2022-05-08T20:44:41Z Turned NVIDIA DLAA deep learning anti aliasing (?) on, 60FPS solid and excellent image quality. Umm and added... err did I add some mod, heh don't think I did Smiley ;)

Oh well, umm I wanna farm...

Mar 1st in-game 1626hrs, hmm maybe if I now take one of the baling contracts just for fun, dunno if it takes longer to do than we have daylight left, lets see.

2022-05-08T20:47:31Z Accepted contract for baling F35

2022-05-08T20:55:41Z Started baling F35, contract, courseplay.

Generated courseplay course for F35 for mower, no headland as there was nothing around this field, just nice back and forth course. Started the vehicle and watched it a bit before heading out to the dealership to pickup next vehicle I need on this contract.

On the first corner mower under courseplay control went off to a random direction, oh man... seems like courseplay is buggy as hell Smiley :(

Drove fendt 312 vario tedder, fendt 718 vario baler and fastrac 4220 bale collector tractors to the field.

2022-05-08T21:20:17Z Big M 450 krone mower finished its work.

Then started tedding with pottinger HIT 16.18 implement, that was pretty bad ass because of the 17m width, very enjoyable to get tedding done.

Used fastrac to go pickup windrower. I'm still undecided if windrowing actually saves time, I mean either you windrowe and pickup material for bales easily, or you don't and have to drive a bit longer with baler, so hmm yeah dunno.

Tedding tractor was still doing its thing when I already sent windrower to start its work, hopefully they don't meet and collide.

2022-05-08T21:42:26Z Tedding tractor finished its field work.

Courseplay generated such a bad course for the baling tractor that I decided to drive it manually.

2022-05-08T21:53:53Z Baling contract was nice, maybe even fun, nothing to hyperventilate over to but still it was nice. But at this moment I clearly feel like if it was pure money I wanted to make, it would have to be fertilizing or spraying contracts.

What I would need to do is to buy more land and work on my own fields, I have been doing so much contracts lately that it just gets numbing to hammer those fertilizing contracts endlessly.

2022-05-08T21:57:54Z Windrower tractor finished its field work.

2022-05-08T22:05:56Z Finished baling.

Then started courseplay collecting bales, it required no course, just had to click "play" on the courseplay mini GUI and tractor started to collect bales on its own, whoah that is awesome.

It was quite the amazing sight to see courseplay without an actual course, drive that tractor and collect bales like a professional. Just very cool Smiley :cool:

2022-05-08T22:10:52Z Bale collector trailer is full, time to haul to animal dealer for a delivery.

2022-05-08T22:14:46Z Dropped off bales at animal dealer, it said 35% transported.

I'm sure I could collect the bales quicker and more efficiently, but when courseplay is doing it that leaves my hands free to write this story and check discord, web sites, twitch etc Smiley ;)

2022-05-08T22:21:16Z Bale collector trailer is full, haulin' time.

2022-05-08T22:24:15Z Dropped off bales at animal dealer, it said 71% transported.

2022-05-08T22:29:10Z Bale collector trailer is full.

2022-05-08T22:32:00Z Dropped off bales at animal dealer, contract finished and got 3.7k cash to my own pocket.

2022-05-08T22:34:06Z But now it was my lunch time, saved game, send courseplay to collect bales and then I went to cook food...

While food was cooking I came back to Gaming computer and was amazed to see that courseplay collected full load of 14 bales... and that was the whole remaining field heh. Then hauled bale load to animal dealer.

2022-05-08T22:56:11Z Dropped off bales at animal dealer, got 17.9k from the sold bales. Accepted contract reward 29.6k. Budget now 80.3k.

2022-05-08T23:21:29Z Feeding time over, back to baling contract... oh wait, I already finished it heh.

Night has fallen to PMC Undefined Farms 20km.

Start From Zero PMC Undefined Farms 20km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Guess its time acceleration until the morning daylight.

Mar 2nd in-game 0934hrs. In-game tomorrow is first day of corn and soybeans planting season, honestly I have to say... I'm not very enthusiastic about starting another season on this field especially with these existing equipment I have. Seeding soybeans took what I recall, hours with several seed refills, that is definitely not something I have desire for right now.

I'm not bored... but some hours long task does not sound like something I'd want to do right now.

Hmm maybe I'll just time accelerate until soybeans high selling price arrives, sell my 199.3k liters and then see what is my budget, maybe I could upgrade my vehicle fleet to something a bit more interesting and fast than current planter and combine. Yeah that sounds good, lets start skipping days.

BTW the uni-something farm bin silo has property fee of 70/day.

Jun 1st in-game 0941hrs, soybeans highest market price is 3527 and its on PMC Sell 01... which is right next to, or shall I say IN our farm yard Smiley :)

Hmm it would be super fast to haul the 199k liters now to sell, but I believe the price can still increase two hundred, at least if in-game market fluctuation calendar is accurate, it shows highest price ever being three seven one one. My two hundred thousand is not that much, but such difference in price would definitely show in ending budget.

199.3 * 3711 == 739,602 and 199.3 * 3527 == 702,931 hmm so yeah it is money, but not really anything that would make much difference. But hey at least I don't think the current price would drop, so I'm going to time accelerate until in-game tomorrow.

BTW got another baling contract on F35 which I just did, same setup, same reward. Got four fertilizing contracts, only about 20k max reward on highest, nothing too crazy.

At Jun 1st in-game 1800hrs, soybeans market price is 3638 on PMC Sell 01. This is currently the highest. The price status show its falling (red down arrow icon thing), but dunno if its correct as its been increasing all day.

In-game 2232hrs uh oh it is now falling, currently highest price is on PMC Sell 04 which is 3675. Yeah I'm going to quickly "throw" the soybeans from farm bin silo to ... err farm selling point heh.

2022-05-08T23:59:38Z Sold first truck load, 2 x 73.6k.

2022-05-09T00:07:50Z Sold last truck load, budget now 801k Smiley :D

Jun 2nd in-game 0908hrs, soybeans highest market price 3766 on PMC Sell 08 and also PMC Sell 09 is 3755.

Jul 1st in-game 0926hrs, soybeans market prices are now dropping. So looks like the highest selling day was june. Hard to say which day as it depends on your season lenght, to me it was the "last day of june" and with 2 day seasons it was jun 2nd.

2022-05-09T01:48:42Z Spent some time chatting in PMC Farming discord and also running around this terrain, was looking for a farm yard land lot to buy, but was extremely disappointed to find out that I didn't paint farmland image properly, none of the farm yards has its own individual land lot, they all cost millions Smiley :(

So right now just going to start another planting season, was thinking of seeding canola. Going to add grain cart mod, some cheap one which does the trick, buy that and possibly combine not sure, maybe seeder too.

Added giants kinze grain carts, that will make harvest much more enjoyable.

Purchased kinze 1051 grain cart for 74k. Sold kinze 3665 blue drive for 101.6k. Purchased amazone citan 15001-c for 206.5k.

Purchased ten big bags of seeds for 6.4k.

Refilled amazone citan with seeds.

2022-05-09T02:12:56Z Started fertilizing field N of the dealership, courseplay.

Alright here we go again, plan is to seed canola to this field as its planting season now and its a nice high yield moderately high value crop. For purely money making I would need to do only soybeans, but lets at least try to do some realistic stuff.

Refill time, bought hmm how many 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks. Oh and I'm now driving with GPS, courseplay has way too sloppy course which wastes time and product.

2022-05-09T02:41:08Z Finished fertilizing field N of the dealership.

2022-05-09T02:49:42Z Started seeding canola field N of the dealership.

Then again had to switch to manual GPS driving because this field is so wicked shape, courseplay just cannot breath on it.

2022-05-09T04:26:11Z Finished seeding canola field N of the dealership. And still had 1k liters of seeds to spare. Canola apparently doesn't take that much seeds and of course this citan had 7k liter tank too.

2022-05-09T04:28:10Z Started fertilizing, field N of the dealership, manually GPS.

2022-05-09T04:45:32Z Ran out of fertilizer.

Purchased four 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks.

2022-05-09T04:50:49Z Finished fertilizing.

2022-05-09T04:54:51Z Lunch break...

2022-05-09T05:21:56Z Feeding time is over, lets go see our canola grow.

Aug 1st in-game 1350hrs, starting to time accelerate as waiting for weeds to grow. Field status is now yield-bonus +95, this is expected to drop 10% when spraying herbicide.

Sep 1st in-game 0926hrs, now weeds are growing along with canola plants, yield-bonus +80% hmm okay so weeds came and took away 15%, guess herbicide spraying now restores five percent then. Interesting, only 5% hmm, that is peanuts.

2022-05-09T05:29:11Z Started herbicide spraying field N of the dealership, manually GPS.

2022-05-09T05:47:28Z Ran out of herbicide, refill time.

2022-05-09T05:52:36Z Finished herbicide spraying field N of the dealership.

Yield-bonus +85% now. Alright lets keep time accelerating until canola is ready to harvest, looking at the calendar it will be a while.

Jul 1st in-game 0830hrs, canola harvest season is here, but our ... canola was still growing when I started to type this and then switched into ready to harvest stage hehe, ok lets get started.

Sold header case ih 3050 terraflex 28ft for 33.1k and case ih axial-flow 7150 for 209.4k. Purchased header claas convio flex 1380 for 90k and harvester claas lexion 8900 with GPS for 504.5k.

2022-05-09T06:40:39Z Started harvesting canola field N of the dealership, courseplay.

Sold plow john deere 2623 for 63.8k, budget now 296.9k.

2022-05-09T07:02:00Z First kinze 1051 auger wagon offloading into semi-truck grain trailer Smiley :)

2022-05-09T07:56:54Z Courseplay generated idiotic zig zag back and forth short hops course, so I had to stop it and take over for a short while as I'm cutting field in the long line instead of that short zig zag.

2022-05-09T08:33:19Z Was somewhat boring as the combine came full so slowly, in fact I don't think it gotten full even once yet as I've always had time to wait for it, I can barely endure the waiting for combine to get even 70-80% full before I chase it down and empty it.

My day is already long, but I got a bad attitude that I'll get this canola harvest finished tonight or die, err I mean fall asleep, trying Smiley :)

Been already planning that tomorrow I'll continue editing, no more "wasting time" playing. I was working on first release for PMC Grande Gardens 16km (FS19) when I got hit with such a bad burnout moment/day that somehow I got derailed and ended up playing. Sure the Asus RTX 3060 TUF Gaming 12gb card I just got had to be tested, but still I'm already fed up with fs22 farming, its time to go back to editing.

Its always the same song, farmsim is a huge time sink, as I'm sitting here writing this while waiting combine to fill up, I just keep thinking how wasted time this is... technically meaning to just sit here and wait. As we all know driving a grain cart in such single combine canola harvest case is boring, but still you don't have enough much time that you could actually take a contract to do on the side, just not enough time for such.

2022-05-09T08:52:49Z I took over combine for a short manual driving, to speed things up.

2022-05-09T09:43:30Z Finished harvesting canola. Uuh, tired...

Got all the canola unloaded from combine to grain cart and to semi-truck grain trailer, then into farm bin silo which now have 325.9k liters of canola.

Was thinking of time accelerating to sell the canola, but no way man its way too time consuming, its time to call it a night and probably a long time before I get back to FS22.

2022-05-09T09:50:39Z Saved game and shut FS22 down, adios.

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